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  1. It looks like the elephant in the middle is trying to get a hummer from a baby (something?) Where's the real pimp here?
  2. Happy Wife happy life. His Wifey is not happy! It shows on His face. And I don't even know who she is.
  3. That's not even worth a dime, is it? Gotta be a little more substantial for me to make a bet. Put up a 25K note and I might reconsider. If I win the quarter I can find a lever in Vegas that will let me put it in. Yeah, yeah, I know there are 10c machines in Vegas but the quarters are easier to find. And if you want to com[plain about my post, don't bother. It's all rubbish. DW Out
  4. WOW. I made #2 today. I'm not sure that's a good thing. But it's better than making "A" #2. Oh the difference a vowel makes.
  5. Hey Buddy, it seems like you've forgotten me. I'm in desperate need of help. If you could bless me with only a few million dinar, that would be a huge blessing for both of us. I'm sure God would shower you with more than you could ever imagine. Show us what you got big boy. I'll be waiting. DW PS How you been my friend? Hope all is well.
  6. I think so but not entirely sure. I'll go back and read it again, and again, and again, and again, and again. Yep, now I'm sure he said FOREX.
  7. I don't care who you are, that's funny. Really funny.
  8. So, is Iraq looking at getting new money??? First I've heard of it. Any truth to this? Anybody ever hear from Sandfly??? Happy Holidays everyone. Thanksgiving, day before Thanksgiving, Christmas, Christmas Eve, New Years Eve, New years Day, Dec 18, Dec 42nd and anything else anyone wants to celebrate. Not a typo, just a joke. DW OUT
  9. Back in 2000, way back says the wayback machine (you have to be really old to remember that one) I bought a 5th wheel for $21,500 and have beat it to death. I even had to live in it for 2 years back in 08 and it's been rebuilt 3 times. And I still like it. But here's the catch. Yesterday we went to a Sam's Club parking lot RV sale. I saw a new one that I liked but it was $459,000. (No typo). The tax would be more (way more) than my first RV cost. Haha That's just my little story about what I'm waiting for. Hoping for soon. Just getting older. DW
  10. I bet you don't even have a mustache. Then you can't be Mustafa. But, you can be a Dork. Abu Dork Davis for prez. Now I can get on board that bandwagon. Hahahaha
  11. That's funny, but, why is the big T barefoot?
  12. You could have made something up. No one here would know the difference. Hahahaha I didn't sign it so it means nothing.
  13. This could possibly be the most wandering thread ever. And it says nothing. Imagine the disappointment of anyone looking for Adams weekly and stumbling on this diatribe of a mess. Haha DW PS No, I really don't the definition of "diatribe" , but it sounds like it could work.
  14. Hey DT, you forgot to turn and light up. And squat. I bet you know how to squat, right? Good job. DW
  15. Looks like no one is around today. Three hours later and only one response, mine. Oh well, I certainly don't have anything of value to say here. Except, let's have an RV.
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