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  1. MM. 15 23 34 46 57. MB 10 PB. 07 14 25 42 52. PB 02 Good luck to us!
  2. Yes Floridian, Thuggie is right, this was posted a week ago where have you been? It could be a strong possibility right? Beginning of the year, time will tell. 5 more days to go LOL
  3. I'm thinking to myself, one hundred Marines that's not going to be enough. And then I scroll down and see 4,000 troops. It's time for some whoop ass!
  4. But of course.... I have a feeling the end of January, that's my prediction. LOL
  5. I'm feeling the excitement kids.....looking good I must say. It's about friggin time!!! Let it be a REAL Happy New Year 2020!!!
  6. I like the way you think
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