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  1. In my very uneducated dinar opinion, in order to give their currency strength among other currencies in the Arab world, they will have to come out at higher than .10 They should be opening up at anywhere from .85 to $1.15. Again, just my thoughts.
  2. Since they didn't play LAST NIGHT.....lets try the 17th....
  3. Adam... you said there were 2 HCL articles, but I did not see any links to them..... Maybe the Lions will score a touchdown tonight in Houston....
  5. I would like to nominate my cat for the position.....there is certainly nothing they can find fault with her about. Good grief.....
  6. Sorry to read about the death of Bart Starr, who many believe to be the greatest Green Bay Packer of them all. The QB of their dynasty in the early 60's. Don't know how much Adam followed those Packer teams. He was a great one.
  7. They are not the ONLY ones demanding it.....a bunch of us here at DV are DEMANDING it too!!!!!
  8. A BIG THANK YOU to Yota on reaching 100,000 posts on DV. Somewhat of a bittersweet accomplishment, because it means that these sand dunes for brains idiots still haven't reached the finish line yet. But you, my friend, keep bringing us the news whether its good or bad. Thank you for all you do. Tell Adam that TM said to give you a raise. Anyone want to bet whether he reaches 150,000 posts before this thing pops???? I remember offering the same challenge when he was at either 50k or 75k posts.
  9. So much for the anticipated Parliament meeting last Saturday......they were supposed to be talking about oil. Postponed till this Saturday.
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