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  1. Another, Narcissistic, former Iraqi Politician, spewing seeking relevance .................... Its sad to see ......................
  2. Yup, kicking the can down the road or moving the goal posts AGAIN ........ "I am told" ... ....., The Mtn Goat don't know **** ....... "sources" what joke ??? The Mtn Goats "contact" at the CBI is BS ........ @ The Mtn. Goat .... BACK UP the dialog and rhetoric with some facts and real information, not the same ol' , same ol' ,dialog of vagueness, innuendo and baseless chatter. If you can't back it up and bring some REAL information , then SHUT UP !!!! Come on Mtn. Goat bring it !!!! Granted its the Mtn. Goats opinion
  3. Thank you for the prompt replys. I kinda' figured as much, was just not 100% sure. Semper Fi RV there yet ? PS; I don't orbit in the Satanic world
  4. Please educate me on the significance and or symbolism of the Pentagram or Uneven star shown above , Thanks in advance, Semper Fi RV there yet ?
  5. Exactly ! ......... Well said ! ......... Enough said ! .......... Semper Fi RV there yet ? Donald J Trump is my President
  6. My disclaimer; In the various jobs or careers during my working life, I spent a significant amount of time working for a major bank located in the US. Thus I kinda' know a little bit about this topic. I am not trying to dilute the validity of NESERA/GESERA. I don't know enough about it to make a valid or relevant statement. However this discussion is read or understood, the bottom line is ; simple put - someone or thing holds the "paper" on an asset or the debt if that asset it is used as collateral. Pawn shop, car loan, credit card, student loan or a mortgage, It is the
  7. They can already do that with or without a gun. For ex. your teenage kid is dumb enough to get into drugs and is talked into selling them. Someone gets him to receive a package from Mexico with meth in it, delivered to your home. The DEA catches on to this and takes control of the delivery. The second your kid signs for the package the DEA moves in for the bust. GUESS WHAT. Under current drug confiscation laws you just lost your home to the federal gov. And that is not to even discuss the laws concerning foreclosure.
  8. I have a couple of questions regarding this; #1a, Who owns the home, if the mortgage is "magically" cancelled ? #1b, Who gets to live in the home, if the mortgage is "magically" cancelled ? #2, What happens to all the "Mortgage Backed Securities" (investors) and or the all 10,15,20, 30 year "notes" that were used to fund the existing Mortgages ? #3, If I have done "the right thing" by managing my money properly and having no debt/mortgage, does that mean that someone with a bigger gun than mine can take my home and or car away from me ?? Semper F
  9. United States Marine Corps, "Providing the enemies of America an opportunity to die for their country since 1775". Anonymous Semper Fi
  10. Absolutely !! ......... No question about it !! ............... You qualify !! I love your sense of humor and consistent presence .......... Cheers Semper Fi RV there yet ?
  11. I'll take $3:00 in a second and not look back, hell after 10 + years on this roller coaster, $1:00 works for me....... Personally I think, based on the economic numbers, around $1:65 is a realistic RV rate. My expectations and goals have changed quite a bit in the last 10 years. I'm glad that I kept grinding it out during this time and put the dinar goggles in the drawer. Semper Fi RV there yet ?
  12. I say .... Go old school ........Send in the A-10's + F-16's .... Napalm Hezbollah back to the 'promised land". Semper Fi RV there yet ?
  13. I live about an hour (with no traffic) from Seattle and would go downtown for work a few times a week. (pre CV) Anyone locally, that has been paying attention, is not surprised at all, about this Chaz/Chop zone occupation. The City of Seattle has some major league problems, IMO For example and not limited to ; I have witnessed drug use occurring on the open street in broad daylight . And I'm not talking about a couple of folks smoking a joint. Shoplifting up to $900.00 is a minor crime. Possession of up to 3 grams of heroin is not prosecuted. Mayor Durkin
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