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    Are we there yet?!?!! Good morning all! Lots of hype going on right now. That tends to bring out the best AND the worst in this Dinar adventure, so I want to address it real quick. Here's a simple truth: There is always going to be "hype". That does NOT mean there is no legitimate opportunity here. It's like someone passionately exclaiming, "Usain Bolt (the fastest man in the world) could beat a Corvette in a race!" Is that statement factual? No, it's a bit of an exaggeration. But is Usain Bolt still incredibly fast? YES! And while he's probably not going to outpace a vehicle with a top speed of over 200MPH, that doesn't take away from the fact that he holds an incredible record. The Iraqi Dinar is very similar. We currently have a bit of garbage to sift through as we dig into the "facts". There will always be attention seeking "gurus" making crazy claims about people standing in line to cash in or getting top secret calls from the "Head of International Crystal Ball Readers Association". These delusional characters may even believe the stuff they say, but does that make Usain Bolt any slower? Sure doesn't! And it also doesn't make the opportunity for the Dinar any less, either. If you were around the Dinar world before Chapter 7 was lifted, an event that was arguably one of the most important events related to Iraq in recent history, you'll remember that things got VERY exciting before that happened. It was not a guarantee that Chapter 7 would get lifted... in fact, it was questionable if it would actually happen, and very much a surprise to many. Even without absolute confirmation of this very important event that was about to transpire, and even though many of the news stations and media and all of the people "in the know" didn't give a warning... the dinar world had a "feeling" that something was about to happen. The rumor mills started cranking up, "reports" of people standing in line in Reno and Vegas and other "select" locations were flying around like monkeys at a circus, and the activity on many websites was through the roof. Did we have an RV at that time? Obviously not. And nobody cashed in, not in Reno or anywhere else... at least, not at the $3+ rate. BUT, did something major happen? YES. That's where we seem to be right now. This is the time of year that many major milestones have been reached in Iraq. NOW is the time I'm expecting to see something major... maybe HCL, maybe something else, and very possibly a rate change. The tension is growing, and it shows in many ways... like how your animals know a storm is coming, when the weatherperson said "10% chance of rain", and then the neighbors barn and cows get taken away in a tornado. Fido knew. Did you listen? You might want to get in VIP, now. Join here. Bring on the twisters!
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    Gooooood afternoon everyone! Well, we did it! We weathered another Ramadan, and Eid al fitr. I am going to state the obvious: Despite no RV announcement during the Big Holiday, this was a more eventful one than normal. All positive, too! Historically, many of the bigger milestones have happened around this time of year. Chapter 7 was lifted in late June, for example. A few others have also occurred right around now as well. I have my eye on some "triggers" - nothing I can put a guarantee on, and I had a work issue pop up right as I was getting started with this update, so I'll save my hypothesizing for later. I have reason to believe we are entering a unique week for the Iraqi dinar, so I have already blocked time off on my calendar for additional dinar focus over the coming ~10 days. If I'm wrong, you can tar and feather me. If I'm not wrong, we should have some interesting times ahead. Before I wrap this up, here's something I don't do very often - This thread is now open for questions. What's on your mind? ( I'm a glutton for punishment, what can I say?! And I already have extra time blocked off for Dinar this coming week, so what the heck... let's do it! )
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    Hey everyone! I'm filing this under "weekly", but really it's just a follow up to last week's chat. I've been traveling and internet has been a problem, hence the delay. Last week, I was expecting a particular bit of news out of Iraq, based on conversations with my personal contacts. This isn't earth shattering news, on the surface. If you're here for a "rate or date" prediction, you can go back to cat videos on youtube now. Seriously! Here you go, please enjoy... I know you will. (Cat video above!) Back to business I don't always share the "inside" stuff that crosses my desk, but I often hear about trends and insights that are about to be released. I have to be certain about what I post before I make public statements, because every word I post here is analyzed 6 ways from the closest palm tree, subjected to 17 different interpretations, and sometimes used maliciously. The item I'm about to talk about was a 99%er, and it's very positive for us, but I was holding it tight for a few reasons... one, I don't want to blow up the server with it. Two, I don't want to give the "gurus" any more than they already have. Let me get to the point, assuming you're still reading and not completely distracted by the video above Due to my technical issues over the last few days (3rd world country internet), I suddenly find that I have to scrap an entire public update because someone beat me to the punch on this one... nice job, @6ly410! This is the offending article, which was posted in response to my last weekly update... and this is where the conversation gets serious: Unless you've been living under a rock or just found the website, you know I've been talking about how the current OPEC agreement is a huge "ace in the hole" for Iraq. That article above is the biggest "bat signal" imaginable! I'll spell it out real quick - OPEC (The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries is an intergovernmental organization of 14 nations, founded in 1960 in Baghdad by the first five members, and headquartered since 1965 in Vienna, Austria. Wikipedia) currently has an understanding / agreement to limit production. Iraq is not specifically included or excluded from it, despite the founding information you can see above, and they are in prime position (GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY) to monetize their place in the deal. I don't know what else I can say about it... Iraq is in the best place we could hope for. Ramadan is nearing it's end, we are looking at a live fuse attached to a financial firework, and I won't be surprised if they light the fuse before 4th of July. Not that Iraq cares about the 4th of July... that date just happens to mesh with the "live fuse" metaphor, and the timing is right. Ignore it if you want. Join VIP if you want to have max benefits. The choice is yours. Either way, I'm excited to be on this side of the microphone as things go down! GOOOO RVVVVVV!!!! P.S. There's an OSI-only post coming soon. I have a VIP post that I wanted to get out by now, but I refuse to release things that aren't complete. Soon. P.P.S. We all love cat videos. And we all know that over 90% of the members here just show up for the entertainment, and less than 10% of us are serious about Post RV, so for 9/10 of the community... please respond with a funny cat video Some of you need no encouragement.
