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    I have something to share with you all. In my 11 years on this investment I have never dreamed about anything related to the dinar until couple of weeks ago. In my dream I was at the bank waiting in line for the cashier, two individuals in front of me. When is my turn to talk to the cashier, before a said anything. He said to me “ Did you know The Iraqi dinar revalue? I said, NO He said, “Do you have dinars” I said, yes, yes ,yes... I have few millions He said, how much I said, I have 2.5 million..... ( not the real amount I hold) He said, WoW you’re a multimillionaire Then the cashier disappears behind the counter and start to put stacks of $100 dollars 💵 bills as told as 2 feet high on the counter till I couldn’t see him anymore. I was in shock I couldn’t move or talk, then I look back to see the people behind me and everybody was cheering and clapping for me.. End of the dream. Part 2 Few days later I share the dream with my youngest brother and he laughed about it. Then 5 days after I shared the dream with him, he called me to tell me you are going to be millionaire. I said, why you tell me that? After his normal job he was doing Uber at Miami international airport, he picked up 2 young guys from kuwait. My brother told me they look really wealthy wearing white turbans and a lot of gold My brother decided to ask the guys about the Iraqi dinar. The Kuwaitis asked my brother, Do you have dinar? My brother said, I don’t have but my older brother have a lot The guys said, tell your brother to keep them safe because is going to happen soon, he will make a lot of money. Note: No rate from the cashier or the Kuwaití guys...... After my dream and my brother Uber experience my brother finally bought some dinars I take this as a sign that we are close to the end of this ride. Go revelations Go RV sooner than later Go $1:1
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    or...the other night. I woke up the other morning realizing I had just been dreaming about a couple numbers coming out. I thought it was for the pick 4 or pick 3 lottery they have daily. But I could not recall the number or numbers before the two numbers I saw. In the dream I was waiting for some numbers to come out to see if I won. And a white piece of paper came out of a machine from what I remember. But the paper was more like toilet paper. It was ejected like a receipt out of an ATM machine. The ink was black, but as it came out the numbers got extended or elongated as if the ink was running down the paper. Finally I was able to see the number. It was 19. The 9 actually was more runny than the 1, and in fact streaked down to the bottom of the paper. But it was clearly a 1 and 9. As soon as I saw the 19, I jumped up and down, celebrating, knowing I had just won whatever I had entered or played. Again, when I woke up, I immediately thought it was for the lottery. All day I kept trying to remember what the numbers might have been before the 19. But it just seemed like maybe there was no number. So I let it go, until tonight, and it was brought back to my memory, and suddenly, maybe it was Holy Spirit, a thought came up that maybe it wasn't for the lottery at all, but for the Dinar. And it started to fall into place. For the last month I have been asking the Lord "is it this year August that the Dinar is going to revalue. And/or what year is it going to be?" Now I'm not sure about what the running ink means, but one of the descriptions of the Dinar has been "toilet paper". So I have to believe, that the 19 is this year. And of course, having audibly heard August those many years ago, we just may be on the cusp of our blessing. Now this may be nothing, but I sure am praying it is finally the Lord revealing to me the year!!! Anyway, just wanted to share this. Any thoughts?
