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  1. Hotcurl

    30 January 2019 Weekly - stay tuned for Friday!

    Semper Fi RV there yet
  2. "Mess with the best and die like the rest" Anonymous What it the translation for MOAB in Farsi ?? Semper Fi
  3. Yep, I could not agree more 10. This has turned into one disappointment after another, year after year after year. I am rapidly / daily loosing my enthusiasm on this Sh**e show. Hopefully, I am proven wrong but I'm not counting on Iraq, to do anything different in my life time. IMHO - Iraq has become the true definition of insanity = Coming here time and time again, hoping to see a glimmer of positive action yet it is the same ol' same ol', coming out of Iraq, day after day. Thanks to all for letting me vent my frustrations, sincerely ................. I think, I feel better after my rant Semper Fi
  4. I say ; start at the top and work down to the bottom of the list. Just start working !! ................ You recognize the problem !! ............. Harpoon a whale !! (a corrupt Iraqi politician) ................ Claw back the stolen $$$$ from abroad ...................... Semper Fi RV there yet ?
  5. 'yep, that's why I called it Iranian Propaganda ................They are delusional at this point. Same Shi**e different day. Thanks Donziman, Semper Fi RV there yet ?
  6. IMHO - Pretty strong threats from a country currently staring at economic, political and social devastation. To say nothing about the military forces they face. More propaganda from Iran. This guy and his boss's are delusional. They need to put down the pipe and get real. How do you say MOAB in Farsi ? Semper Fi RV there yet ?
  7. I am eager to see the follow up press on this story .............. 'kinda sounds like $8 M per day went into the pockets of the Sumo management. Perhaps this is one of the factors that has stalled the remaining 3 Cabinet members from being installed ? Semper Fi RV there yet ?
  8. It looks like, at todays currency exchange rates ; $1 USD will buy 214.550 Syrian Pounds 1 Syrian Pound = $ .00465 USD In comparison ; $1 USD will buy 1178.77 Iraqi Dinar 1 IQD will buy .00083 USD And , $1 USD will buy .70900 Jordanian Dinar 1 Jordanian Dinar will buy $1.41044 USD So to answer haymon's question. the new 50 Pound Syrian coin is worth or will buy about $ .23 USD at current exchange rates. Semper Fi RV there yet
  9. Hotcurl


    This has been an informative and great discussion. Thanks to all that participated. While this thread is still alive and fresh, I have a question related to the $56.00 / barrel budget number ; I have always thought and or believed that all for the OPEC and related oil valuations were quoted under "Brent" or North Sea Brent market. While the West Texas Intermediate and NYMEX futures markets reflected primarily the North American oil producers / valuation. In addition, I have never been clear as to the price difference between the two markets (Brent vs WTI / NYMEX) of approx. $10.00. Thank you in advance, Semper Fi RV there yet ?
  10. Hotcurl


    As I recall there was a recent series of articles on DV indicating that - Iraq had sold, via contract, its entire oil production capacity for the year 2019. That being said, we all know it is almost impossible at this point, in this environment, to determine and or derive - what is real news vs. fake news ? If it is in fact true, that the entire 2019 Iraqi oil production is under contract, then this discussion of current oil prices and or fluctuation in regard the 2019 budget is null, void and a distraction. On the other side of the coin, as we have again been told, if 2019 budget is based on the $56.00 and thus subject to the oil market price movement, then, as mentioned above, the Iraqi assets held in reserve will be venerable to make up the budget shortage or Iraq will continue to take on additional debt. Personally, I cannot make the math work in trying to equate the oil price fluctuation (up or down) thus forcing the RV. But that is just me. Again, a lot of current smoke and mirrors and distracting information being produced. As we try to determine what is REALLY happening, Iraq continues to pump XXX M ? barrels per day. Semper Fi RV there yet ? PS to the above - I have always liked the Breitling's perspective.
  11. Hotcurl


    That's about the way I remember it dinardiggerisme. As I recall, the cost to extract a barrel from the ground in Iraq to the ship = less than $10.00 per barrel and the revised 2019 budget for Iraq is calling for/needed $56.00 per barrel, up from the 2018 budget number of $46.00 or so. There is no way Iraq needs to drill 9000'. Iraq is like Uncle Jed in the Beverly Hillbillies, scratch the surface and "up from the ground comes the bubbling crude". The US frackers / WTI need $45.00 or so to break even. Further more everyone should remember not all crude sells for the same price and the numbers shown on the business news channels reflect the value of the futures contracts. For example "Bunker Crude" for cargo ships sells for a lot less than "light sweet crude". Lots of smoke and mirrors at this point, hopefully we are at the end of this roller coaster ride. Semper Fi RV there yet ?
  12. With all due respect to you, Laid Back and with no negative, condescending and or degrading intentions can you enlighten me/DV as to your definition and or perspective as to the term "Iraq reality" regarding the RV, as mentioned above ?? Aloha Sir ................. Semper Fi RV there yet ?
  13. Exactly Blue, smells like a bunch of dirty money accounts to me. Semper Fi RV there yet ?
  14. Dang it !! ............. I was hoping this wasn't going to happen. Thanks ronscarpa for bring it over ........................ Semper Fi RV there yet ? Cheers to all @ DV and a Prosperous New Year @ $1.60/IQD RV exchange rate......
  15. Hotcurl

    Oil exports to Iran halted

    Sounds like a guaranteed 2019 income stream for Iraq, to me Kinda' like the airlines buying jet fuel contracts in advance. Guaranteed income for the producer and guaranteed supply for the consumer. Must be pretty nice for Iraq to have contracts in place for the purchase of ALL their EXPORT capacity thru 2019. The IMF, World Bank, UN, etc. must be pleased. Plus, Plus, Plus, the export production #'s of 250K BPD from the "Northern Provence" (the Kurds) ?? are included in the total. . Semper Fi RV there yet ?

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