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  1. Hahaha! That trailer wore us 2 out ! This looks hilarious ! Thanks MARKINSA!
  2. ***/// She LIED on Gubment documents - period. Lock her up then deport her. Along with the entire 'Omar' family who allowed her to come in on their coat tails. They ALL deceived The Government of The United States. She's living under an assumed name & identity. She's a CRIMINAL. She also stole from her campaign & lied about it.
  3. ***/// Don't have to, or read The Funnies anymore either... We come here, read your posts & die laffin'...!
  4. ***/// Everything & everyone good & decent, fun, Patriotic, Historic, heroic, etc is a target for the Cloward & Piven Strategy to destroy US from within. The brainwashed masses victimized by these Alinsky-loving morons are all their little lemmings-for-lunacy towing the kommie line to end Freedom for humankind. .
  5. ***/// Yup... she & all her radical leftist terrorist-loving pals need to be rounded up & deported! And some of those muslim-terrorist-loving pals are close friends of KILLary Klinton's gal pal, er, "assistant", Humid Weiner...yuh, the one with the pervert husband, who's name appears on the same pro-terrorist rag sheet banner as her mother & sister's do. Linda Sarsour is the token she-witch leader of that evil she-devil coven. Maybe Trump needs to round them up along with the other criminal elements he's deporting. They're ALL enemies of The State !
  6. ***/// We're being invaded from within... just like they said they'd do to US. We agree with a certain twitter poster.... "go back".
  7. ***/// DANG, DUDES! Makes us 2 wanna trade in our brooms ! Su-weet !
  8. ***/// This what sticks in the kommies' craws. They're hell-bent on protecting the only viable Voter base they have left to them: the ILLEGAL ALIEN vote. .
  9. ***/// Yup. ho'bummer decimated our Armed Forces in an attempt to cripple US & left in place the kind of spineless wonders who towed his IDIOTlogic line. Now, once again, Trump is left to undo the mess that kommie tool made and has his work cut out for him restoring the reputations of those villified by that socialist pig as well as rebuilding our Forces after that leftist trash laid waste to our Military budgets. .
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