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    Morning all! Couple items to note, and then we move on for the day because the short story is this: Iraq is still plodding through the formation of the new Government. Watching the GOI work could be described as similar to watching grass grow, although with the rain I’m getting right now… I think my lawn would win that race! Something to keep in mind, and this is a good thing - as slow as things seem to be moving, Iraq in general has made light years of progress compared to where they were a decade ago. Their processes are greatly improved. The debates are much more structured, not confused and uncertain as they were 5 or 10 years ago. There is an end in sight, so my point here is simple… don’t lose hope, be patient, and let things happen. Those items of note that I mentioned: We all know that “dates” aren’t worth a hill of beans in the world of IQD, but we do have the 15th/17th to look at: Getting back to the basics of what makes Iraq a solid candidate for ReValuation, don’t forget that they are RICH with Black Gold… OIL. The world runs on that stuff, Iraq has a ton of it, which means they have intrinsic value that cannot be denied. The CBI has announced that they are also adding to their “other” Gold, to the tune of an additional 6.5 tons. I’ll save you the trouble of doing the math… 6.5 tons = 208,000 ounces. Gold is about $1200 per ounce right now, so that’s a value of $249,600,000. (Obviously a little less due to wholesale value, but it’s a lot of money!) Not too shabby of a report for the day, and it shows increasing strength. Good stuff! While the GOI formation is dragging on, Abadi continues to be a positive factor. No matter who is “named” the next President, I think he will continue to be a driving force in the next phases of Iraq’s development and return to their former status. Make no mistake about this - Iraq suffered a huge setback with Saddam. They have had a long road to make it this far, and the next steps for them should be pretty apparent to anyone that isn’t a complete pessimist. Just a couple more notes and I’m out of here for now! You probably noticed some changes on the “look” of the forums here - these are not security issues, they are simply theme complications that are being worked through. The latest security updates on the forum software conflicted with a couple things like the ads that usually run on the site for non-VIP members, and security is more important than ad revenue, so everyone is currently getting an ad-free experience. For now Enjoy it while it lasts, then upgrade to VIP if the ads annoy you when they come back! I’ve seen my name mentioned in some threads regarding rubies (downvotes)... I’m not going to respond to those any more than I already have. A ruby on your post doesn’t affect your bank account or your love life, so just suck it up, buttercup. I didn’t get to check the Weekly Q’s, I’ll do that later… … in the meantime, don’t forget to join the weekly PowerBall Pool! Here’s the link: Talk to you all later, be patient, be positive and GOOO RRRR VVVVVVV!!!!
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    I posted this article because what country is more war torn than Syria and they were able to give their people double the purchasing power. Everyone in Syria just double their money.....and why did we invest in Iraq?
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    It is Floridian, it's just that Frank used selective editing to make his point as an "Expert Guru"...IMHO...! Good Catch..! (+1) RON
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    Holy! The guy in the front of the line sure looks amazingly over-fed. Here's a military plan... throw donuts at them.
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    So, OK, we have numerous dates thrown around but what may be more important is what we do not see and what is going on behind the scenes. Nobody knows for sure what the Bicraqi Iraqis are doing. Or not doing. I suspect Article 140 and the related HCL issues weigh heavily on amicable relations with not only the Kurds but also with the Bicraqi Iraqi populous in general. Well, the locals are restless and rattling sabres. So, the newly elected Parliamentarians really need to step up to the plate. Or else. Blood in the streets. Everything blows up in their faces. Revenge. Civil War, etc. You get the picture. So, Jan Kubic steps in and says, "Hey, get Your act together and put on Your Big Boy (or Big Girl) Britches AND Get After It PRONTO". Sound advice the Bicraqi Iraqi need to put it into practice. So, Ole Nouri al-Maliki has some (what he thinks) is cards up his sleeve with IMIS, IRGC, etc. roaming freely around Iraq with some newly supplied toys (ICBMs from Iran and North Korea). Yeah, right, like that'll gain any traction with Israel chomping at the bit. Israel knows any furthering of Insanian influence in the Middle East will be met with certain "neutralizing" response. So, somebody(ies) from The United States Of America says, "Please, OH Please don't pour out Your can of whoop all over everybody over there and in Iraq, too!!!". That is only going to last so long. Fortunately, the Israeli Mossad was given the "Green Light" by The United States Of America to liquidate Ole Qasem Soleimani. Couldn't happen soon enough. I suspect more Insanian hardware in Iraq will be "neutralized" and IMIS, IRGC, etc. will be sent reeling back to Iran. Whether we see it in the news or not. But what do I know? Nothing really. Except Israel ain't going to tolerate any Insanian expansion of first strike capabilities against Israel. Ultimately, I think this weighs in our favor for accelerating the whole issue. The Insanians really need their hands chopped off from taking from the Bicraqi Iraqi till via the CBI weekly daily currency auctions. My opinion is the hold up is the seating of the new GOI. Once that happens, hopefully the Kurdish demands for Article 140, HCL, etc. will get approved as a first order of regular parliamentary business and then the "open economy" will be ushered in to turbocharge the construction, reconstruction, economic development, AND foreign investment. Step in Nouri al-Maliki. His days are numbered. Maybe just me but Nouri al-Maliki may just shake out of this whole picture mysteriously like real soon since he is a major kingpin to all the disruption, delays, Insanian influence, and Insanian sponsored crap in Iraq hoping to stave off the inevitable to include the demise of the terrorist Insanian influences in the Middle East. Hopefully, we are witnessing the dieing gasps of the Insanian Terrorist Machine in the Middle East. I am pretty sure the Nauti Saudis will fill the gap with some moderate policies to stem the tide of potential unrest with Insanian withdrawal. I do think Ole President Donald J Trump locking down the 4 trillion USD in Middle Eastern funds will bring about a quick and compliant response from the Middle East entities to terminate the Insanian nonsense. So, OK, maybe I am posting fiction here and may be best to move along. Just my conjecture, opinion, thoughts, and for whatever THAT is worth!!! Hey, I might be a nut case or somethin'!!! CAVEAT EMPTOR, Reader!!! In The Mean Time........................................................... Go Moola Nova (YEAH AND YEE HAW, BABY, READY WHEN YOU ARE BROTHER (OR SISTER) - LET 'ER BUCK!!!)!!!
