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  1. IMF and WB had told u not to relied on petrol dollar for last 10 years.. But well.. U all thief and full of s**t..
  2. Well.. well.. u been happy spending all the petrodollar since last year.. now asking for postpone the payment??? No way.. no way..
  3. No worries.. Iraq said they have money for another 14 month.. let see how its goes.. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
  4. Dont be surprised mate.. its Iraq.. anything can happen there.. country of all thieves..
  5. Oil price will be back again next week when china back to global.. they now in final stage opening up the main city and their industry..
  6. Very deep explaination and what I been reading and studying b4 this not far away from what AM said.. just a matter of time.. patience and patience.. 15 years and counting..
  7. Yup.. he's rite.. why they need to vote for new PM?? Iran will lose the grip on iraq.. they will try to delay as long as they can.. they dont care for their people.. they just care on their pocket..
  8. IMO, by looking at the figure on the sheet (all 3 sheet).. on the CBI issued currency value it suppose to be sum of amount printed. then the total value between outside bank and commercial bank should be same with what CBI printed. Currency outside bank - Correct value Oct 19 = 45,060,597 Nov 19 = 45,860,780 Currency with Commercial Bank - Incorrect Value Sept 19 = 5,148,788 Oct 19 = 5,148,788 Nov 19 = 5,148,788 - Correct value Currency Issued by CBI - Incorrect value Sept 19 = 49,412,513 Oct 19 = 50,209,385 Nov 19 = 51,009,568 = Correct value if you total up between Currency outside bank + Currency with Commercial Bank 45,860,780 + 5,148,788 = 51,009,568 (Currency Issued By CBI)
  9. Still selling the currency today as per posting by Yoda.. nothing stop..
  10. Ur rite mate.. week after week of BS on reshuffle the cabinet but yet nothing happen.. just talk the cock..
  11. Show me the money!!!!!
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