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    Would somebody PLEASE give me a trophy just because I have been here for 10+ years without shoving a knife in my neck???!!! Sooooooo done!! GO RV!!!!
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    Morning all! A lot of members here have commented on my absence lately. I’ve kept my fingers on the pulse of this all, so don’t worry! It’s amazing what kind of havoc 2’ of snow in April with freezing rain mixed in can do! I’ll just say my physical life was absolutely bonkers for a couple weeks due to the recent blizzard, and it kept me offline quite a bit. Thankfully THAT is over and spring weather is FINALLY here for real! Nothing compares to the feeling of lightness that comes over you when the perennials finally start poking through the frost and the first robins land in your yard… not that you southerners would understand that! Anyway, moving onto Iraq - I don’t see anything happening in the next two weeks. Parliament is basically shut down until after elections (May 12), so if I were you - I’d take a break from Dinar news for the next couple weeks. Just don’t shut your phone off! There’s always a chance that a secret meeting or something like that will take place and surprise us. That’s what I’d do if I was you. Unfortunately for me, I am NOT you so I’ll be taking advantage of the next couple weeks to go over Post RV planning and make sure everything is tip-top. There will be no update next week (May 2) unless something changes with Parliament in the meantime. Here’s the weekly Q’s: =========== Edit: ============ We had a MAJOR security upgrade on the forums this morning and it set me back a couple hours. I'll get to the weekly Q's a little later. As with any upgrade, there are bound to be small issues here and there... please report them here or via the support system if you find any.
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    Kap has always been a wet towel on this investment. For years now, when a positive news article comes out he will find a way to put a negative spin on it. While some of his articles are fact based (like the IMF 2% requirement) he is more inclined to suck the sunshine out of a Florida weekend. I once compared him to a country wife left and took my dog, my old Chevy isn't running and I'm out of whiskey. IMO Iraq can't wait for years. Kuwait conference investors are already walking. The world is losing patience with Iraq. 2018 is the year to make a big move. 🙈 + 🙉 + 🙊
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    Local produce and foreign exchange rates 07/5/2018 12:00 am Walid Khaled Al-Zaidi Foreign exchange rates in each country are affected by demand and demand. We in Iraq do not go out of this economic process. Foreign currencies such as the dollar or the euro are rising and their exchange rates fall mainly on the amount of demand by state institutions, private sector companies or individuals To facilitate the process of obtaining goods or services from abroad or in the case of travel to the countries of the world Different. What is important in this area is the request of the State institutions for foreign currency as the largest source for these currencies, because of its wide circle in economic relations and trade exchanges with different countries of the world dealing with foreign banknotes, which we have difficult currencies, or values of purchase High. Among the things that the Ministry of Commerce needs from foreign originators are the ration card items, which are available only through the purchase of companies specialized in the supply of food mainly, to deal in foreign currencies, especially the dollar most traded in the world markets, where Iraq believes the ration card items from abroad Over the past period, it is necessary to buy (withdraw) large amounts of the dollar from the foreign exchange market to fill the purchase. Which keeps the exchange rates of the dollar and the rest of the foreign currencies for the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar is relatively high . The recent action of the Ministry of Commerce, which decided to secure the flour and sugar from the local product for the purpose of distribution within the ration items to citizens. The most important of which is the process of buying these materials from two local crops depending on the national currency (dinar), which reduces the amount of demand for amounts as funds allocated in dollars and other foreign currencies To buy these articles of global origin and ease the financial burdens that weigh heavily on the state treasury . In economics and finance, the value of needs increases mainly on the increase in demand and vice versa. The value of the dollar is lower than the value of the dinar adopted by the Ministry of Commerce to buy flour as a domestic crop and sugar as a crop and a national product . Such behavior is an important fact that raises a very important issue for the nature of external and internal factors, which contribute to a large extent to the actual need to fall within the framework of national public requirements of domestic payments. It should be recalled that a group of experts and specialists in financial and economic affairs have been encouraged to process the revaluation of the Iraqi dinar against the value of the dollar and other foreign currencies depending on the frequent circulation in the purchase of ration items and not limited to international purchases that rely on foreign currency from external sources, Is a practical way out of some of the dilemmas suffered by the Iraqi national economy related to the large foreign exchange of the proceeds of Iraqi oil sold in the world crude oil markets. Iraq, which has risen and overcome many of the challenges and difficulties on the path of emancipation is today in a better way than to open the way for reforms and economic treatments studied that would rid the country of many constraints and self-reliance and the activation of benefits based on national capabilities and capabilities .