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    Base currency is IQD. Rates as of 2018-08-31 11:00:00 UTC I receive this rate every day with the same date and time even though today is the 31st. While the rate [IQD/USD] that is posted will give you a heart attack (or at least palpitations), XE posts a different rate at the top of the page [1190.3697655 / 0.0008400751]. Both XE posted rates can't be correct but they can both be wrong. For the benefit of my heart health I wish the latter posting is correct. 😎 GH Top 85 Currencies Alphabetically Currency Unit - IQD per Unit - Units per IQD ALL Albanian Leke11.0226578880.0907222206DZD Algerian Dinars10.0903655690.0991044371 ARS Argentine Pesos35.0132138310.0285606458 AUD Australian Dollars868.877523340.0011509102 BSD Bahamian Dollars1190.42210760.0008400382 BHD Bahraini Dinars3166.01624350.0003158543 BDT Bangladeshi Taka14.2442351320.0702038397 BD Barbadian or Bajan Dollars595.211053780.0016800763 BMD Bermudian Dollars1190.42210760.0008400382 BOB Bolivian Bolivianos172.724612090.0057895629 BAM Bosnian Convertible Marka712.043314080.0014044089 BWP Botswana Pula112.059102080.0089238623 BRL Brazilian Real289.817540400.0034504468 GBP British Pounds1549.64709310.0006453082 BGN Bulgarian Leva712.043314080.0014044089 XOF CFA Francs2.12305940020.4710183803 XPF CFP Francs11.6702869560.0856876959 CAD Canadian Dollars921.364067830.0010853473 XAF Central African Francs2.12305940020.4710183803 CLP Chilean Pesos1.78264036830.5609656427 CNY Chinese Yuan Renminbi174.272112450.0057381527 COP Colombian Pesos0.39679035762.5202225329 CRC Costa Rican Colones2.10038928420.4761022195 HRK Croatian Kuna187.221127400.0053412775 CUP Cuban Pesos44.9215889650.0222610113 CZK Czech Koruny54.0932809490.0184865843DKK Danish Kroner186.754530670.0053546224DOP Dominican Pesos23.8744222380.0418858304XCD East Caribbean Dollars440.493942400.0022701788 EGP Egyptian Pounds66.4646696080.0150455875 ED Emirati Dirhams324.144889740.0030850402 EUR Euros1392.63567500.0007180629 FJD Fijian Dollars564.371538110.0017718824 XAU Gold Ounces1433779.68400.0000006975 GTQ Guatemalan Quetzales158.608813250.0063048199 HKD Hong Kong Dollars151.673236320.0065931210 HUF Hungarian Forint4.26905209660.2342440376 XDR IMF Special Drawing Rights1669.24490650.0005990733 ISK Icelandic Kronur11.1318907490.0898319991 INR Indian Rupees16.8155803870.0594686581 IDR Indonesian Rupiahs0.080876324012.364558009 IRR Iranian Rials0.028210833235.447375642 Currency Unit - IQD per Unit - Units per IQD IQD Iraqi Dinars 1.0000000000 (US) 1.0000000000 ILS Israeli New Shekels329.720115930.0030328753 JMD Jamaican Dollars8.71311439200.1147695250 JPY Japanese Yen10.6691576200.0937281120 JOD Jordanian Dinars1679.01566650.0005955871 KES Kenyan Shillings11.8294057840.0845350999 KWD Kuwaiti Dinars3930.31294430.0002544327 LBP Lebanese Pounds0.78966640631.2663575302 MYR Malaysian Ringgits289.491619360.0034543314 MUR Mauritian Rupees34.7534536370.0287741187 MXN Mexican Pesos62.6010119740.0159741827 MAD Moroccan Dirhams126.777114940.0078878589 NZD New Zealand Dollars792.850718510.0012612715 NGN Nigerian Nairas3.28853300160.3040869590 NOK Norwegian Kroner143.130898370.0069866116O MR Omani Rials3096.02628760.0003229947 PKR Pakistani Rupees9.67653750610.1033427504 PYG Paraguayan Guarani0.20608940004.8522631447 PEN Peruvian Soles361.477764590.0027664219 PHP Philippine Pisos22.2493366310.0449451602 XPT Platinum Ounces946280.958000.0000010568 PLN Polish Zlotych324.886893260.0030779943 QAR Qatari Rials327.039040540.0030577389 RON Romanian Lei299.874482690.0033347286 RUB Russian Rubles17.4893567380.0571776318 SAR Saudi Arabian Riyals317.445895350.0031501431 XAG Silver Ounces17466.9812990.0000572509 SGD Singapore Dollars871.649333720.0011472503 ZAR South African Rand81.5650925740.0122601467 KRW South Korean Won1.07350512780.9315279212 LKR Sri Lankan Rupees7.37151346200.1356573525 SEK Swedish Kronor130.674366300.0076526103 CHF Swiss Francs1226.92260060.0008150473 TWD Taiwan New Dollars38.7694146500.0257935285 THB Thai Baht36.4034872160.0274698958 TTD Trinidadian Dollars177.023606020.0056489641 TND Tunisian Dinars433.115271420.0023088542 TRY Turkish Lira178.787560090.0055932303 USD US Dollars1190.42210760.0008400382 UAH Ukrainian Hryvni42.3070409020.0236367276 UYU Uruguayan Pesos37.5886924000.0266037453 VND Vietnamese Dong0.051226781819.521038880 ZMW Zambian Kwacha117.445168650.0085146116
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    C- gal Curious indeed. The IMF rate is headed in the right direction: IMF Special Drawing Rights 1669.2449065 At this point who knows, but this egg has to hatch sometime. Thanks for the well wishes. I'm hanging in there and pushing the limit. I'm too ornery to believe everything the doctors say. I'm back on two feet (sorta) and ditched the cane about six months ago. My goal for November is to be back on my Mountain bike. A Joe Jost picked egg for you. 🍺
