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  1. I've seen pics with razor wire installed on the INSIDE of the fence....Maybe it's a situation where all the politicians are invited to the inauguration, then the Military says, "while you're in here, put your hands behind your back"....
  2. Then there is this chatter .....
  3. Wasn't it AOC that asked 'why do we need all the farms when people can get their food from the grocery store'?
  4. One way-- There is the United States of America(country) and the United States of America Inc. (the corrupt entity based in D.C. that is running our country by central bankers). Trump and the Military will end the Corrupt USA Inc. and return to the Constitution as the Law of the Land. The 27-28 trillion dollar debt owed to the bankers will be wiped out; we'll start over with a gold-backed currency, NO national debt, NO income tax, flat 14% sales tax, etc. EVERYONE in the country will benefit. ALL of the election fraud will be exposed. Elections for our new congress (as 2/3 of the curre
  5. You better get cash, Gas up your car, Sell your Bitcoin- It's going to fall far, Martial Law is coming to town...................Insurrection Act signed, Martial law to start this week according to web chatter.....we'll see...
  6. You are not alone.....the fat lady has not sung yet. Buckle up for the next 10 days...
  7. If they have the software, I hope they didn't get it from Dominion...
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