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    This is the most excited I have dared let myself feel over the dinar/RV, or actually over anything for many years. My tummy is roiling with excitement and I keep pulling in huge gulps of air. lol I'm like many of you who say you really need this money. I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am that I bought my dinar, but also that I joined Adam and his team when I did, just before the last of my money from the sale of my house was gone. There was just something about Adam's site, his team, his plan, and about Adam, himself, that made me trust him, and in all that time, my trust hasn't waivered. I had grown children who told me how foolish I was to buy dinar, quickly followed by how extremely foolish I was to join Adam and Dinarvets, but I know if there is any money to be made, kept, guarded, or invested wisely, Adam is the "go to" guy, so here I am. And I have never waivered in my belief in Adam and his program, not once. I bought my dinar in 2010, not so long ago for many of you, but it seems like a lifetime to me. LOL And now, today, If it weren't for the dinar possibilities, I would have no hope to even dream of recovering the money I worked so hard to save for so many years of my life, and which I was forced to watch as that money swiftly disappeared almost overnight when the bottom dropped out of my retirement funds in the late 80's. I've been trying to recover ever since, and I'd say I'm not even close . . . except . . . owning dinar and being a member of Adam's site makes me feel so much closer than I've ever felt before. Those two things give me a sure-footed delight that, financially, all will be well in my life soon. Such as in a week or two. LOL I literally LOVE this site, all of you, and my ownership of dinar!! Whatever any of you are in real life, here you are wonderful friends and highly valued neighbors. Thanks, Buzzy. Keep up the good work.
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    I've been in as long as anyone. Got mine as soon as it was available in 03 or 04, can't really remember but I don't really care either. Getting all upset and/or pissy won't help me either. This thing will either happen or not and I have to live my life as if not. I certainly can't plan like I'm going to be rolling in money next month or else I would have been looking like a fool for the past 5 years. Yes, I know the numbers don't add up but I bought it and forgot about it for several years and didn't even look at it until about 2010 and joined this site in.............whatever. Hell, I don't know. Everything else I did in my life investment wise didn't work and so this is the last thing I have going. If it happens, great, and if not, I'll spend the rest of my life playing in the garage building things that people say can't be done and have fun doing that. And when I need a break I have a few clients that pay me to hang pictures for them or change their light bulbs or even a Judge that has me remove two screws that hold his coffee maker into the wall and then literally yells at me for not charging him. I told him that R&R two screws was not on my labor sheet so he could just keep on yelling. Don't know why I'm rambling here so I'll stop. I guess what I'm saying is find something else to do beside let yourself get eaten up by this investment. You've heard it a thousand times. Find a way to make it work for you. Good day
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    3894 posts in 12 days--LOL
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    4 years in this investment and not even a 1 cent RV ; same old 1166 rate ; now the worst news is that Iraq owes 19 billion to the oil producing companies ; not bailing out of course---just frustrated--and tired
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    Looked at the guru spew. Since no one is allowed to comment there on the regularly scheduled spew. I will comment here with...same weekly
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    IN the GOOD OLD DAYS of economic forecasting, by which I mean "way back when I still had hair, my teeth, my hearing, most of my marbles, and computers had been around long enough to be able to spew this stuff out," one had a lot of data to work with, if one was, you know, very interested in developing a fool-proof trading system so as to quickly make an unimaginably gargantuan fortune in the stock/bond/futures/options markets. Thus enriched, I would finance a new and thoroughly dissolute lifestyle, spending the rest of my life wildly dissipating the whole wonderful wad in a long luxurious trail of glorious gluttony, a staple of sensationalist tabloid journalism ("Local Moron Makes Good!" – The Times). But first, the data! Employment, incomes, expenses, debts, taxes, assets, liabilities, imports, exports, money supplies, blah, blah, blah. On and on. Data everywhere. Drowning in the stuff. Now, I grow outraged that all we have is lies. Lies and guesses based on lies. Lies about everything! Everything! Like the other day, when I asked my wife "Do you still love me as much as you ever did, which is with all your heart, worshipping the ground I walk on, wanting only to be near me and lovingly cater to my every wish?" and then watched, dismayed, as she gave me that usual bored, sideways look, and muttered "Yeah, yeah. Whatever." Naturally, my mind screams "Lies! Lies!" However, I know better than to actually confront her, exposing her villainous lies and blatant treachery, as she characteristically reacts badly to it, probably launching like a space rocket into something incomprehensibly hysterical and completely tangential, such as "Well, how much could anybody love somebody as lazy and worthless as you, now that you don't have the aforementioned hair, teeth, hearing or a semblance of sanity?" Or asking, "What in the hell is this $149 charge on the credit card, made at some stupid golf shop?" Or, "Are you ever, ever, EVER going to shut up about the evil Federal Reserve creating so many excess Dollars and so much debt that We're Freaking Doomed (WFD) to some horrible, lingering catastrophe as a consequence of the Dollar losing buying power, experienced as a raging price inflation that matches the raging monetary inflation?" In case you were wondering, the answers to her questions are, in order of appearance: Because I am The Lovable And Great Mogambo (TLAGM), earthling female; It was for a pair of golf shoe inserts that were supposed to cure my slice and add ten yards to my drive; and, of course No. And, as seems so disturbingly typical of the Obama administration, the government issues blatant lies about inflation in prices, too. And you don't have to believe me, because I present Dave Gonigam, writing The 5 Min. Forecast, who reports that: "The big economic number of the day is inflation – up 0.2% last month, according to the government's consumer price index. Year over year, the index registers no change at all." With the lightning reflexes of a jungle cat, I instantly howl "Lies! Lies!" Price increases are everywhere! Soon, I am midway through mentally composing a scathing email to Mr.Gonigam, castigating him for mindlessly regurgitating outrageous government lies, when he unexpectedly went on to reveal that it was a setup, a trap into which I foolishly stepped. You could almost hear the sarcasm in his voice when he went on, saying: "As always, any resemblance to your own cost of living is purely coincidental. The real-world inflation rate as calculated by John Williams at ShadowStats has hovered near 7.5% all year." Yikes! 