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    Okay, here you go: Theseus: In this thread, on Friday, you said “It might take a few months but the window opens up around July 19, 2019, the completion date of the SBA of 2016.” Theseus: On Saturday, you said “I do not see July 19, 2019 as an RV date but as the opening of the window for the best chance, Iraq has to RV after such date. So it could be 2023 before an RV or it could be 2019 before an RV” Theseus: “Could it happen before then? Sure. But the saying goes there is a slim chance in hell that it will.” Me: Oh, how wrong I was to say your date of 2023 was disappointing. How could I say such a thing? Theseus: You said “I am in the camp that the RV must be either on par with or greater than a dollar and then float from there. While a ten cent RV may be a start, it would still be wildly undervalued at that rate and would not de-dollarize the Iraqi economy.” Me: Well, I sure hope you’re right on the $1.00 RV, but I have a different opinion. As I’ve said many times to others, I sure hope I’m wrong and you’re right! Theseus: You said “You responded to my post as the most disappointed post you have ever read.” Me: Yes indeed, 2023 was quite disappointing. Anyone else feel that way? Theseus: “Next time why don't you keep the comment to yourself because at least I am not telling you that I had a dream last night and something big is going to happen Thursday for the umpteenth time.” Me: Really, Thesus, do I strike you as someone who believes a person who says they had a dream last night, so RV tomorrow? 😂 Theseus: “You have better, then come forth with it prove it to everyone that given the facts shown will produce some other result” Me: I had better come forth with proof you say? A little threatening, no?????, considering we are all just giving our opinions and trying to figure this out. I know you think you have “PROOF”. Let me tell you, you have nothing. Iraq will do what they want, when they want. They will tell you information or withhold information. We are all just giving our best guess as to what is really happening and when. Theseus: “……that an RV will happen this year? I can say with 120% certainty that it won't because of what is going on in Iraq, currently. Me: 120% certainty huh? Okay. 😂 Theseus: “All analysis is speculation and all speculation is based on opinion and experience. You don't like it, form your own and share it. No one is stopping you from doing so. Please tell us when you think the RV will happen. Come on give us your best guess and your reason for guessing the way you do, based off the facts you have.” Me: You want my best guess and reason based off the FACTS I have? I only have what I read on the Iraqi news. No one has FACTS, Mister. You're the only one with FACTS. Me: Do you see what a “high horse” you place yourself on? Everyone else is an idiot and you’re the sharpest knife in the drawer. We get it! Me: Okay, so here’s my answer to when and how much: As to when: Shabibi said the beginning of the year is the best time to revalue the dinar. I forget the exact wording but the gist of it was that you wouldn’t have to go back and adjust all the figures as you would if we were well into the year. I heard him say it in a question and answer session, back in the day. I actually had the video saved for future reference, but I had an old computer at the time and it has since crashed, and had to be replaced. Unfortunately, I lost an awful lot of things I was saving, not only dinar information. Based on that, I think the RV will be January, 2019 or as close as possible to the beginning of 2019. As to how much: Adam says 10 cents and no one complains. I get such a kick out of that, because every time I say 10 cents, people don’t like it. I’m basing my opinion on information posted on the Sulaymania Airport site and also the IATA site. Here are the links as to how much currency you are allowed to bring in/out of Iraq. I have posted these links on DV before. When I first checked these sites, they each had 200,000 dinar as the maximum. That would have been a 5 cent RV. I was none-too-pleased. After about a month’s time, they changed it to 100,000 dinar, a 10 cent RV, and it has remained that way for many, many months. I have come to realize that $100,000 per million dinar is a great return for Dinarians, much as I would love your $1.00 estimation to be correct. Believe me, if you are right, you will get no argument from me. My feeling is that Iraq will take the zeros off the currency, as they have said many times in articles, making the dinar in Iraq 1, 5, 10, 25, 50 and 100 (lower denoms). This is what they are used to, having used dollars for so many years. I think we will be allowed to turn in our notes, keeping the 3 zeros, at an Exchange Rate of 10 cents, giving us $100,000 per million. So then, this is only my opinion. I do not have FACTS, like you. I have an opinion like everyone else. Again, I will be happy to be wrong if the Dinar comes out at $1.00. That would be fantastic. I would be ecstatic. I hope you realize I am not arguing with your “FACTS”. The thing that got to me was your date of 2023. Yes, I found that post very disappointing, and I’m sure I was not the only one. WOW! Longest post I ever made in my life!
