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  1. Dems & MSM have proven (Kavanaugh & Trump).....there doesn't have to be ANY facts or evidence to convict someone via public opinion. To the left & MSM, the rule of law only applies if its something THEY believe to be is going south.....FAST
  2. As stated many..many..many times...I'll say it slowly this time so you'll be able to comprehend. I (that would be me)......don' (dislike)....for ........Trump (our president) .......a .......person (human being). So your post like many is ...........
  3. CORRECT....if laws were broken by Trump wouldn't the report say so? And if this were true DEMS, MSM, & some here woulda been fallin all over each tryin to see who could get to a judge 1st - SMH
  4. u r correct Dems in office & the MSM, some here have a very biased, one sided jaded view, they like to call open minded, middle of the road. When challenged they get personal... and the famous "you don't bring anything to the table".....unless you remind them of their I guess they're right
  5. Sadly the only time there is universal MSM pushed outrage is when it's white on black on black or black on white crime doesn't create the hysteria or generate the advertising revenue. another words ....... no big deal - smh
  6. Of course that's the most logical answer/solution. But if these spoiled brat Libs want create safe places of refuge for Illegals.........give them all of them......let it be their problem
  7. Why the pushback?.....I thought that was the premise behind sanctuary provide safe haven for illegals.....
  8. If its printed in the know it's likely not accurate or true. One thing it one sided
  9. When the Left &MSM talk about Trump supporters as cult like, The Gang of Left seem to forget the 8 year orgy like love fest they had for Barry & his wife Michael. My issue with Barry lovers is the idiotic responses (except Shabs) of how they aren't either Trump or USA haters. Be true to what & who you that toooooooo much to ask?
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