7.5% annual inflation in consumer prices? Yikes! Help! Help! We're freaking doomed indeed! Using the Rule of 72, at this rate, prices will double in 9.6 years! Do you think your income will more than double (allowing for the higher tax brackets) in 9.6 years? Hahaha! Me neither! So, this is where I would normally try to steer the conversation calmly and rationally into another, more genteel and pleasant direction completely, such as "Hey! What are we having for dinner, where we could discuss buying more gold and silver to protect ourselves against the debasement of the Dollar by the evil Federal Reserve creating so many of them?" Unfortunately, my brave, heroic efforts to bring civility and cool, clear heads to the discussion were in vain, especially about the horrors of a huge inflation in the money supply, and why it is absolutely crucial to again – again! – cut expenses to the bone – bone! – so that we can buy a tiny bit more – more! – gold and silver. I remember one time I had accidentally discovered that by taking just one more, tiny, little step down the "quality ladder" when selecting food for the kids, they would actually benefit by consuming better grub by eating "highest-grade animal feed" instead of their usual "lowest-grade human feed." "It would be a nice change for them!" I said, my mind gleefully whirling at the giddy prospect of another $40 a week to invest in gold and silver, and without inconveniencing myself at all! In case you want to know, that led to a screaming hissy-fit, detailing what a horrible husband and father I am for neglecting my family because I consider them ravenous parasites who are keeping me from buying even MORE gold and silver, and how I am always yelling at others to buy gold and silver, raving like some demented, paranoid and cynical old man, all because of the aforementioned evil Federal Reserve creating so much excess Dollars and debt that terrifying inflation in consumer prices (ie, food and energy) and a huge, bankrupting, ruinous deflation in asset prices (eg, stocks, bonds and houses) are – if 2,500 years of history are any guide – Written In Freaking Stone (WIFS) guaranteed. So, with that kind of learning curve, why would I say anything at all now? Why go through all that, when the only adequate answer is for me to saliently point out, in my usual kindly manner, "Hey! Shut up! You knew that BEFORE you married me! So who's the idiot now? Huh? Who? You, that's who! You! Hahaha!"? But at least some people are trying NOT to lie. For instance, GATA reported that, at a recent gold conference, the subject of governmental manipulation of the gold price was not to be even discussed. It was now taboo because it was, and I quote, "too inflammatory." Too inflammatory! Hahahaha! Too inflammatory! Now, being a quick study, I say everything is "too inflammatory!" For instance, she wants to know where I was all afternoon? I could reply, "Look at the grass clippings and mud on my pants! Look at the way I am in a very bad mood and complaining about how every putt was a downhill putt! I was playing golf! Where do you THINK I was, ya moron?" But that, for some reason, seems to NEVER be a good enough answer for her. So now I merely say "Too inflammatory!" And when she asks "Are you taking money out of my purse and squirreling it away until you have enough saved to buy another little bit of gold and silver?", I deftly reply "Too inflammatory!" And it saves time when I tell people "You're a moron!", and they naturally ask "What do you mean by that?" Instead of launching into a long explanation of how they are moronic for NOT buying gold and silver in terrified, paranoid response to an evil Federal Reserve creating so much excess Dollars and debt that an inflationary/deflationary collapse is inevitable because That's The Way It Works (TTWIW) when referring to insanity in monetary policy, I now casually dismiss them with an insouciant wave of my hand, saying, by way of explanation, "Too inflammatory!" But they know what I mean. Oh, yeah. They know exactly what I mean. And you do, too. Everybody knows to buy gold and silver, for crying out loud! And buying gold and silver is so easy (as in "Whee! This investing stuff is easy!") that NOT to do so is to make, as they say, the angels weep. Much better to buy them, and not do any crying at all. Lots of laughing and having a wonderful time, one day soon. But no crying! Whee!
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    WOW, Same here, except oil pump here. Things are really jumping. Coming from anyone else I would be questioning it, but I think this ride maybe hitting the station.
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    BUY GOLD prices fell hard in London trade Friday, following silver down to 5-week lows as world stock markets extended their run of new record highs following yesterday's break by New York's Nasdaq index of its March 2000 Tech Bubble peak. Eurozone investors wanting to buy gold saw prices drop harder – despite fresh wrangling over Greece's bail-out loans from its Euro partners – as the single currency rose to 4-week highs against the Dollar. Commodity prices meantime edged up towards 2015's starting level on the S&P GSCI index, while 10-year German Bund yields held at 0.15%, almost twice last week's new all-time low. After seeing bids to buy gold outweigh offers to sell for a third time running at the LBMA Gold Price Friday morning, the 3pm run of this newly electronic wholesale benchmark – launched in March to replace the century-old Gold Fixing – met supply 40% greater than demand at $1183 per ounce. Spot gold prices, quoted by major dealers to their individual counterparties, then fell to average $1178 inside 5 minutes, trading 2.1% beneath last Friday's finish and erasing the last of 2015's earlier 10% gain. "A move below $1180," says a technical analysis from Swiss bank and bullion market-maker UBS, "open further lows towards...the key support at $1142.94, the low of March 17." "Physical interest from Asia ha[d] been supportive of gold this week," said a note earlier from the commodities team at Germany's Commerzbank. But on Friday "price action within the precious complex during Asia was generally non-existent," counters Swiss refining and finance group MKS, reporting "little noticeable interest coming out of China." Technically, Dollar gold prices had been "stuck in a range-bound configuration," says Societe Generale chartist Stephanie Aymes, "remaining in no-man’s land ahead of a [uS Fed] rate decision" according to Standard Chartered analyst Nicholas Snowdon. However, with US Treasury bond yields ticking lower again Friday, "Broad US economy returns over the cost of capital are in structural and cyclical decline," says a separate note from UBS commodities analysts, while "credit appetite is deteriorating. "That will lead to a trend widening of spreads, deteriorating credit availability and uptake, slowing growth, and a new round of Fed reflation" – conditions UBS says should be positive for demand to buy gold as well as for gold-mining shares. Meantime in Riga, Latvia, a meeting of Eurogroup politicians to discuss Greece's ongoing bail-out loans from 2010 ended with Athens' finance minister Yaris Varoufakis saying his left-wing Syriza government is "willing to compromise" on imposing new economic reforms in return for extended terms. Eurogroup chairman Jeroen Dijsselbloem told reporters "a comprehensive and detailed list of reforms is needed" to release the last €7.2 billion in bail-out loans – which will not be offered beyond June.
