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  1. I like this part....Better than Nothing....with One dollar equal 600 dinar (instead 1200 dinar) That put the Exchange rate @ .0012....00085 + .000425=.00127ish
  2. Whoop....Great Article.... Fantastic.....Whoop that Again
  3. Key lime It Will be Perfect Timing before My Birthday.....WhooHoo
  4. Also I Don't Believe Once our Rupiah is Sent to Ethereum to Buy the Tokens before the Detection of the Zero it will be to Hope
  5. Maybe this will Give us Advantage jump....What if we put Some of our Rupiah in the IDRT when We are Eligible in Late September....Four months later January 2020 is When they Suppose to Delete the Zeros Giving Us a Hedge....I Believe this Token is Going to be Huge with the Citizens Confirmed they are "Excited" with this New Token on Ethereum Blockchain Starting in September
  6. Thanks Navira and Pokerplayer for the Heads Up....Toes Crossed
  7. So I guess we are Waiting on the Official Exchange Rate in Rial after the 4 zero remove from the Toman.....2.38 or .238 Times ???? Rial....Correct
  8. Help me understand. What's the benefits in the Grades for the value in the Dinar.. Did I missed Something....Thanks in advance
  9. pacmen

    Go Iraq

    I like it,Like IT....Go Iraq...
  10. Maybe they have the International Rate to Go live on the 1st or the 15th on the UN Site...Just my opinion Ofcourse
  11. pacmen

    Go Iraq

    positive vibes
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