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    I found interesting that they don’t mention couple of important things. Like they did in the first and second review. - Maintaining the peg of the Iraqi dinar to the U.S. dollar, which provides a key anchor to the economy. - No a word about Exchange rate restrictions subject to Art VIII. “something is going on” Go RV sooner than later Go $1:1
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    I just want to share my opinion that, if we really are on the verge of the RV, Iraq is not gonna announce anything that even hints at that. So even if good things did happen with the IMF, or completion of the GOI, or the HCL, or anything else of significance, I don't expect them to release all the news about it. In fact, I even expect them to outright lie to in order to keep it secret that the RV is about to happen. Why? Because if people had evidence that the RV was about to happen, they would all be scrambling to get their hands on as much IQD as possible. It would shut down purchase/sale transactions done in IQD in Iraq, you would have thugs robbing people to get their hand on more dinar, people would be exchanging as much USD (and any other currencies they had) for IQD as they possibly could - anywhere and everywhere they could, and probably robbing currency dealers, banks and merchants too. Rich or poor, anyone who knew the RV was imminent would be doing everything they could to get more IQD ASAP, with dangerous consequences to many people. The few countries that have actually RV'd their currency had to do it this way.... they kept it a secret and in fact were even outright denying they were going to RV up to the very last minute before they actually did RV (I believe that was Mexico). Just saying this so people realize there's no need to feel let down. Iraq needs to RV as unexpectedly as they can. We (especially us in these bro threads!) are watching closely and know how much is rapidly getting done so we can connect the dots probably better than most people. Maybe it will be this weekend, or next week. If not, maybe August (there's a good Opinions thread about people's dreams indicating the month of August). Personally, I figure since the ISX is going online with Nasdaq in October, that it should happen before that. But really, in the end, we're all just speculating from connecting the dots -the dots we're able to find - as best as we can. One day, all the dots will finally be connected then, POP, the RV gets done!!! In the meantime I really enjoy the hopium and the excitement I feel thinking this may happen momentarily. And for others who also like feeling that way, take heart. No news is not necessarily bad news, in fact, it may actually even be good news in disguise. And in the end, missing one date doesn't mean it's not gonna happen the next day or the day after..... jmho GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO RV!
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    Good morning good morning and happy 24th of July! I posed a question last week, regarding the budget and how "necessary" it is to change the value on the currency. Follow up... let's say the Department of Lawn Fertilization has 1 million IQD allocated to it. That's approximately $1000 (USD). With an RV of 1:1 with the US dollar, the Lawn Fertilization Department now has 1 million USD, which is probably overfunded at that rate and wouldn't make sense, right? I see this playing out one of two ways, and only one really stands a chance... 1. The previous budget stands, leaving a majority of departments overfunded to the point they have a surplus for many years. 2. Immediately following the announcement of the rate change, a decree is issued stating that the previous US Dollar amount allocated to the Departments is still being used, and Parliament gets to work with a different mindset on the next budget. Iraq is currently operating on a budget fit for a pauper, even through by rights Iraq should be one of the wealthiest nations in the world. Iraq has, in the past, operated on budgets and status befitting their actual situation - that situation being one of the wealthiest nations in the world. This is such a basic and fundamental concept that it doesn't even need to be explained in detail. The natural question most of us have at that point is something like this: "When the rate changes, how is the Department of Lawn Fertilization (and every other Department) going to be happy with $1000 while there's obviously more money available? Won't this cause immediate civil unrest, throwing the country into chaos again, and immediately devalue the dinar again?" That would indeed be a problem! There's an easy solution: All Departments get an immediate credit, or "loan", equal to their portion of the budget X the RV rate. If it's a 10X RV, then the Lawn Fertilization gets access to 10X their original budgeted amount, to be reconciled and adjusted prior to the next Budget. The list of Departments that need to be accounted for is not so long that this would cause any problems. The Departments having access to a greater amount will curb excess spending and abuse... the Department of Lawn Fertilization may not need 10X, so as they utilize their "credit", a cap can be applied to individual Departments throughout the remainder of the budget year. The People who hold physical Dinar simply benefit by the increase in value, just like we will. A new printed currency comes out within weeks or even days of the rate change, and we're all aware that the new notes are ready to be printed, if not already printed and being held for distribution. Iraq is currently in the final stages of preparation to return to their previous status in the world. They are not a country that has been in poverty for