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    WOW!!! The central poses large amounts of small currency 10/9/2018 12:00 am Confirmed its continuation by replacing the damaged amounts Baghdad / Sabah The Central Bank of Iraq intends next month, to put large amounts of local currency, small groups, while continuing to receive the currency damaged by citizens and replace it New. The Governor of the Bank, Dr. Ali Alalak in a meeting with the "morning", will be published later: "The Central Bank of Iraq, the development of a plan to compensate the market small groups of local currency, as will be next month large amounts of huge ones," noting that " Will meet the need of the local market for those categories of currency. " He added that "the bank continues to receive local currencies damaged by citizens and replace them with new currencies," revealing at the same time, "the existence of a specialized committee to examine the damaged papers to ensure the integrity of fraud and manipulation."
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    Hey all! Today has been complete madness for me, I've been trying to find time to put together my "weekly" but life is not cooperating! I'll be back later or in the morning to post. Thanks for your patience and understanding!
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    Good afternoon all! Today won't be a long one - it's holiday in Iraq, nothing will happen today through Saturday. (Happy holiday to my Muslim friends!) It is helpful to understand the occasions, rather than resort to the simple "Oh, they are always on holiday!" or "Nothing gets done over there..." - so, here's a little education from : Good news, though! Although it's not "officially official", there are enough reports out to satisfy me that Elections have been approved, which allows MPs (Members of Parliament) to move onto the next stage, which is appointing a President. Once this is done, and that should not be long, that will free them up to work on various little things like... oh, I don't know... HCL! Enjoy the weekend, hang tight for some changes in the headlines... this was a long process, but once Holiday is over I am expecting a bit of change in the lull we've been riding through. Here are the weekly Questions: I apologize my friend, I didn't get to read the proposal. But I agree with the premise that we are in "green light" territory. Sunday is the soonest I expect to see any major news... we will see! Of course - the IMF isn't going to hold them back when they choose to RV. We've seen the IMF stay very silent on Iraq once the restrictions were lifted several years ago. If the IMF was going to try to block anything, they would be very outspoken about it and we'd all know it was time to pack our bags and find another subject to keep our interest... that is not the case. Good afternoon sir! I have to ask everyone for a favor - if you are referencing a news item, an article, or even a rumor... please post a link to the corresponding information, so I can take the time to read it and respond accordingly. Regarding Abadi, it seems like he just ignores Maliki. I'd bet he is just waiting for the right time to take action. Good question. I don't see it having an impact on an RV... it's just politics as far as all that is concerned. There are enough channels Iraq can use to support their monetary reform or changes and plenty of ways to stall any negative actions from the US. So, no impact that we need to worry about. Hey Bernard1, congrats on your first post! You've taken the first step in not being labelled a "newbie". To your question... the one thing that is missing, now that the Elections are mostly concluded, is HCL. I know I harp on that a lot, but it's truly the one thing I see that MUST be done in order to have a successful RV. That's it for now everyone... stay grounded, wear protection if you venture into the rumor section, and GOOO RRRVVVVVV!!!! - Adam Oh, one last thing - the weekly powerball pool! I'll try to get my numbers in there later, but I neglected to get my ticket so far. That shouldn't keep you from getting in! Here's the link:
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    Main functions of Statistics and Research Department Banknotes Payment Systems Banking systems Research and studies News and press releases Advertisements Columns Official Deposits Functions August 28, 2018 The Department of Statistics and Research performs its tasks to contribute to the achievement of the goals of the Central Bank of Iraq and the implementation of the objectives of achieving monetary and banking stability and local prices and maintaining an advanced banking system that provides services to the Iraqi population competitively, efficiently and effectively in terms of operations and services and thus contribute to the promotion of development. Sustainable development. In this context, the main tasks of this department are summarized as follows: Providing advice to the Governor, the Board of Directors and all the Bank's departments regarding issues and developments, while strengthening them with recommendations that help to make sound decisions. Follow-up macroeconomic developments, in all sectors and activities, and identify the main trends in it. Prepare the economic model, strengthen economic forecasting, and follow the credibility of the model