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  1. This is the first decent and realistic post I've seen you write, albeit I haven't read many. I started on page 40 because that's where it took me when I first looked. Extremism is ALWAYS wrong. On both sides.Personally, I wish we didn't have a two party system. I wish we could vote for the person we like best. But the party's have platforms and the nominee has to go with them or not be nominated. If we went to a personal vote, each person could write their own platform and tweak it any way they want. Don't like this guy, go to the next. I admire the fact that you can vote either way in an election. Personally, I can't do that because I can't find a single person on the opposing side that I can agree with. I also know in Politics, both sides are corrupt. I'm guessing from your moniker you live in or around Boston. In CA here our Republican vote never even counts no matter what. We have our Jungle Primary in which the top two go to the General and for the General we have a winner take all. So in every election cycle we give 55 electoral votes to whomever the Democrat is. Dems get 20% right off the top. CA is also where Hillarious got the extra 3 mil popular votes. I know I'm rambling, but I wanted to respond to your post. Take your own advice and compromise. There are many others who will do the same and then we really can all get along. So, if you want to ask why I still live in CA, look at all the travel guides. It's an absolutely awesome state if you remove the politics.
  2. Can we omit a few words of your post? "let's do away with AOC". So much easier and more support.
  3. It all sounds good, but then again it all sounded good when I got into this in 2004-2005. Did I miss something?
  4. You ARE the Camel Balls soup, dummy. But don't dress up for the occasion. It"ll be fine.
  5. How in the F old do you have to be to even know who Lawrence Welk even is? I heard that name something like 53, 54 years ago. Well, you never really know. Lawrence Welk is a pretty popular name around the world you know. NOT How long ago did you two get into triple digits? Hahahaha Just kidding of course.Now it's your turn, let me have it. I can remember watching Andy and Opie when they were new. Never figured Ronnie being such a big director and all. He's awesome. Almost as good as Spielberg. Soon Ladies. Better write a line or two to President 911 (Davis). He might be getting a little jealous by now. DW Out Oh yeah, went to Egypt for a week last month. It was absolutely AWESOME. More later, if anyone cares.
  6. Hey guys, I haven't even heard from you in like forever. How be things??? I know that's a loaded question but I sincerely hope all is good with you all. I'm living in the beautiful city of Palm Desert CA. And I love it here never thought I'd turn into a real Desert RAT. Watch out all, a Desert Rat Animal. Ready set GO.
  7. Hey Adam, maybe you could do a short dissertation on exactly "why" Iraq needs to RV and not keep the current value of the IQD. I can ask a gazillion questions but I think you know what all of us want to know. I think we all know about the prestige issue but what about the rest of the world. Do they have issues with the current value and are they able to put pressure on Iraq to RV? What's the issue about being "Internationally traded currency" that we've all heard about since we all started on this ride. Ok, enough for now. Any input from you surely helps. Also, I'd like to say I'm sorry about Green Bay's football issues this year, but I really can't. CAUSE I'm a Patriots fan and I'm a HAPPY guy. Thanks Adam, All our best, Animal
  8. I just tuned in after a long absence from this site. Nothing against anyone but I needed a break. Got away from all the news too but since my Pats won yesterday, it's time to look up some old friends. And I see my best friend Davis is still around. So, Adam, I liked your explanation of things and would like you to engage another thought. Can you put out a piece on where we should stay in Belize and the best places to eat. Since it looks like we're all going soon, maybe it's time to prepare some more. The Animal is back.
  9. I'll go to the end of the line. And I hope it's a long, long, long one. Hahaha Merry Christmas my Canadian friend.
  10. Looks like she got "Thugged". The problem is that she looks like she likes it.. Any relation Thugs? Or did I use "relations" improperly? Enjoy DW
  11. Short question but looking for a long drawn out answer. What do you think is holding up the HCL??? You have your entire Reputation riding on the RV happening almost immediately after the HCL happening. Did you like that?? I used the word "Happening" twice in the same sentence, and spelled corrictly boht thymes. Make me happy, Adam DW
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