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  1. So, if Iraq (CBI) can RV and it would solve their financial woes, what EXACTLY is keeping them from RV'ing? Why not RV now? I am asking because I honestly don't know and figure folks here would have some informed answers.
  2. I would TAKE it!! Just knowing that it's awaiting me on the other side of this pandemic, would lift my spirits.
  3. Just a couple of months ago, I was gonna buy another million but then I thought, if you can't make do with what you already have if this thing pops, then you probably don't need any of it.
  4. Wow. That seems like it HAS to mean something significant. I don't know what, but it's something.
  5. I heard that the Dinar actually grows hair reversing male patterned baldness, fixes erectile dysfunction & gives your more girth and width, and makes you taller. Not varified. Your opine.
  6. Welp, I was in emotionally, then I was out, then I was BACK in, and now I am back out again. All of this news, does it REALLY mean anything? I mean, seriously. What does it mean if literally nothing changes? Not saying it won't change but the days of me constantly checking the dinar sites, hitting the refresh button for ANY new intel or over. Back to life, back to reality. lol
  7. I have never understood why people get angry at Luigi for posting rumors in the RUMORS section. That's is what this place is for. Btw, him posting them here keeps others from adding numbers to the other sites. I just don't get the outrage.
  8. Can someone explain what all of this news amounts to? It's like information overload, yet I don't know the significance of any of it.
  9. I just checked my supplier, $1050 cash for a million Dinar. Credit card $1200+
  10. Broooooh man, that is patently unfair. You absolutely know that we want to know what's Broing on. Care to give us a update, Brotato Chip? Maybe a Cliff's Brotes version? Thanks Brohbody Knows You When You're Down and Out.
  11. I haven't gone back to my supplier in years. Maybe I'll check tonight to see if I can get some more.
  12. Is there a PM(private message) function on this site?
  13. Can someone explain to me what the deal is as to why we need be excited about the rates and the site? No shade, I just don't get it. If the rates are still showing 0, what are we getting excited about? Help me out, please. And please feel free ro expression it to the like I'ma 4 year old. Just put some Crown in my sippy cup.
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