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  1. Well read this entire post and nothing seems to have changed since I left. Everyone is still doing exactly what this GOVT wants them to do. That is to stay divided and not come together as a people. Which if you really think about it it is the only way you can control this many people without it falling apart in to utter chaos. This country is split in half and its really getting hard to tell the good guys from the bad guys. It was a hell of a lot simpler when good guys wore the white hats and the bad guys wore black. but now all I see is a wave of hoodies ,man buns and make america great again heads rushing around like little ants demanding that everyone else see things their way. I finally reached a point in my life a few years back that brought me peace of mind in regards to this red and blue dilemma that seems to have affected this entire country. It was the realization that no matter which side your on your a loser because the very act of picking a side makes the real enemy stronger. The real enemy is division and you can stand on the mount till doomsday and declare your side right and point the finger and say its your fault but unless we can somehow find away to come together as human beings stranded on a dying planet we shall all go down in the same flames and humanity will finally end in one sad voice. Our legacy will be " We couldn't get our **** together" With GOVTS we will always be divided . Without GOVT we would kill one another. So what are we to do. I think jesus pretty much nailed it. " Love one another" If that was truly possible you would not need GOVT. You would not need police you would not need money. But that sure as hell dont look like its going to be happening anytime soon. So hunker down fellas live each day like its the last , love hard and fight even harder then you love. Keep those you love close and distance yourselves from them you dont.. As far as trump goes he`s no worse then alot I have met in my lifetime He works hard and things has improved. Is he a ******* ? Yep pretty much. But again I have seen worse. I do like the idea that people are starting to use the right bathrooms though.
  2. Damm dude you still at it? hahahahaha Its been awhile shabs how ya doing. Man I will hand you one thing your tenacity and dedication is fricking impressive. Still banging on that liberal drum I see. Im not a fan of trump the person ethier. Pretty much like most rich white dudes that was born rich . Arrogant used to getting his way. Never had a hard day in his life. But Trump the president has done some amazing things for this country in a very short time with dems shooting at him since the day he took office. He may have as much tenacity and dedication as you ole friend.
  3. Hmmmm Haven't heard a word about Hillarious all day in the news. How convenient. The mind of america can switched in a single broad cast. Coincidence hahahaha I think not. The powers that be play us like a violin . Gun violence ? Race wars? Civil war? Keeping you off balance is the order of the day while they stuff their pockets full of hard earned tax payer money and rape the coffers of this once great nation bare. While they purposely stop almost all manufacturing in this country and send it off shore so we are dependent upon other countries for our goods. while the masses become more and more dependent upon the government for hand outs. This isnt a conspiracy theory folks. This shat is happening right in front of our eyes . They no longer care that you know. The corruption of our FBI is now complete and is in the pockets of the politicians along with the Fed.CIA, IRA , HLS. But hey the fish are biting better get back to it. I will live my life and enjoy it till the first real shots are fired in ernest. When people have finally had enough. Till then looks like fish for dinner. Oh Sorry Prayers to the family's of the fallen. RIP
  4. dog53


    Thank you very much ladies and gentleman. (you too shabs ) I consider you all friends and feel fortunate to have stumbled on to such a great site with so many wonderful and beautiful souls. For that I thank the all maker. I have had alot to do lately and have not been able to get in a whole lot of computer time. Like to check in every so often. Just to see how you guys and gals are doing and if im rich yet. hahahahahahahaha. Now its back off into the woods to find mushrooms. All of you be well
  5. So is there anyway I can get my 2:57sec`s back No Oh well
  6. Yep already knew this. Seems its true. Birds of a feather flock together. Naaaa shabs she aint married just a shack job living in sin.
  7. All of our prayers are with you and your family whatshername
  8. Just when I think I have heard it all I hear this crazy nonsense. So Now when I go to the mall or anywhere else the game plan is the wife and granddaughter goes in to the bathroom. I stand in front of the door. Any THING with male genitalia that tries to go in gets knock out. PERIOD. dont care if IT`S wearing a dress their still hitting the floor. The wife pays my bail and its back to business. Im ok with that.
  9. Trump was definitely not my first pick. But then the GOP reared its ugly head and I realized that here we have a opportunity to once and for all show just how corrupt this GOVT really is. Trump is forcing them to remove the mask To show them as they really are and just how far they will go to hold on to their money and power. I truly believe if trump nominated and elected he will bring civil war to this country. People will see just how crazy the radical left can be. They call us extremist. A liberal with a gun and a cause is a walking nightmare. I voted for trump in the Michigan primary , Something that I would never had thought I would do. But if he is the means to finally bring this thing to a head. Then so be it. I am tired of the lawlessness . I want my grandchildren to know the america I knew. Lets just get this over with before I get to old to pull the fricken trigger.
  10. I am finally at peace with all this crap. Yall ought to try it. I have given up on trying to understand the logic behind idiots like the ones presented here in this video . The far left moron`s who want to just open the boarders and let whoever come in. The corrupt GOVT dems and repubs who use the system to line their pockets with tax payer money and rape the coffers of this country. The Abortionist who kills babys and sells the body parts like it was a fricken kids kool-aid stand. The atheist who think its wrong to pray but ok to have sex with minors. The mother rapers and the father rapers and the rest of the maniacs who darken the land of this once great country. Nope im at peace now. The dollar is going to fail it has to it cant go on like this forever. All these lunatics are zombies in the making. They are bound to the concrete. They cant grow shat. They cant hunt shat. All they know how to do is whine and complain about what someone else is doing. They are zombies in the making. When the great depression hits they will be scrabbling around like cockroaches. Not knowing what to do trying to take what they can. So with this in mind i have distance myself from this mess. I no longer want or have the need to wonder why they do what they do. Instead I have become committed to de-sensitizing myself from them. I have always considered myself a good man but when the time comes what will YOU do. Be the lion or the lamb. My old indian uncle once told me. " It is good that a man occasionally looks behind the door at the dark things he keeps hidden there. Just make sure its securely locked when you leave" hahahahaha I understand him now. How will you deal with these lunatics when the time comes. There`s a choice to be made I have and with it comes peace. I cant talk to them . I cant reason with them, You cant make them understand anything of substance. So why even try. Like the dinar I wait.
  11. Trumps a idiot. But the idiot supports the second amendment. Period.
  12. Mitt Rommney What a frigging joke. If He had half the balls of Trump he would be president right now. He had the smoking gun with bengahzi and was afraid to pull the trigger . He let us all down with his wishy washy pansy a$$ cowardly lion pathtic persona. Go away Mitt nobody cares what you have to say.
  13. I know what I would like to do. But since big brother is watching this site CLOSLEY I will not elaborate.
  14. dog53

    Friday Humor

    hahahahahahahahaa One of the greats
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