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  1. Get a grip. You have no idea what you are talking about.
  2. Sorry for your loss CSD. Hope you're doing well. I know if he's in the presence of God, He's doing much better than we are.
  3. I agree Murd11 but his tweets are the only truth we're getting. It sure isn't coming from the media.
  4. I went to Wells Fargo to cash out based on this information and they told me to go home and wait on Adam's text.
  5. This is about the 25th time the UST has given the green light since I've been in this. My confidence level in this information is not very high. In fact, it would need to go way up just to be low. Just sayin'
  6. I believe this as much as I believe anything a guru says.
  7. I knew as soon as they made weed legal that these kinds of stories would come out.
  8. Wow! What an imagination. He should write children's books.
  9. I trust the media even less than I trust the gurus if that's even possible.
  10. I don't believe most of these gurus can even spell gag order. jmo
  11. You have to be kidding. I have never seen such blithering idiots in my entire life. Such immature hypocrites. WOW!
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