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  1. So after the article that an agreement had been reached on all 8 cabinet members, we get to the meeting and now only 3 have been confirmed. What a surprise!!!
  2. Doubting Thomas here...… I will believe it when I see the post that says "Remaining 8 cabinet positions approved by Parliament and passed accordingly" or something along this line. With a PS "RV within the next 30 days"
  3. You can bet that somewhere behind the scenes, Iran is lurking with their stooges. They are behind most, if not all of this unrest. The last thing they want is a wealthy Iraq with a tradable currency.
  4. There was a period immediately before that phrase with no space after it. Looks like to me someone cut and paste and messed up. I don't read their nonsense anyway. I am all Adam, all the way. Until the Packers play the Lions.
  5. I prepare to bake a cake.... 350* for 30 min. They have been "preparing" for many years now. Here's hoping they are ready to pull this sucker out of the oven "soon"". If would help if we knew they were preparing passage of the HCL as seriously as restructuring their currency. No news about that for months now.
  6. I seem to remember a business man with absolutely no experience in government being elected president of the United States. Within 3 months the US economy started recovering from the disaster of the last 8 years. Now look at where our economy is now. Could there be a correlation????
  7. "The billions of wet relations"...interesting choice of words. How to picture that one???
  8. Its nice to know they have not forgotten how to take time off while we wait for them to do something that should have been done years ago....
  9. And by the way, aren't they supposed to announce the rest of the cabinet today????

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