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  1. I have not posted here for some time, a couple opf years I think. But I get e-mails from Adam to read the updates. Just wanted to let Adam know that I am still Lurking and waiting. Things are looking better. Thanks Adam.
  2. Thanks for the update, I have not loged in for a very long time. I was part of the text message service but my number has changed how do i fix that?
  3. What does this have to do with the RV? Iraq can still RV when ever they want to.
  4. I am beginning to believe that this RV will not happen for a couple of years yet. My dinar is going back to my storage unit at U-haul.
  5. Adam, I have noticed that when something really good happens it gets talked about for days and then everything slows to a snails pace. Is there anything new other than chapter 7, or are we stuck in the same rut? What do you think, will we see any more good news before Ramadan? I think we are stuck until after Ramadan.
  6. I have to go to my storage unit and find my dinar, then I will just wait.
  7. I have only been in this a few years, however I do not see this ride ending any time soon. maybe next year or the year after.
  8. Hello Adam, I have noticed a few people losing heart in this investment, I for one will continue to wait. Ramadan starts very soon and I beleive that if there is no RV by then we will be waiting until next year. I beleive that the RV will happen some day, what do you think?
  9. Adam, do you think the RV will happen before Ramadan? If the RV does not happen by then I think we may have to wait at least one more year but I hope not, what do you think?
  10. Adam, What effect, if any, do you feel that the energy boom here in the United States will have on the RV amount if the dollar gets stronger? I have read articles that state that the U.S. will be less dependant on OPEC oil by 2017.
  11. Adam, I have not asked a question for quite a while, My question is, with all the articles and info that I have seen and read it looks good for an RV this year. Do you think it will happen this year or will we still be waiting until lext spring? Also, in the news section there was an article stating that the CBI will delete the three zeros in early 2014 to eliminate the forged currency, do you think that this will happen? and do you think that the IQD will RV before that happens? Thank you for all you do.
  12. Shabibilicious, well said! Bush got us into this mess and noone can seem to get us out. the problem is that the GOP and the DEM's are trying to make their party look good rather than working for the people! its better to work for the party than the people.
  13. Been away for a bit, what make anyone feel that this week is the week? I am looking for next year or 2014.
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