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  1. Frankie has earned the distinction for the day as the master POO RU Guru 🤕
  2. That's right these Boots are made for walkin not talkin One of these days deez Boots are gonna walk all over you! You go girl!! (Nancy Sinatra) et al.
  3. Hey Z-pack.. Take and extra dose, go to bed and wake up when it's over😁
  4. Guru code of BS is "We reserve the right to change the story whenever we feel like it" Best quote from Seinfeld. George Costanza told Jerry. "Remember Jerry. It's not a lie if you believe it" Unfortunately an apparent pathological truth. Treat it as a sitcom with bad actors🙄
  5. I wonder how they come up this "stuff" Maybe they are sitting on the crapper in the morning and have a creative makin brownies or "pooperoni" moment and just say That's what I should post today for my prophetic insight from deep within Can't make this crap up. Oh butt they "do do"😜
  6. Looks like they have been comparing notes with Liz Cheney. "How to get rich in politics when a salary and serving the people just isn't enough, What a waste of oxygen to sustain life.
  7. Yep.. don't even need to tie back the arms Cuz Taters ain't got no arms. Just tie the straight jacket arms around his big mouth😁
  8. Thanks for bringing this up Ron. This has been on my mind of awhile. I recollect Abadi passing years ago their version of an EO Executive Order to have the authority to dissolve Parliament and rule with PM and their version of our cabinet (Deputies) what ever the term is. This above quote from Sandy seems to contradict that. Parliament can only dissolve themselves?🤣 Sounds like as per usual Wacky Iraqi politics
  9. The article was written by Mohammed Ali. Hopefully they will embrace his strategy. "FLOAT LIKE A BUTTERFLY AND STING LIKE A BEE"
  10. Agreed.. Ever tried to cut the head off a snake/snakes with "dialogue" hot air. The snake hisses then bites you again. Evil is all they know The whole system is poisoned. Clean out the trash and bury it burn it from its' existence. Fry that Tater and his evil band of compromised tater tots. Tame sing here in the U.S. GIT ER DONE!! Sader and the People, Let JUSTICE RULE!!
  11. Ghosts, Zombies & a Massive Octopus?? OMG!! This is worse than Lions and Tigers and Bears Oh My! Next the Wicked Tater of the " Middle" East will Appear. I will settle for A Wizard of OOZ or the good guys to just keep swinging the bat. knock em down. Just no cowardly Lions PLEASE
  12. Really?" large corruption network protecting the the blocs" OR just using old school mafia tactics. Astounding observation. Guess why that's why you get the big bucks. Your corruption is brought to you by the TCN Tater Corruption Network. Commercial free just non stop thievery for your victimization and agony
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