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    Najaf Najaf Municipality Director: financial liquidity available but without the presence of the doors of the exchange by the central government Posted on: 25/04/2015 13:56:50 Section: Iraqi General Written by: Views: 8 Future News / Najaf: - Najaf Municipality director announced to meet Ali Mohammed al-Zurfi in a press conference held in the office of the Directorate for "provide more than about 27 billion Iraqi dinars revenues of the Directorate of the municipality, but there are no any doors for exchange in the budget law for 2015 enables directorates self-financing of disposal, but the money the disposal of the Federal Ministry of Finance, which to this day has not launched the budget of the ministries. " He explained that "what has been monitored for file cleaning this year totaled 2.9 billion Iraqi dinars, while monitoring the last in 2014 4.7 billion Iraqi which indicates a clear reduction to file a private cleaning and the holy city of Najaf from cities that have religious tourism thanks to the blessing of the shrine Tahir to sire Unitarian and Imam of the pious Ali Ibn Abi Talib (peace be upon him), which called for local government to visit the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Planning, headed by the governor, but without a change in the increase of financial allocations. " And that "the Municipal Directorate of wealthy circles in terms of revenue where Mansph represent 30% of the capital of the secretariat of the revenues and 12% of Iraq's revenues generally making it be from the departments of municipalities with an excellent product for possession of more than 6000 King distributed throughout Najaf spend." He called Zurfi "everyone to unite and weft in order to close ranks and retrieval of rights, which is still the federal government included in Baghdad. Hamoudi al-Issawi - See more at:
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    Im actually kinda excited about AM (Buzzy's) latest posts, I mean if he's hearing things and letting us in on it and not more of the same old guru cr@p, that's got my attention. We all have felt frustrated with this investment at one point or another, but I do believe this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and pieces of this puzzle are falling into place just nicely.
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    Parliamentary Finance supports the Rafidain Bank in the adoption of smart card distribution of salaries Since 25/04/2015 16:52 pm (Baghdad time) Baghdad scales News Parliamentary Finance Committee announced on Saturday its support for a step-Rafidain Bank in the smart card adoption in the distribution of salaries of state employees. Said committee member Majda al-Tamimi said in a statement received / scales News / copy of "The government has a project under discussion, a mainstream smart card in the ministries and institutions of the state employees' salaries exchange", describing the project as "a good and sophisticated and the Committee this step supports significantly." She added that "This move will enable the government employee from receiving his salary from anywhere, at any time and not wait for the accounts and how to account employees, as well as Amkana saving money in the card and withdraw their money when it wills." She stressed that "the voices that oppose the move, is to cover the operations of corruption, because the smart card project will reveal the names of fictitious" .anthy 29 / d 25
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    Hey dwitte with ya bro ,can't remember when I first bought dinar was early 2000's seen plenty of downs, so many 'gurus' and eager souls on here claiming it's done/ trading in streets etc.nowerdays let it roll, get frustrated but that's life.
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    Who needs liberal democrats when you have McConnell and Bohener? We rejoiced when the Senate was won back, then cried in terror as McConnell was handed Majority Leader. Just in case Traitor McCain was worried, McConnell fast tracked a bill that will extend the un-Patriotic Act another 5 years. Time to start an email campaign....JMHO....DM Sen. McConnell Undercuts USA Freedom Act By Dropping Bill To Reauthorize PATRIOT Act Until 2020 Directly On The Senate Floor from the keep-those-traitorous-reformers-in-line-and-all-that dept In a little more than a month, elements of the PATRIOT Act are up for renewal. Among aspects being considered is the Section 215 program, an element which could suddenly disappear from the NSA's surveillance arsenal if the provision isn't re-upped yet again. (Or not. Wording in the most recent Section 215 authorization from the FISA court suggests it will just renew the order on June 1st unless it hears otherwise from Congress.) With enough of a concerted non-effort, these provisions could simply expire. But there's no way this date comes and goes without a vote. PATRIOT Act renewals have generally faced minimal opposition, but this year there's a bit more uncertainty. A year-and-a-half of surveillance leaks has finally forced many legislators to confront what exactly they're authorizing in the name of national security. The leaks have led directly to numerous bills seeking to curb the NSA's domestic surveillance efforts. None have been successful to this point, but there's enough ill will out there that this renewal isn't the slam dunk it's been in previous years. Obviously well aware of this increased opposition, Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has introduced a last-minute bill that would reauthorize the expiring PATRIOT Act provisions until the end of 2020. To ensure it gets to the floor before opposing bills or June 1st's expiration date, McConnell and co-sponsor Richard Burr invoked a Senate rule that allowed them to bypass the usual process -- namely its initial appearance before a Senate committee, which can then decide if the bill should move forward. This allows McConnell and supporters to get a jump on Sen. Leahy's revamped USA Freedom Act, which is due to be presented to the Senate committee Wednesday. (McConnell presented his bill Tuesday night). Leahy isn't happy. “Despite overwhelming consensus that the bulk collection of Americans’ phone records under Section 215 of the USA Patriot Act must end, Senate Republican leaders are proposing to extend that authority without change,” he said in a statement Tuesday night. “This tone deaf attempt to pave the way for five and a half more years of unchecked surveillance will not succeed. I will oppose any reauthorization of Section 215 that does not contain meaningful reforms.” McConnell may not believe he has the votes necessary to push through a "no questions asked" renewal of these PATRIOT Act provisions, but his actions signal there's still a number of senators willing to grant national security agencies whatever they need, whenever they ask.
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    The Son A wealthy man and his son loved to collect rare works of art. They had everything in their collection, from Picasso to Raphael. They would often sit together and admire the great works of art. When the Vietnam conflict broke out, the son went to war. He was very courageous and died in battle while rescuing another soldier. The father was notified and grieved deeply for his only son. About a month later, just before Christmas, there was a knock at the door. A young man stood at the door with a large package in his hands. He said, 'Sir, you don't know me, but I am the soldier for whom your son gave his life. He saved many lives that day, and he was carrying me to safety when a bullet struck him in the heart and he died instantly... He often talked about you, and your love for art.' The young man held out this package. 'I know this isn't much. I'm not really a great artist, but I think your son would have wanted you to have this.' The father opened the package. It was a portrait of his son, painted by the young man. He stared in awe at the way the soldier had captured the personality of his son in the painting. The father was so drawn to the eyes that his own eyes welled up with tears. He thanked the young man and offered to pay him for the picture.. 'Oh, no sir, I could never repay what your son did for me. It's a gift.' The father hung the portrait over his mantle. Every time visitors came to his home he took them to see the portrait of his son before he showed them any of the other great works he had collected. The man died a few months later. There was to be a great auction of his paintings. Many influential people gathered, excited over seeing the great paintings and having an opportunity to purchase one for their collection. On the platform sat the painting of the son. The auctioneer pounded his gavel. 'We will start the bidding with this picture of the son. Who will bid for this picture?' There was silence. Then a voice in the back of the room shouted, 'We want to see the famous paintings. Skip this one.' But the auctioneer persisted 'Will somebody bid for this painting? Who will start the bidding? $100, $200?' Another voice angrily. 'We didn't come to see this painting. We came to see the Van Gogh's, the Rembrandts. Get on with the Real bids!' But still the auctioneer continued. 'The son! The son! Who'll take the son?' Finally, a voice came from the very back of the room. It was the longtime gardener of the man and his son. 'I'll give $10 for the painting...' Being a poor man, it was all he could afford. 'We have $10, who will bid $20?' 'Give it to him for $10. Let's see the masters.' The crowd was becoming angry They didn't want the picture of the son. They wanted the more worthy investments for their collections. The auctioneer pounded the gavel.. 'Going once, twice, SOLD for $10!' A man sitting on the second row shouted, 'Now let's get on with the collection!' The auctioneer laid down his gavel. 'I'm sorry, the auction is over.' 'What about the paintings?' 'I am sorry. When I was called to conduct this auction, I was told of a secret stipulation in the will... I was not allowed to reveal that stipulation until this time. Only the painting of the son would be auctioned. Whoever bought that painting would inherit the entire estate, including the paintings. The man who took the son gets everything!' God gave His son over 2,000 years ago to die on the Cross. Much like the auctioneer, His message today is: 'The Son, the Son, who'll take the Son?' Because, you see, whoever takes the Son gets everything! For God so loved the world He gave His only begotten Son, who so ever believeth in Him shall have eternal life.
