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  1. Damn glitches......🤣😂
  2. I'm not so concerned with an update but I haven't even heard him chime in on any topic. Even if it's to add his 2 cents. Hope everything is ok with him.
  3. I'm so happy I got into VIP. I bought some crypto and I've made a little profit so far. Thanks Adam!
  4. Wow! This was a very positive post. Starting to make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I've been around for a long time. I'm always visiting this site. Always reading the news section. Yota, Thug and many more you. This is the best post I've read that you did Adam. Well, I finally joined the Platinum Lifetime VIP and can't wait to take advantage of it. Thanks Adam
  5. C'mon baby daddy needs a new wife......🤣😂
  6. Adam, Please do another discount. I want to do the lifetime but gotta try and save what ever I can. I too feel we are close. I trust your judgment and want to be part of the VIP group when it happens.
  7. In all the years I've been watching from the background, reading Adam's post, this one is the best. Thank you. Adam
  8. I'd be careful with Bitcoin. It has dropped for 2 days str8. -7k......🤤
  9. I just don't see this as great news. It's good they're talking about it but they just kicked the can down the road. I really hope I'm wrong. #cantwaittogettiredofwinning
  10. Man Adam, you've got me real excited!! I'll have to take my chances, I just can't afford to join VIP. I'm so broke, I've become a vegetarian and stop drinking. Ive been following this since October of 2010. Back then , I was making more money and joined VIP a couple times. 2 foreclosures (primary and investment property) and 2 different jobs later, this is my current situation. Thank you Adam for all that you do. The day I found this site, I stop reading all the others. When this thing hits, hopefully I can negotiate a better rate. Here's to hoping 🍻..... Go Adam Go Dinarvets Go Trump GO RV!!!!!!!
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