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  1. they have a fact finding commission, find the facts, then turn around and lose them. Then they have to find them again
  2. I have not seen a post about Iraqi Parliament meeting in quite some time. Granted, I don't check it like I used to. But when I do, there is rarely anything about Parliament meetings or any discussion about a possible HCL.... anyone tell me what is going on???
  3. To the tune of "Bringing in the Sheaves" Bring the RrV Bring the RrV Then we will rejoi oice bring the RrV Bring the RrV Bring the RrV Then we will rejoi oice Bring the Rrrrrr RV
  4. I hope his letter said.....PS---Please RV your (French word for damn) currency and do it NOW!!!!
  5. And this is one of the reasons why Adam is focusing on other important matters. He knows there isnt going to be any progress for awhile
  6. Looks like to me that since the budget has been published in the Gazette and is official, their next move is the oil and gas law. Opinions???
  7. one budget down, one oil and gas law to go.......question is when??? did they use up all their energy on this so they will have to take a one month nap????
  8. Lock all the doors....lock the bathrooms......lock the doors to the cafeterias......Post armed guards at every exit in Parliament. If they try to leave, stick that rifle in their sphincter tube and pull the trigger. It wouldn't take long for them to get the message. I am so sick of this nonsense I could scream.
  9. What happened???? Several articles said they was an agreement and that the budget would be passed...... I am sooooo tempted to get out of this madness.
  10. so .....if this is true and there is an agreement between them AND they keep their word to vote on the budget this Sunday........ (someone complete this sentence)
  11. Call me crazy, but if these camel brained people would RV their currency, they wouldn't have to borrow a dime......would they???
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