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  1. You already know I got the first two rounds buddy
  2. With all due respect to everyone, if "she" can help push darn that button, I'M IN!!!!
  3. Freedomwish

    Iranian Rial

    Just give us the word - I'll be packing a couple of bottles for us dude...
  4. Yeah, where's our clown, drinking buddy at these days? 🍺
  5. Me, when the RV didn't happen on January 1st......
  6. Freedomwish

    Need a conspiracy section. My thought here only

    Ohhhhhhhhkie Dohhhhhhkie
  7. Is this about the HCL coming through? Boy, it sure would be nice if they'll finally sign the darn thing......
  8. Freedomwish

    Iranian Rial

    Meh.....something is something I suppose....more whiskey later Iranian Rial Regains Lost Value as Forex Market Returns to Stability
  9. If you guys are excited, well so am I......more whiskey on the way.....
  10. Freedomwish


    Bruh, I'm gonna' have another whiskey shot - to me, it just helps reading Luigi's posts that much more fun, entertaining and simply, just running along with this Dinar sh*t until one day this thing pops......then you and I will celebrate till our hearts content trying to get Adam and Paperboy drunk until DinarThugs joins in.....
  11. Same to you and yours bro, Happy Holidays - GO RV, GO $1:1 OR ANYTHING!!
  12. Freedomwish

    Adam Montana 19 December 2018

    My dear whiskey friends and anyone else who's ready and willing to party their @$$eSS off with us - when we get that text message from Adam, I'm going big doggs - bringing the PAPPY VAN WINKLE BABY!!! YEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAH MAN!!
  13. Hey, it's only been going into 9 years waiting to get the official text from Adam lol - until then, more whiskey will be had!! You're welcome!
  14. Freedomwish


    This article is better to me than to focus on taking in a whiskey shot prior on reading Luigi's wacky posts.......then, taking in 4 whiskey shots after reading Luigi's wacky posts. For real lol

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