over time. Preparing original research, which responds to the problems of the Central Bank, local and international contemporary interests, publishing its results in the magazine of the bank, and enhancing the various sources of information in a sophisticated library. Contribute to the preparation of monetary policy, determine their direction, and how to use their quantitative and qualitative tools. Follow up the development of the Central Bank's relations with monetary, banking and financial institutions, Arab and Islamic international. Collection and dissemination of data on monetary, banking and financial system. Follow-up of the development of the performance of financial institutions, comprehensive money market, insurance, and funds. Monitoring the developments of the issued and traded currency, liquidity status, adequacy of bank capital, foreign reserves and capital, preparing studies, research and related reports, and forecasting trends in their developments. Follow up the monetary developments and financial, local, Arab and international, and show the extent of their impact on the Iraqi economy. Collect statistical data on economic sectors, classify, analyze, extract and publish their results for the purpose of making them available to different institutions. Preparing and disseminating statistics on foreign trade according to international standards, preparing and publishing the balance of payments and related tables. Follow up the price indices, interest rates, fluctuations, exchange rates, and oil prices. Preparation of research, studies and economic reports and published on the website of the Central Bank of Iraq. Submit technical proposals in the economic, financial, monetary and banking issues, which are received from various state agencies. Other tasks assigned to the Department by the Governor or the Board of Directors.
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    When I’m Not Rollin’ On My CNN Clown Tricycle - I’m Usually ‘Crushing’ It On My 29’er Mtn Bike !
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    Frank’s Colossal Leak Should Be In The Adult Diapers Section !
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    I totally agree. Nothing irritates me more, than someone living in another country, posting their nonstop, fake socialist agenda about the US. At a time when our President is finally turning our great country around. I have no mercy for this agenda. I served this great country as many others. In honor of the Men and Women’s blood lost, to keep this country free and under God, and to resist the constant fake news attacks on OUR PRESIDENT, I say RUBY AWAY!!
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    It’s come to my Attention the IRS has just come out with new foreign currency code of 20% taxes on foreign currency exchanges windfalls. Also has anyone heard from treasury calling their customers wanting SS#’s for anyone holding more than 10 million? There are other requirements for IRS!! I may have to reverse edict on possible RV this year. This is big News if true!
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    To me it doesn’t really matter who’s sack swings the most, over the years I have read some very well written and knowledgeable opinions. and for most of us you just take a step back and try to take everything with a grain a salt, we’re all on the same boat and it will dock when we get there and we all will disembark at the same time. We been through a lot of storms and I am sure before it’s over we will go through some more. It’s nice to see and read everyone’s opinions, in the end it’s all just speculation. GM DV and hope everyone enjoys there week.
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    Just to be fair in the banana republic analogy, do you honestly believe the charade of the “Deep State” attempt to frame a sitting Elected President with a phony Russian Collusion charge is NOT a 3rd world move? I will wager you a bet. When the true story of how the Left in all their arrogance believed they could get away with a crime 100 times bigger than Watergate, well, it will not be good for all who participated. HRC, Comey, Senior FBI officials, DOJ Officials, and probably Barry are all guilty of perpetuating a crime on the US people. Let’s confiscate some of those folks computers, cell phones, and laptops and see what they are hiding. Let’s raid their attorney’s offices and sweat them and coerce them to flip on each other. The truth needs to be exposed. The American people voted Trump as their President. Just because you don’t like him or agree with him you cannot go against the will of the people by trying to frame him with a Phony Russian Collusion story. The lack of justice against the perpetrators of this crime will be a Constitutional Crisis. A dual Judicial System will cause a civil war. Obama used to lecture us on the fact that we are a country of laws. Ok Mr, Barry, fine, we are a country of laws and the rule of law stands!! Except for Democrats and their supporter!!! Why does HRC, the FBI and the DOJ get to break the law? The only Banana Republic I see is the one the Democrats are trying install in our country.
