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    well I live in Minnesota so skiing,snowboarding,700 Polaris snowmobile,bonfires ,and long walks and Buddi my wht German Shepard

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  1. pretty slanted article...most of these people got busted for things they DID before they joined President Trumps Team. unlike OOBOZO Crime family
  2. President Trump gave the demarats more then they asked for and they the DRATS said no thanks. remember there is no crises
  3. providing squalid living conditions.... your joking right...I give they have cover over their heads ..a lot better then most Americans..send them ALL BACK
  4. sooo who"s the asshat for only NEGing. you? for your comments ?
  5. the Dong has been Down along time..about time it RAISES
  6. I saw the wack a doodle on cnn and they didn't even delieve her
  7. my be it's the christens getting back ….from all the churches that the Muslims burnt down good for them
  8. anything happening in
  9. sorry shab...I think YOUR people dropped the Ball on the BIG O as we are finding out how BAD he was
  10. if this happens at THAT amount.....OMG I'm going to have to call a doctor
  11. whoop...whoop PB 17 32 39 58 67 pb20 MM 09 19 55 56 70 mm04
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