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  1. I dislike those that hide behind keyboards
  2. caz1104

    Let us have a THINK

    You are exactly correct.....higher taxes means more ways for these jackas* to waste our monies....and still not touch the deficit!
  3. caz1104

    Let us have a THINK

    How bout we streamline Gov.....let an outside firm get rid of the fat
  4. caz1104

    Where's the money going to come from???/

    LOL"doubt"...Investments/Speculation are not a given. So unless your a novice you would understand this. Your responses as is the case with most LOPsters is that of regret & hostility towards investing & life in general....sad really. Now that's a fascinating topic for a make believe book you can/cannot write - LOL. Lopsters the gift that keeps on a giving - 24/7 365
  5. caz1104

    Where's the money going to come from???/

    BUMP Still waiting
  6. Hillarious should have lost security clearance after Benghazi!!!
  7. EXCELLENT!!! And we americans wonder why other countries laugh at us - smh BS crap like what the Left & MSM tried to pull is prime example
  8. caz1104

    Where's the money going to come from???/

    BUMP Funny I haven't received a response from the "I'm here to help" Gang.........................could it be that's not what their here for?.........Simple answer: YES
  9. we can only hope that being on the RIGHT side will prevail
  10. caz1104

    Where's the money going to come from???/

    I believe those that have been here awhile....just would like to see a resolution regardless of what it will be. Of course a positive result is the preference. Life will go on regardless...and LOPsters will have to find another venture to spin their special brand of negativity on.
  11. caz1104

    Where's the money going to come from???/

    Your somewhat intelligent....I believe. You could try the Sam I Am & JJ route and create your own web site warning folks BEFORE they purchase. That way when folks Google search, they will come across your pretty face and the website would poof appear for all to enter & read......simple really. You could be the "Savoir" you aspire to be. My STRONG guess is this wont come to fruition cause HELPING others really aint why your here.

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