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  1. Where the heck is Luigi? We need you Luigi! You bring us the information that the Rumors section was built around and for. I for one miss you and the info you bring to the rumor section. I know you take a lot of abuse here but some of us like to read your stuff and defend you with +'s. Come on back, I miss you. R2
  2. Just when I thought they might be moving along Okie has to show up. Well, if Okie thinks it's coming it isn't even close. I'm going to pretend that I didn't read this post. Although I always got a huge laugh whenever I would read an Okie post. He would really tick people off but ya had to laugh. OK, I'm calm again, bring Okie on. He is sure to take off on a "747" or "call out to all ships at sea" very soon. Hang on to your tempers Okie is back. Remember to laugh.
  3. I swear I see a kitten playing with yarn in that puzzle.
  4. Thank you Luigi, after all it was your original post we are reading and replying to. Thank you Thugs for brining more context to the post.
  5. Wow! And there were no leaks?!? President Trump could only wish for such a thing. lol
  6. Ray Ren enough said. Move along......
  7. I'm sorry to hear that he has passed away. He was a very funny guy.
  8. You guys need the rain, it's a wish of water for ya. From all of us Zonies. Anyway that's how I thought it was meant.
  9. Oh yes, Star Wars! I can always agree with a Star Wars analogy.
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