centuries... the are barely over a decade into their current situation. They have had a short setback in their financial situation, but at their core they are a rich country and this is not a huge mental shift for them to return to prosperity. The budget, in my opinion, is not something that will hold them back. A few strokes of the pen and some clicks of a mouse and the Budget is adjusted... bada boom, bada bing. Easy peasy lemon squeezy, no matter how they decide to handle it. It's not a complicated path. @presence made a fantastic post in last week's thread - I think it's worth repeating: "Theres been tremendous progress since the elimination of the dasholes (despite the lack of elimination of a former PM.). SWIFT codes and.KPMG werent even a thiught a decade ago, nor was president Trump. I mention the latter because a proper 'deal' could and would eliminate the entire US debt - which is possible mathematically and would be structurally sound. I find it interesting that Trump.made a relevant reference in the news this week; while referring to the fact that the Iranian fiasco setup by Obama (Aka Valerie Jared) was only supposed to be 5 years in duration, he stated that agreements should be much longer when working with countries- in excess of 50 years in length. I recall reading an article prior to his election in which he said we should just take the oil from Iraq for what we've done for them; I'm sure Iraq and all other nations involved would agree that a lengthy deal.would be and is preferable. Recent events (just to name a few) such as the recent visit - and followup meeting just yesterday- of KRG with Baghdad, public comments regarding the completion of article 140, Mahdi's visit to the White House on or about the 15th of July, the yet to be released statement and conclusion by the IMF (I'm pretty sure we would've heard something by now if their summation was negative), the stability and strength of the IQD's market rate and a sustained fluctuation of less than 2%, stability and duration of the current price of oil, the development of digital technology and the coordination between NASD.and the Iraqi stock exchange, the recent "Fire Drill" at the IQD, continued unrest and public demonstrations by the Iraqi citizens - all point in the direction that a positive change in rate of the IQD is coming - this year (I personally won't be surprised if it comes by Aug. 2nd.) The most encouraging thing I left out are previous comments from the CBI that state a change in rate was supposed to have aleeady happened -years ago- and that it didn't due to problems in Iraq that have since been resolved- which further proves the current state of stability and security in Iraq. Go RV!!!" I don't know how much more I can add to that! Nice post, @presence One more thought before I wrap this up - a lot of our news threads here have exceeded thousands of posts. Those threads will be locked (mods, please help me out here) in an effort to bring the most current news to the attention of those of us interested in reading. If you see a locked thread in the news sections, this does not mean we don't want to continue the conversation! It just means it's time to start a new thread on the topic. Have a fantastic day, everyone! GOOOOO RRRRVVVVVVV!!!! - Adam
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    Ok, got the heck out of that Penal Colony. First from looking at this thread I can see many are going through Kugler-Ross stages: Just a few points from looking at the post and Laid Back commits and not reading the whole report: BOTTOM LINE UP FRONT - It is Still All Good. Not perfect and not what I expected, but would make sense if you wanted them to move forward and not kill them in place. I think the IMF report was a key factor for me. But like Laid Back said, there are a ton of things missing. So to me the report said what it had to, with no surprises other than be very general in nature. Which, if you look at Iraq, would be what any of us would have said if we just look at it as it is. What it does not take into account are events that have transpired since that review. Meeting behind doors and offline that if implemented before the review would have resulted in a far different outcome. Game changers like the recent meeting between Bagdad and Erbil. The meeting that is to take place next week between the Minister of Oil and Finance. These are all game changers. Things that the IMF can not account for or have complete knowledge of, because it is not a done deal yet. So, take it for what it was, a review by the IMF that provided a vanilla overview of the state of Iraq. I am not discourage and you should not be either. Just look at the events taking place and be your own judge.
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    the Committee is keen to enact the law of financial administration as it gives a complete road map of the financial policy in the country in terms of management of money and cash in the state," pointing out that "the change will raise the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar against foreign currencies while maintaining the stability of inflation In the country". Is this in the gazette as yet?
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    A HORSE WALKS INTO A BAR...And the bartender asks, “how come the long face” Bros, I’m more fired up than I’ve been about the Dinar in years. Things are going the right way. No long or sad face here. It’s time to start dreaming again, new cars, homes, vacations, helping others. Bros it’s going to happen. When? Who cares, it’s going to happen! !
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    The incorrect statement is that Iraq doesn't have a Lawn Fertilization Department. It's a SAND Fertilization Dept. They have no lawns in Iraq.
