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  1. Time to give the Iraqi people a decent living wage and buying power just stop making beggars out of them appreciate you thoughts Laid Back
  2. Thanks Laid Back , 2020 is not far away ,but I think investors are waiting patiently for article 8
  3. A New Jersey implant came from Ireland to NY then moved to NJ what is RU NB
  4. Love it Laid Back ,I believe dreams can reveal to us things to come about 3 years ago I dreamed that I was in a big group of people and we were all lookin at a big television screen waving for a rate ,Kap was in the crowd and first the screen showed a procession of 1 ,s then stopped and up popped 269 the last bit of the dream I remember was Kap say something is wrong it just can’t be correct
  5. It is so very obvious trump is not up to the job of commander and chief ,,why would he have not have known the the number of people who could have been killed before the launch Frosty Jack you may be right ,but we have little hope of hearing a truthful word from him
  6. Thank you Laid back for your reply ,it makes sense that Iraq would not pay in dinars before RV
  7. Why would it make any difference whether Iraq paid Iran in Dinars after article 8 acceptance ,and with expectations of a dinar equal to the dollar
  8. We should all be proud of trumps discusting rant about a American hero John McCain for the past week trump did not go to Vietnam he had taken deferments because of his fake bone spurs can’t release his tax returns because he is under audit ,but would not produce a audit letter
  9. Trump has not spoken a true word any time in his life continue to deceive the American people takes care of his grifter family a day of reckoning is coming
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