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  1. Strangely enough - this was in the news today Pfizer denies report it hid possible Alzheimer’s breakthrough Pfizer is fighting back against a report that it hid the potential of a blockbuster drug to prevent Alzheimer’s disease in order to avoid shelling out for a “costly clinical trial.” Researchers at Pfizer in 2015 found that Enbrel, an anti-inflammatory drug used to treat rheumatoid arthritis, seemed to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease by 64 percent, the
  2. It's been a while since I've posted so bear with me. Like most of mother other posts in here - this one could be a little long. I will give links to support my information - as usual. Both Alzheimer’s and psoriasis have links to a common base - oxidative stress. Quick primer on oxidative stress. As some of you know - I have a keen interest in this area as I have found it to have a role in almost all diseases. "Oxidative stress occurs when excess oxygen radicals are produced in cells, which could overwhelm the normal antioxidant capacity. When the concentration of r
  3. So I have some news in the medic front with the daughter - and you can't tell me that prayer doesn't work!!! The University of Utah diagnosed her with MALS (Median arcuate ligament syndrome) - a condition in which the median arcuate ligament presses too tightly on the celiac artery (a major branch of the aorta that delivers blood to the stomach, liver, and other organs) and the nerves in the area (celiac plexus). This explained the gastric symptoms my daughter has had for the last almost 3 years - nausea, vomiting and delayed gastric emptying. It created what they called a pseudo-o
  4. We're doing OK. Daughter is pretty stable, but on total TPN for nutrition at the moment (intravenous feeds - she has a port and actually administers it to herself every night). We have an appointment at University of Utah Medical Center this month - doing some more tests. Making some headway - but its been slow. Even with all that - she has made it through her junior year of college - and just changed her major. Not a huge change - but went from pre-med to chemistry. She did some research and believes she could do better getting her master's degree in biochemistry and then apply to med sch
  5. This is not a chawade....again...this time with feewing....
  6. So - here is some information on why the body makes to much cholesterol. The full article can be found here - Why would the body make more cholesterol than it needs? Now here’s the problem: when people eat too many sugars and starches, especially refined and high glycemic index foods, blood insulin levels can spike. When insulin spikes, it turns on HMG –CoA reductase, which tells all of the body’s cells to make more cholesterol, even if they don’t need any more. This is probably the most important reason why some people have too
  7. "This time around, they may just surprise us. More later. " Moscow in flames - missiles in the air! More on the 10 o'clock news....
  8. This is a reprint and expansion of something I posted quite a while back....if I may beg an indulgance - First - I would guess he is talking short tons. In other words, 2,000 pounds. I'm sure we assumed the same we learned in school - 16 ounces per pound - but that's if this is based on the Avoirdupois measurements. These are used for coarse dry weights such as grain, flour, sugar, tea, etc., and are the units of weight you likely learned about in school. The standard weight measurements used for all precious metal products are Troy ounces and pounds. All legal
  9. Sorry to hear about the heart attack FlyHi....Oh...and yeah...I'm back.....
  10. After a prolonged hiatus - I have returned! Not sure if anyone missed me or not....but let the good natured bantering and discussion resume!
  11. Actually - if we do a base of 42 ounces....and assume that we average 27 joints (base between US and CA) = that gives us approximately 1,134 cigweeds.... So - over 14 years - and using the assumption that some Guru has called it every week (to include Ramadan - which many of the gurus can't even spell) that comes out to 732 possible calls - (to include the extras with leap years) - which works out to 1.55 (rounding to 3 significant figures) joints per possible call.... Now lets assume that each joint has - on average (not sure if your a heavy roller or a big hitter) of
  12. I'm going with 42 - because ice cream has no bones....
  13. Hope Mr. Montana doesn't mind....but I'm going to redo the math because I believe he made some false assumptions - for the sake of keeping it simple. As we all know - I tend to not be so simple, but get "wrapped around the axle" at times - so with that, I will show my work. First - I would guess he is talking short tons. In other words, 2,000 pounds. I'm sure Mr. Montana in is math assumed the same we learned in school - 16 ounces per pound - but that's if this is based on the Avoirdupois measurements. These are used for coarse dry weights such as grain, flour, sugar, tea, etc.,
  14. Understand how life gets in the way... "Life is a continuous series of seeing how quickly you can formulate plan B" - TankDude
  15. Just some thoughts. Social Security isn't an entitlement - it's something you've paid for throughout your working life. It's more of a benefit - kind of like a 401K for being a US citizen. I believe the biggest hit to the Medicaid issue actually started with the Affordable Health Care Act - and finally - so what if they impeach 45 - it didn't seem to hurt 42 much....
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