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  1. They will pay the salaries with new local currency. Meaning...... An increase in exchange rate IQD vs USD. Low prices (of imports) because the exchange rate of IQD would be higher I totally agree keylime ~ they are printing LDs (and with that ~ new exchange rate). Hopefully soon........... As in real soon. Surely they don't need more dinars with current categories, simply because most of their currencies in the market are actually USD. For every 1 usd in the market, there are 1190 iqd in the banks.
  2. What I was really worried about was their most contentious and most controversial post ~ Defense Minister and Interior Minister. That's done. The rest, would be easy.
  3. We'll just have to wait and see.... To find those qualities, (whether outside or inside political circles) is next to impossible. I hope the protesters will give him a chance until the next election.
  4. In a thievish world, I'm just a regular small town's thief.... 😎🤗. Luckily. 😂
  5. Currency Issued by cbi is still 50 trillion.... The 5 trillion shd be the amount of currency in commercial banks.
  6. After getting more data/charts and further analysis..... It was a wrong entry between currency issued by CBI and currency with commercial bank.😥
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