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    Im ready for all possibilities, .10 I have a very nice pay day .35-50 I’m starting to get some serious money .84-1.20. Very Wealthy 3.00. It won’t matter for me because I’ll probably stroke out. A few nagging questions. Taxes, and will we be required to turn in all our Dinar in a set 90 days window or whatever they decide. Im ready Bros. Let’s do this. Cheers. Haha
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    The appointment of a new governor of the Central Bank and a head of the Financial Control Bureau Date of release: 2019/7/25 15:14 • 195 times read (Baghdad: Al Furat News) Cabinet decided, in its first meeting on Tuesday, the appointment of a new governor of the Central Bank of Iraq. According to a document of the Secretariat of the Council of Ministers obtained the {Euphrates News} a copy of them, the Council "decided to recommend to the House of Representatives to appoint [Ali Abdul Amir Allawi] governor of the Central Bank, based on the provisions of Article 1 of the First Amendment Law of the Central Bank of Iraq The appointment of { Salah Nuri Khalaf} head of the Federal Financial Control Bureau, based on the provisions of Article 23 of the Law of the Office of Financial Supervision The Council of Ministers also requested the Council of Representatives to appoint [Mohamed Abdel Hadi Mohamed Taqi Hakim} adviser to the Prime Minister, and [Fayad Hassan Nema] agent of the Ministry Oil, and {Hamid Younis Saleh Zobaie} and K. Yalla to the Ministry of Oil and {Adel Karim Kak Ahmed} as the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals
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    DEPUTY: TUESDAY WILL BE HOSTED MINISTERS OF FINANCE AND OIL WITHIN THE PARLIAMENT Thursday, 25 July 2019 8:36 PM SHARE ARTICLE: Baghdad / National Information Center (NNC) Announced the alliance of the Fath Alliance Fadhlawi, on Thursday, the hosting of the ministers of finance and oil next Tuesday to discuss the payment of allocations to the region by the budget of 2019 and refused to export its oil through the oil company Sumo. "The ministers are due to attend last Tuesday, but the presidency adjourned the meeting to Thursday, which prevented the two ministers from attending," al-Fatlawi said in a press statement. He added that "the two ministers will attend a meeting Tuesday within the Finance Committee and then at the meeting to discuss the reasons for the disbursement of the budget for 2019 to Kurdistan, although not exported oil through Sumo." "The Council will take decisive decisions to put an end to the issue of oil export of Kurdistan and the problems that occur every year after the adoption of the budget."
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    Hang on! They can't reveal to the world in this report that the exchange rate has changed. I'd blow this whole thing up. Don't give up hope yet.
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    My personal opinion only is that all of this is being orchestrated on the international level with groups like the imf world bank, Bank of International Settlements, the Faster Payments Taskforce, that Trump establishes when first coming into office. It is all part of “Leveleing the Playing Field”, that He, Steve Mnuchin, Christine Lagarde former managing director of the IMF, Mark Carney of the Bank of England all have been saying! I think this all ties together with RTGS currencies... (Real Time Gross Settlements) This is all going to play into central banks changing over to blockchain DLT technologies working in the background. The average citizen won’t know it or understand it, many of them will still use cash and go to the bank like normal but all these countries are going to be reset according to natural resources, Human Resources, Imports/Exports etc to find their true value. Iran and Other countries have been finding a crypto work around from the mainly US dominated SWIFT system. Not to sound like a broken record, but I believe that XRP will be the bridge digital asset between all these various CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currencies) I believe Iran will devalue, and I believe Iraq will Revalue. Iran 4 zeros off the notes with a new currency, and Iraq 3 zeros off the .00084 rate. All will be settled internationally using RTGS through the IOV (Internet of Value) or Interledger Protocol using R3 Corda Settler and the XRPL ledger. It will be as easy to send money international as it is to send an email. All KYC/AML compliant..... we shall see but in my opinion it’s all connected! This is a huge orchestra getting ready for a final crescendo! 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻 I could be wrong though. Just years of reading and listening trying to figure out how it all goes together
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    2019 ARTICLE IV CONSULTATION AND PROPOSAL FOR POST-PROGRAM MONITORING—PRESS RELEASE; STAFF REPORT; AND STATEMENT BY THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR FOR IRAQ Full Report in pdf 85 pages. I recommend everyone to read it. I believe this is the most important piece of the RV puzzle. Go RV Go $1:1
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    Have to jump off. My FRIGGIN boss is disturbing my exit strategy.
