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  1. Time will tell...end of April looks promising. Also I'm going to add there is a cosmic occurrence April 20th when I believe a Taurus conjunction with Uranus happens, Which is supposed to deal with technology in financial arena. Fingers crossed
  2. I Feel ya...but who really knows. Let's see what April brings.
  3. I read somewhere by July 2025.
  4. Great news electronic payment system let's get it going boys. kind of funny how it relates to the currency, Coincidence I think not
  5. Well at least they're rehashing it again right. Do something great for your currency!!! Geeezzzzzz
  6. 1/15/24 31 35 42 50 67. PB 08 1/16/24 18 24 25 31 42. MB 14 LORD let it be, ty.
  7. You two must have gotten into it at some point but I just want to make a comment keylime. PP over all these years has always been a wonderful person, she's going through the struggles, I'm going through the struggles, we're all going through the struggles, there's no need to call her satan's little helper because she's far from that. Now let's get back to why the CBI keeps going off line. Peace
  8. Happy New Year everybody hopefully this is our year
  9. Lol, I don't know, ask 6ly410, lol
  10. Well it is now the year of the dragon in Chinese philosophy, which means prosperity people! Let's do this thing we've waited long enough. Anytime between tomorrow and Friday is my gut feeling. Bring it!!!
  11. Looking forward to Monday. It's been a hell of a week, everybody enjoy the weekend and hopefully Monday will be a new day, can only HOPE.
  12. Lol, hopefully its your first choice. Tomorrow's gonna be a weird day... having emergency broadcast systems all over the world done, Russia and United States that I know of. This world is getting crazier by the day.
  13. I don't think this has happened before, hmm my attention
  14. Hey girl, maybe something's gonna happen with the IQD, look at the photoshopped thread in Rumor section Maybe just maybe our local change.
  15. We should've known better they're only gonna let you win big once, they're not gonna let it happen again, they control the show. Corrupt bastards. Anyway, its just money, right?!? Lol Let's just pray that the crypto pulls through for us. Come on now, stay tough, pull the big girl panties up, you got this. I feel you, it's a struggle, I just applied for my third job... okay, I do feel you. 57 years old, mama tired.
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