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  1. We should've known better they're only gonna let you win big once, they're not gonna let it happen again, they control the show. Corrupt bastards. Anyway, its just money, right?!? Lol Let's just pray that the crypto pulls through for us. Come on now, stay tough, pull the big girl panties up, you got this. I feel you, it's a struggle, I just applied for my third job... okay, I do feel you. 57 years old, mama tired.
  2. Hang in there poker player I know you took a big loss on f****** AMC I took a loss too girl, not like you but I've lost about 30 grand in the last year with the f****** stock market. Anyway things are changing and hopefully we will be reimbursed what we lost plus much much more.... if you invested in XRP, XLM, XDC.
  3. God I have to dig out the shoe box I think I have some of this money from Vietnam along with the dinar LOL Yeah it seems like things are about to pop everywhere digital currency is changing the environment
  4. I know a guy that is very much into this and he says the IRS will be no longer and he also said something about everybody is due back a lot of money because they have taken our money when they should not have or something I don't know I don't understand it all. Time will tell. Sounds a little far fetched to me....I just pray that XRP hits!!! Nice thread hspotman
  5. 9/5/23 MM. 10 17 20 28 52. MB 16 9/6/23 PB. 02 03 05 24 60. PB 12 Let us win this one!!! 😁🤞🧞‍♂️
  6. Yeah it's definitely moved after hours. Next week should be very interesting! I would love to see $1,000!!!! I hope GME moves also.
  7. Hey Umbertino, doing well honey, hope you're doing good. Hanging in there. Bigwave...this has been in the works for years...getting very close ... crazy times!!!
  8. Didn't know UK was leading in knowledge of crypto currency. Interesting. Gary Gensler SCREWED the USA. We will catch up. Fed Now supposedly went live yesterday....I'm surprised XRP and XLM didn't explode upward
  9. Ah ha! Digital currency! We shall see...I hope they use XRP for transactions!!!
  10. Hold on to your hats people....its about to get good! Where's the popcorn?
  11. Well it's about f****** time! Let's get this show on the road. Everybody around the world is in dire straits for changing their economy...Pronto! Yeee ha
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