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  1. They are attacking hard this morning! GO AMC!
  2. I hope the ships are out to sea, so funny this is the only post I've stayed current with in months! lol Dinar who? I hope this happens while I'm still young to enjoy it! My birthday is 10-7 so let's hope I have a GREAT, OUTSTANDING, AMC movie type of birthday! GO AMC!
  3. Love the way you think! Go AMC!
  4. Is this public information? Who is buying what?
  5. I didn't want to see any $40's again.....I thought we were over AMC!
  6. Man I'm so ready! MOASS! GO AMC!
  7. Nice....Bring it on....Keep this bus going!!! GO AMC!
  8. Today is a great day going into the weekend!! GO AMC!
  9. Let's set it high today let's get to $60 and make them shake in their boots ALL weekend! GO AMC
  10. I hope it happens soon we are approaching the 100 page quickly on this post lol. Let's hope for a great day today AMC, Dinar, and life in general you have to think someone on this planet is going through some type of hardship of burden today. Let's pray for them, positive thoughts I truly believe it works and it's contagious. GO AMC to the moon baby!
  11. Great minds think alike!
  12. I was about to put unless it is arrogance and greed! Wow
  13. So let me ask this so if they are losing millions a day why not let it get up to let's say 500 a share. I think at that point some would sell all or some at that point. I guess it would be like a water leak if your water bill is $800 a month and the bill is 40,000 to get it fixed it seems like they should take an initial lose as that would save them money. Instead of losing millions a day for what 4 months? I guess putting in Dinar terms why not RV at .80-1.00 then many would cash in and then have the currency go up from there. I think the longer this goes on and nothing happens they are losing more money rather then just getting it out of the way.
  14. HAHA love the YET! Nothing would make me happier then an early retirement! GO AMC!
  15. So the NON-PFOF are the good guys?
  16. Thanks Keylime for your insight!! GO AMC!!!!!!! They seem to always attack right at closing!
  17. I'm not saying anything about today! lol Let's keep it going is all! GO AMC!
  18. That would be crazy, I hope the calculator is right. GO AMC!
  19. PP I think you called this one! I would have liked more comments buy ladies and germs I"m out of them today. lol Great day! I think tomorrow the new rules or regulations kick in? Hopefully this is a crumb of whats to come! Go AMC!
  20. I hope AMC happens soon the Afghan currency ships are at sea as the great Mtn Goat says! lol
  21. When MOASS happens anyone going to invest it all back into dinars? lol GO AMC GO RV!
  22. PP love your post! I don't have many either but to be debt free would be an absolute blessing for me. GO AMC!
  23. So does everyone think it will start at a price lets say one day it will be $5,000 per share or go to $70, $100, $250 etc?
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