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  1. Now I see that country legend Don Williams also passed today. When it rains it pours. RIP Don, you will be missed. RV ME Don Williams, Country Music Hall of Famer, dead at 78 Country music singer Don Williams has passed away at 78 from a short illness, Fox News confirmed Friday. Williams had 17 No. 1 hits before retiring in 2016. His mellow sound influenced a later generation of singers including Joe Nichols and Josh Turner. Keith Urban has said Williams drew him to country music. Williams was celebrated for his rich voice, gentle delivery and
  2. Always enjoyed Montgomery Gentry’s music. RIP Troy, I am sure God knows who you are and I’m sure it was a glorious meeting. RV ME Troy Gentry, 50, dies in New Jersey helicopter crash Troy Gentry, best known as part of the country music duo Montgomery Gentry, was killed in a helicopter crash in New Jersey Friday, Fox News has confirmed. The singer was 50. A rep for the group made the announcement on Facebook: The Federal Aviation Administration said the helicopter crashed into a wooded area near the Flying W Airport in Medford hours before Montgom
  3. RV ME


    Been away for a while. I see that the pluses have changed to show both plus and negs (I hope the next step is to show who plused or neg’ed), but I have a question, what’s with the hearts?
  4. So Iceland eliminated Downs Syndrome the same way ISIS cures gayness. I don’t recall CBS happily doing a story on that “cure” though.
  5. Reminds me of the Taliban and other PITs that destroy all historic religious artifacts that are not Islamic in a futile attempt to remove them from history. Just another example of the similarities of the American left and totalitarian societies.
  6. No, I am pretty sure he means that the Country will be paying the cost for many more years because of the most racist President in history. That is Obummers real lasting legacy.
  7. Remember, anything less than 100% totality will not suffice. If you are looking at a map and are on the edge of totality you might want to move more towards the center line. The “experts” are now saying the maps could be off by a mile or more around the edges. I think it’s funny they are saying that, but this article talks about how the KC City Hall will see a partial eclipse while the Federal Courthouse (only a few blocks away) will be in totality. Also, a good video and link to interactive map on page, but I could not get them to post here. RV ME Those maps of eclipse’s
  8. RIP Sgt Smith, and thank you for all that you did, and sacrificed, for this Country.
  9. Very progressive of you there BA, I guess you are living up to your stereotypical Republican thoughts about revenge / rehabilitation regarding the criminal process. I wonder though, do criminals have to be convicted for you have these thoughts towards them? Based on some of the things you’ve said in the past I’m just not sure. After all, you have claimed Hildabeast is a crook but she hasn’t been convicted of anything. But you support Obummer who’s (UN)Justice Department illegally ran guns to drug cartels in Mexico. The same (UN)Justice Dept that illegally tapped reporters phones and
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