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  1. 32 points 8 | Currency and Price Stability The government’s monetary policy since 2003 has focused on maintaining price stability and exchange rate predictability. The inflation has remained in the low since 2010. According to the CBI, the inflation rate is 1.4% (2015 estimates), while the World Bank estimates 2015 at -1.2%, and the country’s international reserve volume also has decreased due to the sharp decline in oil prices. The independence of the CBI suffered a setback in January 2011 when former Prime Minister al-Maliki won a court ruling that placed independent institutions, including the CBI, under the control of the cabinet. In January 2012, the CBI raised the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar to $1.19, causing a huge crisis that led the Supreme Judicial Council to issue an arrest warrant for CBI governor Sinan al-Shabibi in October 2012 on charges of corruption. Al-Shabibi received a seven-year prison sentence in absentia 2014, shortly before being acquitted of all charges. The difference between the official and parallel exchange increased from three percent in 2015 to nine percent in May 2016. The CBI introduced a number of policies to keep inflation low. The dinar remained widely stable and was worth $1.71 in early 2017. This is an excerpt from the 36 page Iraq country repor put out by BertelsmannSiftung regarding Iraq. I thought this might be of interest to anyone who was on the fence about the value of the Iraqi dinar as an investment for the future. I provided a link. I just about Shiite my pants when reading this. I hope you all enjoy the official price valuation provided by this research agency. Your comments are appreciated.
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    Money supply 40 trillion IQD / 1190 = $33.6 billion dollars CBI foreign currency reserves $51.5 billion dollars CBI foreign currency reserves $51.5 billion dollars / money supply $33.6 billion dollars = $1.53 per dinar Go CBI Go new monetary policy Go RV Go $1:1+
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    climber7 just asked politly a question. I don't feel your comment was deserving. I read the article several times myself and was not totally understanding it. This is turning into an exciting thread that you in fact started. Kudos to you, you deserve every purple trophy given and many more I say. Please don't soil it with those types of comments. We are all tired of the brutally long wait for this to happen, and I do really thank you for posting this here as it has given me a small spring in my step going into the week end. Just my pp
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    Morning all! It’s a cheery day in my part of Dinar-land, for a couple reasons… one is probably more important than the rest, so I’ll hop straight into that piece. GOI. The “Government Of Iraq” has always been a crucial part of this journey. There’s simply no way to raise the value of the dinar, and then maintain a higher rate, without a stable GOI. Those of you that have been around a while probably recognize “Groundhog Day” when you see it - we are currently wading through the murky waters of a dubious election process. This can be extremely confusing, particularly when we are trying to get our news from mostly poorly translated news articles, so I’ll break it down. I’m also going to explain why this is a “cheery” time in my opinion! The recent elections went down pretty much exactly like the last 2 or 3 election cycles… votes were cast, accusations of fraud were thrown around, and weeks post-election there is no clear victor. Let’s look past the “headlines”, though. Look at what’s actually happening, and things clear up a bit. Abadi's opposition is reported to have won something of a majority of the votes, so it’s possible that he’ll be donning the captain hat. Abadi, in the meantime, is apparently ignoring the entire issue and has moved forward with a good number of items that he could have easily ignored or postponed to dump off on the future President, should it come to light that he has lost his seat. This tells me that one of two things is happening… either Abadi is confident that he’ll retain his position and is eager to continue moving Iraq forward (towards an RV, of course!), OR he’s on the same page as his “opponent” regarding the future of Iraq. Either outcome is fine - the way things are moving forward is positive for us. I figure it will take a couple weeks for everything to shake out. If Abadi is ousted, he is still laying very solid groundwork for his successor. If he retains his position, he’s setting himself and Iraq up with a solid launchpad. No matter who is in charge a month from now, we’re heading the right direction, and with good speed. And that, my friends, is good news to me! Everything else is moving at a good pace, I figure we’re on pace to see some solid resolutions over the coming weeks. Don’t forget to add your numbers to our Lottery pool: And here’s the weekly Q’s: I already touched on the GOI, so regarding OPEC - that's fairly straightforward. Iraq is still in prime position to take advantage of everything OPEC has done over the last couple years. It's almost like they are setting Iraq up for success! But at the same time, OPEC won't "force" Iraq to RV - their actions and positions are only encouraging them to do so. Oil is stable and still perfect for everything we want to happen. I've spent a little time on that subject over the last month or so. I'm seeing a couple different possible scenarios, but I'm still strong on .10 Let's see how these next couple weeks shake out! I'm pretty optimistic about our upcoming timeline. That is one of the million dinar questions for sure! Luckily for us, in my opinion, it probably doesn't matter. I went into detail on how the CBI works and what to watch for with them - grab it for free in the VIP section here: ============================ All good stuff, my friends! I'm looking forward to the coming days, hang in there with me and if you're not in VIP - get in! That's it for this morning, have a fantastic day and GOOO RVVVVVVV!!!!!
