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  1. This is a done deal now... ~ thanks to 6ly410 See NRT English's other Tweets I hope these low cost houses is a result of an increased in value of the dinar.
  2. zul

    Go Iraq Part 9

    ".......which will reportedly be implemented in January 2020, according to the country's Minister of Oil..." Is this a WOW or what?
  3. zul

    Go Iraq Part 9

    Tq for all your hardwork my friend @6ly410
  4. ADDITIONAL INFO: The speaker of Iraqi Parliament (Hablousi) is also from the same Solution Party, headed by this guy Jamal Karbouli....
  5. The head of the solution party Jamal Karbouli, on Tuesday, addressed the demonstrators. ستغادر بغداد لقب المدينة الاسوأ في العالم.. وسيستعيد جواز سفركم هيبته، وسيسترجع ديناركم قيمته وسيكون لأطفالكم مستقبل افضل من حاضركم..ستحترمكم شعوب الارض ولن يجرؤ على احتقاركم احد،، إن انتم قررتم ذلك و أصررتم عليه... ايد بأيد لحد #الانتصار عراق واحد Baghdad will leave the title of the worst city in the world .. Your passport will regain its prestige, and your dinar will regain its value Your children will have a better future than your present. The people of the earth will respect you and
  6. And I sincerely think it will cost Iraq even more (being an importing economy) if they continue to stay at the current rate when they have all the opportunities to start with a true value of their currency, coming out from a closed economy (article 14) into an open market where their potential of growth and prosperity are there, waiting to be realised... I simply can't think of any sensible reason why they shd stick to their current 'program' rate.
  7. Tq guys.....both of u are just too kind. I'm glad u both like it. Tq again...
  8. Kap never walk his own theory.... He said the exchange rate of dinar will increase gradually from 1190:1 to 1:1 over a certain period of time ( 6 months, 1 yr or even 2 yrs). 😎 any exchange rate movement from 1190:1 to 1:1, no matter how 'gradual' they are, no matter which way you are looking at it ~ they are going to be huge, massive & enormous. And I think Kap needs to understand, the relationship between exchange rate and economic development.... My main problem with his theory is price stability. The very mainstay of CBI policy and existence (not to menti
  9. zul

    Go Iraq Part 8

    Hope to see you back to your normal health again my friend, sooner. Take care.
  10. zul

    Go Iraq Part 8

    We are just 3 months away from the beginning of 2020 and I personally think this month is going to be of real significant..../ We have seen too many economic/trade agreements and MOUs being signed, too many statements and indications of moving towards market economy ~ something has to happen soon. Even the usual 'but-this-is-Iraq' is not going stop these changes.
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