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    well I live in Minnesota so skiing,snowboarding,700 Polaris snowmobile,bonfires ,and long walks and Buddi my wht German Shepard

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  1. whoop...whoop PB 17 32 39 58 67 pb20 MM 09 19 55 56 70 mm04
  2. most of the accused were Layers WHO HAD MANY clients and Donald J Trump was one of them. what they got them arrested was their actions before they got into the white house. General Flinn on the other hand was a sham... poor man jmho…….…..go rv
  3. they could put a stick in his mouth.....just saying super man did it
  4. I was listing to glen beck and they found out who was behind this... they just followed the money and found out it was two different groups that do business out of the same Building in Chicago...some open boarders groups
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