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  1. This might be the week that "Johnny Paycheck" has a double meanin'!!! " take this job and shove it" cause Johnny got a Paycheck!!! LOL!!!
  2. Hey freedom ya mon...what part of that beautiful island are you going to. My wife and I love Negril and Ocho.
  3. Ask my wife want she wants for her birthday... she says a 10lbs bag of $20's, it's a little over $92,000. I hope I get to do that in the very near future!!! And that new Infiniti G50 that she wants... I want to do the big bow on top too!!!
  4. Hey Adam I changed my email recently your chats keep saying that you're sending out emails but I have not received one since I changed my email address
  5. Ouch!!! When this does happen... I get to quit my job and she don't...yeaaah riiight
  6. Hey moose, Talk about getting ripped, my wife just ripped me a new one!! She has thought this is a stupid idea from the beginning. I told her I volunteered to be the guinea pig and well let's just say I ain't bringing up the subject again!!
  7. Seriously...what's the number if I burn a 1000 dinar note $.80 or a 25,000 dinar note $20.00. My mother always said "Always ask, they might say yes"
  8. I might even burn a 25,000 dinar note and take the next 6 or 8 months off in Jamaica if it works!!!
  9. Ok I'm in Dallas what's the name and number. I'll be the Guinea pig and burn 1000 dinar just to see.
  10. Hey chess, you want to be amused the Bammers are going off on the Paul Finebaum show right now!! Hey snow, is that really Bama girl in that Boomer Sooner shirt??
  11. South Eastern Conference Network, it's a sport channel. The Paul Finebaum Show every day at 3:00pm cst. It can be very amusing.
  12. Hey chess, If you want Bama input, go to SEC network, to the Paul Finebaum show. Listen for "Phyllis from Mulga" to call in...she will give you all the input you can ever what or need. If you call in and give her a poke, she WILL let YOU know how she feels about Da Tide. Give it a try...see if you can take it. She's a trip!! PS not everyone in Alabama is like her!!!
  13. Hey chess, Me being a Dyehard Auburn Tiger,(War Damn Eagle) would love nothing more than for Ohio State to beat Bama!!! It was explained to me at a very young age by my stepdad "Son, you are an Auburn Tiger and for whoever plays Alabama that day." GO OSU!!!
  14. I think Iraq should do to Maliki what England did to William Wallace. Not comparing Maliki to Wallace whatsoever. Just the process of how they killed William Wallace. It's the same process that England used to kill Captain Kidd also. I read the book and the movie does not show how they really killed Wallace. Much too gory to show on film!! It took almost 3 days of brutal torture before they finally beheaded him!!
  15. Hey Sal0525, if that's a platinum VIP that you don't want anyone...I'll be glad to take that off your hands!!! LOL
  16. Hey Extreme, Cheers to your wife gettin her life back!!!
  17. I know some say "never let them cut on you." Well I'm from the other school of thought. I did inversion tables,pain pills(so many),chiropractic,acupuncture,epidurals,the tens device,the e-stem device,laser therapy,sonic therapy and physical therapy. I did it all and they were all Band-Aids. It wasn't until I let/got them "cut on me" that the eight years of misery went away. The tax(pain) my body/mind payed ain't deductible. It took a long time,but I finally found a doctor who said "OK no more Band-Aids, it's broke, let's fix it" And he did.
  18. Minimally Invasive Spine Institute in Dallas Dr.Michael Rimlawi
  19. Hey Bump, It took me finally finding a Dr. that didn't want to use anymore band aids(shots,therapy,pills) and fixed the problem. Took me 7yrs to find if you're ever in Dallas...I got a guy!!!
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