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  1. OK I just saw from another article that there have been several missile attacks near the airport since December and we do have troops there. Which could explain the airport shutting down. As long as we have troops there. I hope we got a handle on the incoming Iranian party
  2. I thought I had read in the "news" here few days ago that U.S was moving in 500 military vehicles into Baghdad airport because they found some kind of a missile pad not sure completed or under construction that was suppose to be Iranian. Plus our troops were suppose to offer protection to the demonstrators. Not sure if someone can find article or not. If true, with that and this article with the fired up demonstrators. Looks like their could be a "storm a brewin." Don't know why the US couldn't just put their foot down or SOMEONE IE Peshmerga, JUST STOP THEM AT THE BORDER GEESH!! Maybe they need a wall too. Sounds like they same problem with open borders. Except it's not just letting in the illegals. Let's let the whole damn military through Enjoy your stay!! We might be staying at a Holiday Inn or we might just stay wherever we want and maybe take out few more demonstrators just for fun. Can anyone explain in a sane world how this could be happening? Operative term "sane" Seriously!! OK rant over. Been silent for years here. I finding it therapeutic right now to express myself to the ultimate absurdness of this loony soap opera
  3. I got into this investment after the VA screwed my Dad over and he passed a year later in 2012. He grew up during the depression and I wanted to make up for it. Your Dad wanted to make a better future for your family. May I suggest unless you are in dire finacial straits that you hang in there a bit longer. Just my 2 cents. I take care of my mom right now and I think we are close. My late Dad has talked me out of selling a few times We ain't going into that. It's a God thing. But just think about why your Dad got into this investment in the first place God Bless!
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