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    I know the exchange rate of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar 2018-09-07 10:15:17 Foreign exchange markets in Baghdad, on Friday morning, a slight rise in the new exchange rate of the US dollar against the Iraqi dinar. The market price of the Kifah Stock Exchange in Baghdad was 1208 dinars per dollar, ie 120 thousand and 800 dinars per hundred dollars. The prices of selling and buying dollars in banking companies were: The selling price of the dollar is 1212.5 dinars, or 121 thousand and 250 dinars, for one hundred dollars. The purchase price of the dollar is 1202.5 dinars, or 120 thousand and 250 dinars for one hundred dollars.
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    Well finally, this is what I was referring to the other day in a thread when I was so pissed. Sadr has to take a stand an show the people that he can lead this country. The idiots in Kurdistan if not careful is going to be left out in the cold, Sadr an Abadi don't need their block, they already have a majority. They have held up parliament an been a thorn in the side for years with their boycotting an corrupt ways, they need to hang the Barzani family right next to Maliki....
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    It's true Abadi: I will not insist on a specific site and insist to serve the country PM 2:56:49 8/28/2018 Baghdad / Al-Masala: Summary of the weekly conference of Prime Minister Haider Abadi, :Tuesday, August 28, 2018. The work of the government continues to raise the Iraqi economy to advanced levels and laid the - foundations for solid building, and we have established this despite the lack of resources and low oil .prices, and we are optimistic about the rise in oil prices We worked to take advantage of oil to strengthen the economy and not only for the purpose of - spending, and we are working to benefit from the private sector and rely on small and medium-sized .enterprises to support the economy and not only large enterprises. We have agreed with Siemens International and within the framework of an integrated plan on the -complete reform of the electricity system in Iraq and the purpose is to provide electricity to the citizen continuously and to benefit from this production in creating a good economy for the country .and provide great employment opportunities for citizens We assigned a high-level government team to know the level of water needs and the level of -.pollution in Basra and made important decisions on this Next Monday is the date of the first meeting of the House of Representatives, and call the blocks -and deputies to the agreement and quickly on a clear government program adopts the achievement achieved and meet the needs of citizens of services and improve the reality of living and job creation, and must culminate in the understandings of blocs to form a national government provides services and construction and reconstruction and maintain Security and economic stability and .ensure the building of a solid for all joints of the state. I call on all political blocs to abide by constitutional times and not to enter into a dispute on - positions and I call myself and my brothers in the other political blocs to pay attention to the interest .of the country because it is the most important and must be an introduction to all considerations We have formed an investigative committee on the reduction of chlorine in the waters of Basra and - .its causes and are ready to meet any important need for the province of Basra and spending on them We directed the removal of excesses, especially the excesses of the influential on the waters of -.Basra to reach the water to all citizens of the province. The Council of Ministers decided that the provisions of the law enacted by the Council of - Representatives, which provides for the suspension of the work of the members of the Independent High Commission for Elections until the conclusion of the investigation of fraud crimes referred to .by the Council of Ministers, should be suspended The Council of Ministers decided to allocate a residential plot of young athletes with gold, silver -.or bronze medals. Mayhemna is the public service and we can exercise in any location, and I call the political blocs - .not to enter into a conflict on positions they come and go I call for non-adoption of illegal and immoral means such as pressure on candidates or threat or - .extortion and payment of money is over the electoral process and citizens who buys money is not worth anything, we do not want it and has no value to us, we do not accept -.the candidate who is afraid .I will not insist on a particular site, and my insistence is on the service of the country - The supreme reference Mr. Sistani put in 2014 three goals achieved by the Prime Minister, who is - responsible for the time, is the elimination of terrorism and the elimination of sectarianism and prevent the division of the country, and the important part of all this has been achieved and who .wants to complete the march welcomed by the condition that does not back us back The liberation of our cities was not free but it came with sacrifices and sacrifices need to be taken - .care of. .Are serious about appointments to jobs within the movement of owners - .Electricity, water scarcity and salinity are old and not new - When we visited our dear provinces, we reviewed the electricity supply and we saw an increase in - .electricity, but the problem is in the distribution and bypass and these need to be tuned When we held the responsibility they said that we can not, and announced the elimination of a - preacher and said we can not, and we did and defeated and liberated our cities The country has large deposits and for many years, but we are capable because we prepared him - .strong and gave us hope. - We have to deal with our differences, and I call on the political blocs to put their hands in the hands of some in order to serve the people.- We have set up a committee to consider the economic sanctions against Iran and how to deal with them and we have a vision to deal with them, and we are not part of Sanctions against countries because the blockade harms the citizen. - We are committed to the protection of our country and our people and do not want to harm our people and benefit others. - We welcome the existence of any cooperation between us and neighboring countries in the field of local currencies, and we do not want global domination that controls the economies of countries We are not against a particular State, but we are looking for theinterests of our peoples.
