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  1. Ah ha! Digital currency! We shall see...I hope they use XRP for transactions!!!
  2. Hold on to your hats people....its about to get good! Where's the popcorn?
  3. Well it's about f****** time! Let's get this show on the road. Everybody around the world is in dire straits for changing their economy...Pronto! Yeee ha
  4. Boy you sure do get around screwball, you provide a lot of good information. I agree with you, with everything collapsing s***'s gonna hit the fan. 2023 is going to be an interesting year and I believe it starts in the month of March which is now.
  5. I don't understand how they're changing their financial system. What are they going crypto, digital? I'm probably way off base.
  6. 2/10/23 05 13 30 38 49. MB 16 2/11/23 01 16 34 47 59. PB 18 May the God's be with us! Lol
  7. Yes keylime you guys have been so patient. Something will happen next week, it has too. I don't have much of AMC and ape since I'm mostly invested in crypto but I'm in a little bit, let's see what happens God-bless. I'd love to see it get up to 140.00!!! And a thousand would be unbelievable!
  8. I saw somewhere today where the Max CTB was over a 1000! That's gotta be a record
  9. Cost to borrow over 900%!!!!!!!!!!! Squeeze comin!!!!!
  10. Pitcher you have so much greater information. It's going to be very interesting year and next year because it's moving fast, the cryptocurrency world that is. Just sit back and wait my friends, sit back and wait. Take care and much abundance to all. Help the needy.
  11. Well everyone else thinks it's gonna reach in the thousands. That's if you can hold on to it for long enough. Most people are probably gonna sell at $5 lol Let's rock and roll XRP!!!!
  12. 2023 is going to boom with CBDC. I have some XRP and Algorand. Fingers crossed!!!
  13. 12/20/22 01 06 36 55 62 MB 24 12/21/22 09 15 42 51 56 PB 06 Merry Christmas everyone!!! Let's win this one!!!!!!!
  14. Boy wouldn't that be something if we won with just a few posted on here today. Come on lady luck!!!!!!!!!!!!
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