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    Hey it's 11 years for me! LOL Just take it 1 day at a time & try not to think about it! If we win it's a "life changing" event, if we lose it's an "ah **** missed again" event.
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    Man I sure hope so... I been waiting to dance with possum and Mama
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    no in country dude.....quit scaring the new peeps
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    Looks like a bacon wrapped Rat. Tail and all. Yeah, I know it's some kind of pepper, right? BTW, I don't eat green either. Or Veggies. Veggies are bad for you as is Breakfast. Spare me the lectures. I'm glad you all like all those things. I'll just eat the bacon and dip my bullets in the grease and have ......................I better stop there. Adam is in a talking mood this am. I would rather listen to him.
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    from Gurus Kaps, TNT & TD... Tariff Tax puts heavy burden on Iraqi consumers already feeling hard times. Luigi wants to know what CBI & GOI must do to relieve tariff tax hardships emposed on the Iraqi consumer? Go RV. 4-24-2015 Newshound Guru Kaperoni Article quote: “head of the parliamentary bloc behind Abdul Samad behind, on Thursday, a decision Customs Directorate of the southern region, the private activated the tariff law in all centers and ports, which oversees them.” Of course prices go up with tariffs! This is exactly why the CBI cannot sit still and do nothing 4-24-2015 Intel Guru TNT Tony The good news is everything is moving forward. Everyone is feeling the pressure…from governments, from the people of Iraq. We are hearing from the citizens themselves. Our understanding is over the weekend or first of next week. We are expecting it. Everyone is on the highest of alerts. 4-25-2014 Intel Guru TD ...The IMF is providing emergency assistance as recently announced. The Kurds are getting loans from Turkey . Prices of goods are under inflationary pressures . Make no mistake about it the declining oil prices are hitting their coffers hard. Abadi is asking for help from anyone who will listen to him but many are just not listening . Bottom line : Iraq not only has its military challenges with ISIS but also is in a financial mess . Before any real international confidence of foreign capital is viable, it's own citizens must have the confidence and "believe" in the viability of the internal banking system and STILL Iraqis are skeptical of its own banks. All this equates to months of sorting out paths to get out of deep holes. It is therefore "wild speculation" to think Iraq can ( in the foreseeable future) regroup fast enough to execute any serious monetary reforms and enter the international arena with a stable, sustainable and increased rate of it's currency rate to compete in direct proportion ( peg) to other major currencies of the world .
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    Yendor. Normally, I would say "Bite me". But since I don't want to get in trouble with Adam at this point in the ride I won't. Everybody knows all of what you just said. Why can't you just let them enjoy themselves for awhile. Every time there's some good news here comes Yendor to try to knock everyone down a few notches. Do you work for Malaki? Or maybe you suffer from depression. Or maybe even Bipolar although posting negative comments in a Dinar forum doesn't really fit any illness that I know of. If you have a Malady that we should know about then by all means please let us know so we can be there for you. We all have our baggage from the past but most don't let it out on groups of others. Look back at your posts. They are all the same and your response to me will be the same as you have to others who have brought this up to you. Life is a cycle of ups and downs and always will be. Anything that lasts as long as this has (and not that long as some currency issues of the past I think) will take a toll. Let people have their joy when it's there. There's not much of it these days but there's plenty of negativity of which I am part of myself. Just not every damn time. Let it rest. Please.
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    The Liberating Power of Forgiveness A woman comes to Jesus in a Pharisee’s house weeping and washing his feet. No doubt she felt shame as the eyes of Simon communicated to everyone present that this woman was a sinner and that Jesus had no business letting her touch him. Indeed she was a sinner. There was a place for true shame. But not for too long. Jesus said, “Your sins are forgiven” (Luke 7:48). And when the guests murmured about this, he helped her faith again by saying, “Your faith has saved you; go in peace” (Luke 7:50). How did Jesus help her battle the crippling effects of shame? He gave her a promise: “Your sins have been forgiven! Your faith has saved you. Your future will be one of peace.” He declared that past pardon would now yield future peace. So the issue for her was faith in God’s future grace rooted in the authority of Jesus’s forgiving work and freeing word. That is the way every one of us must battle the effects of a well-placed shame that threatens to linger too long and cripple us. We must battle unbelief by taking hold of the promises of future grace and peace that come through the forgiveness of our shameful acts. * “But with you there is forgiveness, that you may be feared” (Psalm 130:4). * “Seek the Lord while he may be found; call upon him while he is near; let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, that he may have compassion on him, and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon” (Isaiah 55:6–7). * “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness” (1 John 1:9). * “To him all the prophets bear witness that everyone who believes in him receives forgiveness of sins through his name” (Acts 10:43). It doesn’t matter whether the act of God’s forgiveness is entirely past, or if there is new forgiveness in the future — in both cases the issue is the liberating power of God’s forgiveness for our future — freedom from shame. Forgiveness is full of future grace. When we live by faith in future grace, we are freed from the lingering, paralyzing effects of well-placed shame.
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    Why, Thank You Skeetr. That's very nice of you. And you kept it nice and short for our friend. Lol and a ha ha ha I'm sure he will be pleased. We'll see. He should give you a greenie + up but I will wait until later to post mine so we will know. How childish of us.
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    That's what I said! Sounds like someone has been drinking the Kool aid!
