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  1. I think this is the delete the zeros adjustment. Then imports would cost less and not harm the citizen. THis will help them the most since they are an importing nation. The best policy would be to get the national products going, but until then, this move would help with investment and imports costs. Also that is when we would get off this rodeo. If they stay at 1450 then it would be after delete the 3 zeros from the nominal value 1450 =1.45 then for the conversion to dollars 1/1.45= ~.69 cents per dinar we would get. Thas is if they don't adjust the 1450 too. SO we should look for a
  2. This topic reminds me of this word from Kim Clement about the "worst time in America" and two presidents. From April 4th, 2008.
  3. sure, it is $1.00/1.450 dinar = .689 cents. Going from 1190 down to 1450 reduced our take home payout. From .84 cents to .689 cents.
  4. 1450 Dinar to 1 dollar is after delete the zeros is 1.45 Dinar per 1 Dollar = .689 cents per dinar you hold.
  5. It's not over yet. Trump will win in the courts! Then Iran won't get to surrender and ask to negotiate with Sleep Joe.
  6. Home Scientific seminars and cultural symposium scientific (delete zeros from the Iraqi dinar) 2019-03-27 09:14:37 Under the auspices of the Dean of the Faculty of Knowledge University Prof. Dr. Jacob Nazim Ahmed, Department of Finance and Banking today held on 27/3/2019 and on the conference hall scientific symposium entitled (delete zeros from the Iraqi dinar) was divided into three axes first axis: the concept of deleting zeros from the dinar By Dr. Ali Abdul Hadi Salem. Axis II: the expected results of the deletion of three zeros from the Iraq
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