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    Thank You for Your comments, JustChecking123, AND The Best Of Your Day To You!!! My opinion is the Iraqi Dinar coming off the program rate will need to be immediately reinstated or revalued going to an “open economy” with a true value international rate to give the necessary reconstruction, economic development, AND foreign investment going with the magnitude to sustain geopolitical and social factors internally, regionally, and internationally. I could be wrong but waiting on the economy to get going and support the reinstatement or revalue float could be problematic and ineffective. My opinion is the reinstatement or revalue would need to occur first to integrate Iraq internationally economically and avoid the risks that would promote Sectarian Strife and Civil War. These two factors, to me, would inhibit reconstruction, economic development, AND foreign investment. So, I suspect injecting the Iraqis with the Opiate Of Prosperity will go a long ways to providing the environment for reconstruction, economic development, AND foreign investment. Also, having a low Iraqi Dinar rate would pump A LOT of Iraqi Dinars out of Iraq and would likely hold down the exchange rate significantly since a far higher value later would bankrupt Iraq or other countries that have done business with Iraq on the low Iraqi Dinar rate for the initial reconstruction, economic development, AND foreign investment. I can’t imagine the reconstruction, economic development, AND foreign investment trickling due to internal, regional, and international economic interests. The one piece that may be taken care of up to, at, or shortly after the May 12 Iranian Nuclear decision is the Iranian influences and presence in Iraq. Ole Donald and Ole Benji may have some sure plans to catapult these Iranian miscreants from Iraq. The Kurdistan region apparently has enjoyed some amicable relations with Israel so I suspect any monetary, military hardware, or militias from Iran into and through Iraq, Syria, Lebanon with, possibly, Yemen are soon to be “truncated” at Iran. I do not know or can speculate what the plan is but I find it EXTREMELY interesting the Iranian Nuclear Deal decision AND the Iraqi elections occur on THE EXACT SAME date. Wuz up with THAT???!!! All this to say the “program rate” factor may be a specific decision to immediately readjust with the “environment suitable to apply”. I suspect there could be an initial float once the Iraqi Dinar goes international under and “open economy” but I think that would occur in a matter of seconds, minutes, and at most hours to prevent computer generated speculation that could force the Iraqi Dinar to a much lower value. However, after the reinstatement or revalue, I suspect the Iraqi Dinar value will fluctuate over time so, for example, the immediate rate could be 1.12 Iraqi Dinar to 1 USD but may go somewhat stronger but I can’t imagine it increasing by more than 25% or so in the near term. I have no idea where the Iraqi Dinar will reinstate or revalue so any value (0.10, 0.86, 1.12, 3.22, 3.86 or any other value) is likely dependent on, what I believe to be, highly advanced and integrated multi factor and multi weighted algorithms. If true, I think all the testing has been done and a partial but significant reason for Ali al-Alaaq to state, “the Iraqi payment system did not witness a violation or a problem because it is considered one of the best systems in the world”. With all the announcements about ISO requirement in place, international protocol implementation, and training of bank personnel on a variety of different topics fully supports the integrity for international implmentation by the flip of a switch. I suspect there are possibly election, corruption, and some regional issues to make the reconstruction, economic development, AND foreign investment sustainable. A major credit agency may publish an investment worthy credit rating for Iraq that seems to be low now due to internal corruption in Iraq A LOT of moving parts but I do think there are, and really have to be, parts needing to line up NOW to get the show on the road and not experience erosion to date of factors that have gotten to this point. So, with corruption removed through the elections and/or arrest warrants served, there may be a significant increase to an acceptable level for foreign investment to get going with an investment worthy international credit rating. Well, OK, a lot more of my conjecture, speculation, thoughts, opinions, and In The Mean Time............................... Go Moola Nova (YEAH AND YEE HAW, BABY!!!)!!!
