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  1. maybe.... you will see me when I get the text from Adam... I been in this for YEARS... so it is BELIEVE IT WHEN I SEE IT.
  2. Some may and some may not.... no problem for me... everyone has an opinion... have at it... 👍
  3. Well... not going to see an RV anytime soon... they are going to say until the building is complete not going to happen... more and more delays.
  4. @Adam Montana Iraq is telling officials to leave ... can this be a blockage of what we are trying to reach.. (RV). More US troops are heading to the Iraq zone... what is the significance of this
  5. Now every text I get for the next week or so I am going to be hoping to see Adams name instead of my wife.. LOL
  6. Iraq has already been trying to de-dollarize for the past 2 years or so now...
  7. Ha, Exchange what?... IQD is currently toilet paper...... the dinar value is running out of decimal places.. hopefully this means that with a RV they would actually be able to do exchanges...
  8. It was going to be BOTH... the US was going to make out like a bandit.... "Supposedly" the US has quite a bit of Dinar stashed and then being repaid with OIL... 2 birds ....ONE stone... MUCHO DINERO!!!! 🤑
  9. Aaaaaaaaaaand its the 12th....not standing in line at the bank cashing in....😤 ....
  10. sorry to be mean but the lady looks like she was part of the nutcracker (as the nutcracker) just have to put the big top hat on her.. 😇
  11. NeedRv


    Well since I am not part of the OSI, I myself, am figuring on 52%, leaving room for taxes (both Federal and State)... and if it ends up being less than total 52%then I will take the difference and be happy... I already have my mind ready for what I have MINUS the 52% never figuring on the whole amount I would have UNTIL after taxes (52%). so for once I agree with Luigi......
  12. Well Iraq better jump on the RV wagon quick... I am sure they wont be able to sustain that 2% for long... If they fall out of the 2% compliance DO THEY need to start all over again....?????
  13. The specimen reference can just be the amount of versions/look of notes... I am sure they arent just going to put out the first version of a note that is created... .must be plenty of versions all with different looks, security, pictures, color schemes, ect. Doubt that specimen reference is anything..... then again I could be wrong... but that is my common sense theory.
  14. Aaaaaand that is just the reason most Iraqis keep their money under the mattress and in the walls...
  15. Poo-Poo predictions.... same ones that we have been hearing every month for years.... entertaining to say the least but just that ...entertaining. Adam... we need that text... that will be when the excitement kicks in...
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