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  2. A question for the esteemed Adam Montana or any of the other highly intelligent people who help bring us the news.....why would the Parliament work on budgets now for the next 3 years.....unless they were planning on doing something good with their currency in the near future??? Just some late evening ruminating before I go to sleep........
  3. Windows 10. I just changed to Google and did not have a problem at all getting on the site. So it must be something about Edge.
  4. I have a Lenovo computer, desktop, Microsoft Edge browser. I have not had any problems until yesterday. Accessed this site hundreds of times before now without one single incident.
  5. Why is Microsoft telling me this site is unsafe and blocking my direct route here??? Something about phishing??? It says its not secure on a big red screen
  6. I think it says the HCL is on the agenda.....I believe its the 4th paragraph.....
  7. UPDATE......Hurricane Laura turned just enough east to spare Beaumont of major damage. No damage to our home or our subdivision. The same, however, cannot be said for our friends and neghbors in SW La. especially Lake Charles. Prayers for them.
  8. I wish I could think more about an RV happening soon. Unfortunately, Laura is bearing down on our home.
  9. September????? What the hell are they doing between now and then???
  10. Take Main Street....go about 3 miles south....Turn left on R Ave.....go about a mile and turn right on V Blvd.....Bank is about 2 miles on the left. Bring dinars with you to cash in...… 😃
  11. How about this......It's time for Iraq to ReValue its economy.
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