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    As I have watched and read the news from the Middle East over the last 9 years or so I can’t help but think our last Administration derailed an Iraq Dinar RV. Today’s news with Israel claiming Iran has a Nuclear Program got me thinking how terrible the past Administration’s ME policies have been for Iraq. To me their actions and the consequences of those actions appear to be well planned. Here are some of the more notable reasons I believe this to be true. Feel free to add to my list or debunk the premise. 1. Our traditional US Allies, Israel and Saudi Arabia were ridiculed and distanced under the past Administration. 2. Russia was allowed to get a foothold in the ME, mostly in Syria. 3. Our military was pulled out of Iraq leaving a void that was filled by ISIS. 4. PM Maliki and his followers were allowed to corrupt the Dollar Exchange and help funnel cash into Iran. 5. A horrible Nuclear Agreement with Iran was signed that basically allowed them to pursue their nuclear ambitions and more importantly gave them 150bn in cash to fund their proxy wars against SA and Israel. 6. Once Iran was off sanctions it flooded the oil market which upset the world supply, thus helping cause the drop in oil to under 30 bucks a barrel in 2015. I know there are many more things that were allowed to take place but I think you get the gist of where I’m going with this post. While I’m not privy to all the facts or why they did what they did, it just seems to me you couldn’t have put together a better plan to turn the ME upside down and more unstable than what our last Administration did under their leadership. It appears to me that Iran not Iraq was the beneficiary of those policies. .Iraq was made so unstable with ISIS being allowed to flourish that it opened the door for Iranian militia to basically invade parts of Iraq. Syria was so weakened by Civil War both Russia and Iran where allowed to set up shop. With a nice cash flow from selling oil Iran stared funding Hezbollah and the anti SA rebels in Yemen. Isn’t it it interesting that once the new Administration took over ISIS was mostly eradicated in Iraq, our traditional ME allies have been brought back into the fold, Iraq has ramped up their plans to modernize and reconstruct their country, and most important for the RV imo, oil has risen in price. Today’s news from Israel is huge! If President Trump can use that information to impose new sanctions on Iran, oil will rise even more which will benefit Iraq. Under President Trump and his Administration it appears Iraq is back on the right path to pursue an international monetary system. One more thing, Saudi Aramco is poised and ready to go public. They are only waiting for a higher oil price. Keep an eye out for news on that situation. I believe it is part of the overall ME transformation. While we are all hoping for the best with this investment my true hope is for the people of Iraq and the rest of the ME to prosper and enjoy some kind of peace. If and when we are able to cash in I will never ever read about Iraq again.
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    navira, I do believe he is talking about the spread in this instance. The CBI rate is 1184. Even at the mandated CBI market rate of 1200, most Iraqi's are spending 16 dinars to convert to the dollar. Lately we have seen the market rate under 1200, which is fabulous for the economy. I'm not a fan of Alak, but it appears he is trying to comply with the 2% spread and rid the MCP which have been an IMF mandate for years. The push for monetary inclusion monetary will really help the private sector and bring liquidity into the banks. The private banks can now loan money into the private sector, no longer depending on currency sales for capital therefore, making interest on loans. The government salaries via electronic payment will help, because all government employees will have to open an account to get paid. There is also a huge push for the youth to invest in the banks with student loans. Honestly, for once since 2012 I am impressed with the banking sector. Watch the elections!
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    1 to 1 the only thing you will see of me is my butt leaving the building.
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    Is a FREAKING IDIOT!! Just in case any of you didn’t already know it. Just heard her say on Fox News that “these people go to church and pray on Sunday and then during the week prey on the DACA people. Good grief, what part of legal vs illegal does she not get?? And while I’m venting, Bernie Sanders is another certified idiot. He wants to guarantee every American a job, a paycheck, and healthcare. Well guess what? Russia and China have been doing this for years but the well looked-out for people still want to escape these countries. Hmmmmm, wonder why??? 😡😡😡
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    I still tune in to Adam's Chats but as usual nothing is happening. Been in for 10 years. Have since retired. Diagnosed with Lymphoma in December. Absolutely will not do chemo and radiation. Drastically changed my diet and lifestyle, have studied the thousands of cures for cancer and have come up with a regimine that seems to keep the cancer at bay and am gaining on it. If I die, it won't be because some rich doctor poisioned me with drugs, I will still have a full head of hair and not puking my guts out everyday. Who knows, I may get rich befoe I die. At 76, I will still buy a red Mustang Convertable if this thing ever hits.