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    Main functions of the Center for Banking Studies August 30, 2018 1 Open Courses Section : This section organizes the training process through the provision of a package of training programs that improve performance and meet the requirements of the work through the practice of a range of integrated activities, which includes several stages beginning to identify the needs and ends with the evaluation can be summarized the most important tasks: 1 Training the banking system staff and qualifying them to the level of banking responsibility while deepening their expertise and knowledge of modern banking sciences through: Implementing the annual plan of the Center, which is predetermined and based on determining the needs of the banking system and the strategic plan of the Bank. B) Responding to the training programs that are required by the departments and departments of the Bank and banks in general, "in a timely manner (outside the plan), which will contribute to the final outcome in line with the development of banking and implementation of the Bank's strategic plan (2016-2020) C. Organizing banking conferences and symposia for employees of the banking system and introducing them to the latest banking methods. 2. Prepare reports on participants and candidates who did not participate. 3 Review the implementation of the courses and programs and give opinion on them. 4. Coordination with the contractual courses section regarding the integration of the implementation of the training plan between the two sections 5 Coordination with the Operations Department to provide the requirements for the implementation of training programs, as the training process is an integrated loop for each section role. 6. Coordinating with the Accounts Department at the Center and the Accounting Department at the Bank regarding the disbursement of related entitlements (hosting courses and programs) and following up the collection of the revenues related to training courses and the payment of lecturers' fees. 7. Coordinating with the IT and International Relations departments and the Administration Division in relation to the implementation of each department and its role in the training process, starting with preparing the members of the training programs and following up the nominations and ending with issuing the orders of directness, disconnection and evaluations. 2 Contractual Courses Section : This section organizes the training process by providing training programs that are contracted with the internal and external bodies according to the topics. The most important tasks of the department can be summarized as follows: 1 Training the staff of the Central Bank and qualifying them to the level of banking responsibility while deepening their expertise and knowledge of modern banking science through: A) Implementation of the annual contractual plan established in advance. B) Responding to the training programs that are required by the departments and departments of the Bank and banks in general, "in a timely manner (outside the plan), which will contribute to the final outcome in line with the development of banking and implementation of the Bank's strategic plan (2016-2020) C. Organizing banking conferences and symposia for employees of the banking system and introducing them to the latest banking methods. 2. Prepare reports on participants and candidates who did not participate. 3 Review the implementation of the courses and programs and give opinion on them. 4- Coordinating with the Open Courses Section regarding the integration of the implementation of the training plan between the two departments 5 Coordination with the Operations Department to provide the requirements for the implementation of the training programs (questionnaire), as the training process is an integrated loop for each section role. 6. Coordinating with the Accounts Department at the Center and the Accounting Department in the bank regarding the disbursement of related entitlements (hosting courses and programs) and paying the lecturers fees according to the contract and in accordance with the conditions in coordination with the Legal Department. 7. Coordination with the IT and International Relations Departments and the Administration Division in relation to the implementation of each department and its role in the training process. 3 Operations Department : This section provides support and performance evaluation through the collection of data and statistics and submitted in the form of periodic and annual reports to improve the level of performance and overcome the negatives and skills development, as well as work to provide the requirements of the courses can be summarized the most important tasks of the Department of the following: 1. Collecting data from the rest of the departments in the center, especially the sections of the open and contractual courses on the courses and programs that were established and their dates and preparing the participants monthly. 2. Prepare monthly, quarterly and annual reports on the indicators of the implementation of the various courses and training programs. 3- Implementing the questionnaire for training courses and programs for lecturers and trainees for the training (contractual and open). 4. Utilize the analysis of the questionnaire results to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the training programs implemented and propose solutions for the defects and negative points identified to raise the level of performance in the implementation of the training programs and report to the Director General and implement the directives 5 Coordination with the departments of open and contractual courses to provide the requirements for the implementation of training programs of training curricula and certificates of participation of trainees who have passed the training courses in the Center and the form of evaluation programs and courses 6. Coordination with internal and external trained experts on the preparation and organization of training courses 7. Preparing and publishing brochures and print and video advertising for training courses, consultations and studies conducted by the Center in cooperation with the Department of International Relations and Marketing 4 Department of Consultations and Studies: The department provides the research and studies proposals and prepares the annual plan of the center under the supervision of the general manager, in cooperation and coordination with the assistant director general and the competent departments within the financial and banking fields, data collection and analysis using the scientific research platform. The department consists of two divisions. The following: A Consulting Division: Preparing the annual plan for consultations provided either through requests by banks or other financial institutions or by specifying the needs of the bank's strategic plan and the center's plan and preparing future studies and plans for proposing training programs and certificates targeted by the center. 