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  1. Wow. This sheds new light on what is transpiring with this "novel" virus. This certainly is not a coincidence. Thanks for the post. Amazing.
  2. Warmest wishes to everyone on Dinar Vets and to all our active and retired Military. May you have a very blessed Thanksgiving. I am extremely thankful to each of you and grateful to be a part of this group. I greatly appreciate all that you do here to keep us informed, educated and prepared for the coming RV. Happy Thanksgiving!
  3. Hallelujah! Cheers to the year of financial reform! I am feeling very good about 2018! Happy New Year Dinar land. Wishing health, happiness, peace, goodwill and good fortune to all! Go RV!
  4. This is fantastic news!! Go Trump Go! Praying 2018 is our year! Blessings Dinar world. Happy Holidays and all the best in the New Year. My sincere thanks, gratitude and appreciation to everyone contributing to this site and also to our Veterans, Service Personnel and our President for keeping this great country great and sustaining our freedoms. Blessings to all!
  5. Things are getting interesting again. We are sooooooo ready for this thing to pop! God Speed Iraq! Go DV and Go RV!! Happy Friday everyone!!!! Thank you for the good news Adam!
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