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  1. caz1104

    The Trash Obama Thread

    Because of the two's crowning achievements , Obama stuffing his vision of healthcare down the American taxpayers throats & Trump building his wall (pushing it down our throats). I'll go with Trump based on those two issues alone. But being the middle of the road kind of a guy I'm sure....u'll go with ur messiah Barry
  2. caz1104

    The Trash Obama Thread

    and still slammin/blammin Trump - SMH
  3. caz1104

    The Trash Obama Thread

    "unbiased" now that's humor.....and not true
  4. caz1104

    The Trash Obama Thread

    but of course....ur middle of the road
  5. caz1104

    The Trash Obama Thread

    Typical BA tactic...take a portion of a sentence out of context and twist it too his/her own narrative
  6. caz1104

    The Trash Obama Thread

    Nope wrong again.....the right listened to the comic relief crowd for 8 friggin years under Barry O about GW. Also Barry really never was relevant...but he's now out on campaign trail trashin the current POTUS....what a class act
  7. caz1104


    I hope no one (Comey) is this stupid.....but then again we are talking about the LEFT
  8. SORRY, BA believes that we should have open borders regardless of cost or consequence. Barry would be proud. And If BA is from the land of Kennedy where everything is like NASCAR (left turns) no one should be surprized
  9. half true......illegals need to take responsibility for the actions. Unless ur with the PC crowd who believe it's always someone elses fault. Or if ur with BA who blames everything including missing MAYPO on Trump
  10. what a response...Barry indoct you properly
  11. Are'nt you for gun control and blame guns for murder.....this is right up ur alley
  12. The prez lost his leverage when he caved and re-opened the Gov. Anyone with a brain even the size of BA knew the Dems would NEVER bargain in good faith no matter how many times they said they would. This more than anything is a loss for REAL citizens of our once great Shabs saz....JMO
  13. Not many things worse than forced charity via taxation - smh
  14. Sadly I respectfully disagree......Trump caved and allowed the Left to dictate to him. 3 weeks from now will not make any difference....the Left now knows Trump has a history of wimping out and they will now exploit that for their gain. Trump today lost the confidence of a portion of his will be hard if not impossible to regain their trust - jmo

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