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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!

Go Iraq Part 7


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1 hour ago, Freedomwish said:




You're my new best bud!! :cheesehead::cigar:


31 minutes ago, md11fr8dawg said:

Indeed they do Master Oogway And I hope to partake with you and many others in the bourbon and cigar festivities when this thing hits. Hopefully VERY soon.

El Bro El,

Deal, Bromancing the Stones. I am down to smoke some stogies and drink some fine BROurbon. It's own, Brotato salad. 




magnificent, Brotis Redding.

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16 minutes ago, lmb4321 said:

Just got off work...but just want to say

September is the Bro Month!!!..


I'm looking to the beginning of 4th quarter.....October.


But here's to Sept...🍹 and Maui


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1 hour ago, lmb4321 said:

Zul, I'm thinking late September....but we are close....

But definitely Maui in October for Mai Tai's

On the Beach watching the Sun Setting over

the Island of Molokai....

With All the Bro's!!!


I'll be packing in Sept....


Can't wait to see all the bros and cuzzs...


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