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  1. And the true value of your shares never went up or down either! Do you really not understand that? You spent 11,000 dinar, worth $9.46, and after an RD they're worth 11 dinar, still worth $9.46.
  2. I think (actually, I know) that no other country on the planet monetizes gold and oil that are in the ground and uses it to back their currency. Not sure what the going rate for "Middle East Pride" is, but I'm guessing they can't use that to back their currency either.
  3. I think they're referring to a future currency but using the current exchange rate to explain their value. I think one thing that indicates this is that sometimes they'll use the word "class" and sometimes they won't. Sometimes they're just talking about a thousand dinar, and they'll just say a thousand dinar note, and sometimes (when it appears that they're talking about a future currency) they'll say "in the class of 1000 dinar" or something similar. I think the 100,000 dinar note will actually be a 100 dinar note, and will be equivalent in value to 4 of the current 25,000 notes. It'll be their version of our hundred dollar bill. Ditto with the 250 and 500 and 1000 dinar coins, they'll actually be .25 and .5 and 1 dinar coins, and will be worth what 250, 500, and 1000 dinar are worth now. It seems like you might be using the term lop incorrectly. Technically the term is redenomination, but for whatever reason, everyone uses lop instead. You can't lop one note, you can only lop the entire currency, everything has its decimal shifted three places to the left. 25,000 becomes 25, 1000 becomes 1, 250 becomes .25 (i.e. a quarter). The small denoms are one of the guru/pumper staples that is really the most irksome to me. They say small denoms are proof of an impending RV but you need small denoms for the exact same reason with a 3 zero lop. It's seriously ridiculous, and it's unfortunate that anyone actually falls for something that is so obvious.
  4. I think most people in this investment aren't really in a position to buy whatever amount of dinar they want in order to get to their "monetary goal." If they want a million or two bucks, spending 1 or 2 grand and hoping for a $1+ RV is feasible. Spending a hundred thousand on the promise of a .01 RV in order to get to a million dollar return isn't. Big numbers puts people in the seats. A lot of people won't bother on a speculative longshot in order to make a few hundred or a thousand percent, but they sure will for 300,000%. Do you buy lotto tickets where the biggest payout is 10 bucks? I don't. I buy the Powerballs and the Mega Millions. If I get lucky I wanna be a millionaire, I don't want to just win enough money to go to Arby's. As long as theres time to click the "submit order" button on a dinar dealers website, then there's still time to do so. There's been "it's happening right now" rumors for years. Heck, there's been "It happened two days ago" rumors for years. It encourages people to leap with looking. I'm not sure, but layaway probably functions in the essentially the same manner. It's certainly possible to put dinar on layaway that you won't have the ability to pay for comfortably within the 30 day window. People put it on layaway thinking they're locking themselves in and if the RV happens within 30 days they're good to go. I'd be willing to bet some people are failing to pay the remaining 90% balance on layaways, and if that's true then layaway is functioning in the exact same way as "reserve." This is really neither here nor there when it comes to "delete the zeros." They have referred to what Turkey and Brazil (and Russia) did as deleting the zeros, so it's obvious they're not talking about just taking big bills out of circulation. As far as what I think about that notion in general, I'd say it's not possible. Without a big RV they NEED those big notes in circulation or they functionally have no currency. But with those trillions in big notes out there, there's no way they can do a big RV. The Go RV crowd thinks that they've been pulling these notes out of circulation for months or years. The first problem with that is, if they have been, and if that's what "delete the zeros" means, then why are they just voting on it now? Why send a vote through parliament to vote on something they've supposedly been doing for a year or more? The second problem is, why do the numbers put out by the CBI completely contradict this? What do they have to gain by lying? If the CBI had cut the amount of dinar in circulation by half, why wouldn't they have already raised the rate to 600 to 1 instead of leaving it at 1170? And don't say they can't adjust the rate, the rate already has changed, it hasn't always been 1170. They not only have nothing to gain, they have a lot to lose, as keeping the exchange rate artificially low would just promote more and more speculation, which makes a big RV less and less likely. The third problem is that in order to be able to get acceptance on an RV of even 10 cents they'd have to remove virtually all the dinar from circulation. They could MAYBE manage 10 cents if they had an M2 of 1 or 2 trillion. No one thinks it's that little, even the most optimistic pumper, from what I've seen. It's just not possible, there's almost certainly more IQD than that just outside the country, and there's definitely way more than that in "quasi money." Fourth, if they're paying out USD in order to retract IQD, it doesn't really help the RV situation because for every trillion in IQD they'd pull out, they'd have to give up a billion in USD, and the USD in reserves is what's backing their currency. They pull in half the IQD, they give up half their reserve, you still come out to the same exchange rate.