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    CNN. Broadcasting A Super Major Milestone Posting Tribute - Never Before Achieved On DV - To The Hardest Working Newshound In This Investment ! He’s Now Within Five Posts At The Time Of This Thread But U Know That The Totally Stoic And Completely Unflappable DV Newshound Will Be Surpassing That Number In The Morning ! yota691 Enjoy the Ride... Platinum VIP 99,995 posts =============================================================== Oh - And Here’s A News Article So That This Thread Gets To Stay In The News Section For Yota To See It ! And Now Everybody In Baghdad Can Get Ready To Go Out And Paint The Town ! LINK Announcement of the establishment of a Dutch art exhibition in Baghdad 23rd May, 2019 The Minister of Culture, Tourism and Antiquities Abdul-Amir Al-Hamdani announced on Thursday the establishment of a Dutch art exhibition in Baghdad in coordination with the Dutch Embassy in Baghdad to bridge the cultural relations between the two countries. "It was agreed to organize an exhibition of paintings by the most illustrious painters in the Netherlands, to be exhibited at Al Mansour Mall," said Hamdani, during a meeting with Dutch Embassy Charge d'Affaires Erik Stratenk and First Secretary of the Embassy Hugo Brewer. Wide of the general public, "noting that "the exhibition is intended to be a cultural bridge between the Iraqi and Dutch people." "The coordination of the visit of the UN official Bjorn Stenfres in the middle of June, and a meeting with the Department of the Iraqi Museum and the Department of Provincial Museums, and to provide scientific lectures to the staff of the Antiquities Authority." During the meeting, Al-Hamdani called on the Dutch delegation to "tour the Qishla and Al Mutanabi Street after giving them an explanation of the cultural, historical and historical value of this region." He also invited Mr. Stratnik to visit the ruins of Babel during an interview with Hamdani, (ICOMOS), who presented a positive report on the status of Babylon on the World Heritage List. At the end of the meeting, Al-Hamdani promised to "visit the Kingdom of the Netherlands and learn about its heritage and culture." So Now Please Leave Ur Comments Of Luv And Appreciation For Our Master Yota To Read All About It !
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    Happy Wednesday all! Just a quick update here to get us through the week. I'll have more this weekend, and possibly a special VIP post. We are just about through Ramadan, and this holiday has been a busy one. Historically, nothing significant has happened during Ramadan. To be more to the point, nothing at all usually happens during Ramadan... that has not been the case! I won't get into the "list" this morning, but Iraq has been very productive. Things are advancing! Speaking of productive, HUGE shout out to our very own, one and only, Master Yota! @yota691 crossed the 100k mark for posts on the forums. What an incredible number! Our dear friend's contribution to this community is unparalleled, and our gratitude can't be adequately expressed... @yota691, we all owe you a huge round of applause and drinks are definitely on me the first chance we get! Thank you, thank you, thank you! 🙇‍♂️ Feel free to pop over and congratulate him on the incredible milestone in this thread (hurry up before he locks it again ). Back to Iraq.... Ramadan is over around the 4th of June (it's different for some areas). Eid al fitr follows - here's a short description, for those unfamiliar: Eid al Fitr 2019 will be celebrated on Tuesday, 4th of June 2019. This is the tentative date as the actual date is contingent on the sighting of the moon of Shawwal, the 10th month in the Islamic calendar. Eid ul Fitr is celebrated on the 1st of Shawwal, after the month of Ramadan 2019. The month of Ramadan culminates with the festive occasion of Eid al Fitr as Muslims thank Allah (SWT), celebrating the festival with religious fervor. The month of Ramadan is full of celebration, joy and festivity as the Muslims immerse themselves in reading the Quran and Duas and spending maximum time doing Dhikr. The Muslims fast the whole month as it teaches them the true meaning of perseverance and tolerance while being empathetic towards the poor and needy. At the end of the month, the Muslims are rewarded with the festival of Eid al Fitr. It is important to note that it is highly forbidden to fast on the day of Eid. Each country’s celebrations vary as there is an influence of their traditions. Muslims all over the world celebrate the festival of Eid al Fitr by starting the day with the Eid prayer. After the Eid prayers, people greet each other with the customary Eid greetings, Eid Mubarak with a formal embrace, three times. Then, a sweet dish is mostly made in Muslim households and eaten in happiness. The day is spent with friends and family as they get together indulging in eating and handing out Eidi (gifts given to kids on Eid, usually money). Everyone gets new clothes made for the special occasion because every single person wants to look his/her best. The festival revolves around the theme of togetherness and happiness.Thus, this Eid is considered to be an occasion of immense rejoice. In essence, Muslims celebrate the blessings bestowed upon them by Allah (SWT) and thank Him. Credit: The bottom line for us is pretty simple... once Ramadan is over, there is a short following holiday, and then it's "game on" for government and we are officially ready for big things. OIL - saw a little dip, but still stable and trending solid. No worries there. I'll have more this weekend, so I'll wrap this up for now. But first - BITCOIN. Are you still ignoring this? If so... your loss. It's not going anywhere. Blockchain is here to stay, BTC is rocking, and this thread in the VIP section is a great read: Also, this one: Don't discount the importance of South Korea when it comes to digital money! Here's another one that might have caught your attention, if you're into profits like this: Don't forget to enter our weekly Lotto Pool! That's all for now.
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    Now that we have all those zero's will someone please move decimal to the left
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    Thanks Everyone this is the 100,000 post that DinarThug refers too. The Article subject seems appropriate on why most us hang out @ DV. Anyhow appreciate everyone here @ DV, Adam all of the Mods especially @k98nights and every member here. Central Bank: continue to provide banks with small categories of currency 23-05-2019 04:44 PM Number of readings: 169 Agency of the orbit - Baghdad The Central Bank of Iraq, on Thursday, it continues to provide banks with small groups of currency. The bank said in a statement received by 'orbit', it 'continues to provide all banks with small categories of the Iraqi currency'. The bank added that 'the provision of this currency is by withdrawing funds from the assets of banks located in the Central Bank'.
