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  1. I were Reading the Sign Documents....Notice the Date under their Signature Name....Wish Someone can read Arab....The first and Third have a Date 2019/ ?/?....Thanks for the Article Yoga.
  2. Wow I were thinking the same thing early this Week....What if the 1190 is Actually the Iraq Exchange Rate....Glad you founded this Article to give me PIECE of Mind....Thanks Again Bro ...Invisible High Five @ ya
  3. You Right Chris2028 ...I Wouldn't want my name on a Currency note at a Rate of .00084...Unless I know something Big about to Happen...Good Therory Chris
  4. Hoping that article above from Thuggie is creditable....But it do mention "Coins is in the making also...Thanks Thuggie ✌️
  5. Ok please try to stay with me on this topic....I Did my Research on Iraq MO Supply..Which is "Not" including there gold,minerals,oil,diamonds etc..Just the Cash Money floating around Cbi quote ...ok this shows their MO in "Billions not Millions...60541 Billion in August 2018... China Chy MO is reading 6980 Billion update in August 2018....So that means China is 8.67 Times less MO Suppy than Iraq...Stay with Me Here....60541/6980=8.67 or 6980 times 8.67=60541 ...Ok let's make this a little easy for the average mind lol.....let's Go with 10% for a close round off....If China Exchange Rate is Converting @ .14 as today...Subtract 10% will give IQD a .O14... Real Exchange Rate....Now Once again I'm not adding the other stuff involve, So yes I Believe What Adam Suggested around a Dime for a Start....Sorry if this is Confusing, It's the only way It's coming out my Head lol...Read Twice it will come to Ya....God Bless
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