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  1. I think there is a little more clean up with the criminal elites and bad actors on aisle G for Global and aisle A for America. Heard there was a real Bru ha ha at the Pentagon earlier in the week with all the 4 Star generals. I guess they arrested 2 top brasses asses. Miley was one of them. Can't remember the other one. But I guess they put up some resistance. Boy would I like to have a fly on that wall. 4 star brass acting like a fraternity brawl. Great scene for a movie. Only this show is probably real. They have to clean house too. No more chem trails ple
  2. I heard a quote once about "enjoy the show" Biden has about as much Executive power as a wet fart. No real power just messy. Ex. is the only applicable part of that EO. So since it's just a show Let's play Mr. Roger's. It IS a show so if you are AWAKE Can you say? Miitary still in control Can you say? Trump Constitutional Commander in Chief Can you say? Biden president of bankrupt corporation formerly known as D.C. I chose Mr Roger's verbiage because it is a level the "Prez" can relate too. Stay tuned for the next fake EO or lie by the me
  3. Ditto on that one Davis.. only differnce I am single in self isolation Peace and quiet and Love it.Out of the big city. So glad not to be in Calfornia anymore. Went from a monkey life to a monk life Miss the Ocean but ther is plenty of Ocean out there. I hear they have one in B and a Beach too.😇
  4. I get it though.. they are at an all inclusive time share sponsored by the citizens, just like here. Wonder if they do fast for Ramadan. I was talking to some Moslems locally. They aren't even suppose to have water. Feel so sorry for those without AC. I think it's alot of folks.
  5. Typical meeting goes like..Oh so you got lunch again this time. You better do better than last time with that Bag Daddy's greasy Camel Burger special. Oh damn! You got me again.. it's Ramadam. We cant' have lunch. You got me twice. Guess maybe after the RV you can buy me a nice meal. 🤑
  6. The Pope just might be going for Dinar and praying for an RV too. I heard they were a little short... Wink..WinK😉 Just In case you are awake Conspiticay theory of course 🙃
  7. As the Dragnet intro goes.."The story you are about to see is true." The names have not been changed (In Iraq) because they all sound the same anyways. 😂 Abul Habadi Jarbari or is it Habadi Abdul Jabari.. Is that his brother or brother from another mother? Does anyone else find it confusiing to keep the good guy names straight from the crooks? Oh there's a name change I recognize... Mr. Potato Head. So glad they are using his "gangsta" street name. 😬 To protect the innocent? Tune into next week's episode of Dragnet where Harry Morgan will have Major
  8. Agreed!! Q is finally first in queue to push the button for the future proving past. Let me count the ways😁
  9. Everything is in sync and coinciding in Iraq with what is happening here. Everything is coming down to the wire. Election fraud being EXPSOSED is happening VERY SOON!! Here. Watch AZ. domino effect coming. We just don't here about it here cuz we don't have Iraq versions of CNN "Camel News Network" hiding the truth Thank God for our Clown News Network!! Exposing the FUN side of the news. CROOKS HAVE TO GO TOO !! One way to look at it, The Budget was the !BING! Arrests Are the BANG! AND THE HCL IS THE BOOOOOM!! I have been quiet for 10 years but I can f
  10. I am always amazed how they come up with this stuff Is it like the great MLK?..." I have a dream!!" or I HAD dream!! (last night) or is it MK Ultra!! (voice of God) stuff OR just Brownies? OR Are they hearing it on the fake news. Oh!! they are!! "maybe" the fake news!! Gee.. what to believe Smaller network though. I not complaining.. if they are right, I will gladly use them for other financial advise for sure🤑🥰 Right now I'm sticking with Adam and my fellow DV'ers We all keep smiling with some great senses of humor! That is why I love
  11. Ditto.. I think we can beat Iraq's "SOON" conotation any day. GOOD News is worth replicating. This may not be the POW!! "yet" but it is pushing a BING BANG BOOM!!
  12. Saleh in that picture looks like he is either just bummed about the debt or he crapped his pants over talking about the debt🤭
  13. Ah yes.. those childhood memories. Sunday night always over to grandma and grandpa's. They had 1 of 2 color TV's in a town 938 pop.They weren't loaded by any means. I would say "63" ish. I would have been 8. So it went Lassie B&W then Disney COLOR then Bonanza COLOR. I was so bummed when I saw how plain and fake the set for the Ponderosa looked at Lake Tahoe Hollywood (and others) are still trying to fool us. I.E. Biden White House. So is Disney for some. Are We awake yet to all the real color (Truth) of things? Still appreciate a good ole Stooges or Marx Brothers epis
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