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    I haven’t been gone for 9 days, not even close lots going on over here. This weeks update will most likely be Friday FYI
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    So, OK........................................................................... Could Be Somethin'. Could Be Nothin'. Lookie HERE: AND.............................................................................. SO.............................................................................. Looks LIKE THEE corrupt weekday Bicraqi Iraqi CBI DAILY currency auctions HAVE BEEN SUSPENDED during Eid al-Fitr!!! SO............................................................................. Sunday, June 9, 2019 may be BABY a VERY interesting DAY!!! Six (6) whole DAZE of SUSPENDED corrupt weekday Bicraqi Iraqi CBI DAILY currency auctions!!! WHERE, pray tell, are the Insanians, to INCLUDE the Insanian IRGC, going to get THEIR funds from to fund Corruption AND Terrorism in the Muddle East???!!! Six (6) whole DAZE is a WHOLE LOTTA time for the "winds" OF "financial" "change" TO BE "applied"!!! Well, OK, to PACIFY MY (NOTE: MY) curiosity, I compiled some DUBIOUS information for YOUR viewing pleasure (OR NOT!!!)!!! ( ) Maybe BABY a WHOLE LOTTA "busy" "information" ( )!!! So, OK, let me, pray tell, summarize: I took the last nominal two (2) weeks of corrupt weekday Bicraqi Iraqi CBI DAILY currency auctions and plotted THEM. I ASSUMED 250 corrupt weekday Bicraqi Iraqi CBI DAILY currency auctions per year with the corresponding values in yellow. I ASSUMED 29.744 Billion USD/year to be the ANNUAL Bicraqi Iraqi IMPORT value the Bicraqi Iraqi would NEED the corrupt weekday Bicraqi Iraqi CBI DAILY currency auctions to cover (yellow highlighted column). I ASSUMED the difference BETWEEN the Estimated Annual Imports the corrupt weekday Bicraqi Iraqi CBI DAILY currency auctions WERE APPARENTLY covering MINUS the 2018 IMPORT Rate Value (ASSUMED to be THEE 2019 IMPORT Rate Value) to be the corrupt weekday Bicraqi Iraqi CBI DAILY currency auctions funding rate for Insanian, to INCLUDE Insanian IRGC, Corruption AND Terrorism funding in the Muddle East (light blue/grey highlighted cell and corresponding column). The "nifty" OR "shifty" ( ) chart shows a nominal drop of 20% in the corrupt weekday Bicraqi Iraqi CBI DAILY currency auctions just UP TO AND DURING Eid al-Fitr. So, maybe BABY some POTENTIAL INTERIM ASSESSMENT OPTIONS: The Bicraqi Iraqi ARE "asleep" "at" THEE "wheel". Well, we ALL know THAT!!! THIS is typical corrupt weekday Bicraqi Iraqi CBI DAILY currency auctions behavior DURING Eid al-Fitr. Six (6) DAZE is a WHOLE LOTTA DAZE, though, to STARVE the Insanians, to INCLUDE the Insanian IRGC, of Corruption AND Terrorism Funds ESPECIALLY WITH THEE Spanctions. The Bicraqi Iraqi ARE NOW MIGHTY NERVOUS about Spanctions APPLIED ON THEM for funding the Insanians, to INCLUDE the Insanian IRGC, SO are NOW cleaning up the funding of the Insanians to INCLUDE the Insanian IRGC. The Bicraqi Iraqi AND Insanian, to INCLUDE the Insanian IRGC, WEASELS have NOW implemented a WHOLE NEW "payment" "system" THAT may or may NOT involve USD AND/OR Bicraqi Iraqi Dinar (i.e. some form of cryptocurrency, China AND/OR Russia allowing access to ANOTHER payment system, Europe allowing access to ANOTHER payment system, etc.). Could be. THEY have talked and talked and talked and then talked some more about THIS over the past SEVERAL months. i suspect PROBLEMATIC, though. The six (6) DAZE are NECESSARY to go INTERNATIONAL with an "open" "economy" Bicraqi Iraqi Dinar AS A Eid al-Fitr GRAND FINALE!!! HOPE SO!!! I LIKIE THIS "option"!!! ( ) Maybe BABY Somethin'. Maybe BABY NOT Somethin' (OR Nothin', REALLY)!!! ( ) In The Mean Time................................................................................................ The "Standard" "Disclaimer" Applies................................................................... AND (of course)................................................................................................... Go Moola Nova (YEAH AND YEE HAW, BABY, READY WHEN YOU ARE BROTHER (OR SISTER) - LET 'ER BUCK)!!!
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    I just want to celebrate my retirement ! ps. I hate cats GO RV !! pp
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    Modern mechanization May 28, 2019 Later in our letter No. 3910/2/12 dated 2017/10/8 concerning the number and types of machines used in banks (headquarters and branches). Please update the information on the acquisition of counting and sorting machines so that we can do the necessary
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    Modern Mechanization is the process of changing from working largely or exclusively by hand to work with machinery. Sounds like big news to me. They’re getting ready for the transition from 000 notes to lower denomination notes. Im thinking this are the new Delarue machines that can detect counterfeit notes. Go RV sooner than later Go $1:1
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    Some Oil And Gas Law Discussions Just Crossed The CNN News Wires ! LINK Barzani confirms the readiness of Kurdistan to receive a parliamentary committee to see the mechanisms of selling oil 20th June, 2019 The head of the Kurdistan region, Nechirvan Barzani, on Thursday, the readiness of the region to receive a parliamentary committee to see the mechanisms of selling oil and revenue, expressing his hope to "achieve a strong relationship with the center based on common interests "The Speaker of the House of Representatives received today the President of the Kurdistan region Njirvan Barzani and the accompanying delegation, and discussed during the meeting the financial obligations to the region with regard to the sale of oil as mandated by the Federal Budget Law For the year 2019 and the need to ensure the development of relations between the region and the federal government and resolve all outstanding problems between them in the spirit of brotherhood and national partnership. The office added that "the two sides discussed the oil and gas law and the provincial elections law and the law of the Federal Court." For his part, the President of the Kurdistan region made a presentation on his plans to develop the relationship with the federal government after studying the problems in depth and transparency and develop common mechanisms to resolve them, expressing his hope to "achieve a strong relationship with the center based on common interests." According to the statement, Barzani expressed readiness of the region to receive a parliamentary committee to see the mechanisms of selling oil and revenue under the supervision of international companies. ################ Nechirvan Barzani announced the readiness of the region to receive a parliamentary committee to see the mechanisms of selling oil and revenue LINK
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    No Worries Bro - Iraq Is About 10 Hours Ahead And At Least Half A Century Behind !
