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  1. I feel ya!!! We need steel balls with this one, lol
  2. Just bought 9 more shares....
  3. Me too sister....we've come this far.
  4. Did Lou say why he's dropping out? Very strange...because nothing scares that man. Thats too bad because he knows his stuff.
  5. Thanks for your reply to keylime. I know we just got to HOLD, I'd rather be HOLDING a margarita on a beach somewhere
  6. When will something be done about the shorting!?!?!?
  7. I bet you this is at a Walmart gas station, how much you wanna a bet. SMH
  8. This is big big money we're talking about here.. I hope the good wins over evil but I don't know, the bankers are big boy's! I know, be patient, lol Let's think positive and hope this issue is resolved within a couple months!!! This is ridiculous, SMH
  9. Its all our destiny!!! So exciting....God willing. Thanks to Keylime!
  10. Oh, I'm not selling ALL the shares when it hits $5000. 1/2 sounds about right..then hold till the bitter end!!! Still 4 grand in red but she is going down, need to see green...lots of green, lol
  11. Bought a few more today. I'm waiting for the $5,000 a share. Come to mama!!!
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