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  1. Hey Adam, went to WI last weekend just to go to the "House on the Rock" Had a great time and loved Wisconsin.
  2. The only thing I saw in this article was "Fagged Currary". What is that???
  3. Can you point out anything "Exotic" about Iraq?
  4. So, you're gonna put me down, huh. Get on top, huh Smother me. huh With tons and tons of kisses I hope. Good to see you my friend. Be SAFE. I have stuff for you.
  5. Hey Adam, remember me??? I know you do but I had to ask. What would happen to the people of Iraq if there was an RV tomorrow? How would it impact their lives? I'm only asking about Iraq because we all know what will happen to us. Can you give that a shot please? In another conundrum, as an adamant, Patriots fan, do I stay with NE or go with Brady, or set up Tampa Bay as my new team? Or how about this..............Stay with the Pats, Totally support the GOAT and lets see what Arians can do with the Bucs. Sorry, but no Green Bay in any of this mess. We could start
  6. Dude, (I think), from your avatar it doesn't look like you're old enough to work. That's ok though. A little deceit is not a bad thing. The bad thing is that I look exactly like my avatar.
  7. BTW, I don't own any sweat pants and the women in my life are not allowed to wear them either. There are enough "loose" fitting clothes that look much better. I don't ask for much, but when I do........................I like my women hot. Don't show the Mrs. please.
  8. I guess I must be different than most of the world. I get dressed every single day. Mo matter what. Why do I tell you this??? Because I have nothing else to do. Enough said or do you want more??? DW
  9. It looks like the elephant in the middle is trying to get a hummer from a baby (something?) Where's the real pimp here?
  10. Happy Wife happy life. His Wifey is not happy! It shows on His face. And I don't even know who she is.
  11. That's not even worth a dime, is it? Gotta be a little more substantial for me to make a bet. Put up a 25K note and I might reconsider. If I win the quarter I can find a lever in Vegas that will let me put it in. Yeah, yeah, I know there are 10c machines in Vegas but the quarters are easier to find. And if you want to com[plain about my post, don't bother. It's all rubbish. DW Out
  12. WOW. I made #2 today. I'm not sure that's a good thing. But it's better than making "A" #2. Oh the difference a vowel makes.
  13. Hey Buddy, it seems like you've forgotten me. I'm in desperate need of help. If you could bless me with only a few million dinar, that would be a huge blessing for both of us. I'm sure God would shower you with more than you could ever imagine. Show us what you got big boy. I'll be waiting. DW PS How you been my friend? Hope all is well.
  14. I think so but not entirely sure. I'll go back and read it again, and again, and again, and again, and again. Yep, now I'm sure he said FOREX.
  15. I don't care who you are, that's funny. Really funny.
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