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    “Sucker rate” is a bit of a mean spirited phrase, but there is certainly merit to the possibility that a rate will come out low and rise initially. I have trigger points that I’ll be watching for, some of which indicate an immediate sell to me. I’ll be sharing those with all vips of course.
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    Pressures mount in Baghdad on implementation of Article 140 of Iraqi Constitution Hiwa Shilani | 6 hours ago Lawmakers in the Iraqi Parliament. (Photo: Archive) Kurdistan Disputed Territories Iraq Parliament A+AA- ERBIL (Kurdistan 24) – Kurdish blocs in Iraq’s Council of Representatives have gathered signatures to form a committee in charge of re-implementing Article 140 of the constitution to settle issues on disputed territories between the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and the Iraqi government. After the Kurdish factions in Baghdad gathered signatures from parliament members to support the act, the Iraqi Council of Representatives agreed to establish a committee to oversee the implementation of Article 140 of the Iraqi Constitution.
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    That was the last fraud in office, Trump stated many times he didn't wanna go to war, even prior to his election. Yesterday video of Trump @ the White House, (words from out his mouth not some yahoo site that you follow) clearly states Trump doesn't want war. More going on behind the scenes then you or I will ever know. IMO this is best scenario...
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    Donald Trump By "Fred", June 28, 2015 in Opinions, Perspectives, and Your Two Cents on the Iraqi Dinar "Fred" Posted August 13, 2015 I don't think there's any politicians we can trust that's why Mr Trump better win and try to straighten this mess out over here or we are really in deep poo poo. Let's see how much deeper in dept our country can go,why stop now. What a pathetic joke and us tax payers are the ones paying for it. Yo Pitch’ - I Know That U Enjoy Thumb Wrestling With The Lib’s In The Politics Section ! So I Was Wondering If U Thought Fred Was Being Sarcastic About Trump - I Looked At Several Of His Previous Posts Including A Pro Trump Thread He Had Started (at the top) And His Past Comments Were All Supportive ! And I Know That U Don’t Neg People’s Opinions - But I Wonder How Poor Fred’s Gonna React When He Sees All Of Those Red Tomatoes ?
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    In 2012, they would have implemented the deletion of zeros but there were some objections (at the time) as it need legislation by the HOR. The legislation that they were talking about (back then) is the FML ~ their new roadmap to financial and monetary policy. So that legislation part is now done.☺️
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    “The Bicraqi Iraqi CBI publishing current AND past foreign currency exchange rates may be BABY standard practice for an instituted program rate Bicraqi Iraqi Dinar to eventually go to an INTERNATIONALLY traded REAL TIME currency. Adding THIS information NOW in a CONSOLIDATED manner for public AND INTERNATIONAL display is curious timing.“ @Synopsis totally agree my friend..... international display is curious timing @bostonangler I was thinking the same thing. from a closed economy (fixed rate) to an open market economy (float) Go RV sooner than later
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    My crystal is still saying yes on or by 16th of month. All thingscrossed.
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    You’re correct navira, They’re going to be paid electronically in dinars. - it will reduce the amount of physical notes in circulation. - it will increase financial inclusion CBI continues reducing the note count. Good for our investment Go RV Go $1:1
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    Shedagal, thank you, you are a good person lmb4321, I am very sorry for your loss. I know what you are going through and my heart and prayers go out to you jg1 Thank you Synopsis, I appreciate you a lot Thug, you are my long lost brother. Thank you very much Fred, I apologize if my post crossed the line. That’s the problem with these kinds of boards. I believe I didn’t read your post with the intention you may have had in mind. To all the others who have said a prayer for me, thank you. I truly appreciate it This will be my last post for a good while. I need to tend to my family. Good luck to us all in our RV quest. I believe it will happen soon. Haha
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    “BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Ernst & Young has completed the audit of the final financial statements of the Central Bank of Iraq for the fiscal year 2018 on the legal date set for the end of March 2019. The Audit Department of the Central Bank of Iraq: The Board of Directors of the Bank ratified the lists Which was issued with a positive opinion (without reservation), which indicates the level of transparency in which the bank operates and the efforts made in presenting the activities and operations, and the level of disclosure that this institution has. Adding that the disclosure on time and "positive opinion" generates important impressions of the institutions and international banks that deal with Iraq, and this is working to encourage investors to deal with financial institutions and banking in Iraq as long as the sectoral control body (the central bank) Silence.” GOOD NEWS.! Ernst & Young is considered one of the Big four accounting firms in the world. The CBI Getting a positive opinion without reservation is a clear and important message to investors. This will bring and influx of Investment into the country. Another positive sign to move iraq to IMF Art 8 acceptance. Go investment Go private sector Go economic growth Go RV Go $1:1
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    I have a dachshund. Any intruder will be bitten off at the ankles.
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    Hmm. . . Looks to me like I'll move on from exercising a cautiously optimistic very reserved mental & emotional state to " Prepare to Standby " mode. I've already laid on a fresh supply of some Fruit of Looms as well ( Depends really ) . . . just in case the excitement overwhelms me when they finally do pull the trigger on this investment. C'mon Iraq . . . make me poop my undies . . . " in the coming days " or REAL , OKAY ? CHARMIN is at the ready ! ! !
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    I’m leaning towards what Laidback has been saying. The review in July is huge. All these things Iraq and CBI has been doing lately are things that would need to be done for a favorable review to go into article 8. Things are lining up my fellow dinar holders. For someone who bought my dinar 15 years ago, I can wait a little longer. JMHO
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    Here's some ground rules for this weekend. 1. Don't wish me a Happy Memorial day - there ain't nothing happy about brave men and women dying 2. It's not a holiday, it's a remembrance 3. You want to know the true meaning, visit Arlington or your local VA, not f-ing Disneyland 4. Don't tell me how great anyone political power is, tell me about Chesty Puller, George Patton, John Basilone, Dakota Meyer, Kyle Carpenter, Mitchell Paige, and Ira Hayes 5. Don't tell me I don't know what I am talking about, I have carried the burden all too many times for my warriors who now stand their post for God SUPPORT OUR TROOPS!!!!
