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  1. IMHO : Khamenei and Rouhani are delusional, they need to put down the pipe and get real. Their "revolution" is over, time to head for the exit while they still can or they will end up in a "spider hole" like Saddam. Semper Fi
  2. "Surprise, surprise" ........... Gomer Pyle USMC From the NY Times, no less ...................... Who would have guessed this to be true ?? ........... Semper Fi
  3. "Ya right, I'll believe it ...... when I see it .............. Sounds like more of the same and promises and stalling from the Iranian Puppet Mahdi. Semper Fi
  4. We all know that if the "informed source" is correct and this is TRUE ; this is HUGE, VERY POSITIVE NEWS for our investment. The next few days should be very revealing ............................... Semper Fi Many thanks to the CNN for making my morning
  5. "Mess with the best, die like the rest" Anonymous Semper Fi
  6. I'm calling AGAIN !! on the Iranian puppet PM Mahdi and his Iranian influenced government. More pathetic superfluous dialogue and rhetoric. its time for PM Mahid and his Iranian influenced government to hit the road ... Semper Fi
  7. I hope this guy is not another Iranian proxy puppet like his predecessor ..... The currency auctions / cash cow to Iran needs to stop ............... Semper Fi
  8. IMHO - Another Iranian puppet wanting to keep the cash cow flowing to Tehran ............... Semper Fi
  9. IMHO - What we are seeing developing in front of us, is a revolution against the Iranian influence in Iraq on many fronts. The citizens of Iraq are done with the Iranian Corruption in their country, the citizens of Iraq are done with the Iranian meddling in their government politics, the resulting inefficiency in addition to the pilfering of their resources. The Mullahs, Khamenei and rest of the them in Tehran are seeing their Iraqi ATM slip away, in addition to their control / power in Iraq, thus they are in a tenuous position. ( another facet to consider, is their future at home in Iran ) Again IMHO - As dire and concerning as the recent news has been, regarding the riots and demonstrations, this is the enema that Iraq needs to flush the Iranian influence down the toilet. Hopefully this is the darkest hour before the dawn Semper Fi
  10. Hmmm, more Frank Guru The Governor of the CBI Allaq , is a Maliki Iranian "appointee / proxy " never voted into the legal position, he now holds. Another Iranian puppet at work via the CBI, allowing the "currency auctions" to continue - (Iranian ATM via Iraq) Semper Fi
  11. Hey LB, I would like to add to your post : IMHO ; The items your list above are a reflection and the result of the Iranian influence in the current Iraqi government and the Iranian puppet PM Mahdi. Iranian influence and corruption at the CBI (currency auctions thus the Iranian ATM). Thus; Iran wants ; an unstable Iraq, a weak Iraqi military and an Iraqi government in chaos. Semper Fi
  12. That is exactly the question I have asked myself over and over, since the Iranian puppet PM Mahdi and the Iranian influenced government took control. Thank you stanleypower for asking, Semper Fi
  13. See قناة بغداد الفضائية's other Tweets LINK Yep this is the REAL DEAL, the Iranian Mullahs are loosing their grip on their Iraqi ATM/Cash cow. Who ordered the use of live ammunition against/on the demonstrators ? Who fired on the demonstrators with live ammo ?? Hint ; Perhaps the Iranian puppet, PM Mahdi/Commander and Chief of the Iraqi military and or his/the Iranian backed militias ?? I'm not sure but just sayin' ............... Semper Fi
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