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  1. Boy wouldn't that be something if we won with just a few posted on here today. Come on lady luck!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I bought 50 shares of APE on Webull
  3. OK heads up people. MEGL It's about to explode on Monday. It's an ipo.. It opened up on Friday and was hard to get in cause it kept halting. Went up from $4 to a $196 in 1 day. Expected to get into the thousands! Watch the Teddy Zane video
  4. 8/2/22 06 15 44 45 50 MB 07 8/3/22 03 10 13 43 44 PB 26 GOOD LUCK to us all!!!!
  5. Nice day today...keep going AMC!!!
  6. Love me some Jethro Tull....oh yeah
  7. Those are some rockin songs. When I was 19 or 20 I had "Born To Be Wild" on my answering machine greeting lol
  8. Word on the street is if every AMC shareholder bought a few redbox shares it would cause the squeeze for redbox which in turn would cause the squeeze for AMC and GME.. ...I know I would buy a lot more AMC if redboxed squeezed. Hedges would be screwed. Got to beat them at their game.
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