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Found 1 result

  1. ONE GARDEN TWO TREES For some time now the Lord has been giving me some insights into what is the true meaning of the Word of God. And I thought that was because he wanted me to write a book. Something that would have excited me greatly. But lately I noticed that the revelation from the Lord seemed to all but stop and so I asked Him," Why have you stopped showing me these things"? To wit the Lord told me,"I wasn't giving you the mysteries of the Bible that you may make a profit from them, but that you would tell those you pray for about them". This caused me to ponder greatly because I am fully aware of what most of the,"Christians", here think of me and for that matter everyone else. How was it once said to me?,"you're like a dust devil. Beautiful to look at but you don't want to get too close". Imagine someone saying that to you. I mean how are you supposed to take something like that? Well I can tell you that I was hurt by that comment but I never said so. I have worn my heart on my sleeve and sometimes wonder if I am the only one that is completely transparent with respect to who I am. I have introduced everyone to my lovely family and not even hid where I live. I have been open about who I am and what I believe and I have shown in my growth that my faith, such that it is, is real. And now, at the behest of my Lord, I am going to reveal the mysteries that God has been showing me. I do not ask anyone to believe that which I will post here but to only take it to the God that you pray to. I will be making many post as this conversation with the Lord has not only been going on for several yrs but is in fact ongoing. I will try to answer questions that are presented but I will NOT argue with ANYONE about the statements that I provide. All are free to comment about that which I post knowing that NOTHING will be belittled by me. For the one thing that Jesus has been repeatedly telling me is that anyone that professes the name of Jesus is not to be belittled. God can work with anyone that calls on his name. Having said that let me begin. As all that have followed my postings here know I spend nearly all my day in prayer and ponderance with the Lord. I have that luxury because I'm a trucker and work locally on a routine schedule. It was about two and a half yrs ago whist I was praying and singing out,"VERY LOUD", to the Lord that I nearly audibly heard the Lord say to me in the most sever yelling voice," SHUT UP". It was as powerful as it was profound. My initial reaction to this command was to obey. And so I went several weeks without praying. I only pondered what the meaning was. I was humiliated, I was heartbroken, I was scared. Then the Lord told me that I wasn't praying and singing out of any humiliation but out of Pride. That he wanted me to stop playing with Him and to begin to truly worship Him with my heart, not my mouth. As you can imagine I began praying again with great trepidation. But I progressed and found that my heart wanted more and more to find sincerity while dealing with my God. There are those who think I am not a true Christian but I have seen God over the last few yrs change me in ways that I never could have imagined. And now as I follow his lead I find myself receiving answers that few receive. And why is it that few receive it from God? For the same reason that God told me to shut up. One has to be truly humble before the Lord. One has to have a pure heart before the Lord, and most importantly one has to be seeking the Kingdom of Heaven above all things. We must die to ourselves before we can live for Christ. And that, unfortunately, is not something that one can do on their own. One must ask the Lord to change your heart so that you can begin to grow in the manner in which he wants you to grow. Only then can we truly worship God. Over these post I am going to show you how that nearly EVERYTHING that you have ever been taught is a lie. And that the Only reason that you have believed the lie is because you have not loved God more than you have loved your own life. I am not saying that anyone is NOT a child of God, NEVER WOULD I SAY THAT. I am saying that we have been lied to and led astray by Satan and that God has allowed us to follow those lies because we don't really put God before ourselves. I will show you how that this problem started in the very Garden of Eden, so that no one need feel as if they are less. I will show you how that there were,"Two trees", in God's garden and that both of them have remained to this day on the earth. I will attempt to keep my post relatively short as most don't have the ability to stay focused for a very long time and would lose their focus otherwise. So with that I will stop for now and say unto all, be blessed and talk with Jesus every day.
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