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  1. foot dragging & sand bagging Yup, that about sums it up. Just keeping the Faith that one day...
  2. Dude, get a life! Thuggie is Captain around're going to need to jump off the plank, bye
  3. I can't remember the last time we had so many articles about the exchange rate. Come on Iraq, less talk and more action!!! I'm right with you pp.....shoot, anything above .50 and im happy.
  4. Tread hijacked... I need a massage everyday day due to sore joints and muscles, but I'll settle for twice a week. That will put the Walker on hold for a little longer. Sigh PLEASE come to us RV....while we can still enjoy it.
  5. You are so funny! I love black/white photos. That is pretty old though, lol - Don't feel bad, I'm right behind you. Time keeps moving on....crazy stuff
  6. I say $3.50 or a nice round number, $4.00. BRING IT!!! Let's get this party started, I am getting old man.
  7. I just wish at least one of theses currencies would do something positive. I would love around .50!!! As stated, this is an old but no action, reminds me of Iraq. Here's to hopium! Cheers
  8. 1 dong=0.5 usd. wouw, it isn"t a bad return on investment. vietnam dong is cheaper than iraq dinar. the question is when. only time will tell. i think everyone already buy a lot of vietnam dong in preparation for rv. I'm no math magician but wouldn't that be 1 dong to .50 cents USD.
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