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  2. Do not talk to us as though we are children Shabs . Of course there are destructive radicals on both sides. There is in every conflict. There are always ones that will take things to far. Like the GOVT at wounded knee like the lakota at the big horn. The capital is a joke nothing more then a house of corruption. Washington dc is a sink hole . The GOVT does nothing to help its people. 500.000 people has died and the left still wants to ally with the very ones that killed them. Biden verbally attacks Russia knowing full well that china is the threat. Only a blind man would not be able to see thi
  3. Their are no radicals on the far right only patriots. If patriots scare you Good. You talk as if it was the right that was killing police ,children, innocent people all summer. Like it was the right who was burning our city's. Like it was the right who was turning against our own law enforcement. Like it was the right who was looting and taking what was not theirs to take. All the while the left stood by with their corrupt news media and cheered them on. Are we supposed to just forget now. Play dumb You people think things will ever be the same. We saw what you did. We heard the lies We have
  4. Im not angry Shabs. Im tired. Im tired of the same ole rhetoric that gets us nowhere that some how one radical group is bad but the other is good cause they are on my side. I can say the same thing about any of the groups BLM wanting to shut down police stations. utterly ridiculous. Antifa taking over city blocks and demanding goods from shop keepers. Its all bullshit. People are tired of it. Lower the price of gas lower taxes. Then spin the wheel and raise taxes and cause a rise in fuel. Just doesn't make sense to me. Now they are back on the band wagon again screaming " take the guns take t
  5. Hi Shabs Dog here. Tell me something and be honest I have read your stuff for enough years to know when your not. I can smell bullshit from a mile away. This thread is about the impact by Q on families and society right? Was it Q that burnt city's all summer long. Was it Q that shot hundreds children and innocent bystanders in the middle of the street in broad daylight in Chicago and new York while the police was told to stand down. . Was it Q looting the store`s and destroying small businesses all over the country. Did BLM or Antifa have a positive impact on the country this year?. The ph
  6. Well read this entire post and nothing seems to have changed since I left. Everyone is still doing exactly what this GOVT wants them to do. That is to stay divided and not come together as a people. Which if you really think about it it is the only way you can control this many people without it falling apart in to utter chaos. This country is split in half and its really getting hard to tell the good guys from the bad guys. It was a hell of a lot simpler when good guys wore the white hats and the bad guys wore black. but now all I see is a wave of hoodies ,man buns and make america great ag
  7. Damm dude you still at it? hahahahaha Its been awhile shabs how ya doing. Man I will hand you one thing your tenacity and dedication is fricking impressive. Still banging on that liberal drum I see. Im not a fan of trump the person ethier. Pretty much like most rich white dudes that was born rich . Arrogant used to getting his way. Never had a hard day in his life. But Trump the president has done some amazing things for this country in a very short time with dems shooting at him since the day he took office. He may have as much tenacity and dedication as you ole friend.
  8. Hmmmm Haven't heard a word about Hillarious all day in the news. How convenient. The mind of america can switched in a single broad cast. Coincidence hahahaha I think not. The powers that be play us like a violin . Gun violence ? Race wars? Civil war? Keeping you off balance is the order of the day while they stuff their pockets full of hard earned tax payer money and rape the coffers of this once great nation bare. While they purposely stop almost all manufacturing in this country and send it off shore so we are dependent upon other countries for our goods. while the masses become m
  9. dog53


    Thank you very much ladies and gentleman. (you too shabs ) I consider you all friends and feel fortunate to have stumbled on to such a great site with so many wonderful and beautiful souls. For that I thank the all maker. I have had alot to do lately and have not been able to get in a whole lot of computer time. Like to check in every so often. Just to see how you guys and gals are doing and if im rich yet. hahahahahahahaha. Now its back off into the woods to find mushrooms. All of you be well
  10. So is there anyway I can get my 2:57sec`s back No Oh well
  11. Yep already knew this. Seems its true. Birds of a feather flock together. Naaaa shabs she aint married just a shack job living in sin.
  12. All of our prayers are with you and your family whatshername
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