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    That's what I am talking about, HOPIUM! We have enough people trashing this investment and selling their Dinar out on all this positive news and Adam's post. Time to get pumped and be positive. No matter who list you are looking at, we are down to 1 or 2 thing to cross off.
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    Hey Guys, just spoke with my 2nd Iraqi friend from Najaf.. we were discussing this latest news of a Baghdad delegation headed to Erbil.. he casually mentioned that if it was just a regular meeting, it would have happened in Baghdad.. He said if other Countries are coming in for the meeting it would be held in Erbil because Erbil is more safe and stable for foreigners. So, it’s a possibility that other nations will be there also.. let’s see if that comes out in the articles.. Go Iraq!! Go RV!!
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    Thanks everyone for sharing! I don't know what the running ink represents, but 19 seems pretty clear! No matter what I'm thankful to Jesus and my salvation through faith in Him. Regardless of when or how much we are blessed with it still comes down to , "Lord, what do you have for me today? Wherever my foot falls, that is my mission field." But man, how exciting it will be when financial resources will abound. Come on August in 2019! Yall have a great day
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    long time lurker .(15 years?) first time posting. These Bro threads and Dinar Thugs threads have been amazing. Than You Everyone.
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    Sweet Dreams this weekend! Hope we wake up from this long nightmare next week with pockets full of valuable currency! I’ve always believed that it will come out around Kuwait, it just makes sense since they share a border and a port. We’ll see. Coming from you, it’s better than a bank story from any other site 😂
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    Fancy, that was last's the reason why I joined this site...but this is a tough crowd to be in. I stuck to the news after that....I prayed to him to not reveal anymore things to me....cheers all...we are there I tell ya
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    “The last KRG delegation to Baghdad was very successful, as both sides agreed to resolve all issues between Erbil and Baghdad before 2020,” Go HCL Go Art 140 Go imf Art 8 Go RV Go $1:1 Cheers Brothers and Sisters🍾🥂💵💰
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    My list again: Complete goi(they now have new cbi gov n financial supervision). Rate change/ HCL 140(the distribution of props. n money to people in Kurdistan...hcl is ongoing progress...there is that delegation from baghdad to settle all issues including oil which the Kurdistan will give baghdad starting from jan of this year retroactively) Art 8 I believe is also going to come out ...done deal Supp Budget distributed Start reconstructions We are off to the banks after rate changes... Maui here we come...yahooi...cheers bros n all dvers....let's go
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    Allawi is governor of the Central Bank and Salah Nuri as head of the Financial Control Bureau July 25, 2019 | 1:59 PM - The number of readings: 221 views
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    IRAQ: US $ 6.3 BILLION INCOME IN JUNE Iraqi Ministry of Oil 25 Jul 2019 12:01 PM Direct: The Iraqi Ministry of Oil, the total oil exports and revenues achieved for the month of June last, according to the final statistics issued by the Iraqi Oil Marketing Company (SOMO). The ministry said in a statement that the revenues of oil exports during the last month amounted to 6.372 billion dollars. Crude oil exports reached 105.603 million barrels in June 2019. A total of 101.71 million barrels of crude oil were exported from oil fields in central and southern Iraq last June, with revenue of 6.16 billion dollars, a ministry spokesman said. Asim Jihad said that the quantities exported from Kirkuk through the port of Ceyhan amounted to 3.16 million barrels, with revenues of 194.63 million dollars, while exports of the field Qayyarah 735.77 thousand barrels, revenues of 20.32 million dollars. Jihad explained that the average price per barrel amounted to 60.347 dollars. The ministry spokesman pointed out that the exported quantities were loaded by 39 international companies of different nationalities, from the ports of Basra and Khor al-Amaya and the single buoys on the Gulf and the Turkish port of Ceyhan.
