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  1. We should all be proud of trumps discusting rant about a American hero John McCain for the past week trump did not go to Vietnam he had taken deferments because of his fake bone spurs can’t release his tax returns because he is under audit ,but would not produce a audit letter
  2. Trump has not spoken a true word any time in his life continue to deceive the American people takes care of his grifter family a day of reckoning is coming
  3. Or Turkey and Russia judge Sullivan to Flynn ,you disgust me ,you sold your country out
  4. The business man with no experience inherited a growing economy 2008 gave Obama 9% unimployment a economy on the edge of a depression Foreclosure rates high very high and 2016 when he left office the unemployment rate was below 5% stock market had increased Iraq had defeated. ISIS the first half of Mosul dec 2016
  5. Thank you Dinarbeliever and Cranman ,a great thread was highjacked ,let’s get back to it
  6. Think Mahdi would like to continue the auctions
  7. Many things happening in Iraq even though it is Ramadan about 17 exchanges places became Islamic banks yesterday No iraq has not closed for Ramadan
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