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  1. TexasMike1958

    Announcement of the largest bloc

    I hope the new page says HCL.....and the page after that says RV......
  2. TexasMike1958

    Announcement of the largest bloc

    That would be the first paragraph of the chapter
  3. TexasMike1958

    Announcement of the largest bloc

    I hope this I hope this new page has a chapter entitled RV......
  4. Someone here does not appreciate my admittedly oddball sense of humor. Another downvote. I wonder if it is the same person that downvoted me a few weeks ago. Its all good.
  5. Is this the same guy that Maliki ran out of Iraq???
  6. Is this guy the winner??? Does he have ties to Iran???? Is he bosom buddies with Maliki????
  7. how in the bloody ellhay can we even hope for RV when they cant even get a quorum to elect a president?????
  8. Here is the nuclear statement in part...… "We the people of the Iraqi government do hereby solemnly swear to RV our currency within the next 30 days . If our government fails to do so, then the USA will send to us the entire congressional Democratic party for immediate imprisonment for its high crimes and misdemeanors against the American people. On second thought, go ahead and send them here anyway. We will still RV our currency within the next 30 days. They can stay in prison for an undetermined amount of time. Signed, Iraqi Government Nuclear enough????
  9. TexasMike1958

    Survey: Emerging market currencies undervalued

    decrease your dinar by....lets say....3 zeroes
  10. Does it include 10000 degrees of RV?????
  11. Toby Keith says it best......a little less talk and A LOT more action....
  12. Does this guy have any ties at all to IRAN?????
  13. Sorry... I meant Speaker down.....President and Prime Minister to go
  14. After that, ask Allah to make the desired change in their currency
  15. President down …...Prime Minister to go... When is that selection taking place???

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