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    Damn, i posted that at 1:11.
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    I just read the whole imf report...the whole thing is nothing but blah blah blah blah Iraq this..blahh....nothing significance mention of anything about whether Iraq is ready for a convertible list still stands....let's go bros
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    LGD, I know that you and others on this forum go at it pretty hard from time to time, as some definitely have your number. I myself have had some pretty lengthy and drawn out arguments as well. All I can say is that you must never let the Twitter World or other Social Media sites like DV draw you in to where it consumes you. You strike me as a very passionate and Godly man who loves his family and his Country. When this thing is over I would love to meet you and many others on this forum, even including AM himself. As for the counter or opposing views on this forum and how to deal with them, I always try to give them the benefit of the doubt that although their viewpoints rarely align with mine, they are coming from a different perspective, but their intentions are pure. I wish them no harm but only try to persuade with facts and reasoning. I always try to be respectful (although I feel there have been several times where I have possibly stepped over a line that required an apology). So in conclusion, get in, express your beliefs respectfully with facts and reasoning, then get out. Your Family, your relationship with God, and your job are the most important things you can take care of day-to-day. Indy
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    Yes what Davis411 says about what DWS112 says. I gotta get me three numbers by my name. I'm thinking whatever it RVs at.
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    The Bro’s Go Out Cruising For Chick’s In Their Sweet Vintage ‘Vette !
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    Thank you for sharing. I remembered you and narvia both heard from God that the RV would happen in August and this time around, things are so much more positive and have been accomplished. We know that God speaks to us in our dreams, plenty of proof in the Bible that He does, He has to me as well. A number of years ago when I was sleeping I was abruptly woken up, looked my my clock and it was 3:33. I had a dream of a long scroll being unfolded, it was long, and I could not read what was on it, it was all blurred out, but at the end of the scroll was .86. My interpretation is the length of the scroll was the wait and of course the .86 the RV amount. I know this will happen, because many years ago, I was walking up to my neighbor and God audibly told me to give her a certain amount of money-His voice literally stopped me in my tracks!I Again, thank you for sharing! God is filled with JOY and certainly is about Blessing His children so we can bless others. I do believe this is our year.
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    That ministry of edu...did u guys see the article I posted this week...the re-linking of the both edu n health, they even have the doc. published?..let's go bros
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    Instructions and criteria for circulation and replacement of banknotes and counting mechanisms July 25, 2019 To / licensed banks all ( instructions and standards of banknotes trading and replace mechanisms and counting ) .. To view , click here
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    Fly out to Amarillo and try the Big Texan Steak Ranch challenge. It’s only a 72 oz hunk of meat. Haha. We drove up their one weekend when I was in college to see if we could do it. There was 6 of us in a VW Van, got to the Ranch and ordered up 6, 72 oz steaks. No one finished and most of us got ill. I ate about 38 Oz. One gut got to about 50 and last place was about 20 oz. Great times.
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    Believe it or not....DV is my only social media interaction. I used to be on facebook to keep track of our son and his college escapades, as well as, reconnecting with long lost Army buddies....but the negative far outweighed the positive, so I kicked it to the curb. I've never been on Twitter or Snapchat or whatever else is available and have no desire do so. My intention here was not to cause a ruckus....I was simply thinking in terms of the Music Forum and it's purpose, nothing more. I apologize to all if my intentions were misconstrued as some sort of attack on free speech....for, I served my country to protect those constitutionally protected rights. GO RV, then BV
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    Wow Laid Back that means a lot coming from you thanks so much for sharing very much appreciated!! May I ask how long ago did this actually happen was it within the past month? Funny as knowledgeable as you are your own brother didn’t believe you it seems and hasn’t bought in all these years until picking up the two Kuwaiti passengers...guess better late then never right! LoL. Guess it’s more money you get to keep post RV since he has his own now, it’s kinda like you actually bought more dinar yourself is the way I would look at
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    Well, I asked them personally not to announce it until August because that is the month of my birthday. I explained I wanted to throw a huge birthday party and invite all my “friends”. They agreed with my request. 😋💪😆😆
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    Absolutely agree with you Pitcher! There are things being done behind the scenes that will only come out after the RV!! They know there are so many people around the world watching this I believe and they will keep certain things hidden from us until the very end which hopefully is sooner rather than later and especially sooner since I want that new C8
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    Don’t U Just Luv That New Thread Smell ? Even If It’s A Bro’s Thread ! U Go U Wacky Crazy A$$ BroFo’s !
