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  1. I love Ya my Brother...Sometime We Really Cant Understand what people Meant behind a Keyboard lol...Not Offended no More....Wishing You Blessings and Prosperity
  2. Dont See Nothing Funny about your Statement...I'm a African American ...What a InSult
  3. My Thought is Who ever made that Mistake Should have many Calls by Now to Correct the Problem....Because we are getting Slam with Call
  4. On the Serious Side....Thanks Ron You'll on a Roll.
  5. WhoopWhoop...(Running in his House as his Kids look @ Him Crazy)
  6. It look like they Running out or low on Usd Dollars without the Auctions ,Oil Price and Only a little Money left in their Reserves to get by Within a Couple of Months....Hello Iraq...Raise your Exchange Rate...Only Option...Geesh
  7. I like this part....Better than Nothing....with One dollar equal 600 dinar (instead 1200 dinar) That put the Exchange rate @ .0012....00085 + .000425=.00127ish
  8. Whoop....Great Article.... Fantastic.....Whoop that Again
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