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  1. You must be an a$$hole. Lol I'm going to get a reg flag for that one. Sorry
  2. Since we r in the rumor, I predict from today, the 8th of Aug to Aug 12th, 2019. There is supposedly a portal is open right now....planets aligned with the pyramids or some s@#t. It's from July 29 to Aug 12. They do like their I right?
  3. No one messes with our CF! They must be new to the site. Thanks Adam for update....seems like people are excited for August....would be nice, lol
  4. One of my all time favs. Little wing baby! And voodoo child...
  5. Gypsygirl11

    Go Iraq

    Man, I so wish it was at 1.2 dollars....sigh. Iraq is such a mind player!!!! Reminds me of a man I just dumped! Say one thing but doing another. P.S. Are you now one of the BROS Thuggie?!??? I still love your input anyway, lol You funny man
  6. MM 26 32 45 51 63 MB 06 PB 14 19 22 36 58 PB 16 GOOD LUCK TO US!
  7. Also vocalist...I know you agree, my musical friend! xoxo
  8. and two friends grew up on Zeppelin...its in my
  9. I cant get enough of this song today....
  10. MM 31 33 43 65 69 MB 07 PB 03 48 56 64 68 PB 18 LETS WIN THIS THING!
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