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  1. Seems like an Adam chat is as rare these days as a bigfoot sighting!
  2. Any Adam sightings? Its been way too long without hearing from him
  3. Thanks as usual Adam...soooo ready for this to come to a fantastic conclusion!
  4. Two thumbs up Adam...I would give you more but I only have two!
  5. Just sitting here ready to call into work tomorrow...just let me
  6. And Groundhog Day continues....Hopefully not for long though...Thanks as always Adam!
  7. Happy Turkey Day to everyone in Dinar land and may this be the last Turkey Day without a Dinar revalue!!!
  8. Just waiting for my "wake up text" Hurry up Adam...I don't want to go to work tomorrow!
  9. Thanks for the Awesome and hopefully game changing always Adam! Lets get this train rolling full steam ahead!
  10. Thanks for the update Adam...just wish Iraq would push the button already!
  11. Thanks again Adam...I am soooooo ready for this ride to end! Waiting for your e-mail saying we are crossing the finish line!
  12. Once again Adam...thanks for your time and effort!
  13. Thanks for everything Adam...and the poem above is awesome!
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