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  1. Life's woe's are not tide to one person think so is very narrow minded. Obama was tide openly to a church of hate & terror....why is it I don't hear u berating him...why is that?
  2. You are correct I don't believe myself any of these things. But why mention WHITE supremist movement only? There are countless of HATE groups on both sides of the isle not just the far right you mentioned. I do believe in helping the poor & impoverished...just not by government forced charity by taxation. Charity is from the heart and shouldn't be forced upon
  3. Hello Shabs, I believe there is good in all races.....just as I believe there is hate in all races as well. Will we as a people ever change hate....most likely...NO. However we can minimize
  4. so if u support Trump....ur a racist or Nazi or both? Now that's some far left wing, MSM wacko half of America is racist or a any of u really believe this Shiite or is it because ur told to think this way...either way....shame on you for such a narrow minded, RACIST belief
  5. Sooooo.......if your white &'re either a racist or Nazi.....or both. Now that's left wing wacko Shiite - jmho
  6. one of the funniest slapstick comedies of our time!!! Roger
  7. Too bad for him....I got a raise....if u catch drift
  10. lmao!!!!!!!! thought of your ex huh.....LOL that's priceless. I really love these....keep them coming
  11. LOL....Jenny .....Jenny
  12. looks awful arse looked the same after eating a 2 pound bag of rainbow skittles in one sitting
  13. I do agree that there are "idiots" everywhere...doesn't matter what sheeps clothing they wear. Example - IMO Carter & Barry were idiots that hid behind the Presidential Seal
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