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    Heard the one about Beijing wanting to own the world's No.1 reserve currency...? U.S. MARKETS took more kindly to news of 'Chinese stimulus' this week than the Aussie market did, writes Greg Canavan in The Daily Reckoning Australia. I'm not sure what all the excitement is about though. A cut to China's banking reserve requirement ratio is not overt policy stimulus. It's in part a way to offset an outflow of capital, which is occurring because of the slowdown in China's economy. The biggest risk is that it frees up capital for lending to stock investors, thus giving the already heated Chinese stock market another blast of cheap money. Lending against land values is low risk compared to lending against equity values, which is what appears to be happening now. Whatever the reality, the market decided to like the stimulus story overnight, and higher it went. After all, upwards is the path of least resistance for stocks right now. Most global equity markets are in an upward trend and this is likely to continue until a catalyst – like an exit of Greece from the Eurozone – occurs. But that will never happen, right? The news of China's stimulus measures, announced Sunday, overshadowed the default of a Chinese property developer, Kaisa Group Holdings Ltd, which occurred on Monday. It is quite possible that news of the impending default forced the People's Bank of China's hand. Much better to have stimulus laden headlines than news of a default by a property developer. According to Bloomberg, this is the first ever default by a Chinese property developer on Dollar-denominated bonds. The company missed a US$52 million payment, but the story didn't reveal the size of the default. You're going to keep hearing about defaults in China in the coming years. And there will be more cuts to bank reserve requirements to try and plug the liquidity gaps caused by these defaults. Another Bloomberg story hints at a different, but complementary angle, to China's strategy. "China's push to challenge US dominance in global trade and finance may involve gold – a lot of gold. "While the metal is no longer used to back paper money, it remains a big chunk of central bank reserves in the US and Europe. China became the world's second-largest economy in 2010 and has stepped up efforts to make the Yuan a viable competitor to the Dollar. That's led to speculation the government has stockpiled gold as part of a plan to diversify $3.7 trillion in foreign-exchange reserves. "China may be preparing to update its disclosed holdings because policy makers are pressing to add the Yuan to the International Monetary Fund's currency basket, known as the Special Drawing Right, which includes the Dollar, Euro, Yen and British pound. The tally may come before the IMF's meetings on the SDR next month or in October, Nomura Holdings Inc. said in an April 8 report." China doesn't want the Yuan to be the global reserve currency. It may be a benefit in the short term, but in the long term it's a curse, as the US will discover soon enough. But they know a solid amount of gold reserves will buy a seat at the table when it comes to designing the next, non-US Dollar based, global monetary system. Despite this, gold in US Dollar terms continues to languish near its lows. It's not trending higher like global equity markets, so Western traders (with a very short-term mindset) continue to ignore it. So do most Aussie investors, despite the fact that gold in Aussie Dollars is in a healthy upward trend, a trend that started late in 2014. Aussie gold producers are making healthy margins at current prices, a fact made evident in some of the March quarterly reports that have just been released. These good results encouraged me to add another gold stock to the Sound Money. Sound Investments portfolio last week...and there will be more to come. This week Evolution Mining (ASX:EVN) announced the purchase of private company La Mancha's Australian assets, which will make them Australia's second largest gold producer behind Newcrest. Experienced gold players see good value in this market. Most other investors just keep buying the banks or Sydney property. You make money in the long term by going against the crowd...and then waiting for them to see what you saw previously. That will happen with gold again. I think now is the time to buy.
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    Betting on renewables is still a profitable move, says this analyst... As the POLITICAL and financial pressures on fossil fuels mount, investors are starting to explore the renewable energy space with an eye toward reaping its potential. Here Rupert Merer, energy sector analyst for National Bank Financial, tells The Gold Report's sister title The Mining Report why betting on the future of renewables is a prudent strategy for profit growth. The Mining Report: Where is the renewable energy space headed in terms of profitability? Rupert Merer: Most renewable power companies have long-term production contracts that provide a relatively low-risk return on invested capital. This is a capital-intensive industry with a lot of invested debt and equity capital. There is excellent visibility on cash flow and revenues – as long as 40 years out in the case of small hydro contracts. The duration of small wind and solar contracts is 15-20 years. With steady cash flow, the renewables sector can provide dividends of more than 5% for income seekers, typically with good visibility on future dividend growth. As solar and wind power have seen rapidly declining costs over the last few years, they have also seen very high growth. We think that this growth will continue and there should be an increasing number of investment opportunities. TMR: What are "sustainability investors"? Rupert Merer: There are a few funds in Canada, the US, and the United Kingdom that invest only in renewable power assets. Some of these fund managers believe that there is an inherent risk with fossil fuel investments. Of course, if governments start to tax carbon at a higher rate or introduce cap and trade, then that could be a limiting factor for using fossil fuels to generate electricity. Investors in the energy sustainability space typically look for a ratio of more than 50% clean energy in the stocks in their portfolios. Clean energy includes renewables and power plants that use natural gas, provided that the plants are high-efficiency co-generation plants or combined cycle plants. TMR: How does a renewable energy project secure a long-term contract? Rupert Merer: That depends on the jurisdiction. The Canadian power market is regulated at the provincial level. Ontario is the most populated province in the country and it has been the most aggressive at developing renewable power over the last decade. In the past, the government has offered fixed price contracts, or "Feed in Tariffs", for renewable power at a price that would provide an attractive economic incentive for developers. However, generally, in Ontario or in other provinces, firms will bid on, say, delivering 200 megawatts (200 MW) of wind power, under a competitive request for proposal. The contract will typically go to the lowest price bid from a viable entity. In the US, contracts are often arranged between developers and utilities or businesses in the private sector. Projects have typically also included financial partners that have purchased tax credits from the developer. TMR: Given that wind and solar intermittently generate pulses of energy into the grid, has the grid developed the capability to access renewable energy when it is live, while compensating for it when the generator goes temporarily fallow? Rupert Merer: The easiest way to compensate for intermittency is to increase transmission capability. If the local area has more wind or solar power than it can use, it can send it to a neighboring region. Another way to manage intermittency is to decrease the use of power on the grid when there is a deficit of renewable energy. For example, operators can shut off air conditioning loads when there is a deficit of power. As the amount of renewable power grows, we will need to find better ways to store power. Today, the best way to manage volatility in electricity supply is the regulation of hydropower production. With our hydro capability, Canada is a giant battery for the U.S! British Columbia controls about 13 gigawatts (13 GW) of hydro. It actively trades power back and forth with California. In Quebec, more than 30 GW of hydro leverages a storage capability that can trade power with the Eastern Seaboard. Manitoba trades 10 or 13 GW with the Midwest. This works for Canada today, but it may not be enough in the future. TMR: Electrical storage is an issue for the renewable energy sector. What are the advancements in battery and other storage technologies? Rupert Merer: The majority of dedicated electrical storage in North America is in pumped hydro. The use of compressed air storage and reliance on batteries is increasing. But the lithium-ion battery technology has only advanced incrementally during the last few decades. The cost of manufacturing batteries has dropped with higher demand for battery use in electronics and electric vehicles. Today, batteries are still relatively expensive, but there is a push to increase the amount of storage on the grid, which could increase the demand for batteries. Hydrogen technology and flywheels also continue to develop and