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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!

Adam Montana Weekly 28 October 2020

Adam Montana

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May I ask a question, if a VIP member would be so kind as to answer?

I've read posts about everyone going to Belize or Hawaii or some such far-off place.

Is that where you are turning in your dinars?  Can people not turn them in locally?  Do you have to fly off to another place?

I would appreciate if someone would answer.  I don't have to know where, I just want to know there are arrangements to cash in at local banks or if you have to travel to another place for a good rate.

Thank you.

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Thank you Adam.


in fact thank you and all of your team. That includes Staff and the few of you that are constantly putting good info on this site. I follow it all the time, but have not posted for a while. It just seem to drag on and on.  No matter what I would never get rid of my dinar. I bought it for the long haul. I do wish that it would rev soon as I retire next year and would like to be fit enough to enjoy it and help others. 

it would be good to meet a few of you in the near future.


so please all of you stay safe and well.


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