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  1. Hello Barb, just stopping by to send condolences to Shabs and thought I scam through some of the topics and this one stood out. Doing good my friend! My take....he's not ready to surrender.
  2. Shabs, wanted to stop by and send my deepest condolences. My heart is sadden by your lost because I know to well that you will experience everyday their presence missing. There is no grasping this, just little by little accepting it as each day passes, lean on your faith it will help you through. Our precious Lord will give you what you need to cope, just ask and listen to His soft whispers. My prayers are with you and your family during this time.
  3. You are so absolutely correct nstoolman1. Best of all, she remembers each of us. She knows our names and all the love we gave her as we cared for her. She knows, she knows US!!!....💖 And yes you're correct again...our pets too!!!
  4. Thank you Tankdude you hold a special place in my heart, again thank for doing this for me. Sorry been busy with adjusting to all that has been going on these past 3 years. Losing a brother-ln-law, a sweet brother, my father and now my mother, it all seems so unreal, but in reality very real. The heartache of losing my mother did take a toll on me, maybe cause I really didn't get to grieve all the others before, along with needed rest. When my Dad passed away, (it will be 3 years this August), I had too, along with my other siblings jump in and care for my mother who at
  5. She has been found!!!! Thank you all for your prayers. She is home safe.. As you all know Alzheimer individuals suffer a great deal of their memory lost, confusion, and so much more. She just experienced a catastrophic event, which she will never recover. Most likely it just progressed her illness. Again thank you all for your sweet blessed support. Now my attention will return to my dear mother who as well is a dementia individual. All we can do is love, comfort and hold their hands through this process of literally dying before you. Her one of the many lines
  6. I know the DV family has always stepped in 10 folds when it comes to urgent prayer request, again I come to you for your prayers, please keep this beautiful woman in prayer. She is my sister's sister-in-law. As of today no word. The Lord hears all prayers, Lord hear our prayers for Mary and bring g her home whole.
  7. My last post, and what better way to depart, its time for me to move on. EagleEye and LadyGrace'sDaddy, you both are bringing the fire, and the lights are being lit. Continue to do what God has chosen for you to do. . You can not fail with God on your side. Souls need you, souls yearn for His word, souls need to be saved. I place my hand upon you in the name of Jesus to Bless you and protect you in your journey. You will be persecuted, but you carry the Love of Christ deep, that persecution is just a speck of what Christ endured for us. Christ is your armament, prayer is your weapon.
  8. We pray that all in Florida are safe and sound. The Gals decided to take a break from here, as so many do, and will do. ( I too will take a break from here.) The Gals calling is to minister to our Veterans and they are doing a fine job. When this RV happens, I'm sure we will here back from them. God Bless both their golden heart of charity.
  9. Thanks Muleslayer...Well stated!!! She is an artificial blonde, her acting is artificial, so her reality in thinking is twisted. All these hollowierdo's and athlete's should put their money where their mouth is and donate some of their earnings to those in need. President Trump did, Texan JJ Watts created his own charity, you think more of these actors and actresses would. They just want to come up with some scientific excuse for why things are happening ... If so then we would not need the useless agency's out there who takes our hard earn income to support their personal deeds. Watch
  10. The guardian has nothing to do but to cause strife with the American people, what a misleading Title.... sure everyone needs the dreamers, for the money, for their vote, for their cheap labor and what ever else you can think of. The problem is, the dreamers are here illegally, get it through your thick head, their parents broke the law, and if now some are adults, they've broken the law of this land. They've had plenty of time to make it right!!!! Make it right dreamers, and quit your whining.
  11. B/A you really shouldn't have a signature as Whack job, because people will take you serious at one point. Isn't that how your liberal government works in creating chaos, panic situations no matter what big event is happening . See if they don't push the climate change agenda, they make no money $$$, and aren't you against money making agency's...Al Gore. Rush Limbaugh was for getting people out of harms way, the media wanted to twist it to their agenda of conspiracy, climate change. Once again you fell for another twisted author.
  12. Still have you in prayer tankdude. We should of never had to of gotten to this point in the first place. If only we would of listen to His lovely sweet whispers, in the gentle breezes, blooming flower or a sweet smile the day we knew from right and wrong. Only the Lord knows what's in the plans for us, we just need to be ready. And then again its never to late to listen.
  13. Such clarity Jax, if she doesn't get it, she's in a deep hole of denial.
  14. Got you covered on the prayers MIT, asking Our Sweet Lord to send a thousand angels in your direction. After going through with Harvey, its a heavy burden/ heart, now going through with Irma, have a nephew in Tampa, with two small children. Haven't heard from him on his plans, just praying for the best for all you Floridans. Stay safe everyone, don't wait for the last minute.
  15. So glad you both are doing great in recovery, love the new home, congratulations!!!
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