  5. I don't think this is really that new, it's been that way for at least a couple weeks. Their assessment of the way in which the dinar is promoted as an investment seems accurate, and the link that they provide has information that many would do well to read. I wouldn't really call this "all gung ho:"
  6. Unlike 95% of the RVers, I've never said that it's going to go down a certain way with 100% certainty. Look at how many of the RVers use "when" rather than "if" in their posts. There's hundreds or thousands of posters on this site that speak of an RV to .10 or .86+ as if it's a foregone conclusion. As if it's the only possible outcome. A lop isn't the only possible outcome, but IT IS the outcome mentioned in the article in this thread. Do you think seeing "this is good news for the RV" or "this means we're almost to the RV" over and over and over in every single thread in response to every single article is beneficial to someone that's thinking about purchasing dinar and has come here to get honest/factual information? You've got people buying dinar on reserve or layaway that, by definition, they can't afford. Is that healthy? It's sickening, to be quite frank. And in the case of this thread, I never actually even said anything, merely pointed out what "delete the zeros" actually means, by quoting. If people want to insist it's all smoke and mirrors then that's their prerogative. It's not very rational, but it's still their decision. Claiming that "delete the zeros" means RV or is a component of an RV (pulling 000 notes from circulation) is not their prerogative. It's not up for debate. The articles have made it abundantly, without a doubt, 100% clear, that it means RD/lop. At this point, anyone that says otherwise is either uninformed or lying. I don't like lying, and people that are uninformed or are simply blinded by dollar signs running around touting an incorrect interpretation as gospel are just as bad. This is the Internet, and as such has a certain kind of disconnect from reality. But the people that spent their rent money on dinar because the RV was happening tomorrow? That's real. If the people that are already true believers were the only people that read forums then there really wouldn't be any harm. They can all stand around in a circle and pat each other on the back and talk about how rich they're going to be (any day now!) and sing Kumbaya and it wouldn't really hurt anyone. But the people on the fence, the people that aren't sure, the people that just heard about the dinar for the first time, they come here too. And seeing incorrect translations, or woefully ignorant interpretations, or just flat out lies. That's not good for anyone but the dinar dealers. So in answer to your question; posting the truth is not stirring the pot. I'm not going to go into a news article thread that isn't about a lop and lie and say that it is, but when I see an article that IS about a lop with a bunch of people in it saying that it ISN'T? Why shouldn't I interject a little dose of reality?
  7. I'm not the one that's posting RD/LOP articles, get mad at Sonny1. I'm just pointing out what "delete the zeros" means, I'm sick of gurus/pumpers/dreamers either misinterpreting it or flat out lying about what it means.
  8. "Turkey, Brazil and many countries of the world have experienced deleting three zeros" Read more:
  9. The bottom line is that you're not likely to get an unbiased opinion from anyone that either is profiting or stands to profit from a big RV. There is money to be made right now off of dinar sales spreads and advertising and "premium" memberships and if you expect to get an unbiased opinion about the dinar from someone that is making money from the hype about the dinar then you are nuts. No one that is making 5 grand a month off those things is going to tell you the truth, or anything that is negative about the "investment."
  10. That's pretty weird, that they couldn't cough up 9 grand at a moments notice. I was selling one car (privately) and buying another and trying to do it over the weekend so I ended up getting the 12 grand that I sold the old car for in cash from the guys bank on a Sunday and it was no problem. Cash in hand on buying a used car can depend. If you're dangling it under the nose of a private seller I could see it helping, but with a dealership it doesn't really make much difference. I've worked at a few back in the day and they would actually much prefer that you finance because it gives them an extra shot at getting more money out of you. Funny, I hadn't seen your post when I posted, and I even used the exact phrase "much prefer."
  11. The CBIs documents don't seem to indicate anything is being dried up. Both currency outside banks and the M2 keep going up and up.
  13. In case anyone hadn't noticed, Sirius is into a lot of conspiracy theories that he has zero support for and likes to vomit into every thread he comes across.
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