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  1. are you not concerned about the spring not working properly after being compressed so long? i use a rapid loader. and the twenty or so Mag i keep loaded are always unloaded every few weeks at the range
  2. i have my doubts about how good that felt!
  3. to be precise he gave up everything to do with Internet for Lent. "Just gonna listen to the radio" were his words to me. Me? i gave up Barbecue. yeah i know. But i LOVE barbecue! a lawyer friend of mine said he was giving up s e x for lent. wow! tough month without working!
  4. Thank you for the tip sir! looks like a good way to allow my power hungry crypto miners to continue running!
  5. 👏 who i say who is ready for children? Just pullin your drumstick Mr 8Th!
  6. suggestion? use standard font and no colour!
  7. wow look at that sexy scripting! LOL! sorry dear no see pics!
  9. thanks for your productive response.
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