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  1. I currently own a Ford diesel truck, 2 early Porsche's, a Volvo and love'm all . The Volvo aka "road warrior" will go, post RV, for a Cadillac CT6. Semper Fi Show me 'da
  2. Yep, I agree screwball, Nuclear blackmail is not a real strong hand, for Iran, to play in the global arena. IMHO, Iran can get shuffled to the back of the deck (in the global arena) real quick. They are running out of cards to play. No one needs or wants a global problem child. Semper Fi Show me 'da
  3. Hummm, smells like Shitte from the Insanian neighbors to the East. Not really, really sure ...... ......but an educated guess and a few times around this block, would lead me to think this to be the case. Just sayin' ...................................... Semper Fi Show me 'da
  4. I guess I'm lucky, 'cuz my grandma said frequently, " you ain't got the brains you was born with" ................. Semper Fi Show my 'da
  5. Your apology is accepted ; However Sir: Going forward, I must state that, I am offended by your sense of humor and I must ask; What gives YOU the right .... the credentials and or the perspective to dictate or pontificate on me "taking a break" ?? Perhaps this is a reflective comment on yourself ?? Perhaps it is you, that should "take a break" + "take care" ? Semper Fi USMC -- Serving the United States of America since 1775
  6. Unless I missed you somewhere on my family tree, going back to 1625 in the US, you aren't my "bro"......... Just sayin'. The news is positive recently, I agree and I want to see the RV happen as much as everyone else, here @ DV ............ We will see what develops "in the coming days" .......however ......I've heard it WAY too many times over the past 10 years. A bit cynical to the Blah, blah, blah ........... absolutely ............thus, I'll believe it when I see it .................... Semper Fi Show me 'da
  7. More of the same blah, blah, blah and stalling - I'll believe it, when I SEE it ............. "In the coming days" = Semper Fi RV there yet ?
  8. As many of us have suspected, this looks like a simple roadmap of the workings related to the corrupt currency auctions being conducted by the CBI. Semper Fi RV there yet ?
  9. If it is true and not "fake news" and or Insanian ............ ??? Semper Fi Show me 'da
  10. Many moons ago in SoCal, while going to college, we called it "Cinco del Drinko" and Raman was a quick, cheap meal ........ Semper Fi Show me 'da
  11. So, let me see if I am getting / reading this right ; Now the insanians are playing the VICTIM card ?? Turn off the lights Rouhani , your party is over .......... Semper Fi RV there yet ?
  12. I am bringing this to the top, back in to view, due to the scheduled dates indicated above and potential HCL implications. Any fresh info and or updated status on the Financial Management Law ? Semper Fi RV there yet
  13. I'm not sure who this guy is, but he just maybe, maybe he is on to something here ? ............ I can hear it now, in the distance ; "Gee, I don't really know but it sure sounds like, maybe this could work" ...... "maybe we should form a committee to talk about it for the next year or so and then maybe we should let it burn off for a while longer and keep buying electrical power from the Insanians" ??............... Semper Fi Show me 'da
  14. I may be WAY off base on this and PLEASE correct me if I'm wrong, but this could be a good thing, looking at it from a different angle; As I recall and I maybe WAY wrong but Ali Al-Alak was "appointed" Governor of the CBI by Mr. Potato Head Maliki. If true, we all know that ; Mr. Potato Head will do anything for his Insanian brothers to perpetuate their agenda. We also know that the currency auctions conducted by the CBI are a scam to funnel USD to the Insanians. By have his "puppet" at the head of the CBI, Maliki has thus had a license to funnel USD to his desperate Insanian brothers. Recently, as I recall, there was some chatter regarding a new CBI Governor being nominated and hopefully voted on by Parliament. Thus giving the position of Governor of the CBI legitimacy. Moving Al - Alak to the board of the Arab Monetary Fund could make room for this to occur, hopefully putting an end to the CBI auctions, bringing legitimacy to the CBI and then a realistic International exchange rate (RV). Hopefully my memory hasn't failed me on this ................ Semper Fi RV there yet ?
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