should also play a very important role in grid management in the future. TMR: What is the role of graphite in battery production? Rupert Merer: There is 10 times more graphite than lithium in a lithium-ion battery; it's an important part of the makeup of the electrodes. Typically, batteries employ a mixture of synthetic and natural graphite, but the synthetic material is relatively expensive at up to $6,000/ton. On the other hand, natural graphite is mined and processed for between $400 and $500/ton. Graphite prices have been relatively soft for the last couple of years, but the high growth in battery markets should drive an increase in the demand for graphite. TMR: What will be the effect of the demand factor on the price of graphite? Rupert Merer: One can argue that the price will rise because the demand is going to grow, but there are a fair number of deposits that are out there that are feasible at the current price. If the average price was to move up from roughly $1100-1200 per ton today to $1500-1600 per ton, a number of deposits could come on line. As with the history of most commodities, the graphite price will remain relatively stable in the long run. It can be volatile in the short term, but I do not assess that it will take a big increase in the price of graphite to increase the supply. TMR: Do the existing graphite mines have the capacity to absorb the projected demand or is meeting that demand going to require exploration? Rupert Merer: Most graphite – roughly 500,000 metric tonnes per year – comes out of China. But in the short term, we believe that there will be a contraction of supply coming from China. The Chinese government is clamping down on polluting mines, and there are news reports suggesting that the quality of the Chinese graphite is degrading as the miners strip the good deposits. Battery-grade material needs to be high purity. We see opportunities for graphite mines outside of China, provided that they can access very good quality graphite. Graphite is not like other commodity businesses. A customer cannot just go onto a commodity board and pick up the desired product. Graphite customers have very specific technical needs for their products, and they look for producers who can meet those requirements. TMR: Is the technology for wind farms improving? What are the main goals for wind technology going forward? Rupert Merer: Yes, the performance on wind turbines is constantly improving. Wind turbines are larger and cheaper than a decade ago. Whereas the first generation of turbines were 50-100 kilowatts, they are now more than 2 MW. And there are big improvements in turbine blade aerodynamics, which allow for 30% increased production from a single wind turbine. Ongoing technological improvements in turbine design mean that wind farms are efficient in relatively low wind speed environments, and that opens up the number of places where wind power can function competitively. The cost of wind power has dropped across the board. Wind farms are being built that deliver product priced at $0.06/kilowatt hour or less, which is very competitive with power generation from any other source. TMR: Are industrial users saying, "We're going to build a big turbine and when the wind is not blowing, we'll tap into the grid?" Rupert Merer: That is a growing trend, but a wind turbine-powered factory could end up paying more for the grid portion of its electricity. When users start to cut out the utilities, they will incur higher standby charges. I expect that industrial users will want to be completely self-generating in order to cut costs. That brings us back to batteries, of course. TMR: Thanks for your time, Rupert.
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    How banking works today, versus how you think it might work... YOU'RE likely thinking that a discussion of "sound banking" will be a bit boring, writes Doug Casey in his International Man newsletter. Well, banking should be boring. And we're sure officials at central banks all over the world today – many of whom have trouble sleeping – wish it were. This brief article will explain why the world's banking system is unsound, and what differentiates a sound from an unsound bank. I suspect not one person in 1,000 actually understands the difference. As a result, the world's economy is now based upon unsound banks dealing in unsound currencies. Both have degenerated considerably from their origins. Modern banking emerged from the goldsmithing trade of the Middle Ages. Being a goldsmith required a working inventory of precious metal, and managing that inventory profitably required expertise in buying and selling metal and storing it securely. Those capacities segued easily into the business of lending and borrowing gold, which is to say the business of lending and borrowing money. Most people today are only dimly aware that until the early 1930s, gold coins were used in everyday commerce by the general public. In addition, gold backed most national currencies at a fixed rate of convertibility. Banks were just another business – nothing special. They were distinguished from other enterprises only by the fact they stored, lent, and borrowed gold coins, not as a sideline but as a primary business. Bankers had become goldsmiths without the hammers. Bank deposits, until quite recently, fell strictly into two classes, depending on the preference of the depositor and the terms offered by banks: time deposits, and demand deposits. Although the distinction between them has been lost in recent years, respecting the difference is a critical element of sound banking practice. With a time deposit – a savings account, in essence – a customer contracts to leave his money with the banker for a specified period. In return, he receives a specified fee (interest) for his risk, for his inconvenience, and as consideration for allowing the banker the use of the depositor's money. The banker, secure in knowing he has a specific amount of gold for a specific amount of time, is able to lend it; he'll do so at an interest rate high enough to cover expenses (including the interest promised to the depositor), fund a loan-loss reserve, and if all goes according to plan, make a profit. A time deposit entails a commitment by both parties. The depositor is locked in until the due date. How could a sound banker promise to give a time depositor his money back on demand and without penalty when he's planning to lend it out? In the business of accepting time deposits, a banker is a dealer in credit, acting as an intermediary between lenders and borrowers. To avoid loss, bankers customarily preferred to lend on productive assets, whose earnings offered assurance that the borrower could cover the interest as it came due. And they were willing to lend only a fraction of the value of a pledged asset, to ensure a margin of safety for the principal. And only for a limited time – such as against the harvest of a crop or the sale of an inventory. And finally, only to people of known good character – the first line of defense against fraud. Long-term loans were the province of bond syndicators. That's time deposits. Demand deposits were a completely different matter... Demand deposits were so called because, unlike time deposits, they were payable to the customer on demand. These are the basis of checking accounts. The banker doesn't pay interest on the money, because he supposedly never has the use of it; to the contrary, he necessarily charged the depositor a fee for: Assuming the responsibility of keeping the money safe, available for immediate withdrawal, and Administering the transfer of the money if the depositor so chooses by either writing a check or passing along a warehouse receipt that represents the gold on deposit. An honest banker should no more lend out demand deposit money than Allied Van and Storage should lend out the furniture you've paid it to store. The warehouse receipts for gold were called banknotes. When a government issued them, they were called currency. Gold bullion, gold coinage, banknotes, and currency together constituted the society's supply of transaction media. But its amount was strictly limited by the amount of gold actually available to people. Sound principles of banking are identical to sound principles of warehousing any kind of merchandise, whether it's autos, potatoes, or books. Or money. There's nothing mysterious about sound banking. But banking all over the world has been fundamentally unsound since government-sponsored central banks came to dominate the financial system. Central banks are a linchpin of today's world financial system. By purchasing government debt, banks can allow the state – for a while – to finance its activities without taxation. On the surface, this appears to be a "free lunch." But it's actually quite pernicious and is the engine of currency debasement. Central banks may seem like a permanent part of the cosmic landscape, but in fact they are a recent invention. The US Federal Reserve, for instance, didn't exist before 1913. Fraud can creep into any business. A banker, seeing other people's gold sitting idle in his vault, might think, "What is the point of taking gold out of the ground from a mine, only to put it back into the ground in a vault?" People are writing checks against it and using his banknotes. But the gold itself seldom moves. A restless banker might conclude that, even though it might be a fraud on depositors (depending on exactly what the bank has