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  1. Happy Thanksgiving everyone....thx for articles Thuggie and I see you Chuck (bottom of screen)....hopefully something happens SOON, lol
  2. I love how it says will not be fixed, but will be adjusted. Adjust it baby adjust it
  3. Nice find Zul Let's see what "regaining value" means to them!
  4. United Nations.... that's what I'm talking about, someone coming in to help these people figure it all out.
  5. 5 thousand....damn!!! Good for you! I wish I had that kind of money.....if this hits I will. You will be able to buy a country, lol
  6. You are something else! How do you come up with this sh!$? Lol Believe was a challenge/fight....but I won. Lol Did you invest in XRP?
  7. Well, with some strong perseverance I succeeded finally! 668 bucks, LOL. Now I could rest at night knowing that I've invested. Thank you so much or the info.
  8. To late, she is already hooked up with a blankety blank...aka *******. SMH. I told her to join military, but does she listen....sigh Coin base won't take my pics. I'm on a new tablet so I dont understand....I spent hours trying to get registered!!! Any ideas? I will shoot myself if this thing hits and I'm not joined.
  9. Zul is one of the brains in the dinar family....always enjoy his posts.
  10. God, somebody help these people figure it the f*** out. I am I'm glad they're talking about reforms, let's see what happens. Fingers crossed
  11. Enjoy the game and thx again for your wealth of knowledge!
  12. You are awesome....thx so much. Can't win unless you play...I have a good feeling about this one. I have a good friend that has an account...he will help me out with this. Thanks again, Cat.
  13. So if I invest in XRP, $500.00 today....what kind of possibilities are we talking? Thx in advance. My friend called XRP another name, can't think of it right now. Want make sure I'm investing in the right one.
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