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  1. ***/// Now if only we could help some of the left's enslaved/co-opted/hijacked brains by getting them to read & understand these truths, they might really get "woke"...! But, alas.... apparently with those lazy nanny-state-lovers' ==> ignorance is bliss... sigh.... Thank you, INDRAMAN. .
  2. ***/// Ain't gittin' on a cruise ship or a Cathay Pacific flight anytime soon, so we'll be here !
  3. ***/// ..."herro, Wuhan White House of Joe's Clazy Noodle... what you want order.."
  4. The left has been hiding out all these 'operatives' and more all around our Country for years. And laughing at the rest of US Taxpayers as we keep handing them the "grants" to do it. Big joke on US, eh. They're like roaches... Bring out the RAID. ( If we accidently take out some nearby vermin liberal "Profs" at the same time... hell... highly acceptable collateral damage. )
  5. The dirty Chi-Coms intentionally unleashed biological warfare on the world. Period. Hope it doesn't take some folks as long to figure this out as it's taken them to realise that the Democrat Party has been hijacked by socialists, fascists & kommies. If they put their creepy, gropey dopey Uncle Joe in The White House, we'll ALL be dead in no time. Imagine THAT mentally-impaired tool for the left answering the red phone at 3:00 a.m. when the call comes that the Chi-Coms have unleashed their next phase of attack on US..... God help US.
  6. Why is that cat SOooo interested in watching some guy pork a porcine...? No wonder more guys own dogs than cats...
  7. ***/// There's a reason 'DOG' is God spelled backwards. We've known far more great dogs than people. Rather be stuck on a desert island with a blue-eyed Catahoula than a blue-eyed bartender... now THAT's sayin' sumthin'...! Carry on, Fly Guys...
  8. ***/// Yes he is ! Too bad he's found a spot to lurk here where he's such a Debbie Downer. Here we enjoy celebrating Life - Liberty - Truth - Justice - God n' Country... all the things he and his creepy kommie ilk despise and work so hard to undermine. You'd think he'd be happier in some dark, dank kommie tank in ho'bummer's basement taking 'one for the team'.... er, working on creepy gropey Joe's campaign.... .
  9. Top o' the mornin' to ya, Dear NANNAB ! Hope yer doin' swell ! Sorry it took us so long to get back to ya here, busy fixing up & cleaning some forgotten/ignored grave sites for our fellow Veterans before this very important Memorial Day. We're both plumb tuckered out, hurt all over & soaked to the bone from the sweat of our brows to our rain-soaked dungarees.... Incredibly small price to pay for what those Great Americans did for US. God Bless & Keep Them.
  10. Exactly. Spot on. Now THAT's some Truth!
  11. Another "confused" emogee... tsk, tsk... Still confused, huh... Just goes to show what you DON'T know is hurting you. Victim-hood is a bad look on you. Replace your leftist-ingrained ignorance with a little educatin', son. Watchin' your predictable knee-jerk reactions is getting mighty old n' tiresome. Stop letting Trump live in your head where your masters' put him and regain some independence, boy.
  12. Adorable. Juvenile, but adorable. Like Nanny Pelosi's shhit on the shoe analogy... juvenile. Stooping SO low because they've all painted themselves into a red corner. Coming from the side who ignores Ho'bummer's remarks to Putin's right hand man on the dais that day... ..." psst....tell Vladimir yadda yadda yadda..." Except that Trump became POTUS, not your tool KILLary, so THAT didn't work out for ya, now did it... Hmmnnn... Who's really in bed with Putin...? That's right... the left. .
  13. Brilliant is right. But mocking creepy Joe is like shootin' fish in a barrel..! Too easy! He's the gaffe gift that keeps on givin'.... If anyone still has trouble understanding the little kommie minions on the left, just take a look at who they've chosen to lead them... a creepy, gropey, confused, stuffed party parrot devoid of lucidity. 'Splains alot, dontcha think..? Yup. .
  14. And there it is... Okay party parrot... you can go pick up your check from the DNC now. You're a good little pet, yes you are... g'boy! And be sure to swallow ALL the kool-aid they hand you when you do... no "cheeking" the little pill either.... be sure to swallow it all now! G'boy!
  15. Why the "confused" emogee, pard...? Oh, wait... you must be one of those we eluded to in our post... sorry for your "victim-hood", but you let them do it to ya, son. Wake up and smell the Life, Liberty and Truth, pal. THAT's what'll set you free. Throw off the chains of liberal enslavement & claim your birthright as a FREE human being!
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