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  1. You don't need no Stinkin Gravy. It'll only make you choke out faster. If you happen to be right, you'll be able to team up with AM and you'll need your sidekick hat. But then it will be a "Kickass" hat. Don't eat the gravy, it never did anybody any good. But I love it too. DW Out
  2. Go get 'em Yota. I never liked Tuesday Anyways. Just let it go, Joe. I promise and swear that our beloved president has no formal opinion on this subject. Or any other for that matter. DW Out. Are we still on for Saturdays?
  3. DWitte


    Useless Thread. Said sarcastically.
  4. I'll take a stab at this. Hell, I'll take a stab at just about anything. Just give me the blindfold and the 12" blade and cut me loose. I'll just stab away until I hit something kinda soft. No brick (or block) walls or anything. And the hidden lesson here today? How do we use the words lose and loose and yes, I used the word loose properly. Hidden, but not very deep. DW
  5. Sounds like you got the AM text. No one would be that stupid to do all those things without it. Wait. look where we are. This place and all around here is full of dumb ass people that like to jump on band wagons. Lets just hope its going slow enough so they don't fall off and get caught in the wheels. BTW, what's your wife's sister look like? Maybe she has a brother. Asking for a friend. My Dinar world Bestie, DAVIS. I crack myself up. See ya all, DW
  6. I believe Luigi to be a man brown in color. Nationality has no bearing here. I'm sure he is taking enemas and chasing them with a laxative. How else could he (or she) be full of so much drivel to spew now and forevermore. Let it go Weegie and you will feel better. No sense holding to so much Shiite that you can't even see straight. You numbers are sim[ply staggering to say the least. How do you "report" this stuff. Hell man, better off to take a nap. More productive. Gotta go. Gettin g dark and I can't see the keys anymore. DW Out
  7. I sure hope you're a little smarter than you let on. But I doubt it. All those things you said that you're not, you definitely are a Democrat even though you can't spell it. Airtech is right, time to say goodbye and wish you the best. The one thing I learned from my first wife is that you can't argue with an Idiot. Good day.
  8. Let me clarify the following statement before I make it. The term (YOU) is not meant in any way to refer to you Smokey. It is used as a general term for you in general. You're only gonna hear two things. Me hitting you, and you hitting the floor. Is that considered a nice fight in your book? It is in mine. DW
  9. I'll take the hit for the downvote and I'm sure I don't even have to comment as to why. But if you're insulted because someone used the term "libtard" you should stay out of the sun. being thin skinned and all. WE don't want to see you in pain or anything. Oh yeah, no participation trophys given here. Time to move on.
  10. It'll be 1190 dinar pretty quick and worth(less). Just like mine. But I keep hanging on. Maybe I should just hang ---------------------------------around for awhile.
  11. Yeah, death is hilarious. Just ask her.
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