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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!

Adam Montana Weekly 2017 24 May

Adam Montana

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Do you (We) really think that tomorrow will be RV day.... I think that will be waaaay too much to be done in that one day... even moving into the 26th I doubt RV will come.... NOW dont get me wrong I have been waiting for this way over 10 years, so I am anxious as the rest of you..... but when the text hits my phone I KNOW it will be real and NOT a drill.... 


GO RV!! Waited this long whats a few more days....and days....and days... lol 

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OK Adam thanks, you have and automatic with drawal from my bank acct, so right now I am a member for 30 days, if everything happen by Friday and my money is in the bank by next Thursday can I get my platinum VIP at that time. All of these are if's. Thanks Again.

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16 minutes ago, DinarThug said:


Either That Or If U Get Passed By A Naked Clown Running To The Bank ! :o


:D   :D   :D


Lol...who says yur gonna pass us buddy... when this thing hit's were going full "NOS" and jet fuel to get to the bank...but that's not to say you can't try and beat us!!! :eyebrows:  Although if I see a naked clown runnin' to the bank I'll be nice enough to give you a long as you don't try any funny business..wait?!?!? ...your a clown!!! :huh: :rolleyes:

Sandfly Adam as always...bring on the clowns...and more cow bell!!!  :jester:

Come On RV Baby!!! :rodeo:

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Man Adam, you've got me real excited!! I'll have to take my chances, I just can't afford to join VIP. I'm so broke, I've become a vegetarian and stop drinking. 

Ive been following this since October of 2010. Back then , I was making more money and joined VIP a couple times. 2 foreclosures (primary and investment property) and 2 different jobs later, this is my current situation. 

Thank you Adam for all that you do. The day I found this site, I stop reading all the others. When this thing hits, hopefully I can negotiate a better rate. 

Here's to hoping 🍻.....


Go Adam 

Go Dinarvets

Go Trump

GO RV!!!!!!!

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6 minutes ago, scottch said:

I was part of the text message service but my number has changed how do i fix that?


First Try Putting Down The Bottle With Ur Namesake On It And Then Quit Trying To Send Texts With Ur Garage Door Opener...


:D   :D   :D


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1 hour ago, Freedomwish said:

Maaaaaaan, oh man, oh man, oh man......It would be quite a surprise to hear of your HUGE announcement while I'm flying out to Jamaica this weekend :lol::cheesehead:

What a way it would be to start the summer!!  B)

Could you only imagine?!!  :undocumented:Keeping the faith!! Thanks!! :praying:


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Thanks Adam!  Really can't wait! How bout we just RV tomorrow so we don't have to think about it over Ramadan.... 


Let's balance that budget with some of the Mystery Money Trump's proposing

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