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    Lets go Iraq. Lets do it! Root Beer and Ice Cream on stand by!!
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    Iraq Iraqi oil, finance, security delegation to visit Erbil on Thursday Kurdistan Regional Government prime minister Masrour Barzani (second from right) visits Baghdad on July 16, 2019. Photo: Masrour Barzani social media ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – An Iraqi government delegation is set to arrive in Erbil on Thursday to discuss oil, budget and disputed territory issues with Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) officials, in a continued effort to normalize Erbil-Baghdad relations. The delegation from Baghdad will be led by Iraqi finance and oil ministers, according to Aekhlas Dlimey, a member of finance committee in Iraqi parliament. It will also include Iraqi National Security Advisor Falah al-Fayadh. “Kurdistan Regional Government is keen on solving the issues between the Kurdistan Region and Iraqi federal government,” Dlimey, told Rudaw on Wednesday. “The last KRG delegation to Baghdad was very successful, as both sides agreed to resolve all issues between Erbil and Baghdad before 2020,” she added. KRG prime minister Masrour Barzani, sworn in by the Kurdistan Region parliament on July 10, has signaled that his administration wants to “develop a constructive and stable partnership” with Baghdad and leave behind past disputes. In his first visit to Baghdad as KRG prime minister on July 16, Barzani met with senior Iraqi officials, including Iraqi prime minister Adil Abdul Mahdi, President of Iraq Barham Salih and Iraqi parliament speaker Mohammed al-Halbousi. The main aim of the visit was to resolve lingering Erbil-Baghdad contentions, including oil, budget and disputed territories. During the last KRG cabinet meeting on July 22, 2019, the KRG established a committee to initiate dialogue with Baghdad. Though it is still unknown whether the delegation will discuss the return of the Peshmerga forces to the disputed areas, the presence of al-Fayadh may provoke its discussion. “It is unclear whether the delegation will discuss the return of Peshmerga forces into the disputed areas or not, but since the Iraqi National Security Advisor is part of the delegation, then the topic might be on the table,” Dlimey told Rudaw. Relations between Erbil and Baghdad hit their lowest ebb in the immediate aftermath of the Kurdistan independence referendum in September 2017. Tensions had already been running high in a spat over the Region’s independent oil sales, which led Baghdad to scrap Erbil’s share of the federal budget. Angered by a referendum for Kurdish independence in September 2017, Baghdad imposed an embargo on the Region’s international airports. Iraqi forces and Iran-backed paramilitias seized control of territories disputed by the federal government and the Kurdistan Region, including oil-rich Kirkuk. Though relations have thawed since Adil Abdul-Mahdi became Iraqi prime minister, tensions surrounding independent oil sales prevail. A January 2019 bill requires the KRG to export 250,000 barrels of oil per day through Iraq’s state oil-marketing company SOMO and hand over all revenues to the central treasury. However, the KRG has so far failed to keep its end of the deal. United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo made a telephone call to Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Prime Minister Masrour Barzani on Tuesday, with Pompeo encouraging improved Erbil-Baghdad relations.
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    Sandfly for the positive updates Sr. Cheese Head, and your most auspicious Mod Squad! Let’s make a deal...if we are on the verge of the long awaited glorious celebration y’all in Cheeseland can bring the cheese curds and other cheese delectables, and little ol’ Rod will bring the amazing local wines and craft beers from my adopted state of NC to Belize! (you can’t have a celebration without first class cheese and spirits!). Deal or no deal? Come On RV Baby!!!

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