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  1. Freedomwish

    Adam Montana 7 November 2018

    Mas whiskey!
  2. Freedomwish

    Iranian Rial

    SECRETARY MNUCHIN: Thank you very much. Since the beginning of the Trump administration, the Treasury Department has been committed to putting a stop to Iran’s destabilizing activities across the world. We’ve engaged a massive economic pressure campaign against Iran, which remains the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism. To date, we have issued 19 rounds of sanctions on Iran, designating 168 targets as part of our maximum pressure campaign. We have gone after the financial networks that the Iranian regime uses to fuel its terrorist proxies and Hizballah and Hamas, to fund the Houthis in Yemen, and to support the brutal Assad regime in Syria. The 180-day wind-down period ends at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on Sunday November 4th. As of Monday November 5th, the final round of snapback sanctions will be enforced on Iran’s energy, shipping, shipbuilding, and financial sectors. As part of this action on Monday, the Treasury Department will add more than 700 names to our list of blocked entities. This includes hundreds of targets previously granted sanctions relief under the JCPOA, as well as more than 300 new designations. This is substantially more than we ever have previously done. Sanctions lifted under the terms of Iran’s nuclear deal will be reimposed on individuals, entities, vessels, and aircraft that touch numerous segments of Iran’s economy. This will include Iran’s energy sector and financial sectors. We are sending a very clear message with our maximum pressure campaign that the U.S. intends to aggressively enforce our sanctions. Any financial institution, company, or individual who evades our sanctions risks losing access to the U.S. financial system and the ability to do business with the United States or U.S. companies. We are intent on ensuring that global funds stop flowing to the coffers of the Iranian regime. I want to make a couple of comments on the SWIFT messaging systems since I’ve received lots of questions about this over the last few weeks. So I’d like to make four points. Number one, SWIFT is no different than any other entity. Number two, we have advised SWIFT the Treasury will aggressively use its authorities as necessary to continue intense economic pressure on the Iranian regime, and that SWIFT would be subject to U.S. sanctions if it provides financial messaging services to certain designated Iranian financial institutions. Number three, we have advised SWIFT that is must disconnect any Iranian financial institution that we designate as soon as technologically feasible to avoid sanctions exposure. Number four, just as was done before, humanitarian transactions to nondesignated entities will be allowed to use the SWIFT messaging system as they have done before, but banks must be very careful that these are not disguised transactions or they could be subject to certain sanctions. Thank you very much. Damn, damn, damn, damn........oh well, I guess it's been a good run for hoping so?
  3. Boom! 😎👍 Exactamente mi amigo The time frame of the 2 year to the 10 year mark to my understanding, is the collection process of the Dinar notes. My bottle of whiskey to back you up on celebration day my friend, yup! Compound this baby with another to hit up 6, day by day we all hope this ride is coming to a close soon!!
  4. Freedomwish

    Question about the VND

  5. Freedomwish

    Sterling Currency Group

  6. Freedomwish

    Zimbabwe currency

    I am soooooo confused with this currency
  7. Freedomwish

    CBI News 10/07/2018

    Me, right now at my desk......mindblown of the possibilities!!!
  8. I've long switched to the hard stuff years ago man.....hope my liver will keep up whenever this thing pops lol 🤣
  9. Freedomwish

    Adam Montana Weekly 26 September 2018

    I'll be waiting with whiskey in hand sir!! October 2nd, here's to hoping that something miraculously awaits for us all!!
  10. Freedomwish

    RV 2019 or Beyond?

  11. Freedomwish

    CBI News 09/19/2018

    Would be absolutely more exciting when the CBI will push that button!! WHISKEY READY!!!

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