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  1. Nothing is ever simple with these camel headed fools...… If they manage to do this right tomorrow, it will be a miracle
  2. One word..... Trump. He has sent word to them that things better move along quickly. JMO
  3. the only revolution I want to see is a reVALution and quickly
  4. Wonder if our favorite Packer fan has any counsel about this???
  5. TexasMike1958

    Adam's update

    and what an update it was.... sorry you missed it.
  6. Might be referring to the agreement passed last week that was sent to Parliament????
  7. "oil and gas transactions will be carried out through these funds." Experts please weigh in on the significance of this statement
  8. Sounds like the Kurds have been reading President Trump's book "The Art of the Deal". Wanted 17% of the budget, ended up with 12.5%, pitched a holy ellhay fit and ended up with 20% of the budget.
  9. Has there been any confirmation from your sources Adam about this report?????
  10. I think the Kurds will be on board since their share of the budget was something they could live with. This should be too.
  11. Agree LB…. the light at the end of the tunnel just got a little brighter. As long as its not a train coming at us, we're good. :)
  12. This is the same Parliament that said the remaining seats in Gov. would be seated 6 WEEKS AGO!!!!!
  13. 10 days.....literal or prophetic days?????
  14. And just how much of Hillarious was positive pre election????
  15. Wish he would discuss implementing the RV with someone.

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