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  1. caz1104

    Denying just for the sake of denying

    Awful rich coming from someone that hides behind keyboard spew lies of being "middle of the road" BUTTTTTTTT can't help but post anything but. Exactly what question did I not answer? Again what is your stance on the murdering of millions of innocent babies? Ive now asked 3-4 times without a response
  2. I hope u realize that once these folks enter our country 1) that somehow, somewhere some politician will try and succeed in spending OUR taxpayer monies to support & 2) like now we will not be able to properly track said folks
  3. U mean the left & hollywood types wouldn't want to help protect our country by donating? But to respond to u.....I don't want them here illegally and believe those that do should pay
  4. how bout we cut back BS entitlements (corporate & civilian) to help fund the wall. There are many ways we could find monies (including having 3rd world countries help pay) to build the wall.
  5. Cranman Where will the funds come from to run these camps? Once here it's very difficult if not impossible to track & manage them.
  6. caz1104

    Denying just for the sake of denying

    BUMP....still no answer...which basically answers it. Another Lefty with selective morality & conscience.....who knew?
  7. Tex I am continously amazed at those that feel our tax dollars are an open check book. Let those that are for OPEN for/ house the illeagls. I'm sure the majority of those with the moral highground thoughts would change very quickly
  8. Another solution extend the borders so that Cali is part of Mexico......
  9. WHAT u state is NOT legal by the laws of the USA. Bascially what ur saying let them in then decide what to do with bout they follow the LEGAL process to gain entry and become LEGAL citizens 1ST...its what all other countries in the world do.
  10. Whats the sense in having laws if we are not going to enforce them? Come in legally and all is good IN Mudville
  11. caz1104

    Denying just for the sake of denying

    That did not answer the question by the way. I asked what is ur stance on the killing of MILLIONS of babies. You brought up morals via your post...I did'nt
  12. that's the problem.....forcing folks to abide by our laws.
  13. Shabs What would happen if you or I entered a country ILLEGALLY? Are we expected to follow other countries laws or just pick and choose the ones that fit our fancy?

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