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  1. Wow. I hope this really gets out there. May not change anything now, but I hope it can make our votes count in the future.
  2. Tim Conway and Doris Day both passed the same day. A great loss.
  3. I knew my VIP was almost up so on May 24 I ordered the 5 month VIP. May 30 an automatic order went through for VIP. (I'm not sure how) Can I not get these two together and extend it out since I don't need two VIP for the same time frame. Also I would like to say THANK YOU for all of your hard work. I know it is very time consuming and must take time away from your family. I have learned a lot, had a lot of laughs and have truly enjoyed your site. Thank you again.
  4. Likewise Thanks for the responses. Appreciated.
  5. With what they're doing in the ISX and ESX will we be able to invest through the Nasdaq here in the US yet? Any way at all?
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