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  1. OK heads up people. MEGL It's about to explode on Monday. It's an ipo.. It opened up on Friday and was hard to get in cause it kept halting. Went up from $4 to a $196 in 1 day. Expected to get into the thousands! Watch the Teddy Zane video
  2. 8/2/22 06 15 44 45 50 MB 07 8/3/22 03 10 13 43 44 PB 26 GOOD LUCK to us all!!!!
  3. Nice day today...keep going AMC!!!
  4. Love me some Jethro Tull....oh yeah
  5. Those are some rockin songs. When I was 19 or 20 I had "Born To Be Wild" on my answering machine greeting lol
  6. Word on the street is if every AMC shareholder bought a few redbox shares it would cause the squeeze for redbox which in turn would cause the squeeze for AMC and GME.. ...I know I would buy a lot more AMC if redboxed squeezed. Hedges would be screwed. Got to beat them at their game.
  7. Just WOW, finally Long video
  8. Redbox has potential for Monday. Make a quick buck, just sayin
  9. Oh NO!!! Poor thing. I really need it too. Keeping our fingers crossed. Just shaking my head. There is just so much corruption in the market. SEC is a flippin joke. Hope they prove me wrong. Might be enough retaliation for them to do the right thing.
  10. How about next week, lol Its sure looking good, we just gotta HOLD! That will be the hard part.
  11. Getting pumped. Happy Memorial weekend everyone!
  12. I'd love to see it hit 100.00...then off to the races!
  13. Light those GREEN candles UP!!! NICE breakdown Dinarrock Poker player we might hit your 15.00 after hours.
  14. Wouldn't that be something if the dinar FINALLY hit 1.17....have not been reading dinar news ....
  15. Sure feels like it is declining day by day....margin calls baby! And then everyone is excited about executive order June 1st.
  16. Bought 30 more shares
  17. I picked up some more also.. I'm just surprised we're still able to purchase shares, lol. I like your 2nd post about next week, yeah something's got to give
  18. Just when you think it can't get any lower, LOL Mother of God!
  19. Dinarock you have a whole lot invested....God bless you. I'm in the hole around 40 grand. Yours is much more I know. Sigh. The bubble will pop soon hopefully.
  20. 5/6/22 13 20 23 38 43 MB 02 5/7/22 08 15 45 59 67 PB 18
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