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  1. I believe this is from walking stick and frank26 stole it lol because he has no idea and clueless
  2. Tough decision!! I decided if this doesn’t pop this month, I’m going to get maybe another million in October or so
  3. Know exactly what you mean. I know I haven't been in this investment nearly as long as most of you, but the thought of having "instant wealth" is almost surreal. I know in my heart this will happen and as you said Cranman, this event is inevitable. It truly seems we are in the final stages even the final month now. Sooooo much talk about the HCL, Article 140, the coins and lower denoms, the stock exchange to hit Oct 1, etc. I'm just staying buckled up for the final part of this ride. For me, buy a house or two. Invest in real estate, buy my truck I want, pay off little debt, and ultimately donate 10% of all my dinar proceeds towards homeless shelters, animal shelters, hospitals, etc. Help clothes and feed the homeless and take care of God's people who need the help, after all for those who believe, this incredible blessing forthcoming is truly God's plan to bless HIS people and allow the more fortunate ones (us) to help the ones who need help the most. God bless you all..
  4. Don't listen to the "gurus". They lie, deceive, take your money. They think this is all a game and have NO idea when this will happen nor how it will happen. Just be patient, believe, have faith and hold on. This event is inevitable and it's in God's timing.. I just can't help but feel September everything will come pouring down.
  5. I'll take a three day weekend for my main course with an RI/RV for dessert!
  6. It’s like BROsymphony to my ears!!! Let’s BRO. !
  7. I’m feeling the BRO vibe
  8. I still don’t see how so many people believe these liars lol. Most hilarious thing I’ve ever read. Always makes me chuckle!
  9. So when is the RV taking place? I’m ready with my dinar in hand. Thank you.
  10. That movie was pretty cool, haha. And thanks Adam.
  11. Haha I love when “gurus” point out “ we told you about this months ago....we said this would hapoen” hahahahaha you didn’t say anything clowns. You just lie and deceive people haha funny. We almost there tho for sure
  12. Agreed. September is looking better than any month.
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