promised them), he could easily create lots more banknotes and lend them out, and keep 100% of the interest for himself. Left solely to their own devices, some bankers would try that. But most would be careful not to go too far, since the game would end abruptly if any doubt emerged about the bank's ability to hand over gold on demand. The arrival of central banks eased that fear by introducing a lender of last resort. Because the central bank is always standing by with credit, bankers are free to make promises they know they might not be able to keep on their own. In the past, when a bank created too much currency out of nothing, people eventually would notice, and a "bank run" would materialize. But when a central bank authorizes all banks to do the same thing, that's less likely – unless it becomes known that an individual bank has made some really foolish loans. Central banks were originally justified – especially the creation of the Federal Reserve in the US – as a device for economic stability. The occasional chastisement of imprudent bankers and their foolish customers was an excuse to get government into the banking business. As has happened in so many cases, an occasional and local problem was "solved" by making it systemic and housing it in a national institution. It's loosely analogous to the way the government handles the problem of forest fires: extinguishing them quickly provides an immediate and visible benefit. But the delayed and forgotten consequence of doing so is that it allows decades of deadwood to accumulate. Now when a fire starts, it can be a once-in-a-century conflagration. Banking all over the world now operates on a "fractional reserve" system. In our earlier example, our sound banker kept a 100% reserve against demand deposits: he held one ounce of gold in his vault for every one-ounce banknote he issued. And he could only lend the proceeds of time deposits, not demand deposits. A "fractional reserve" system can't work in a free market; it has to be legislated. And it can't work where banknotes are redeemable in a commodity, such as gold; the banknotes have to be "legal tender" or strictly paper money that can be created by fiat. The fractional reserve system is why banking is more profitable than normal businesses. In any industry, rich average returns attract competition, which reduces returns. A banker can lend out a Dollar, which a businessman might use to buy a widget. When that seller of the widget re-deposits the Dollar, a banker can lend it out at interest again. The good news for the banker is that his earnings are compounded several times over. The bad news is that, because of the pyramided leverage, a default can cascade. In each country, the central bank periodically changes the percentage reserve (theoretically, from 100% down to 0% of deposits) that banks must keep with it, according to how the bureaucrats in charge perceive the state of the economy. In any event, in the US (and actually most everywhere in the world), protection against runs on banks isn't provided by sound practices, but by laws. In 1934, to restore confidence in commercial banks, the US government instituted the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) deposit insurance in the amount of $2,500 per depositor per bank, eventually raising coverage to today's $250,000. In Europe, €100,000 is the amount guaranteed by the state. FDIC insurance covers about $9.3 trillion of deposits, but the institution has assets of only $25 billion. That's less than one cent on the Dollar. I'll be surprised if the FDIC doesn't go bust and need to be recapitalized by the government. That money – many billions – will likely be created out of thin air by selling Treasury debt to the Fed. The fractional reserve banking system, with all of its unfortunate attributes, is critical to the world's financial system as it is currently structured. You can plan your life around the fact the world's governments and central banks will do everything they can to maintain confidence in the financial system. To do so, they must prevent a deflation at all costs. And to do that, they will continue printing up more Dollars, pounds, Euros, Yen, and what-have-you. While currency crises, bank runs and episodes of economic collapse are devastating to paper assets, they often hand us opportunities to pick up hard assets on the very cheap. Each month we scour the world looking for the best crisis-born opportunities from fundamentally sound businesses whose stock prices have been hammered down by fear, crisis, and politically caused distortions. Our Crisis Speculator delivers boots-on-the-ground reporting and opportunities from Albania to Zambia.
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    The corrupt and incompetent bosses of the VA are pushing this to protect their own ******. Even the worst ***** in the world are smart enough to now that some day there will be serious blow back on them of the **** they've been dumping on others. They know they have the full support of our first female president, but they'd do it anyway to preserve their RICO empires. The VA's ONLY function in re medical care should be to determine eligibility, at which time a card useable at any willing health care provider facility should be given, and the provider paid at rates equal to or higher than Medicare rates (particularly for line of duty related injuries and without copays or preapproval requirements from idiot clerks). The bastards the new Secretary said he can't fire should be transferred to paper filing (not reviewing, vetting, etc., just alphabetize and store) facilities in, say, Northern Greenland, with only ship transportation available for vacations. The good licensed providers would quickly be snapped up by the best hospitals and rehab centers, and would almost certainly be much more fulfilled by better pay, less BS, far better facilities ad support, rational rules, and distance from venal political *******. How in the hell did we ever get federally owned hospitals in the first place? Give the performance of the feds in absolutely every other endeavor they have kept in house, how could anyone think that anyone but the worthless bureaucrats would be better off with vets going to federal hospitals than anywhere else. I'm eligible, but I have always chosen private providers at my own expense. Same as every other male (and several females) in my extended family that has never missed a war. I saw Letterman General Hospital (active duty Army high end facility at the Presidio of San Francisco) and several large VA hospitals to which some of Letterman's patients were transferred after discharge. All reminded me of the Circles of Hell in Dante's inferno, to say nothing of Catch-22 and other works on the same subject. There must be 15 or 20 million vets alive today. Our numbers will decline steadily and rapidly in the near future (the youngest Viet Nam vets are about to go on Medicare, and the military shrank greatly after that). We've got to fix this before we leave. I have never talked to a general who wasn't appalled at what, if anything, he had seen at most VA hospitals, or at what, if anything, he saw others encounter in trying to deal with the VA empire. All those stars and not one has stepped up to lead a very loud and aggressive vet group to force a total overhaul of the current rotted out system. But the boys with purses throw their little tantrums and the pols and MSM fall all over themselves apologizing and turning our culture upside down to accommodate their every whim. Guess those stars don't necessarily mean you're a leader with a pair, do they? Now I do recall a couple of Sergeants Major who would have been up to the task, but damn, if they're still around they're in their mid-80's. If a little digging were done, I'll bet we'd find the following: * the 'crats making up this nut list are not licensed to make such evaluations; * the criteria for adding someone to this list are not medically nor legally valid; * the disclosure of this privileged information is in violation of HIPPA and other privacy laws and contrary to the state laws that govern the licensing of the physicians and other providers; * the 'crats doing this dirty deed are illegally practicing medicine without licenses; * the whole procedure and letter of understanding on which it is based is a violation of the federal procedure laws regarding the promulgation of Regulations (in other words, it's just an illegal written conspiracy between out of control bureaucrats to beat down people they don't like); * VA and other admin "spokespersons" will shortly gear up to do their own version of the Hillarious two-step on this topic. Any half-wit money motivated attorney could time up an army of federal lawyers for years on these issues, during which time hundreds of other good causes of action could no doubt be discovered. But the right route is to convince Congress that this whole mess must be fixed NOW. We can shame them. We can fund their opponents. We can cajole them. We can threaten them. We can investigate, arrest, indict and convict them (the majority no doubt have not too well hidden felonious skeletons about). We can convince them that we will do one or more of each of these things to each and every one of them unless they put together a reform package we like, vote it through, and override the veto that would no doubt come from the cowardly kitty in the White House. Well golly. I guess somebody pulled my chain.
