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  1. Hopefully we're going over that last high hill before the part where you raise your hands to show you're not scared!
  2. Some would say that the opposite is true, he just started smoking a lot more than usual...😈
  3. So am I the only one who feels stupid here? Go Iraq and RV and all, but I'm still back on the question about who pays for and collects money for the roads in Panama...
  4. Thanks Adam! Great insight, as always! GO RV!
  5. Maybe that's how things are spelled in Canada... After all, they don't pronounce things right up there either!
  6. Interesting read... Can't wait for what comes next! Sitting on pins and needles!
  7. You mean to say that you're not already? I think all of us are a least a little off our rocker. In today's world, what does sane mean anymore?
  8. Wow! Short but sweet! Trying hard not to get too excited! Once again, Thanks Adam for keeping us grounded! Go Iraq! And Davis for Pres!
  9. Thanks Adam for helping keep us grounded. Here's hoping for positive things in the near future!
  10. Thanks for the words of wisdom Adam! Every week it's so appreciated! My prayers for those affected by Hurricanes and other natural disasters! And Davis for president!
  11. Thanks Adam, and thoughts and prayers go out to Harvey's victims. If this thing would just RV, we could help them in oh so many ways! And... #Davis for president!
  12. Thanks Thug! I couldn't agree more. And the more people travel, the more others are exposed to how much better Iraq has become, leading to better things!
  13. Dude! Once again, made my hump day Great! Thanks again!
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