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  1. lol... ALL we heard was RUSSIA ...RUSSIA......RUSSIA from you and your kind...IE demarcates
  2. if it had a rate like that...I will cash out ..thanks to this site I got into crypto and learned so much Thanks to Adam and the Mods for such a wonderful site
  3. I have been in this investment for over 10 years.....I'll take anything ....and then reinvest in crypto, bought a over 3,000 of XRP @ .25 boing my happy dance
  4. Ali at Dinar Trade...was my first....2005 and then got mine looked at it and bought some more, found out my bank had them for alot less.....soooooo this is my bank story... go RV
  5. come on...don't you thing we have live stock up in FARM LAND.. and haven't see dead and frozen cows on a daily, we have people who are homeless your only problem is the word " FUNNY" suck it up
  6. you'll funny....I live I minnesota where Our lakes stay frozen for 4-5 months, we put houses on them and fish and spire fish...NO big deal. Quit sucking on those lemons.... HEY NJ would love some of that snow
  7. And Are Probably Spooning Together Under Their Favorite Blankie On The Blue Couch ! sounds like someone's feeling left out....
  8. if you have seen as much porn as I have you can tell a photo shopped photo...look at the shadow mad max makes with her left shoulder
  9.'s only been 13 yrs for me....what's 30 more days
  10. is this conmen core math here....? how did you go from having 10 mill and sell some and now you have 750.mill ? left
  11. thanks Adam and mod for the hard work you have been doing
  12. stopped watching SNL LOOOOONG time ago just like football and just like MTV when they were just about music...I miss those days
  13. I would like to share this on fake book but...I'm In fakebook jail for 30 days for posting stuff about bidden and hunter
  14. I must have missed something........when did SNL start being funny again??? still butt hurt about the DON you'll have 4 more year to get the stick out of your a-s
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