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  1. Crossing my fingers and keeping my whiskey flask full! Thanks!! 😁🥃
  2. Glad this thread's sparking back up!! Keeping the faith, for anything!!
  3. Ready to party my @$$ off when you are dude
  4. Synopsis, I only have but so much room for taking in whiskey shots tonight!!!! ADAM, WHERE YA' AT BUDDYYYYYYYYY?!!!
  5. It's doesn't make sense, but let's go with it lol - this is great news dude, I'll dedicate my first three whiskey shots in your name tonight!! Oh and Four for YOTAAAAAAAAAA!! THANKS!!
  6. I'll have my cigars and whiskey ready and on hand.......bro lmao
  7. Hahahahahahaha and it was only a three hour tour!!
  8. Yeah, but I gave all my dinars away.....I don't "own" any (wink, wink and a drink😉😉)
  9. Hi all, (I've sobered up a bit lol) Hey, many thanks for your posts and thoughts on this. I didn't felt like I was scammed, I knew what I was getting into and understood the risks. My general thought had always been, I feel that the FBI or any other government sources (linked to the I.R.S.) always have something else going on behind the scenes and I just didn't want to get caught out there when this baby pops. However if those who felt that they didn't get their money's worth especially going with any of their "lay-a-way" type plans before the shut down, perhaps should give it a try reaching out to see if you can get your money back however you believe you can. Oh thanks for the jokes and laughs, I definitely needed those too!
  10. Folks, this just arrived in my mailbox where I've copied and pasted below...(MODS - feel free to make any edits as necessary, please let me know if you have any bottles of whiskey nearby) Sterling Currency Group; United States v. Tyson Rhame, et. al., 1:16-CR-67-SCJ-CMS Inbox x IraqiDinarScam <> 5:31 PM (11 minutes ago) to To whom it may concern: The Federal Bureau of Investigation and Internal Revenue Service are investigating individuals associated with Sterling Currency Group involving the sale of Iraqi Dinar. On October 9, 2018, the defendants TYSON RHAME, JAMES SHAW, and FRANK BELL were convicted of conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud, mail fraud, and wire fraud. The defendants RHAME and BELL were also convicted of making false statements to federal agents. The defendants were acquitted of money laundering charges. If you or a relative purchased Iraqi Dinar from Sterling Currency Group, the FBI encourages you to complete the victim questionnaire. Please access the information page at or the questionnaire directly at Please be advised this mailbox will not receive email correspondence. You are encouraged to complete the questionnaire and you will be contacted if further information is needed. Respectfully, FBI Atlanta ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Any one of you have any input or idea besides what we already know about this? LIKE, THE RV JUST REALLY MIGHT BE AROUND THE CORNER AND THE GOV'T ARE LOOKING BAG ANY OF US DINAR HOLDERS AS MUCH AS THEY CAN TO GET THEIR CUT FOR THE TAX MAN???!! WHISKEY ON STAND BY!!!
  11. You both long had me at PATRON AND PUFF PUFF PASS LOL
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