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    Thanks for your input navira45, I believe the dinar in circulation is much less than 60 trillion.... The CBI has been reducing the note count for many years. $200 billion dollars in assets = 236 trillion IQD / 60 trillion IQD in circulation = $3,93 per dinar $51,5 billion dollars in reserves = $60.9 trillion IQD / 60 trillion IQD in circulation = $1.01 per dinar I will be happy with any of the two rates. Go CBI Go new monetary policy Go RV Go lower denomination notes Go purchasing power
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    Like Abadi said; - Oil for all Iraqis - Land for all Iraqis - Wealth for all Iraqis - Wealth for pp I like it. pp
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    When you hit 15 you get to grab the neck of a fine bottle of Scotch . You get to pour yourself a glass, neat. You sit by the fire place watching the snow come down, over looking the ocean, or from the back of a cruise ship and realize that life has been pretty darn good to me. Sure times are rough and I am barely making. But I am alive, that sun feel pretty darn good. Best of all, I have moved that much closer on an investment that people felt was a scam, joke or con. When this hits we will all be laughing about how long it took to get here and where we are headed next. To Jaygo, I will buy the first round. Life is going to get pretty darn good to those that hang on. See you at the party. 😎
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    NEPatriotsFan1, good morning and a super day out to you. Perhpas, look at this from a different perspective, we can only speculate the actual number of Dinar in circulation today. Regardless of the number, we know that they must continue to have currency auctions, and, continue to dollarize the country in order to reduce the IQD floating around¡ and stored under all those mattresses. Also, the local banks are on a huge promotional crusade as well to attract Iraqis to deposit their IQD in the banks by giving them attractive deposit rates etc.... in my humble opinion, this is a good thing, allowing these banks to sell dollars, meaning, they wish to, accelerate the process of bringing in the CHUNKY MONEY quicker then the current process. When we look at the big picture, Iraq has one of the most modern banking systems around, WHY? The infrastructure for a war torn country is basically back on line rather quickly, WHY. The world is on board to bring back Iraq to its former glory, WHY and, on and on..... Hang tight my friend, this journey was not meant to be easy, Iraq is on target to re value it’s currency, and with a little more patience, we will see this to the end.
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    Monetary stability and financial inclusion Author: Mohamed Sherif Abu Maysam 07/5/2018 12:00 AM With the start of the Financial Inclusion Week, in conjunction with the Arab Week of Financial Inclusiveness, the importance of working on monetary stability as an attractive factor for the monetary bloc in the banking arena is important for the other axes of the financial inclusion program . As the case of price fluctuations in the parallel exchange market is a factor of expulsion added to other factors contributed to and contribute to the imbalances experienced by the banking system in the country, which stands in the forefront of the lack of confidence inherited between the banking sector and the public, along with the routine pattern inherited in the mechanisms of work and increased loopholes In the series of service sale processors, as well as to the rights of the customer violations resulting from the continuation of the work patterns bureaucratic handling in public banks . It seems that the introduction of the vocabulary of the national financial coverage program has been limited to intensifying efforts in the areas of introduction of technologies and means of electronic payment and delivery of electronic exchange units to the farthest point in the countryside and the city alongside the axis of public protection and the establishment of a culture of dealing with the public within the financial institutions, Devoting the axes of the banking culture, which is at the forefront of saving culture . But the state of monetary stability is an important factor to instill public confidence in the national currency and a state of optimism about the decline of the role of the parallel market to the exchange market and official transactions, which will contribute to ensure the stability of the public opinion about the vulnerability of the national currency to declines that could damage the value of their savings in the banking sector Thus, with the activation of the role of the work axes of the National Financial Inclusion Program, in which the introduction of technologies through ATM units, the dissemination of banking awareness and the protection of the public, will play a major role in the withdrawal of the condensed cash mass, Rliun dinars of the total mass of cash issued by the Central Bank, amounting to about forty trillion dinars. With the decline of the dollar exchange rate during the past weeks to rates reached about 1190 dinars to the dollar, despite the attempts of speculators to keep the rate of 1200 dinars per dollar and promote the possibility of rising prices, but the constant stability of the exchange rate close to the exchange rate of sale at the central bank auction and 1189 dinars per dollar, pointing to what looms in the horizon of the features of real monetary stability, which will be revealed in the coming days
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    Lately, this thing seems to get crazy every month or at least every other month. I think if nothing happens after the election then it may be awhile. It's funny that we all say only the IMF, CBI and the powers that be over there know when the change will take place but yet we all read the articles and try to interpret them in our favor. When in reality the articles state what they state. I don't think they are writing in code for us to figure out. Progress is certainly being made in Iraq. IMO they should have enacted a Marshall Plan years ago. But we only know a fraction of what really goes on over and will never be privy to anything that they don't want us to know. I believe many of you who said that it will happen without much advanced notice. I'm very comfortable, as I'm sure others are, with something happening good, bad or ortherwise just so we can get off this ride. Although certainly not my preference. I would like to be rich. I wrote this a form of counseling to myself as I have caught myself getting caught up in the excitement. I can't be the only one who feels this way or sees what has been happening. I'm ready to be straightend out now. Haha
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    You hit directly on one of the key drivers in this RV saga, in the opinion of this fellow Floridian, (Villages). PRIDE!!! Think of Iraq less as a 21st century nation state (albeit with 180-some days of vacation per year LOL) and more as an ancient civilization that has extended itself into modern times. Long before the birth of Our Lord, this was the bread-basket of ancient times with Babylon the star of the middle east, as civilization sat on the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers. The power, splendor and “world” prominence this engendered, provoked feelings of primacy that I believe still are foremost in the minds, hearts and goals of today’s Iraqis regardless of which ethnic sect. It is their history and they believe it is again their destiny. They suffer not lightly the sting of watching their currency, which reflects the esteem and value placed on their society by others, as it wallows among the dregs of civilization while their neighbors garner $1, $2, $3+ to their $.00086. They are proud that they have the second highest oil production in OPEC, arguably the highest in-ground oil reserves in the world, huge mineral and gas potentials, the continuing ability to be the bread-basket of the ME, a hard-earned respect for their victory over ISIS, recognition that they now once again have a solid military, an educated and globally respected leader in Abadi, etc. Despite the dark years of the Saddam and Maliki reigns they are emerging finally with the blessings of the IMF, the UN, the WTO, the US, UK, SA et al into the bright lights of international acceptance. It is their eternal PRIDE that is about to burst and needs now be fed with financial freedom and respect. They believe they have earned their RI/RV and from all signs, that time is now. Hold on to your hat.
