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  1. heck yeah as a walk away's sooo much nicer on this side and I will be voting for MR Trump again... what a Great MAN
  2. Hi Adam, thanks for the update, I'm a member of VIP, with a automatic payment renewal, because that's how you had set it up, which I have no problem oh, I was wondering if we were going to get some discount on our renewal if we need to and as always go RV
  3. thank you for the cliff
  4. please...please...please this would be awesome
  5. but the Feds raised the rite 3-4 times so far but, never raised over obummer….
  6. I don't know...10.000 to 1 sounds like a lop to me... but , hey.. I'm here for the popcorn
  7. pretty slanted article...most of these people got busted for things they DID before they joined President Trumps Team. unlike OOBOZO Crime family
  8. President Trump gave the demarats more then they asked for and they the DRATS said no thanks. remember there is no crises
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