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    Don’t Stop Now - And Just Bring On The The Shiite Storm !
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    People may be tired of references to Kim Clement, but in Feb. 2014 he said "I heard gold. I wasn't sure if this was attached to his name. He will restore the fortunes of this nation because of his brilliance. This man will throttle the enemies of Israel."
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    Thanks thuggy , for the record I do wear my mega hat to work everyday so I’m kinda use to hearing it from both sides, like they say hatters are gona hate and I don’t loose sleep over anyone’s comments 😀
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    THAT MUST be one doozie of an Espresso to keep the Founding Fathers Spinnin' for THIS LONG!!! WOWZERS!!! As of THIS posting, the Red Rubymeisters have issued the following tally of Red Ruby Citations as Badges Of Honor for "Display Of Intellectual Speed And Power"!!! @Adam Montana 2 @davis411 1 @Synopsis (whoever THAT is ) 1 @"Fred" 5 @DinarThug 1 x 2 @Pitcher 5 Oh, YEAH!!! The True The United States Of America Patriot President Donald J Trump IS The Greatest President EVER NO MATTER HOW One Looks At PROMISES ACTUALLY KEPT, "Fred", AND The Very Best Of Your Weekend To You In South West, Florida!!! Maybe BABY I'll troll up EVEN MORE Red Ruby Citations As Badges Of Honor For ME For "Display Of Intellectual Speed And Power" so I, too, can be in the same "league" as You AND Pitcher!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU Red Rubymeisters For YOUR "Votes"!!! In The Mean Time.................................................................................................................. No one can fix STUPID while the BEST any one can do is NEUTRALIZE IT....................... AND (of course)..................................................................................................................... Go Moola Nova (YEAH AND YEE HAW, BABY, READY WHEN YOU ARE BROTHER (OR SISTER) - LET 'ER BUCK!!!)!!!
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    Thugs Reds don’t bother me. It’s just the boards way of telling me I crossed the line. Maybe I just read Fred’s post the wrong way. I felt his post was sarcastic towards Trump which I’m going to push back on most of the time. I also thought the post was a dig at the boss which I thought was Rubbish. It’s pretty obvious from my Reds that I was wrong. I go go through my cranky old man moods so I’m going to take some time off and try to come back a little less combative.
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    The Founding Fathers Are Also Still Waiting On This Investment
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    Floridian, this cought my attention too. Looks like the economic expert is implying the dinar is a floating currency. In my 11 years on this investment I have seen 1164 - 1170 - 1182 - 1190 I think we’re just waiting for IMF Art 8 acceptance. just my opinion Go CBI Go float Go supply Go Demand Go RV Go asap
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    Good news.! Final accounts for the last 6 years is a IMF-SBA prerequisite for Art 8 acceptance It will provide information on the financial performance of the Authority in the concerned financial years. 2013-2018 The full report of the third ( final) review of the IMF-SBA 2016/2019 will be presented in July Go iraq Go Art 8 Go RV Go $1:1
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    In the Middle East culture is all about showing off your wealth and power, through Palaces, buildings, yachts, airplanes, houses, cars, gold, wild animals and precious stones..... its all about money and power. I was just looking at pictures of the central bank of Kuwait to compare with the pictures of the new Central Bank of Iraq. Now I understand why the CBI wants to build a building of that size. World Bank statement.... “Iraq is ten times richest than Kuwait” 1 kuwaiti dinar = $3,29 CBI wants to show the world how strong and powerful their currency is going to be in the near future. Go CBI Go RV Go former glory
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    Iraqi Christian burned alive by ISIS three times miraculously survives, sees Jesus in vision Iraqi Christian burned alive by ISIS three times miraculously survives, sees Jesus in vision By Leah MarieAnn Klett, Christian Post Reporter| Sunday, June 02, 2019 An Iraqi Christian shares his story of being imprisoned by ISIS, in which they tried to burn him alive three times but his body didn't burn. | YouTube/Screengrab An Iraqi Christian experienced a series of miracles while persecuted for his faith at the hands of Islamic extremists, including an encounter with Jesus and surviving terrorists’ attempts to burn him alive — three times. The Yazidi man was interviewed for a documentary, "Heart and Hands: Iraq," by Sean Feucht, head of the non-profit Light A Candle Project, and Bethel Music. In it, Feucht travels the world to hear the stories of those persecuted for their faith. In a preview of the documentary aired at the Heaven Come conference in LA, the Yazidi man reveals there was “pressure” from ISIS to convert to Islam. But amid persecution, Jesus appeared to him in a dream. “Thanks be to God for that,” he said. “He spoke to me…[but] I cannot tell you what He said. It’s a promise between me and Christ.” “I asked Jesus one thing,” he continued. “And He answered me.” Later in the interview, the man revealed that once ISIS found out he was a follower of Christ, they began stoning him. “They were hitting me with big rocks on my body,” he recalled. “The stones were fine, not affecting me.” The man said that after stoning him, ISIS members drenched him in 20 gallons of gasoline. But even though he was burned alive a total of three times, he said he somehow survived unharmed. "And they burned me, but I didn't burn," he said, crediting Jesus for his miraculous survival. The Yazidi man was one of many Christians interviewed by Feucht, who said he believes he is “called to the most persecuted, closed, dark, marginalized places,” Fox News reports. Feucht said he is encouraged by the growth of the church in Iraq, China, and India — three countries where it’s most difficult to be a Christian, according to persecution watchdog Open Doors USA. "Our team’s in Iraq right now, and the U.S. State Department just sent out this notification that said ‘All US personnel leave Iraq’ and all the NGOs left but our guys are still there. We were there through ISIS. We’ve been there through the worst of the worst," Feucht said. "Everyone thought we were crazy. Right as everyone was leaving, we came in, and because of it, we have a thriving, flourishing project there." Feucht said that so far, his group has raised over $100,000 to distribute food, blankets, mattresses, and other materials, as well as offering trauma therapy counseling and kids programs, teaching music, and praying with persecuted Christians in the region. “We want to re-define missions for a generation to where we’re actually the first ones to respond," Feucht said. "That’s the essence of the gospel to go into places where no one else is willing to go.” Today, less than 200,000 Christians remain in Iraq when there were over 1.4 million Christians in Iraq in 2002 and 500,000 Christians in Iraq in 2013. The genocide also impacted Iraq’s Yazidi minority. An estimated 60,000 Yazidis fled to Europe while there are still about 550,000 Yazidis still in Iraq with 280,000 of them remaining displaced. In October, the U.S. Agency for International Development announced it would partner with the nation's leading Catholic fraternal organization, Knights of Columbus, to bring support to persecuted communities in Iraq. Joseph Cullen, the spokesperson for the Knights of Columbus, told The Christian Post that the organization has so far committed more than $25 million in support of persecuted Christians and those in their care in the Middle East. This, he said, has provided food, clothing, shelter, education, medical care, building or rebuilding of homes and other services. But unless Christians in the United States and elsewhere continue to support those persecuted or suffering from the effects of persecution, these communities “could literally cease to exist,” he warned. “Likewise, U.S. government support for those communities targeted for genocide in the Middle East — including Christians — remains crucial, both in terms of projects that benefit these communities, and in terms of support for their security, which has been imperiled most recently by militia groups in northern Iraq,” he said.
