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  1. ***/// Fear not.... We're pushing back. God's plan doesn't include eradication of Christians. Satan - in any form - cannot win... ever. PERIOD. .
  2. ***/// Cool. Sure would be awesome to see FEDERAL Court TV so we could all watch Comey, Klinton, et al all get what's comin' to THEM ! .
  3. ***/// Americans are much smarter than the leftist loon kommies give US credit for.... We in-the-know could give a rat's azz about Trump's bidnizzes at this juncture. What we care about is how he drains that swamp - good note, POKAHPLAYAH! - how our economy is doing, calling out the unions who still ascribe to the kommie edict(s), stickin' it to the dirty Chi-Coms, eradicating the stiff penalties ho'bummer tied our businesses' hands with, un-doing ho'bummer's kommie-care, undoing ho'bummer's kommie-kore in our schools, etc.... We'd rather stand behind a businessman like Trump with all his ups n' downs than allow the filthy leftist liberal kommies to take US over ! Especially by the likes of the leftist swamp elites like CRIMINALarious Klinton who sells our Uranium to the Ruskies behind our backs or ho'bummer who screwed US Taxpayers over so badly enriching all his close pals with Solyndra money.... just two examples of a coupla kommies who've NEVER been in bidniz or done a REAL DAY'S WORK in their lives ! . .
  4. ***/// Trump is right... "..make America Great Again"... He needs to throw the kommie/globalist U.N. outta here while he's at it ! ... and issue a Warrant for the immediate of arrest of Gorged Soros & turn him over to Putin for extermination and pull Globalist 'actor' George Clooney's passport. .
  5. ***/// Philly... ...another bastion of leftist zealotry and indoctrination where vile hatred runs wild & the radicals run amok... from the City gubment on down. Every city they're ilk has co-opted becomes a pestilent liberal s--thole. .
  6. ***/// Hey Slimy Billy.... tell us somethin' we DON'T know !
  7. ***/// Last time we saw a classic example of "collusion" it was ho'bummer telling Putin's right-hand man he'd have "more flexibility after the [stolen, co-opted] election" -- [of KILLary]. Or that time KILLary sold off our American Uranium to a "Canadian" {READ: Russian} company. Or that kommie rag 'The Guardian' running interference for all KILLary's operatives making up The Greatest Lie Ever Told. Or Holder & LowRenta Lynch USING our Depts. of Justice by unleashing their little kommie tools to do their evil bidding, keeping Biden & ho'bummer in the loop about it all, then lying their kollective arses off about it all. Holder colluding with the mexican drug cartels, getting Americans murdered & LYING about THAT ! There's SO much more... but ya'll get the general idea.... .
  8. ***/// All his personal business for the past 25 years...? THAT would satisfy you....? Do you really not have bigger fish to fry where our Republic is concerned...? Like what KILLary Klinton and her & ho'bummer's evil minions did - are doing to this Country...? Now THERE's your Political CRIMES !!! Are you truly SO petty as to want to go there just to be able to say you were right...? That he got a parking ticket in 1995 and should be IMPEACHED....?! Wow. Thanks CrazyAuntMaxineAngler ! "... nanny, nanny, boo-boo, we all gonna impeach you!..." Adolescence is but a short time in one's life... Immaturity apparently CAN last forever. . .
  9. ***/// Adding all the American Jewish Voters who used to contribute to the Dems and who have now fled the leftists who've maligned them and shown their vile hatred for them would certainly pack Kushner's coffers. Not to mention all Americans who are sick & damned tired of hearing the elected radical Dem muslim leftists spewing hatred & calling for violence against the Jewish Faith here & abroad.... Yup -- we agree... he'd have a pretty swell chance !
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