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  1. IMHO - John Kerry's statement is reminiscent to the comments, his boss Berry O'bummer made to a Putin aid at a conference circa 2016 ? I am paraphrasing here and its late Friday night here but, as best as I can recall at the moment, something to the effect of, " Tell Vlad everything will be OK after the election " I'm following the economics and following the money at the moment, trying not to get caught up in the political shitte show. My prayers to those in the Southeast suffering the wrath of hurricane Florence. Semper Fi RV there yet ?
  2. ...... to the top on this news. Must be desperate times for the "Insanians". "1" Semper Fi RV there yet ? "1" - Synopsis
  3. Nice budget SURPLUS numbers for the 1st half of 2018. These should get significant attention in the financial world. Hopefully these are an indication of the economic growth and economic stability to come in the near future. Semper Fi RV there yet ? PS - $ 1.30 on the exchange rate works of me .....................
  4. I'm kind'a liking this sentence from above. Recent articles also seem to indicate McGurk is working hard with the PTB in Iraq to get the new government seated, like yesterday. I'm thinking there is some pressure being applied by the US beyond what we are hearing and seeing, I say; cut the and show me the REAL exchange rate of the IQD. Semper Fi GO RV
  5. Hotcurl

    IQD Currency Table UK Site

    No offense 10, but I think this belongs in the Rumor section. Thank you for bring it over anyway. Semper Fi GO RV
  6. Thank you Buti for your time and efforts for bring the current GREAT news. Now it is official .............. Semper Fi GO RV
  7. Thanks NewbieDA for posting this .............. This sounds very positive, I like specific timeline references. We shall see how this develops .................. Semper Fi. GO RV
  8. 'kinda makes me wonder how many more of these guys (ticking time bombs) are running around due to O'bummers refugee resettlement program ?? Good for the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force to get this one. Just sayin', Semper Fi GO RV
  9. Roger that ........... How does MOAB translate in to Farsi ?? Semper Fi GO RV
  10. Is he smoking Crack or just need money to buy some ? ........... I think the "statute of limitations" is long gone on this one, sorry. Semper Fi GO RV
  11. Thank you Butifldrm for posting this GREAT news. After almost 90 days, since the Election, only 10 possible seat changes out of 329. I'd say, pretty good results considering Iraq's prior history of fraud and corruption. There is no need for the 10 possible losers to appeal the recount. You lost the seat, now go away and pound sand. Hopefully this will instill confidence, for greater voter turn out, in future Iraqi elections. Hopefully this will illustrate that the new Iraqi government is legitimate. Make the official announcement of the results and lets move on to the HCL. Time to get'r done .............. no more excuses ................. Pass the HCL and put the REAL exchange rate to your currency. Semper Fi GO RV
  12. Hotcurl

    CBI News 08/06/2018

    A possible translation ??....... A good Monday morning to all at DV Semper Fi GO RV

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