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  1. Well thank you so much. I've been around just working all the time and exhausted. Still waiting on that miracle ... I've got a couple mill left of the dinar and really have my high hopes on crypto.
  2. What a joke, unbelievable. It's either they are totally incompetent or they're playing a game, dealing with corruption of course. I've got some real choice names I want to spewout but I won't LOL
  3. Time will tell...end of April looks promising. Also I'm going to add there is a cosmic occurrence April 20th when I believe a Taurus conjunction with Uranus happens, Which is supposed to deal with technology in financial arena. Fingers crossed
  4. I Feel ya...but who really knows. Let's see what April brings.
  5. I read somewhere by July 2025.
  6. Great news electronic payment system let's get it going boys. kind of funny how it relates to the currency, Coincidence I think not
  7. Well at least they're rehashing it again right. Do something great for your currency!!! Geeezzzzzz
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