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  1. yuh, right... and monkeys fly outta his butt on sundays.... Totally lame disclaimer by 'the shifty one'. Let his alligator mouth override his hummingbird azz with that one. Yup... Just hung himself upon his own petard. This little leftist tool has been steadily weaving his own hangin' rope since running through the halls of Congress shrieking he had all the goods the MULEer probe needed to take down Trump. Sounds like HE's the one who was "probed"... by the kommie swamp indoctrinators.
  2. Thank you for your Tax Dollars that kept US in business back then ! (and now!) And we love the puddin' outta you, too !
  3. Whatta ya wanna go blind...?!
  4. So the murderers' vile spawn is loose on society now... ho'bummer must be thrilled. This demon seed spews from the same evil that created ho'bummer and shoved him down our throats. All a testament to why the left can NOT be entrusted with our Republic ! Only severely truth-challenged, co-opted, corrupted minds could accept this quickening creep of hateful communism on our shores.
  5. Thanks for the posts, KARSTEN... Watching the left is like not being able to look away from a bad car accident involving the liberal klown kar !
  6. Mr. West's events are being described as "transformative" by attendees who, for any reason they did attend, found themselves moved & inspired. If his message can reach those still mentally enslaved by the left and who blame their 'victimization' on Conservatives, then a whole new segment of our society will have the awakening they've so long awaited & hopefully will realise that their Votes for Trump is THE REAL "hope & change" for all of US..! FREEDOM ! As The Good Lord intended for all His Children !
  7. 1st Winter in NoDak, wind came a'whistlin' down the Flight Line & dang near kilt me! 2nd Winter in NoDak found me in hot pants & a tube top playin' volleyball outside when the thermometer hit 44... a veritable heat wave for NoDak in the Winter! Yup, one does acclimate! But, yes... still had to keep the block heater on the car & trash credit cards scrapin' the windows, and violate the newbie Airmen sending them out into the freezing night to the Class 6 store for Schnapps runs.
  8. Many Happy Returns of The Day, YerYOTAness!! .
  9. Global warming ! AGGHH...! We're all gonna die !
  10. More classic liberal It's okay to let sidewalk dwellers sh-t, pi-s, shoot-up & throw up in front of the populace and allow the remnants of all that to fester in the public domain, but ya can't eat yer damn sammich in peace....?
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