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  1. This guy is good. The **** is going to hit the fan because I know we are all totally passed. Somebody will do something because there is too many people and too much money involved! Just sit back and wait...or buy.
  2. Good day! SOBs are busy after-hours even. When will the door be shut on these hedgers?
  3. Slowly but surely it's rising....happy Friday everyone! Up 12% at noon.
  4. much longer can this keep happening!!! Dark pools gotta GO!....NOW! SMH
  5. Sorry...i just saw you already posted Mark..
  6. Might make it to 48.00 PP!!! 47.40 right now.
  7. This is getting good! Let's do this thing! Sept looks good!
  8. Score!!! Thank God Im in TD Ameritrade. 47.50 right now!!! Moving on up...
  9. Don't take what he stated as fact...he's just venting. And im sorry we all dumped on you ... but get real. Don't take so seriously, breathe. God is good.
  10. Boy it's been hanging around 40 like a big dog!
  11. Lol! Poor prehistoric man needs to go back to kindergarten.
  12. Oh boy Yippy ky ay. Looks like PP was right it cracked 40.. I think it's around 44.50 right now. Been a while since I've been in the green. GME super hot...
  13. You're a sweetheart, I hope you're right. So far we're looking pretty darn good for a Monday! I think tomorrow will be even greater..Hang in their guys .... we're going to the moon lol
  14. Here's to hopium!!! 🤩🏖🏰🤑
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