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    Flash101 will be getting out of the Hospital again tomorrow, He's determined to walk his Daughter down the aisle this Saturday with out a crutch or cane. He had problems with his L2 nerve after his surgery months ago that left his left leg nonfunctional (numb). So I ask for your help in prayers to help him heel enough to get thru this Saturday and beyond. Thank you all. Starr
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    Thanks Buti, interesting video.! Something that caught my attention..... When they show people counting money. I couldn't see one 25K note. This means to me the CBI has done and outstanding job removing 25k notes from circulation. Go CBI Go note count reduction Go higher RV
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    Well, right now Alak is saying the present exchange rate is serving them well, but my favorite thing he did say was: He pointed out that "the coming period will witness a decline in the rate of inflation in Iraq after controlling the exchange rate and cancel the marginal price of the dollar and make it equal to the official price," noting that "this measure by the Central Bank supports the purchasing power of citizens and provides an important indicator for businessmen through the stability of the working environment" . I know most think the inflation he is talking about is the price of goods, but IMO he is talking about hyper-inflation, the three zeros.
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    WORLD BANK: Iraq is making progress in financial inclusion The World Bank revealed on Sunday that Iraq has exceeded the financial coverage of the Arab countries by 11%. The Bank said in a press statement that “Iraq recently worked with the system of financial inclusion in order to continue the financial and banking progress that the world works today, which reached very advanced levels.” According to the bank, “Iraq accounts for 11% of the financial system, 15.3% in Sudan, 24.2% in the West Bank and Gaza, 24.6% in Jordan and 27.3% in Tunisia "Iraq has exceeded the financial coverage of the Arab countries by 11%" This is just my opinion We have to remember that 70% of the monetary mass is the chunky money stashed at home. I see the financial inclusion event as a CBI strategy to accomplish the following: - Create confidence in the banking system - Collect the chunky money to reduce the note count even more - Make people to open bank account to turn them into the new e-banking. System ....Credit card, debit card, POS With the final goal of giving real market value to the dinar and introduce the lower denomination notes. Go CBI Go $1:1
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    Of course it will be beautiful ..... They have total support from the world.... Countries, entities and banks.... They're a rich country... Oil, water, natural gas, gold.... Inflation is 4 percent.... CBI $200 billion in assets.... $51.5 billion foreign currency reserves.... 89.9 Ton of gold electronic services, foreign transfers, ISO certified..... They're fighting corruption..... The gap between the dollar and the dinar is only +/-2%...... Abadi's coalition (the list of al-Nasir) is leading the opinion poll. It will get really interesting after the May 12th elections. I anticipate a beautiful future for Iraq and for US. Go CBI Go new monetary policy Go RV Go $1:1
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    There you have it....... Art 140 is in force and just need to be implemented.! Art 140 is an important part of the HCL...... Looks like the HCL will be done in the near future. Like Abadi said; - Oil for all Iraqis - Land for all Iraqis - Wealth for all Iraqis
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    ....It'll take years for the dinar to reach it's zenith in the international markets...The dinar is on...and can merge into the world market on the proposed "000" program at whatever date...TPTB has Iraq's newly formed private-sector economy propped-up by guaranteed international investments...Re-establishing the economy of an OPEC country only happens rarely...The Iraqi auctions have laundered about as much money as the law will was a good decade run at laundering trillions of undisclosed questionable accounts...The envelope was pushed about as far as ICC and IMF will tolerate...With all the news of corruption in the auctions....well...follow the money......

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