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  1. CHINA GRINDS TO A HALT: "BLACK SWAN" EVENT WORST-CASE SCENARIO very interesting and very scary
  2. THE LEVEL OF LIES: The Truth About Municipal Bond Investments You Thought Were Safe ITM Trading - lots of good info . worth watching and subscribing Have a Great Day bob
  3. Power Outage The "Real Story" Behind Historic Power Shutdown California October 8, 2019 - very scary stay informed
  4. SerialBrain2: Trump and Q Confirm the Notre Dame/Sri Lanka Connection part 3
  5. Part 2 - Serial brain 2 was one of many that were invited to the white house to meet the president and was acknowledged for the amazing work and reach that he does SerialBrain2: Michelle Obama in Paris during the Notre Dame fire: connection to Sri Lanka attacks
  6. SerialBrain2: The Truth about Notre Dame may surprise you. Very interesting - hope you enjoy it - I did
  7. very interesting - you might enjoy it (i did ), no sound for the first 7 minutes - its a recap of past events then it will start . its a bit long but lots of information ENJOY HAVE A GREAT DAY bob
  8. Jerry Tennant: Healing is Voltage -- The Physics of Emotions | EU2017 Found this very interesting - enjoy
  9. The Vitamin That Reversed My Heart Disease Part 1 of 7 A llittle hard to here at times - but very informative enjoy bob
  10. if you only watch one video - make it this one
  11. Dave Janda - Deep State Lashing Out Because it is Losing Very good interview - Long but good enjoy
  12. Erin T. Scott is going to help fix Lynette's solar system on her city lot farm, stayed tune for her other videos on this topic
  13. This Lady has a lot of Great information you might want to subscribe to her channel?
  14. very good interview - things are coming to a head, we will see
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