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  1. Hey bud, I can tell your upset ( why shouldn't anyone be) but I don't think age , at least 19, is the issue. Our military is made up of young men and women who are 18 and 19 and are very responsible and stable. The issue is and always will be that people on ang age that are mentally ill, unstable or angry that get there hands on weapons with dangerous intentions.
  2. I agree with the back ground checks, cool off periods and other reforms that limit this from happening again. I say limit because it will never be stopped completely. The fact it was an AR15 really has nothing to do with what happened. As close as this person was to the people, they could have completed the same carnage with a handgun or pump shot gun. You can drive into a crowd of people, you can make pipe bombs or whatever comes to mind to harm or kill many people. When a lone person is determined to take lives of those who are suspecting and unable to protect themselves, it is very hard to prevent it from happening. But we should do everything we can to limit it. Although it is extremely hard to do, emotions need to be shelved when making decisions. After all, it's the person acting that makes a rifle, shot gun, car or other devices dangerous. The devices sitting idol are no threat. My opinion
  3. I love everything you post in this thread. But this is not right. I would suggest removing that post. My opinion.
  4. If the proof is so absolute, why has no court, government entity, or military overturned or taken action of any kind to remove the president and vice president? Why hasn't the proof validated the reason for new elections? Why hasn't Trump been re installed as the president as the the true winner of the election? Don't a lot of people here believe this was a military sting operation? (I could be wrong) Do you think the thought going through your head would be going through the Demoncrat voters heads had they lost? Would they feel they had undeniable proof they the election was stolen from them? I'm sure they would. How do you prove who is right and who is wrong when so much fabricated BS is being broadcasted on every form of media from both sides of the isle? I guess one can only believe what they want if it fits their narrative. As for me, I believe they are all full of crap and you are voting for the shiniest turd of all the turd. But that's just my opinion.
  5. Colbert use to be funny until he got his own show. Then he became a mouthpiece for politicians. No longer funny. Just annoying.
  6. Remember, I not a believer or follower of any religion. Scripture is not of any specific importance to me.
  7. You recieved a notice in the mail mandating you get vaccinated? From who if I may ask?
  8. No longer human? You really believe that? What are we then? If you know we are not human you must know what we are now classified as. I'm anxious to know what I now am. This the first time I have ever of this.
  9. So if you've been injected with anything other than MRNA you are a "pure blood"? If you've been vaccinated for small pox, mumps, measles, flu and shingles you're a pureblood? If you've been in the miltary and been vaccinated for rubella, typhoid, malaria, meningitis or anthrax you're a pure blood? You could be vaccinated for anything else and not recieved MRNA and be a pure blood? Is that what I'm hearing?
  10. Is Ivermectin an approved medicine for the Navy?
  11. I do understand the problems having too choose between a vaccination you don't want for specific reasons and choosing too keep your job. It's a terrible predicament to be in. I hope everyone who has to make the choice has a contingency plan to take care of themselves and their family.
  12. Those who join the military knew they would be subjected to all sorts of vaccinations. It's part of all deployments procedures and entering basic training. It is not a surprise. They have a choice. Get the immunization or get discharged. You read the reports/ news that a whole ship was quarantined and deemed ineffective for duty right? Soldiers, sailors and airmen live and work in tight quarters. This is a serious question, how many other states are requiring that private employers are mandated to ensure all employees are vaccinated? How many companies/ businesses are actually following that mandate? I would venture to guess you will find articles stating both that mandates are being enforced and that they are being ignored. I personally believe that " mandates" are reported on to make some feel like their state is doing something to protect.l them It's usually BS. But for me to say I know for sure would be a lie.
  13. It has been tested. What people fail to understand is that the red tape and timelines were hastened due to the need for the vaccination (that people get to have by choice). Most medicine has a lot of red tape and timelines to abide by. That being said, we could both find opinion pieces, new sources and whatever to make our point. I, my auto immune wife and 81 year old mother in law got vaccinated 8 months ago with no issues. So there's that.
  14. I understood what you were trying to get at. I just dont think it was a good comparison. I guess I really didn't need to make a statement about it.
  15. Have you seen the side effects of everyday proven avid tested medicine? Death and other side effects are listed by law. People die from tested and FDA approved drugs everyday.
  16. Also, a tornado and a vaccine is a terrible comparison. I respect peoples opinion to not get the shot. They just have to live with that choice and the consequences that come or dont come with it. Just like those who get the shot.
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