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  1. ***/// He's right to be bothered by the fact that 3 young men lost their lives... But where were those 3 young men's daddies who's job it was to raise them to be law-abiding young men who knew right from wrong? Where were their Mommas when the Gubment was putting food in their mouths & using our Tax Dollars to put book learnin' in their heads & shoulda been draggin' 'em all to Church? Were they victims of the leftist idiot-ology that told them they were "entitled, so go take it"....? Where was the Civics Class, The Pledge of Allegiance, The Bible, which ALL have been ripped from our schools by the leftist kommies co-opting & corrupting the minds of our youth..? How do the "progressive" School Boards answer this? How do the Democrat-run cities who choose to revile & alienate our Law Enforcement answer this? How do those calling for violence & hatred like colin kapernik & Auntie Maxine Watters answer this? Oh, yuh.... it's the Right's fault for not making US all hand over our "bad, bad" guns. NOT.
  2. Like the 'free' oil we were promised from the Iraqis...? Every time we cut a deal like that, we end up getting skarewed. You're right --- We've sold 'em all enough arms & ammunition, trained enough of their personnel and led by example often enough for them to be able to handle their own bidniz by now. Now we sit back & watch how they handle themselves... are they mice or men...? Are they warriors willing to fight for their Freedom & regional Peace... or snowflakes who'll collapse & come running to their Uncle Sam -- again....? Tick, tick, tick....
  3. Su-weet! Now if only The Saudis & Israel would get together & turn all Iran's nuclear & other military sites into glass pancakes.... we'll lift the sanctions on butter & syrup. .
  4. ***/// Agree. And we're adding your friend to our Prayer List.
  5. ***/// As the dominoes of the bogus Trump/Russia/Mueller debacle begin to fall and - hopefully - get what's coming to them ALL, and the now hijacked Democrat Party 'less-than-candid-ates spew their vile hate openly all over their kommie-owned media outlets, more & more Americans - and the rest of the world - are becoming aware of who & what the "deep state" really is and what their vile plans are for all of humanity.
  6. ***/// Yup. Look no further than the legacy of The Creatures From Jekyll Island and their current tools in the form of the Central Banksters & their evil illuminati/OWO/NWO/Globalist ilk.
  7. ***/// No worries PATFAN, We've sold enough hardware & shiny stuff to the Saudis to handle Iran any 'ol way they choose. And if they talk nice to The Israelis, they'll be in good company to shove it up Iran's bum but(t) good ! We may not have to soil our hands this time around. Meantime, The Good 'Ol USA can pick up the shortages now that we're swimmin' in the stuff for the first time in decades -- much to the left's great dismay.
  8. ***/// Publix supermarkets has put out a brief statement requesting that only bonafide LEOs openly carry in their stores. So us 'OlSarge'sGals have pulled out our ponchos from the 60's. Groovy. So if you're fondling the fruit in Publix and see 2 old Gals dressed like Clint Eastwood in 'The Good, The Bad & The Ugly', stop & say "hi".... just don't reach under the ponchos for a hug. BAM! .
  9. ***/// This ignorant little tool-for-evil epitomizes her leftist ilk... they love to dish it out & can't take it when it boomerangs and truth & logic hit her smack dab between the eyes. With any luck she'll end up at a remote training camp somewhere with linda sarsour & that other terrorist tool Omar learning how to wear suicide vests that go off prematurely. They already relish the thought of being living martyrs, so why not have them finally see something through to fruition for their ill-conceived, devious penchants.
  10. ***/// China is the neighborhood bully.... and would relish being a global bully.... at any cost. They'll exploit any country (as they do their own) without regard to climate, human suffering, God-given Freedom, the planet or regard for other Nations. They adore having companies like google, et al bow, scrape & prostitute themselves for their ultimate world-domination kommie benefit. Every time the Trump Administration kicks 'em in the ballz, we cheer.
  11. ***/// So Iran drones the Saudi's refinery off the map. M.E. Oil production slashed. Iraq could pick up the slack, but who's all up in Iraq's bidniz...? Yup... Iran. And sanctions are making them hungrier than ever to exploit Iraq & all her abundant riches. So now we wait... and watch.... Tick, tick, tick...
  12. WOWEE! Wonderful ! There's a reason 'dog' is God spelled backwards ! Thanks for a great share, INDRAMAN!
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