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  1. Goldie Girl was an asset to DV, especially with Warka-related issues and questions. Her information was accurate. We're friends on another site. I asked her where she'd been and she said she had been banned from DV. I'm uncomfortable sharing the details of her story because it's her story to tell if she decides. Huge loss, though. Although I appreciate the need for forum rules and support enforcement, it's odd to me that a paying and contributing customer of DV, with accurate information that helped so many members, could be banned from a service - a service and product for which t
  2. This info was very, very helpful to me, phlip - thanks or the post!!
  3. Razur, thank you for your very well-thought out and gracious reply. I appreciate the compassion behind your response. And after reading your comment, I believe we share a similar position. I also acknowledge how many years it takes for the human brain to fully develop; especially the frontal lobe, which is highly impressionable even throughout adulthood and can be weakened by such things as stress hormones and lack of sleep, for example, compromising one's decisions. I'm particularly sensitive to this issue for two reasons: 1) Within hours of Sandy Hook (which is really the topic of this
  4. Razur, there are only a few people whose opinions I semi-regularly scan on this forum; yours is one of them. And I rarely comment/respond to posts. But as a father of child on the autistic spectrum, it'd be a dishonor to my son if I didn't respond this time. To profile these children as mass murderers is an unfortunate and dangerous assertion. It's like saying that black males could never be effective fighter pilots because they have less evolved brains. Anyone who thinks or believes that an autistic spectrum person is psychotic, a sociopath, or prone to becoming a mass murder is simply ig
  5. You hit the nail on the head, Thaiexpat. The argument here is following due process legally. Any United States citizen who is suspected of crimes, is to be extradited back to the United States for trial. Period. End of story. This is not open to a debate. It doesn't matter what anyone on this forum thinks or believes regarding the crime in question. I have no idea who that man was or his son - I don't know the story. But IF they were United States citizens, and if they were involved in criminal activity - and maybe they were, I don't know - then they are to be arrested and extradited back to
  6. This is true - I know from first hand experience. There was a friend of the family who went down that road and led a few in my family in doing the same. When it was all said and done, he (the leader) was put in jail for two years, and my other family members faced penalties and interest that totaled thousands and thousands of dollars; one of them almost lost his business over the matter - and there's ongoing involvement with the IRS to this day that might still involve fines and interest in the six figures; this has been going on for over 6 years, too. So, "those people" who make such claims
  7. Yep, he's gone. Last time he was here he got tarred, feathered, and flamed - it was brutal. I've tried to get in touch with him but have received no response. In my opinion, he's the only one who has really known all along what is happening with this speculative investment. Would love to hear his thoughts to see where he thinks we're headed. Dr. J., if you're reading this, then know that there is a group of people on this forum who would very much appreciate hearing from you.
  8. Hi Adam, two questions: 1) What's your vision for VIP members if a free float scenario comes true - is this one of the contingencies you planned for? 2) In your opinion, could the United States financial institutions that exchange currency, require us to exchange our IQD during a short time window? Thus forcing us to "cash-in" our IQD at rock bottom rates (rates between .1 to .10) so that they can have all of the old dinar and ride the wave to $1+ and then exchange the old notes for new notes themselves at some point within the 2 year window that the CBI has said it will allow? Thanks! SinjinW
  9. Hi Adam. What are your thoughts about the article(s) this week saying that the zeroes can't be deleted in 2013 - that it will be 2014? I don't think any of this information came from the CBI. Regarding articles, etc., should we only follow information the CBI releases? Thanks. Sinjin.
  10. Not sure who Keylime is, or Dinar Detectives for that matter, but I'm pulling this post over from today because, from the articles I've read these past few months, I think this offers a pretty good summary of what happened to the IQD and the process to revalue. It's sort of like a cliff notes version of the whole thing. But I'm always interested in hearing other people's thoughts & perspectives because I think everyone's point of view creates a more accurate picture of what's happening. ==== {Post starts here:} "#1 - The Iraqi dinar was ARTIFICIALLY devalued when Sadam attack
  11. Hi Adam, do IRS agents or other U.S. Federal officers use/monitor this site? What's your opinion on the matter? And what precautions should we take if any? Thanks, Sinjin.
  12. Thank you everyone for your thoughts and comments - I'm enjoying this conversation and the various perspectives being presented. And it's helping me to keep a level head, too -- I'm hopeful and encouraged (as we all are I'm sure) but I'm not losing mind (at least over this!). Thank you!! PS - I would still like to find the Frank's website that Easy mentioned.
  13. Hey Easy, how would one find Frank's site? Not sure you're allowed to share a link. So, what should I google to find him? Thanks for your comment. Sinjin
  14. Agreed, NWGUY! Hopefully this leads to Thanks for sharing more about who he is. This makes his opinion an opinion that I would at least listen to. It would be great if he's right!
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