2. To give an opinion on the training offers, whether submitted to the Governor at his request, Omder, the administrative department at his request or to the Director-General as requested 3. Follow up the work of the teams tasked with preparing consultative tasks to ensure that they are completed in accordance with the agreed schedules, providing field facilities, and research and library information possible for those implementing them. 4- Discussing the reports of the consultancy studies to prepare them in preliminary form, and discuss them with the other beneficiary bodies to finalize them B Studies Division: 1. Conduct a survey on banking training needs at the level of the Central Bank and the banking system in general. 2. Studying the Bank's strategic plan (2016-2020) and installing the annual training programs in the Center's annual plan. 3- Studying the training offers provided by the various local, regional and international training bodies 4- Conduct a comparison between the training offers presented and the Center's plan and propose the programs that will contribute to the implementation of the plan and raise the level of performance of the employees of the Central Bank and the banking system in general. 5- Preparing the annual training plan of the center under the supervision of the general manager in coordination with the assistant director general and the open and contractual training departments and operations 6. Study the areas of training cooperation with various local, regional and international training centers and various Iraqi universities and propose signing memorandums for training cooperation with them. 7. Obtaining accreditation for certificates and training programs provided by the Center 8. Adopting and designing the training plan and developing the staff of the center, through the cumulative training method to bridge the knowledge gap in performance and thus improve the level of performance of the employees in parallel with the performance in the local, regional and international training centers. 9 Design programs for evaluation of training programs and participate in the analysis of the results of the questionnaire for those programs in cooperation with the Operations Department 10 - Treatment of points of defects and negatives by taking the necessary action to avoid them in cooperation with the training sections 5 Department of International Relations and Marketing: This department is keen to develop marketing communications in an integrated manner both with the external and internal training bodies or with the target society, namely, the banking system in general, in order to provide services to it and to communicate and clarify the vision and mission of the center to the society and to define the nature of the services it provides. Section: A Division of International Relations: 1- To clarify the main objective of the Center and the programs and training certificates it adopts and grants. 2. Coordinating with the Consultations and Studies Department in connection with the local, regional and international training centers. 3. Coordinate with the training departments in providing training opportunities to meet the immediate requirements of programs that can not be implemented through the Center's plan, through coordination with international and local organizations and training centers. 4. Organizing visits of delegations and experts to the Center and vice versa and preparing the logistics for such visits. B. Marketing Division: 1- Coordinating with the Consultations and Studies Department in preparing the annual plan for marketing training programs locally, regionally and internationally. 2 Evaluate the results and identify the problems facing the marketing plan. 3- Preparing and publishing brochures and print and video advertisements for training courses, consultations and studies conducted by the Center in cooperation with the Operations Department 4 Advertising and marketing of conferences and seminars through the Internet through the web (Sat) Center. 5- Announcement of fees for internal and external courses in cooperation with the Department of Accounts at the Center. 6. Follow-up of newspapers, electronic journals and social networking sites to find out all of the topics related to the work of the Center or related to the work and objectives of the Center 6 Department of Information Technology and Library: The department manages and manages the database of the center to ensure the efficient use of information in support of the correct administrative decision and in coordination with the information technology department in the central bank. The obligation to send the columns for the training and receipt of nominations and the maintenance of the library in coordination with the sections of the center all The section consists of two divisions can be summarized the most important tasks carried out by Division within this section: Information Technology Division: 1. Organizing and managing the Center's database for trainees and lecturers. 2 - Managing the Center's e-mail and answering correspondence and correspondence with internal and external bodies, especially regarding programs and training courses with local banks. 3. Evaluate the department's work and develop effective future plans to develop the department's work. 4. Preparing reports and statistics on the performance of the Center's work in all its departments. 5. Supervising the operation and maintenance of laboratories in the center. 6. Preparing reports on the requirements of the necessary equipment to carry out the work at the Center 7. Prepare the necessary plans to maintain the data and information system for the work of the Center in a manner that ensures its protection 8 Supervising the application of the instructions for the security of networks received from the Department of Information Technology in the bank B Library Division: 1. Cooperation and exchange of information in order to develop cadres and services locally with other libraries in Iraq, especially university libraries. 2 - Supplying the Center's library with books, references, bulletins and periodicals related to banking work 3 Indexing books and supervising their loan and retrieval according to a certain system. Supervising the computers used in the library.
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    This is a very positive sign. Education on banking practices and principles. I would suspect that once they start doling out oil revenues to the citizens. They will all need bank accounts for the electronic transfers. People that never had a bank account before will have them now to get their money. 😎😎😎
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    With all due respect sir....I simply cannot see the connections between SBA and the bad. When a country, any country (incl. Iraq) decides to borrow from IMF, they must agree to adjust their economic policies to overcome the problems that led them to seek funding from IMF in the first place. And these agreement (to adjust policies) are spelt out and agreed upon (by IMF and the country) are then documented in their MEFP for monitoring purposes. These are basically financial (fiscal) and economic issues, not monetary issues. Exchange rates, RV and devaluations are monetary issues and not part of 2016 SBA (MEFP). jmo....✌️

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