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  1. Artitech I was thinking exactly the same ,not seen him post in a while
  2. How many times over the years has blo@@y OOM’s plane been cleared to land I don't think the pilot has actually done his landing course so their perpetually circling
  3. July 3 2019 1300 EST Ray Rat: Minutes ago, TNT Tony got confirmation that the ATMs are live in Iraq & are loaded with the new LD. The 800s could be released as early as today and of of course no-one had a camera or phone to take a picture of this momentous occasion
  4. Poor Tony’s followers are really missing out, didn’t ‘Wife In The Know’s ‘ husband cash out about 5 years ago?
  5. 3 sources spotting small's (lower denoms) ...WS says It's about time! ...Frank called them good soldiers... LOVE IT!!! and not one one managed to take a picture for proof !!!
  6. Pretty sure it was 2004 I bought my first Dinar, memory fails me sometimes since then been divorced, got made redundant when factory closed, packed up and moved to new country ,nearly lost my hand through a serious accident ,remarried and going to be a grandad for the first time next month .time flys
  7. I think it’s due to the amount of posts one has made but I’ve been wrong many times before
  8. Damn wish I'd read further ,been to works Christmas party and told boss where to go thanks Kaperoni Frank.and Luigi poor house for me
  9. Have to ask ,not being from America so excuse me if it sounds dumb why does Reno seem to come up in so any of these 'Rv today' story's went there many years ago didn't look like a financial hub to me
  10. Ps thanks guys ,maiden post for calling a Luigi post BS or as we will come say RayRat
  11. I'm sure in future RayRat.. will replace the term bull$&/!
  12. we...understand that Iraq has 72 hours to release the rate, or what? Will they be sent to the naughty corner
  13. Yup I've been on the ride 10+ years in the process been made redundant twice been divorced ,emigrated to a new country and started a new life how time flys
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