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  1. Sitting on one's thumb is enjoyment for some......not so much for me. No guarantee's on anything in life unless ur a "guru' or a LOPster" who seem to have the inside track on least that's how they present it
  2. or HATE from those that bring over HATE HIT pieces from articles......spreading HATE makes one just as guilty as those that speak or write it
  3. SPLC puts KKK nationwide membership between 5 & 8K.................not much of a voting or persuasion block.
  4. he is easily distracted, was hungry, and always had a thing for Wendy
  5. True!!!! Sad part is Joe wasn't even facing his audience when he made that statement. He was facing a window & saw a Wendy's Hamburger billboard.....Ol Joe the gift that keeps on a giving 24/7. I'm pulling for him to be the Dems choice in 2020
  6. that's not what you whatever.
  7. NOPE...haven't givin it one thought at all. Just like the average Iraqi I'm sure could give a rats arse about our economy
  8. heck lets just make all american financial records open for all to see
  9. ALL elected officials should provide financial statements & tax records going at least 10 years......lets see if that flies
  10. Yo Einstein....TRUMP has not as of this moment been indicted on can't impeach because OTHERS have been indicted or convicted. I know this upsets you to no end because of your hate of TRUMP. Thankfully our laws aren't based on BA's hate
  11. And yet no indictments.................hey Einstein without such, even as much as you hate Trump even 5 year olds know this most simplistic of facts
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