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  1. Also I Don't Believe Once our Rupiah is Sent to Ethereum to Buy the Tokens before the Detection of the Zero it will be to Hope
  2. Maybe this will Give us Advantage jump....What if we put Some of our Rupiah in the IDRT when We are Eligible in Late September....Four months later January 2020 is When they Suppose to Delete the Zeros Giving Us a Hedge....I Believe this Token is Going to be Huge with the Citizens Confirmed they are "Excited" with this New Token on Ethereum Blockchain Starting in September
  3. Thanks Navira and Pokerplayer for the Heads Up....Toes Crossed
  4. So I guess we are Waiting on the Official Exchange Rate in Rial after the 4 zero remove from the Toman.....2.38 or .238 Times ???? Rial....Correct
  5. Help me understand. What's the benefits in the Grades for the value in the Dinar.. Did I missed Something....Thanks in advance
  6. pacmen

    Go Iraq

    I like it,Like IT....Go Iraq...
  7. Maybe they have the International Rate to Go live on the 1st or the 15th on the UN Site...Just my opinion Ofcourse
  8. pacmen

    Go Iraq

    positive vibes
  9. pacmen

    Go Iraq

    That sound like Thunder.....No that is a thousands men Marching.....Today we give them Nothing.....300
  10. pacmen

    Go Iraq

    Mr.Ali....I'M Glad your Mind dimension can see what I said Yesterday Also about the 1.20Iqd...Hope it Come in Fruitation
  11. pacmen

    Go Iraq

    Very Interesting.....Also now the Reading on the Site....Account Suspended....Too late I Send it with my own Eyes lol
  12. pacmen

    Go Iraq

    Also Remember the CBI.IQ Website when it were Showing 1.20 IQD for several Months......Make you go Hmmmm.
  13. I just did some Calculations....Stay with me on this...The Article came out on the Distribution on the Master and Visa Card will come out on the first week in July,Which will take us around the 10th in July.....(191 Days) Maybe it( the Days) Started January 1,2019 to July 10th.....Once the Iraq Citzens have there Card in Hand to do the Electronic Tranfer, Nine days later the IMF with have the Final Decision on the SBA....Just My Opinion.....Also I Believe this Article were Hidden in January. .
  14. pacmen

    Go Iraq

    Not 50%...Not 75%....100% Agree.
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