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    Had I seen the post I definitely would not have reposed, my apologies. Have noticed the barrage of questions getting more and more leading every time I go in. It's not just a matter of "preventative" medicine, they are intentionally looking for anything they can twist into an issue. Even the most innocent of responses can be turned into a controversy.
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    But 99.9% of us aren't incompetent, what happens is, they ask us questions like, "Do you feel like harming yourself?, "Have you been depressed?" etc, etc, and then put that in their computer, so we have to be real careful on how we answer questions like that. .
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    I posted an article similar to this one yesterday: BREAKING: VA Colluding With FBI To Disarm Veterans .
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    ***/// Dang, UMBE! One of 'OlSarge'sGal's people are from Sardinia... they are of Sunni descent (like 10 generations back, so they've been 'good' Catholics for a long time now she say's ! )... She says she's shocked her people didn't didn't catch these freaks, beat them to within an inch of their pitiful lives and drag them behind donkeys down the street until dead !
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    I see that my comment about how some cops can get to where they see all blacks or latinos and threats has been taken totally out of context. But then again many are unable to have real discussions. Like I said earlier ask those who watched people die close up at the hands of a particular group and see how many of them years later see most if not all of that particular group still with concern. But, then again, people would have to admit that everyone has some degree of bias and predudice and some of the more righteous on here, usually the open minded liberals, refuse to admit to reality like bias.
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    Call it what you want, there is a reason that these clowns are on the list. They have turned what is supposed to be at least a two party system into a joke. They are nothing but cowards who don't have the balls to take a stand for what they say they believe in. They have rolled over onto their back side so that Obama can give them a tummy rub and tell them what good boys and girls they are for caving into him.
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    Would you like a bacon wrap snotty? What would you call that Shabs? I think Shabs should get to name since he will eat it.
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    But thats exactly the point Mag. I do agree that this needs to be investigated and the guilty party s brought to justice. You know me well enough by now to know I dont like my words twisted around and I dont like when people try to act as if they know whats in my head. Cause they dont. If I see a injustice I will be the first in line to march and correct the problem. I just dont think there is a police brutality problem in this country that effects only the black population. It effects all of us. Yes there are bad cops. But if you live your life with in the boundaries of the law most the time you will not get messed with.Not always but most the time. Hell how many times have I told this forum I used to get pulled over on a regular basis for driving under the suspicion of being a Indian. Yeah it sucks. BUT you do as they say. You spread out with your hands on the hood and let them do their thing. Then you leave in one piece.
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    Trinity Throwing the "Black Wall Street" card is a little like obama trying to use the crusades to justify Muslim extremism. The anniversary of the Tulsa Riots of 1921 is coming up and we should talk about it. If you'd like, I'll start the thread... it was an unimaginable tragedy and should be remembered... nearly 100 years later... all involved long gone, both guilty and innocent... but let's denounce it together. This thread is about the tragedy plaguing the black community TODAY... the danger of just being black in America... Thanks for saying it Dog. Someone needed to Fact: 93% of blacks are killed by other blacks. 10 black-on-black homicides in Chicago last week... We can't have an honest conversation about race until EVERYONE is prepared to take some personal responsibility. I will be outraged about police brutality when I see the black community address their lack of respect for the LAW, OTHER PEOPLE and THEMSELVES.
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    i evened you out shabs. and yes, mobs are rarely interested in truth. a mob is one of the most dangerous kinds of justice.
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    Thanks Yota....Sounds like the banks just opened-up for business...Startin'... 'Lines of credit' and the solidity to back it is all about makin' money....This should start the electronic system in gatherin' workin' data to form an internal bases to establish the integrity of the entire bankin' system....
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    some of these responses is flat out ridiculous. i wonder if some of you are joking or are you really that jaded. many of you scream at obama for treading upon your rights and he is YOUR commander in chief but when the law enforcement system is exposed for its divisible and prejudiced treatment of minorities where THEIR rights are evidently being tread upon, you scream "well quit breaking the law". HYPOCRITS! pick a side, strap on your boots and hold fast to what you say that you believe. when it comes to violations of constitutional rights, it cannot abide in partiality. the police force cannot act as enforcer, judge and executioner; period! you can't restrain a man, taze him, and once subdued, commence to beating him within an inch of his life to make an example out of him. where does that lead society if this is our method of justice??? i am appalled by these responses. you actually blame the ones whose rights are treaded upon with the excuse of, "try walking a mile in the cops shoes??!" oh my Lord! but all in all i am grateful for your ridiculous postings because it shows me just how far this "Christian" nation has come. your ability to hide behind your keyboard in anonymity and post how you really feel helps me see past your smiling face. for that i am grateful. not one posting that reads "we have an evident problem" or "we need to become better people" or "Lord help us to love one another".....NOT ONE! the high volume of postings read when it comes to minority slayings by the establishment has been strongly in favor of constitutional rights violations upon a select group. and the senselessness is documented time and time and time again. but as long as its not YOUR rights being violated i guess that means "...liberty and justice for all": defenseless woman stripped of clothing and beat on the side of the road without ever being indicted (link) man beaten in jail cell with hands restrained and sent to emergency room for sitting in his car on side of road to wait out rain storm. cops bring him back to jail after treatment and hold him under bail for property damage. "he bled on our uniforms" (link) and now this original posting where it is coming out that somewhere between being restrained and arriving at the police facility, the man is brutally beaten to death. RIDICULOUS!! but thank you because forums like these have taught me some things that i never would have guessed
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    Now we see why Iraqi's don't trust their own banking system.....
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    Keep some for himself for toilet paper.

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