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  1. His reasons of the manipulation going on may be the cause of the MOASS not happening....yet.🙏
  2. Hopefully some will think before they post what many times turns out to be gossip/lies in their haste to have a smug, 'gotcha' moment....
  3. I feel bad for those who got the shot; they either were so fearful they just did it or they were so smug in their ' I'm doing the right thing--see me attitude'....either way they did no research or couldn't comprehend what they read... Hear is plenty of info to make one stay away.... THE TRUTH ABOUT THE COVID-19 VACCINES AND BILL GATES | Time to Free America Question- How do you know if someone has had the shot? Answer- Don't worry, they'll tell you....
  4. Watch the first 15 parts of the video documentary "The sequel to the fall of the cabal' on Bitchute by Fallcabal ....Gates has his hands in EVERYTHING and is much worse than you can imagine--this article is just the tip of the iceberg...which he is steering us toward... THE SEQUEL TO THE FALL OF THE CABAL - PART 1 (
  5. I am in for a small amount of shares, but does a 50 trillion dollar market cap make sense to anyone? and what would be the effect on the market, inflation, and the economy? I don't want to be a millionaire if a loaf of bread is 2 million....
  6. Fish don't have oil glands and 'fish oil' products are made by processing oily fish species....that being said, read THE HIDDEN STORY OF CANCER by Brian Peskin--enlightening explanation of triglycerides and the proper sources and applications along with medical studies....a fantastic source of info
  7. Prayers for you and your family🙏
  8. Some health items should be considered also--food grade hydrogen peroxide, Jim Humble's MSM, Invive MSP 5,000PPM silver solution, some sutures, bandages, splints, blood clotting powder, for starters--all can be found with an internet search ( I DO NOT SELL ANYTHING)..... Plus good gloves of various types (waterproof, cut resistant warming, etc, ), a machete and a ninja sword for dealing with the walking dead that had the vaccine and whose frontal lobe is mush and-- ooops-- got carried away with that last part....
  9. Prepare for the Walking Dead--Brain dead if this is true.... COVID-19 RNA Based Vaccines and the Risk of Prion Disease (
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