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    You Sir know exactly what you are talking about! I too have been in this investment since 2005 and it’s been a long haul to say the least. I have heard every guru out there but also have had the privilege of being connected with a couple of groups that are invested who have been top notch researchers as well as possible contacts. That being said the CBI only has to cover what’s in circulation inside of Iraq! The Iraqi citizens will ONLY experience much greater purchasing power like you have said! They will not be exchanging for dollars or other currencies period inside Iraq, the only thing they will exchange for is lower denoms period! The only chance of an Iraqi citizen becoming a millionaire is if they are able to somehow get the currency outside of Iraq to another country and do an exchange for a different currency which will be hard to do and also Illegal for them to do!! I for one don’t think there is a lot of mattress money laying around Iraq as the citizens are poor to begin with and Live day to day and spend all their money on living expenses! Now the corrupt politicians like Maliki who I am sure have stored billions of dinar outside of Iraq I bet he will not benefit either as the hammer will come down on him very quickly is my guess! Sure hope we are close guys as I want to retire soon myself!
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    Central Bank expands its exchange rate and gold database May 30, 2019
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    / Central Bank: The deletion of zeros aims to tighten banknotes and needs parliamentary legislation 1 day before Iraq Image of the archive Ihsan al-Yasiri, director general of the Central Bank, said on Wednesday, May 29, 2019, that "the bank is a very transparent institutions both in the window of selling the currency or the subject of contracts," noting that "the Central Bank is in constant contact with the relevant parliamentary committees and the Central Bank is the only institution that Work every day. " "The central bank's duty is to maintain the exchange rate and stability to meet the demand that comes on foreign currency against the dinar," he said in an interview with the Noa Dialogue program. "The central bank is responsible for the simple sale of the dollar." "The Iraqi economy is an import economy and this is not the responsibility of the central bank. It is the duty of the state and the government to fix this structural imbalance and the domestic economy becomes a product for leaving imports," he said. He pointed out that "there is a defect in the duty of some institutions, but ordinary people believe that this process should be carried out by the Central Bank, and this is not true," explaining that "the central bank contact with banks and the government by keeping accounts." "The major sin that was committed in 2004 was the abolition of import controls and quality control rules at the border crossings, which made the market full of cheap and cheap imported goods," he said. In the case of the accident of seven billion in the Rafidain Bank, said Yasiri, "The year 2013 saw heavy rain and leaked water to the bank on the street Rashid, which led to damage that money, which was originally intended to damage, and the duty of the Central Bank to replace those papers, The amount of money less than 200 million dinars. " On the subject of the deletion of zeros, he said that "this administrative process aimed at tightening the banknotes and improve the accounting record in the country was launched in 2012, but there are some objections at the time and need legislation by the House of Representatives." "The Central Bank has suspicions, the first is to prevent one of the internationally recognized companies from conducting an audit and conduct internal control of the bank in exchange for the placement of Iraqi offices, as these companies are global and stamped recognized worldwide and indicates the lack of money laundering "He said. "The second thing is that controls the joints of the central bank, usually they are accountants and they basically have offices." She said that "the independence of the Central Bank and not to the executive power made the government of Nuri al-Maliki dismiss Sinan Shabibi because of his refusal to enter the prime minister to manipulate the reserves of the Central Bank as it represents the stability of the currency and represents the monetary policy in the country and parliament only those who can account and today Parliament is unable to do so. She stressed that "the status of the head of the Financial Control Bureau governor of the Central Bank is a violation of the constitutional authorities as the regulatory body has become the executive branch." "The Finance Committee formed three subcommittees to follow up the work of the Central Bank of the first follow-up the issue of building the Central Bank and the second follow the auction of currency and the third follow the issue of the subsidiary currency and therefore if there is evidence will be submitted to the Integrity Commission or the judiciary." He added that "the issue of scrutiny within the Central Bank can be resolved through the House of Representatives and not raise the issue is due to audits by local companies and anyone who has an interest in this issue must submit to the Finance Committee."...............please remove if already posted .thanks