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    As a trucker I've traveled to Canada extensively, and I've never once exchanged my dollars for Canadian funds. But I did purchase many things in Canada, and once I even bought an expensive painting then had it shipped to my home in America. How did I manage to buy all those things without using the Canadian dollar? Simple I used my Visa card, my Master Card, and even my bank deposit card. The issuing card company made the conversions for me. Just saying.
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    wow this is the most excited I've been since yesterday! This article screams of full convertability. I would love to see some more action on forex with regard to currency pairs vs the iqd. The only thing left is for Mr. Alak to get off his camel and adjust the official CBI rate at the home office to 1.71 or greater. Oh man when I start doing the math on that I get giddy. Btfldrm this is an awesome article that portends of a major change in currency value soon. Did I say soon? I meant in the near future. Hope everyone is having a awesome fathers day and may tomorrow be the first day of vacation for the rest of our lives. Go dinar Baby!
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    SMOKIN' PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOOKIE HERE: June 25, 2018 Foreign Currency Selling Window for 26/6/2018 that performed on 25/6/2018 Announcement No.(3728) Sale Date - 26/6/2018 that performed on 25/6/2018 Details Amount Total sale for the purpose of strengthen outside assets (Transfers and credits) 67,565,000 Total sale cash 40,500,000 Total sale amount 108,065,000 Note: Selling price of remittance money to bank accounts outside is (1190) ID for each Dollar. Cash selling price is (1190) ID for each Dollar. A paltry 108 million USD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These CBI Daily Currency Auctions are going DOWN, DOWN, DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe the Bicraqi Iraqi are having a Bicraqi Iraqi Craqi DOWN, DOWN, DOWN on CBI Daily Currency Auction Corruption??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey, I can't wait to see what the results are for the CBI Daily Currency Auction held on Thursday, June 28 for Sunday July 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just my conjecture, thoughts, opinion, and for whatever THAT is worth!!! CAVEAT EMPTOR, Reader!!! In The Mean Time..................................... Go Moola Nova (YEAH AND YEE HAW, BABY, READY WHEN YOU ARE BROTHA (OR SISTA) - LET 'ER BUCK!!!)!!!
