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  1. Reading between the lines, it appears that the RV would sooth many of these issues. But, the details of how to implement much of this economic restart need to be worked out for sure. Sort of Chicken or Egg. Thanks Adam!
  2. Adam, thank you, as always. The oil pricing is definitely the key for all things RV, the winter projections on pricing: Worldwide crude oil prices will average $64 a barrel in the second half of 2019 and $65/b in 2020. That's according to the Short-term Energy Outlook by the U.S. Energy Information Administration. Go RV!!!
  3. I am feeling somewhere between .78 and 1.08. I am really liking the .87, it is close enough to the USD to get them off the street and then we will see a run over 1.00. Just my opinion, .10 to .25 is still a HUGE win!!! Go RV!!!
  4. I would prefer that our IBO country of choice is not on anyone's radar!
  5. I am having problems with site speed as well. It take 30 to 90 seconds to load a page after clicking and 90 - 120 seconds to login. As a troubleshooting measure, I cleared my browser cache and cookies to ensure no problems with old information, no improvement. I have logged out of the site manually and logged in with a different browser, no improvement. Finally, I am using TimeWarner Cable, so I used one of my ghosting tools to come in using a different "anonymous" service from a different country, no change. I hope all of this information might help someone troubleshoot the problems.
  6. This could be a giant house cleaning, it definitely puts corruption at the forefront of discussion for Iraq. My only concern is creating a vacuum that could be exploited by radicals. Great news!
  7. Thanks Yota, could this be a final effort to pull the IQD float down before an RV?
  8. Great posting! If this is true, then it appears the Iraqis have begun to purge the Islamic State insurgents with the assistance of US airstrikes and advisers. Having a unified and functioning (even if just beginning) government seems to be having a positive effect for the people of Iraq.
  9. Adam, Great weekly post, thank you for letting go, whether people agree or disagree without expression there can be no honest discussion. Never be ashamed or afraid of expressing YOUR opinion. Without that freedom, liberty is lost and America will collapse.
  10. Thanks Adam, it is never easy to take the emotion out of events. You have done a great job of looking at the facts, keep up the good work!
  11. Interesting article, thanks TBomb... Could be like Adam mused, the Kurds are awaiting a larger share of the oil revenues or a piece of the RV money. It's not over for Maliki, I believe the deal is now in full blown buy out mode.
  12. Agreed, one of the attractive things about Iraq (besides oil) is the location. From a transit and hub perspective it sits in the middle of linking the near East, Africa, Europe and the far East. The communications lines via fiber, roads and other transit traffic will be another gold mine, if developed and maintained properly.
  13. I guess I am confused with the wording "achievement of justice in the growth" what exactly does that mean? Are they talking about social income equality? quality of life? Is this a World Bank or UN standard for everyone to be "equal"? That is never going to happen, especially in a Muslim country, that is a belief foreign to the thinking of the Iraqi people. Regardless, the amount of money is not daunting... 400T - IQD is only about $300 Billion USD or about $60 USD per year. As stated above they are making plenty of oil money to drive that investment and the economy should have double digit growth for at least 10 years after the RV. Just my
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