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    SURE!!! For What It Is Worth (of course), Artitech AND Half Crazy Runner, AND The Very Best Of The Rest Of Your Weeks To You AND Up Coming Weekends!!! Some related AND random ( ) thoughts The Bicraqi Iraqi CBI publishing current AND past foreign currency exchange rates may be BABY standard practice for an instituted program rate Bicraqi Iraqi Dinar to eventually go to an INTERNATIONALLY traded REAL TIME currency. Adding THIS information NOW in a CONSOLIDATED manner for public AND INTERNATIONAL display is curious timing. The Foreign exchange rates against the dollar for the period 1995-2018 ...Click here todownload link shows the CHINESE YUAN in the far LEFT column. Why the Chinese Yuan???!!! Currently, the Chinese Yuan is the ONLY Special Drawing Rights Currency shown in THAT Excel Workbook (NOT the Euro, Bri'ish Pound, OR Japanese Yen) since the Chinese Yuan was ADDED to the Special Drawing Rights Currency Basket (nominally USD - 40%, Euro - 30%, GBP - 10%, JPY - 10%, AND CNY -10%) on or around October 1, 2016???!!! Hmmmmmmm ................................................... a lil' bit MORE to The United States Of America AND China "trade" "imbalance"???!!! Hey, WHY, pray tell, was the Chinese Yuan ADDED to the Special Drawing Rights Basket ANYWAY???!!! Trade, maybe BABY???!!! China HAS NOT been forthcoming with THEIR gold reserves. ESTIMATES of THEIR gold reserves is based on HISTORICAL (potentially) unverified disclosures AND purchased gold on the OPEN market. But, hey, WHAT, pray tell, about the Chinese gold STOLEN during World War II AND secreted away by the Japanese Golden Lilly via the Japanese General Yamashita???!!! COULD it REALLY be China is REPATRIATING THIS gold as part of THEIR reserves???!!! WHAT, pray tell, will THAT do to the Chinese Yuan PURCHASING POWER on FULLY disclosed AND verified information???!!! The Opium Wars started BECAUSE the Chinese were SO prolific on EXPORTS THEY were sucking up ALL the gold AND impoverishing the economies of EUROPEAN nations. WHERE, pray tell, did ALL THAT gold go AND WHERE, pray tell, is THAT gold NOW???!!! The United States Of America AND China HAD a positive relationship DURING World War II WHEREAS legacy agreements COULD be at play TODAY for LEGAL RESTORATION of PREVIOUSLY stolen Chinese Government Property!!! Could it REALLY be the European Nations ARE ATTEMPTING TO DELAY OR DISRUPT the ReEstablishment of the Old Silk Road BECAUSE of what Trade WITH CHINA did UP TO AND THROUGH the Opium Wars TO TODAY???!!! The European Nations may be BABY NEEDING to get THINGS in ORDER FINANCIALLY to AVOID PAST Financial Pitfalls WITH New Avenues Of Trade WITH China via the Old, er, NEW Silk Road???!!! Is THIS WHY, pray tell, the Bri'ish ARE SO WANTING TO BREXIT TO AVOID FINANCIAL AND ECONOMIC TRADE ISSUES CONNECTED TO THE REST OF THE European Union???!!! AT THE END OF the Cultural Revolution in China, Former President Tricky met with Mousy Dung IN China in 1972. WHAT, pray tell, for???!!! Former President Tricky said to "open" "up" China. WHAT, pray tell, for???!!! POSSIBLY ( ) to PREVENT China FROM becoming a WORLD WIDE SPONSOR OF TERRORISM OR something likie THAT!!! In 1972, China had a population of 862 million people. SO, get 'em productive in an INTEGRATED Whirled Economy AGAIN OR have 862 million TERRORISTS or something likie THAT destroying EVERYTHING. MY (NOTE: MY) opinion is THIS has EVERYTHING to do with ReEstablishing the Old Silk Road Trade TO Europe AND Back WITH EVERYBODY ALONG the way for EVERYBODY"S BENEFIT via MODERN SHIPPING METHODS likie rail roads AND such. China's production capabilities became BIG AND BOLD starting in the mid 1980s WITH the Muddle East SO hosed NO Old Silk Road Trade could EFFECTIVELY be conducted SO the Trade Imbalance began WITH earnest in the EARLY 1990s LEADING to ASTRONOMICAL Trade Imbalances SINCE the Chinese DO NOT HAVE the Old Silk Road ReEstablished for trade LIKIE the Former President Tricky AND Mousy Dung AGREED. The Trade Imbalance WOULD BE RESOLVED, of course, WITH the Old Silk Road functioning via the Belt AND Road Initiative WITH EXPLOSIVE TRADE BENEFITTING ALL INVOLVED!!! So ............................... ENTER Former Prez'dent Flimsy Carter ( ) AND Former Prez'dent George H. W. "Poppy" Bush WHOSE "service" "record" is SUSPICIOUSLY BLANK during the ENTIRE Former Prez'dent Flimsy Carter's Prez'dency!!! HOW, pray tell, did the Insanians, to INCLUDE the Insanian IRGC, get ROCKETED to a PREDOMINANT State Sponsor of TERRORISM THEN AND TODAY CONTINUOUSLY INTERFERING WITH THE Old Silk Road Trade Route???!!! WHERE, pray tell, did ALL THAT set up AND financing/funding COME FROM???!!! AND WHY, pray tell, is THAT in existence ALL THROUGH TO TODAY???!!! POSSIBLY, a KEY REASON the Insanian IRGC is NOW being blacklisted ENTIRELY as a TERRORIST ORGANIZATION???!!! In 1980, Iran had a population of around 38.67 million AND WAS the "chosen" "location" for State Sponsored Terrorism INSTEAD of China. The "impasse" NOW with The United States Of America AND China on the Trade Deal may be BABY ENTIRELY related TO the "legacy" "agreements" WITH The United States of America ROUGE ENTITIES AND THEIR COHORTS REMOVED for the Old Silk Road to OPERATE!!! MY (NOTE: MY) gut feel is THERE WILL BE news of WHATEVER story OR cover story RELATED to Former Prez'dent Flimsy Carter "expiring" WITH IMMINENT NEWS of The United States Of America AND China Trade Deal RESOLUTION since BOTH The United States Of America AND China WILL BENEFIT GREATLY WITH the Old Silk Road ReEstablished BENEFITTING ALL ELSE INVOLVED!!! The Bicraqi Iraqi HAVE HAD a financial "leash" put on THEM with a "program" "rate" AND "closed" "economy" Bicraqi Iraqi Dinar BECAUSE THEY are Strategically AND Economically THEE Significant Lynch Pin TO THE WHOLE Old Silk Road!!! So, WHEN Xi Jinping ANNOUNCES the Old Silk Road TO Iraq, THINGS ARE LOOKING GOOD!!! So, OK, I WILL not render the ELI The ICE Man ( ) OR steam turbine/compressor systems being brought ON LINE EXCEPT to SAY the Bicraqi Iraqi Dinar MUST go INTERNATIONAL to POWER UP the ENTIRE deal AND occur WHEN the supporting conditions HAVE BEEN achieved BEFORE ALL GOES TO HASH!!! I do think it SIGNIFICANT the Israelis have been noted TODAY as having trade arrangements with the Turds, er, Kurds AND Baghdad IS looking into addressing AS A UNIFIED Iraq!!! The Insanians, to INCLUDE the Insanian IRGC, CAN NOT go on pilfering 5 to 20 BILLION USD per year FROM the corrupt weekday Bicraqi Iraqi CBI DAILY currency auctions AND MUST BE TERMINATED PRONTO TONTO TO TEMINATE CORRUPTING THE Bicraqi Iraqi GOI TO INCLUDE CORRUPT Officials!!! AND the Insanians, to INCLUDE the Insanian IRGC, CAN NOT trade in a "program" "rate' Bicraqi Iraqi Dinar NOW BECAUSE the Insanians, to INCLUDE the Insanian IRGC, WILL GET A HUGE BOOST IN TERRORISM FUNDING POTENTIAL!!! So, The United States Of America Military IS NOW getting prepped AND ready for the "inevitable" - WHATEVER THAT may be BABY!!! THIS piece HAS TO BE CLEANED UP BEFORE The United States Of America AND China Trade Deal CAN BE FAVORABLY CONCLUDED based on LEGACY AGREEMENTS SINCE The United States Of America HAS TO CLEAN UP PAST ROUGE ENTITIES AND RELATED PRACTICES!!! The United States Of America IS STILL the CONTROLLING Whirled Wide FINANCIAL SYSTEM Key WITH TIME A WASTIN'!!! The United States Of America Treasury HAS BEEN at the Bicraqi Iraqi CBI SINCE January 2015 AND KNOWS EXACTLY WHAT HAS BEEN AND IS GOING ON AND KNOWS WHAT TO DO AND WHEN - WHEN the "order" - WHATEVER THAT IS - IS GIVEN!!! The Bicraqi Iraqi ARE the "effect" NOT THEE "cause" of the INTERNATIONAL Bicraqi Iraqi Dinar ReInstatement BECAUSE the Bicraqi Iraqi ARE A PIECE (a NECESSARY PIECE, of course) of the OVERALL PICTURE!!! EVERYBODAE' ELSE WILL BENEFIT GREATLY WITH Old, er, NEW Silk Road Trade ReEstablished AND a Basel III Gold Backed Currency!!! Well, OK, I am NOT sure if THIS is what You were looking for???!!! CAVEAT EMPTOR, READER!!! THIS WHOLE thing has SO many moving INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL parts to Iraq THAT the "transition" WILL BE more likie "grinding" "some" "gears" THAN "shifting" "all" "gears" "smoothly". WITH ALL the moving pieces AND parts, LOOKS to ME (NOTE: ME) WE ARE ( ) in the "grinding" "some" "gears" phase!!! YYYEEEAAAHHH BBBAAABBBYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go Moola Nova (YEAH AND YEE HAW, BABY, READY WHEN YOU ARE BROTHER (OR SISTER) - LET 'ER BUCK!!!)!!!
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    How About A Spiked Ice Mocha !
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    Yo Pitch’ - As U Can Tell From All Of The ‘Up Votes’ And Responses On The Previous Page That We Are All Feeling For U Right Now ! One Of The Biggest Reasons For That Is Because U Are Such A Major Contributor To This Forum ! U Bring Numerous News Articles And Comments Throughout The Site - And U Also Share A Lot About Urself In Those Posts ! That’s Why Anybody Who Has Been Here For Longer Than A Cup Of Coffee Feels Like They Know U - Because We Actually Do ! So Please Feel Free To Continue To Open Up And Vent If U Need To ! And Also Let Us Know If U Need To Throw Any Bean Balls At Luigi ! Luv Ya My Brother ! - CNN
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    6-4-2019 Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat So we know we were waiting for the “Financial Administration law” to be passed in parliament. Is it now passed? Some say it is done but I have not see any articles on it. I called my CBI contact in Iraq and they said it is passed and they have gotten the word weeks ago by the finance committee to move ahead with launching more of the smaller category notes for the project to delete the zeros. So they have been doing so. 6-4-2019 Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat We have seen the evidence of this recently with the smaller category 50 dinar being reintroduced. I am told to watch for the 100 dinar notes as this will be a sign that the reinstatement is VERY close... I am told this is not something that is going to happen months from now but is in the implementation phase right now and we can expect something in the next few weeks. Folks this is WOW! news. We can only hold on and wait and see what happens next...
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    An Article 140 Sighting In The News Today ! LINK Claims to apply Article 140 in Sinjar to avoid "wars and unrest" 24th May, 2019 Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi on Friday called for the implementation of Article 140 of the Constitution and for quick solutions to the areas of Sinjar and the Nineveh Plain, stressing the elimination of "wars and disturbances". "The areas of Sinjar and the Nineveh Plain are in turmoil that will not end if the situation remains as it is and does not pay for it except for its people, which requires quick solutions to be put in place," he said in a statement. And international ambitions." "These areas are private and have a social culture that is different from the rest of the northern regions, but these areas are usually affected by any disturbance or political difference that is paid for," he said. "It is unreasonable for these regions to remain slaughtered on the knife of political differences and international ambitions that will not end," he promised. Khalil said that "the hope is great for the wisdom of Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, who took positive steps to express his sound intention to take into account all groups of the people with its nationalities, religions, minorities and many of them, and encourages us to call on Abdul Mahdi to find solutions to them in a transparent manner and good intention of cooperation between all parties. Using legal materials that are still active but awaiting implementation such as Article 140". He added that " the stability of these areas is the stability of all Iraq , as well as it will cause the retreating gangs Daesh terrorist and limits their movement and this will hurt the welfare of the state as a whole , and will mark a great achievement for the government of Abdul - Mahdi , and gives the impression that the Constitution is Azaabm sole and supreme law of the country." He noted, the possibility that "expanding this cooperation to include Internationalist organizations indicated in its latest report to the sufferings of these areas and the difficult circumstances and the magnitude of the devastation suffered by him and the instability that has persisted despite the elimination of Daesh , noting that "the people of these areas are still living outside". ###### Khalil calls on Abdul Mahdi to apply Article 140 and rid Sinjar of wars LINK

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