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  1. Ahhhhhh. Anger Management
  2. Most times I just read comments and laugh or shake my head when pepole debate certain subjects. I like seeing both sides of a subject and reading opinions as long the debate remains reasonably civil. But I have been reading your comments in different sections on this forum and have seen that you are really just an angry person. There is no way anyone here can reasonably talk to you about anything you disagree with. As it is not my forum and I obviously can't ban you, may I suggest you take a leave of absence from this forum and come back when you're not so angry and can tolerate everyone else's opinions. Just saying. It might do you some good.
  3. Religion is a fine thing I am an Atheist. Brought up as a Catholic, baptized, made communion, confirmed and was and alter boy for 4 years. My parents did the right thing and exposed me to religion let me decide. I just don't believe. For those of you who do , that's great. Just don't waste proverbs and teachings from the bible on me. Atheist such as myself don't need to be saved just as religious followers don't need to hear that God doesn't exist.
  4. That's a stretch. They're not saying you can't practice religion. You just can't do it in a gathering at this time.
  5. One place has food and items of necessity. The other place is place one can go to pray, hear the good word and show faith. That you can do from home. Granted, I'm sure people are at Walmart for non essential items but you are not able to police them after they walk in there.
  6. It may be fake news but on the flip side if it keeping people inside and stopping the spread I guess it could be a good thing. Let's face it, people have shown their inability to act responsibly and not put other people at risk unless they have the s*** scared out of them. I'm not for government bullcrap and fake news but sometimes so called adults need to be treated like little kids. People started whining about being home for 1 week like a bunch of little kids. These are people who have never really suffered, served the in the military or had real adversity in their life. That's about the majority of the US population. They have had inconveniences in their life but that is about it. It's not the crisis that defines the man. It's how the man handles the crisis that defines him. Look around and you will see what I mean. Off my soapbox now.
  7. Hello my friend. All is right in my world. I hope for nothing but the best for you and yours. Things are a little crazy but I feel things are going to get better.
  8. I wouldn't put too much thought into it. You can't control how people react. A lot of us notice the same thing. But people are people.
  9. I was being sarcastic. The National Guard is absolutely military. There is no yes and no about it. Any time a soldier in the National Guard puts the uniform on or is on orders they are subject to the UCMJ . I understand they can be used in different capacities depending whether they are serving under Title 10 or Title 32 orders. But they are military no matter what. I think that is what you meant. I spent 21 years in the National Guard and never felt I was never military regardless what duty I performed at home or on the other side of the pond.
  10. National Guard isn't military?
  11. We will see how grounded Jeff is. He has 9 days until his date arrives. For all our sake I hope he is right .
  12. Did they fully answer one question? I watched the whole thing. It's really ashame that they deflect instead of answering. Republicans do it to. The debates just display how politicians are unable to answer anything straightforward. We are always left voting for the best turf of all the turds.
  13. Seems kind of wrong doesn't it? You can't be investigated for a crime because you are running to be the most powerful person the world? BUT if you are just a person it's ok to ask for help from another country to investigate . Hmmm.
  14. I always wanted to be part of a cult. I have yet to get my uniform. Figures. They probably don't have anymore. I'll be the only one on the spaceship with street clothes.
  15. Before you start flaming Jeff understand that he is not a guru. He just states facts and his opinion and if you dont agree you are wrong. It's not like he called it on July of last year or the last quarter of last year or the first quarter of this year or now possibly May of this year.
  16. You all know not what you speak of. Jeff is wise and all knowing. Take his hand and he will walk you to the finish line. ALL HAIL JEFF! Sorry. It was a good day at work. Haha
  17. A jackass is a jackass is a jackass. No matter race, color, creed or political affiliation. Sad.
  18. I know I would have a serious problem with that if it was the case. No reason in the world could justify possibly killing soldiers to appease anyone. I think the president would have a crisis here if that was the case.
  19. He fails to see the irony in his statements. He could never get away with criticizing the government and saying bad things about Iran if he lived there. He would be jailed, tortured or stoned to death. Words escape me to describe his mentality.
  20. Are we bad American people denying his right to live somewhere else? I haven't heard him denounce his citizenship yet.
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