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    minnesota-GODS country
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    well I live in Minnesota so skiing,snowboarding,700 Polaris snowmobile,bonfires ,and long walks and Buddi my wht German Shepard

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  1. Heck yeah.....Donald J Trump fixed Global warming
  2. jaman

    Question about the VND

    Karsten..... I'd love anything over .47
  3. jaman

    Adam Montana Weekly 28 November 2018

    soon enough we will be saying ....what time is the DV Party.... then I 'll ask Adam what does it feel like to have the same record ask Cleveland ...asking as a Viking Fan
  4. jaman

    Iranian Rial

    well ....puttin it back in the safe......right behind the VND just before the IQD
  5. you and screwball and I could have a blast on the $$$$
  6. here is my MM 04 10 14 55 66 mb 01
  7. oh yeah...learn Quickly please.....GO RV
  8. whoop....whoop here are my PB ####### 16 29 32 37 39 pb 12
  9. the rally in Minnesota had 10.000 in the center but, there were over 2.000 that watched it on big screens out side
  10. well if he get fired he receives no pension ....
  11. jaman

    Iranian Rial

    HA!!! and with a huge maple leaf on one the back
  12. jaman

    Iranian Rial

    Glad to see you back player was doing his best, to fill your shoes..and then Freedomwish stumbling in Drunk as heck.....saying I LOVE YOU MAN....then we all tell we love him back ...yeah it's been fun....GO RV

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