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    مصرف الدولي الإسلامي - International Islamic Bank 23 hrs · #منتجنا_عراقي #وبطاقتنا_بالدينار_العراقي بطاقة الدينار صارت جاهزة لاستخدامك يعلن المصرف الدولي الاسلامي عن اطلاق أول بطاقة ماستر كارد بعملة الدينار العراقي يعني تكدر تتسوق و تسحب من اي صراف آلي بالدينار العراقي و متشيل هم تصريف العملة . و المفاجأة الاكبر .. تكدر تستخدم بطاقتك خارج العراق و عن طريق الانترنت و يكون سعر التصريف حسب السعر الرسمي من البنك المركزي العراقي . اشحن محفظتك الالكترونية بالدينار العراقي و استخدمها وين ما تريد و خليك بأمآن و لا تحتار . اصدار البطاقة فقط ب 10000 دينار عراقي #المصرف_الدولي_الاسلامي #ماستركارد #منتجنا_عراقي #وبطاقتنا_بالدينار_العراقي The Dinar card is ready to use you. PROCLAIMS THE ISLAMIC INTERNATIONAL BANK About launching the first mastercard card in the Iraqi dinar currency. I mean can you shop and withdraw from any atm in Iraqi dinars and Mitchell is the currency drain And the biggest surprise.. can you use your card outside of Iraq and via the internet and the rate of discharge will be according to the official price of the Charge your electronic wallet in Iraqi dinars and use it wherever you want and stay safe and don't be confused. Card Issuance only for 10000 Iqd #المصرف_الدولي_الاسلامي #ماستركارد · Rate this translation Hit this link to see the card and see what ya'll think This is the bing translation #منتجنا_عراقي #وبطاقتنا_بالدينار_العراقي The dinar card is now ready for your use. The International Islamic Bank announces About the launch of the first MasterCard card in the Iraqi dinar currency It means to be ruffled shop and withdraw from any ATM in Iraqi dinars and they are removing the currency. And the biggest surprise. Ruffled your card is used outside Iraq and via the Internet and the price of the discharge is based on the official price of the central Bank of Iraq. Charge your electronic wallet in Iraqi dinars and use it wherever you want and stay safe and dont get confused The card version is only 10,000 IQD #المصرف_الدولي_الاسلامي #ماستركارد #منتجنا_عراقي #وبطاقتنا_بالدينار_العراقي
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    - financial inclusion - QI has confirmed its direction to adopt the best payment systems globally to facilitate financial transactions. - instructions and procedures by the CBI to regulate banking activities in Iraq - CBI set the licensing controls for the establishment of a foreign bank to $50 million dollars The banking system continues moving forward. Go CBI Go new monetary policy Go dinar international Go RV Go $1:1
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    Okay this morning there was a nice F-250 Platinum Series right in front of me driving. I was so busy admiring the truck that I want so badly, that I didn't notice the tag until the very last second. The tag read- RV ER. BOOOM!! I'll take that as my own personal sign that we are close!! The truck that I want, in the color I want, and the tag says RV ER. Y'all have a great day! GO RV/RI
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    Tlar doesn't down a 5th every night, but he does like his cocktails. Kap is jealous of Tlar. I know and was in the middle when Kap banned Tlar from DV. I was an avid news poster at DV when Kap banned me for being a close friend of Tlar's just when he banned Tlar. Kap accused me of sending Tlar confidential DV docs to Tlar. The only thing I had was the news I pulled from Iraqi sites. Tlar gave people information with the intent of helping them understand the situation. He did get taken by one guy feeding him pumper info. Haven't we all? But take it from me that Tlar never lead anyone astray due to ego or being a pumper. Accusations fly and that is easy, but think about the printing of the lower denominations, which Tlar said many times had been printed. How many times has the RV supposed to happen that has been documented in the news, most recently in the BTI report (if I remember correctly)? Two times, three times? Yes. If the event was scheduled to take place, and then shelved, the lower denominations would have had to be printed. If anyone that has been here for six or more years, you would remember Dinar Dana. She was a consultant for De La Rue and knew the currency printing process inside and out. She had told us here at DV that it would take more than a year to print all of the denominations that Iraq would need to RV with the new rate. It ain't a trip to Kinko's! So everytime the RV was scheduled, those lower denominations had to be ready. That is just a fact. People used to wait breathlessly for Tlar's comments here and on many other sites. Of course, if folks had done their own research they wouldn't need a Tlar, but I digress. He gave us what he thought to be true. Tlar and I spent hundreds of hours tracking auctions in and out flows of cash....and that wasn't done to be considered a guru. No one even knew we were doing it. We were trying to figure out what the truth was on the true amount of dinar on the street so folks would have the most accurate info we could figure. Even after he was viciously ridiculed and banned, he wanted me to continue passing relevant news to him so he could keep up and keep his "Family and Friends" updated on the RV situation. Trust me, Tlar had the best in mind for all of you when he provided his "comments."
