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  1. Sounds like they are playing no limit hold-em and they need a fresh deck of cards.
  2. Two weeks ago, Parliament member was quoted as saying they were meeting and going to pass a controversial law the next week. The next week.....nothing. A few laws were discussed and maybe voted on, but nothing controversial. Haven't met to discuss much since. Now this rioting. Sometimes it just seems all these sources are playing us for fools.
  3. You must know something we don't. From what I am reading, we are a long way from home. Sorry to be a downer.
  4. TRY RV'ING YOUR CURRENCY TOMORROW.....I will bet that goes a long way to solving the country's problems
  5. They have been "in the process" since the assassination of Julius Caesar during the days of the Roman Empire. For crying out loud, get on with it.
  6. Speaking of passing of laws...whatever happened to the controversial law that was supposed to be passed last week??? I seriously doubt it was even discussed.
  7. Cover your left eye and read the two letters on the second line...…. R V
  8. FINALLY!!!! Just what the Iraqi people need....a place to ship Maliki and all his cronies.
  9. NEWFLASH GENIUS...….. There will be NO NEW START for your country until you RV your frickin currency....and as they say on Greg Gutfeld....PERIOD!!!!!!!!!
  10. Am I to understand that this article says that the agreement has been signed????
  11. Whatever happened to the oil and gas agreement passed in the Council of Ministers in September of 2016???? Video activation of the oil agreement between Baghdad and Erbil 2,436 views•Published on Sep 1, 2016
  12. Which one is the controversial bill they were going to vote on???
  13. China has been losing craploads of money because of US tariffs. Now they play patty cake with Iraq. They will rebuild the country, Iraq will ship them all the oil they need. Do you think China is going to invest money with a country whose money isn't worth the price of a KitKat bar??? I think they are telling them to revalue their currency and then they will regain all the money they have lost from the tariffs and then some. Any thoughts???
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