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  1. I hear circumcision was performed in the back seat of a Royal Deluxe II (hilarious SNL skit)
  2. wouldn't be able to hire if they weren't allowed in. Companies large & small adapt to the economic climate....or they fail. Really quite simple
  3. Shabs, Goodmorning Someone needs to tell that to ALL politicians.....funny how majority come out of office and poof are multi millionaires
  4. you do realize the main premise of "capitalism" is to profit from others.....right? Our country can't sustain off charity
  5. BA do you not ever hear yourself?....Closed mind? .......Really?....short attention span???? You bash the right daily and call yourself middle of the road...and you are the only one here that doesn't see that's a "closed mind" P.S. the only reason you agreed with my "social" welfare post is because you "somehow" forgot to include it in your post against big business & the rich.
  6. I see you somehow missed social welfare when complaining about payouts.....I'm sure it just skipped your mind. I know you know that we the taxpayer have sunk the sum of 23 trillion dollars (yes the same size as our national debt) into Johnsons war on poverty with little or no actual sign of difference. You'd been more honest if you'd just said "Welfare" in general, but of course in your mind ONLY the rich are evil. "under-experienced"? hmmm we voted in a youth organizer......and made him a multi, multi, multi millionaire....nothing but crickets there. But hell has no fury from you when it comes to the meanie rich & conservatives.. JMO based off your posts & and articles
  7. "there are no winners in sexual assault" ....correct if it occurred! "sexual assault" is the new "racist".
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