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    Union of Arab Banks: Alaq has a pioneering experience in reforming the Iraqi economy Banks Economy News _ Paris : The Secretary-General of the Union of Arab Banks, Wissam Fattouh, Thursday, that the granting of the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq Ali Alalak, the best central bank portfolios in the Arab world for the year 2018 due to experience pilot, adding that the relationship succeeded in fighting inflation and achieving economic balance in Iraq . Fattouh said during the honoring of the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq as the best governor in the Arab world for the year 2018 on the sidelines of the Arab Banking Summit International, and attended by the "economy News", "The relations succeeded in fighting inflation and managed to achieve economic balance and combating money laundering and financing of terrorism in the country" "Pointing out that" the Governor of the Central Bank awarded the Medal of the Arab historian formed during the circumstances experienced by the beloved Iraqna pilot experience as an engineer and coordinator of the program of economic reform and the driving force for the reform of the drainage system, which contributed to pivotal in putting the Iraqi economy on a sustainable path and restore Iraqi confidence Yen and investors . " He added that "the Iraqi and Arab banking culture condemns you in the start and march, and the status and perception of the continuation, because you knew the origins and knew its usefulness and well presented and explored the distance in the mirror of your mind ." He concluded his speech by saying "We ask God to provide you with longevity and more progress and giving and extend our warmest congratulations to Your Excellency, the banking sector in Iraq, the Central Bank and all our Arab banks ." Views 52 Date Added 06/28/2018
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    Gooooood morning DV! I don’t know about you, but that seemed like the longest Ramadan ever! While I didn’t make a big deal out of it, I have been pretty keen on the news throughout the last few weeks. Ramadan + Elections is never an easy situation to analyze, and this year is proving no different. It’s pretty much impossible to determine exactly how this year will turn out, but over the next couple days I expect to see more definitive answers. Once that’s done, we’re on to the next phases. Since we’re in that limbo state for a couple days, I won’t speculate much about the course of things… the good news is we should only have a couple of days to wait for this to develop and give us a better picture to the future. Hat tip to @yota691 for bringing the relevant news, sometimes even before the Iraqi news sites themselves get it! Here’s a good place to see the latest: (If the link above doesn't take you directly to the 4th page of that thread, just skip ahead.) The bottom line right now is that Iraq is hashing out the elections, determining a victor, and we'll be moving forward shortly. With that said, I fully expect things to start ramping back up for us in Dinar Land, so the weekly Q&A sessions will resume. There’s only a few for this week, but be sure to get any further thoughts and inquiries into the next one here: This week’s Q’s: The immediate need is the election results... Iraq needs a captain for their ship. This should be done in short order, and then we're back on the hunt for HCL. I don't think so. I think passing the HCL will prompt another OPEC meeting, but OPEC related matters are going to continue "business as usual" until Iraq actually makes a move on the HCL. With any luck, and the way things are going, I'm hoping to see that happen soon. And I'll welcome the "emergency OPEC meeting" with open arms! Good morning Kristi! You pose a difficult question to answer in entirety, but one thing certainly jumps out at me - I bolded it above. Compliance/entry into Article 8 does not magically influence the world to resume trading IQD in the same manner as we do other currencies you can find at any old exchange desk... all the way down to the mexican peso! Thinking about it this way can be a bit of a distraction, so I try not to put a ton of emphasis or importance on "Article 8". The IQD will become "internationally recognized" once Iraq itself puts their faith into it - and that will be symbolized/shown with an RV. When the CBI changes the rate, nobody will care about Article 8. (Yes, that rhymed! Chant it. ) Good morning Hawaii50hawk, I don't spend a lot of time on Warka - I figure once the value of the dinar goes up, Warka will be forced to make some changes, and we will know then. Until then, Warka is just a sidenote on this journey. I think you'd get a dozen answers if you asked a dozen Iraqis! ================ I'll be here if you need me, but that's it for now. Let's hang tight till these ballots are counted, and as always, GOOO RRRRVVVVVVVV!!!!!
