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  1. one budget down, one oil and gas law to go.......question is when??? did they use up all their energy on this so they will have to take a one month nap????
  2. Lock all the doors....lock the bathrooms......lock the doors to the cafeterias......Post armed guards at every exit in Parliament. If they try to leave, stick that rifle in their sphincter tube and pull the trigger. It wouldn't take long for them to get the message. I am so sick of this nonsense I could scream.
  3. What happened???? Several articles said they was an agreement and that the budget would be passed...... I am sooooo tempted to get out of this madness.
  4. so .....if this is true and there is an agreement between them AND they keep their word to vote on the budget this Sunday........ (someone complete this sentence)
  5. Call me crazy, but if these camel brained people would RV their currency, they wouldn't have to borrow a dime......would they???
  6. How is this related to the "imminent" RV???? Will it help it, hurt it, hasten it, delay it?????? So tired of waiting. Especially my wife.
  8. A question for the esteemed Adam Montana or any of the other highly intelligent people who help bring us the news.....why would the Parliament work on budgets now for the next 3 years.....unless they were planning on doing something good with their currency in the near future??? Just some late evening ruminating before I go to sleep........
  9. Windows 10. I just changed to Google and did not have a problem at all getting on the site. So it must be something about Edge.
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