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  1. This is the fun and funny thread of the site. Please keep it light hearted. No seriousness allowed. Lol
  2. That's some scary and simple logic. But obviously not understandable by our elected officials. Maybe its that common core math I dont understand.
  3. You know I agree with most everything you say. Just throwing this out there respectfully. The article is on multiple websites. Type in "92 legislators 50 state audit". But I agree, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are not news sources. Just social media and nothing more.
  4. Not true. I will turn 50 that day. I will be celebrating with my 17 year old dinar. Lol
  5. Yep. Things definitely need to be corrected on many fronts and on many subjects. But they will not ALL be in favor of one party or another. It's just the way it is. Unfortunately all the talking in the world on a forum like this, or any forum, will not change it. The people who vote need to have a change of mindset and understand they cannot vote party lines. But before that we need to force current politicians and anyone thinking of running to have an independent thought and not follow their parties lockstep. Now we know that's easier said then done because each side will eat thier own if dissention in the ranks occurs. I'm not sure what it will take to make that happen. Many people say civil war and other incoherent ramblings about things that will never happen except as an extreme last resort. It will take some form of legislation with a whole new set of non career politicians to make this right. It will take us, the voters, to make it happen. Term limits come to mind. Sometimes we forget the elected official are supposed to be public servants for the good of the country and not themselves. Then if that fails, well anything is possible.
  6. Now there is something we can absoultely agree on. The system is broke, corrupt and run by career politicians that are so disassociated from everyday people they have no idea what is good for this country. They created the far left and far right to push their agendas. One could say they are the weapon of choice to keep the country divided instead of united.
  7. Your sources also said Susan Powell was supposed to release the kraken and had indisputable proof of election fraud that would get it decertified. But yet nothing has happened besides the courts saying she had nothing.
  8. That is one of the most idiotic things I have heard. Moderates understand that as long as humans are involved in anything that things will never be perfect. Compromises will always have to be made as different people with different views on life, religion , politics, science and finances will always exist. People who lean too far right or left think thier ways of thinking is the only way to live life. They often resort to conspiracy theories and fear mongering to get others to think like them. They belittle, call people names and gang up on those who disagree with them. They are a true detremint to society because they don't understand that life will not and cannot be lived by the direction one party.
  9. So you are saying your news sources have no agenda? Has your news sources ever stated they were wrong and the Democrats were right? That Trump will not be reinstated? That the earth is round? Sounds implausible they could be right all the time. Or do you only listens to news sources that tend to lean towards your beliefs? How have you verified any of what your news sources say is true? After all, they are going to report what you want to hear. Any other news source that says otherwise is wrong, correct?
  10. Can you prove any of that comment? All MSM is wrong and lying all the time? Have you been able to verify your news sources credibility, and if so, how? I don't care what side of the political spectrum any one resides on. This is not about that. This is about how anyone knows there news source is valid.
  11. You're missing the point. Both sides have sources other than MSM. But no one will belive the other news source unless it states what they want to be true. The facts can easily be glossed over, or interpreted, so people don't have to admit they are wrong. Not all MSM is wrong. How can it be when there are left and right leaning televised sources?
  12. That's a two way street. People tend to believe what ever news fits their agenda or belief. Why is your news source anymore valid than someone else? Besides the fact someone elses may be the MSM. Aren't most news sources a little bias or have their own agenda? Telling someone they what they believe is wrong based on your news source , is like someone telling you you're wrong based on their news source. It just goes back and forth forever. Yet nothing has been proven one way or the other. Just speculation plain and simple. Just my opinion
  13. What source of news has been honest and actually has had any constant and credible follow up events happen? Meaning some sources say ( for example) secret military action is happening but yet nothing ever occurs. There are many other examples out there. I swear people dramatize the news and make crap up so they can get likes on YouTube or get more followers on Twitter. On TV the MSM does it for raises and better prime time reporting slots. I really have to look at everything and decide what might be factual and what is propaganda. That's hard to do. Just my opinion
  14. Yes. I was very young and and even then there was a hint of reporters leaning more one way or the other. But nothing like it is today. With so many so called "information sources" with so much so called " inside or confirmed information" it's hard to believe anything anyone says. Just to many reporters/ influencers pushing there agendas trying to make everyone see the world through their eyes by manipulating the information and intrprering it to fit their narrative. Both sides.
  15. If you read all the comments, in all the threads that have anything to do about the elections and recounts, no side believes anything the other side says and all sources are BS . It's really very telling.
  16. Shooting with both eyes open is very effective and tactically correct. Especially when kicking in doors and clearning rooms. Just saying. Lol
  17. Just curious. Do you not pay taxes? What do you so differently than everyone else? How are you living your life differently with a noticable absence of government affecting it? I may want to follow your footsteps
  18. I believe that violence only breeds more violence. The Taliban are misunderstood and need to be given a chance to explain their ideology and show how it will benefit others. It truly could bring the world together and prevent all future wars. Did you order the Code Red?
  19. I haven't got involved in many debates in awhile, but I need to have a say in this one. No matter who and when negotiated what kind of a withdraw, when the plan starts to go to hell, when the outcome is not turning out be what was expected, you pump the breaks and re evaluate the situation. Conduct an assessment and develop another course of action. I dont get to upset over world affairs easily but this pisses me off to no end. As a retired soldier who spent 10 months over there, to exit like we did is a disgrace. We could have easily temporarily halted or slowed down the Talibans crazy fast take over. We had other options than "the full speed" half baked plan. I want troops to be safe as well. But what we did (and what the local goverment, police and military) was just wrong and sent a signal to the rest of the terrorist around that Afghanistan is ready and open for business. A few weeks or months to conduct the evacuations, secure the visas and possibly direct the Afghan military with American leadership against the new assault by the Taliban would have been a better course of action. Certainly a better option than the Charlie Foxtrot that is occurring right now. Not an armchair QB. Just someone with experience who is looking past party lines and stating my opinion as a service member of the U.S. military.
  20. Are you my long lost brother? Lol. You said exactly everything I feel and believe. I have many friends who believe in God, in different denominations, and are great people. They indulge me in my discussions and often times go away having more belief in their faith while at the same time respecting my beliefs. I never try to change anyone's mind. I just want to be decent towards others and have them treat me the same. Thank you for participation.
  21. Tell my why you are a believer? Why do you believe what man has written? I know the bible was written by men who God spoke to. We can start there.
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