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  1. I respect your point of view....I do agree the mass media has been brainwashing folks for decades. But I can't agree with you on Trump...wish I could
  2. It is what it friend. I'm a conservative till the day I die and won't jump ship like some are starting to do. I voted for Trump mainly because I thought HRC was far worse of a candidate & person. And that's saying a lot because Trump as person is low on the totem pole - jmo
  3. I think this is more common sense on the POTUS part....when throwing a party does one invite those that he despises & vice versa? I think not
  4. Never been a fan of Trump personally....was and still am hoping that he can change the culture in DC. Maybe wishful thinking at this point
  5. I think the media is as much to blame as POTUS, As a Leader....imo Trump for his policies.....B- or C+. re-election.......doubtful at best
  6. caz1104

    IQD Fact sheet

  7. caz1104

    IQD Fact sheet

    SD, I believe one's portfolio is theirs and should not be ridiculed or preached to about. I'm sure you would agree that the vast majority of folks that have speculated/invested in multiple ventures over time have lost in at least one of them. To have LOPsters preach they're opinions (which I believe they have the right to do) as FACT is ok but not necessarily true. Especially under the guise of helping is P.S. I'm glad you've done well & found a hobby you enjoy
  8. caz1104

    IQD Fact sheet

    LOL..I would think great humanitarians like ur self would do anything/everything in their power to ENLIGHTEN/WARN people before they purchased. But of course those that know better (people with IQ's higher than 1) know this NOT to be the reason LOPsters hang around for YEARS.
  9. caz1104

    Citizen or not????

    laws are for everyone, even Ted
  10. caz1104

    IQD Fact sheet

    Rockfish & LOPsters Everywhere - If someone had knowledge that something terrible was about to happen to someone and did nothing to prevent it....what would you call that person?
  11. caz1104

    IQD Fact sheet

    UR RIGHT......same ol Shiite.
  12. caz1104

    IQD Fact sheet

    "hurl" ? the same could be said of you and your brethren. I use the "Eeyore" complex..."it'll never work...we're doomed" It's the same ol Shiite day in- day out. You don't believe based on your "research & expertise" problem. But just like "GURU's" ( and yes LOPsters & Guru's are one in the same - "egotistical look at me" folks)......we heard you the 1st time. So what is the game plan for continuously stating the same thing? It's like the definition of "insanity" only on yourselves
  13. caz1104

    George H.W. Bush dies at 94

    Nice Post
  14. caz1104

    IQD Fact sheet

    I wish I had a crystal ball like EVERY LOPster who has ever sat at the bottom of the tank. I surprised with knowing all like they do how is it this is the ONLY thing they are experts at. Please provide me winning lotto numbers, the secret getting the HOTTEST Victoria Secret model, & knowing what teams are going to win ALL the World Championships WORLDWIDE. I'm sure this isn't a problem for those like yourselves that know EVERYTHING. Oh but wait they're not even experts on DINAR.......for ZIP, NADA, Absolutley nothing has happened like they have predicted.............hmmmmm exactly like the Arse wipe Guru's. Twins Brothers from different Mothers is what they are.

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