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    You're welcome HCR Do you guys remember the CBI statement saying they can cover all the monetary mass by 160% Go CBI Go NMP Go RV Go $1:1+
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    Okay Synopsis, tell us what you really think! I'm glad you weighed in on this. The report is almost a year and a half old. I guess my question is if BTI had it at 1.71 at 1/31/17, what is it at now?. I wish I could find it but I also remember the 2010 IMF report placing the value at tha time between .86-1.13. We see the report state Shabibi tried for 1.19 in 2012. Five years later BTI at 1.71. IMO it makes sense as they were gaining ground on ISIS and oil production is up over 1,000,000 bpd since then. Fast forward to the present and Isis has been dealt with ( at least for now). Banking reforms are nearing completion, oil production capacity is up around 4.5 million bpd andthey just had an election albeit a questionable one. Main point being a peaceful transition of power to the next regime. Lower denoms have been printed ( on this one I'm speculating that the five trillion new high security notes that were spoken of recently are the small denominations)and the article that stated that the delete the zeros project would be implemented after the may elections. Given the trajectory of the currency value from those last three country reports, I don't think two dollars/dinar is that far of a reach. i knew this report would get some play here, but this is the most fun I've had in a while😎💰💰💰 its great to see everyone engaged and as always, due your own due diligence. It's the only way to be truly informed. The only thing missing is the date that it will happen.
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    Bottom Feeder ! I’m Flying In The First Class Section With Okie And President Davis At $5.25 - ‘Nuff Said !
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    KI is preparing the development of payments in Iraq as a key to economic advancement Release date: 2018/6/26 15:26 • 35 times read [Ayn-Baghdad] [K ] has confirmed its direction to adopt the best payment systems globally and facilitate financial transactions and give them more flexibility and security. "The development of the reality of payments in Iraq has become urgent in the light of the major directions to activate the national economy and a key to economic development, pointing out that the volume of future work in Iraq in dire need of Developing the reality of payments and adopting the best global technologies. " He noted that "[K] fully aware that flexibility in the realization of financial transactions are the most important requirements for the flow of business and its continuation as specified by the referral bodies." He pointed out that " The Ki family in Iraq has touched 7 million beneficiaries, making it the largest family whose products are harmonized with all segments of society.
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    Oh, you mean, not around to give them a few 100 million so they can take it and spend it on misses and a Nuke site. He's a traitor to the US, hero to the Iranians. With my president. Trump, they flinch and they become a giant window.
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    DOD, I agree with regarding the cashless society and the No Wheel Barrel result. My point was regarding the ATMs not being capable of dispensing the IQD at the current rate and volume. You can only fill the ATMs with so much dinar before they need to be refilled, and the security involved to do that would be intense alone. If the IQD has a higher value (nod nod wink wink) and therefore less physical volume, the ATMs could dispense IQD in an efficient way and be a valuable tool for bank customers. Otherwise, the current value makes ATM withdrawals a joke, but it certainly would drive anyone accustomed to using and needing cash to get a debit card of some sort.
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    What I like about all this reports, is the great potential of the Iraqi dinar. Someday in the near future we will see the real market value of the dinar. The wait continues.! Go CBI Go new monetary policy Go $1:1
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    From the US Congressional SIGIR (Special Inspector General Iraq Reconstruction) report April 2012: "In April 2012, the CoM postponed indefinitely plans for a currency reform that would have removed three zeros from the Iraqi dinar in 2013 and required the issuance of new currency notes. The reform would have made the dinar’s value slightly less than $1. It is currently worth less than one tenth of a cent." Another SIGIR stated the plan was to bring the dinar back to $1.19.
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    Would it be illegal for me to say after the dinar revalues, we all invest 100k in the same crypto, causing it to spike...then others will invest as the rate goes even higher and then we all cash out? 😉
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    Not long ago, someone posted an IMF page showing Article XlV information regarding Iraq. I saved it. I thought, maybe soon, that page would show Iraq in chapter Vlll instead of XlV. Today, I went to that page and it says this: Engineers will be performing scheduled maintenance from Saturday, June 16th, 2018, 4:00 AM to Sunday, June 17th, 2018, 12:00 PM (Eastern Standard Time). Please be advised that during this time, outages are expected. However, clicking on all the other tabs, the site is working perfectly. Hopefully, this means something good for us.
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    Thanks 3n1. DV is the only dinar website I visit. It has the best people and no BS. We may not agree on everything all the time but hey, who does. At least we can speak openly about things and rumors is awesome for guru bashing when needed lol. Who else does that? The mods are great, and tolerant to the right degree and the news hounds are second to none. This was literally my first news article posted and I'm happy to have this forum to bring it to. I hope we get off this ride soon and I hope I have the chance to meet everyone post RV.

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