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  1. Isn't that an affront to toast-? you know, since toast is good for something.....
  2. ...and he used to rail against Millionaires, but now that he is one, he rails against Billionaires.... I just sent help...
  3. this is an interesting read....
  4. Project Veritas got his supporters to talk.....
  5. Yes- almost all of the articles posted are opinion pieces, not news--just to tell the lemmings which way to run...
  6. this has nothing to do with the Durham investigation, which is ain't over, be patient...
  7. So just over 1% of the articles referenced pertain to Trump yet the headline fools people into believing it is the main cause... a reporter would have dug up what was the most prevalent cause instead of feeding a weak narrative to those they are leading down the Hate Trump path...they know that a lot of people just read the headlines, don't take time to read the articles...
  8. Every time I type in Hillarious, it changes it to Hillarious…. what's up with that?
  9. Hillarious Clinton will ride in at the last minute to save the soon as she can find her broom...
  10. At least we all agree that it's a good thing for our country that the attempted coup against the POTUS failed, and we all look forward to Trump continuing the step-by-step exposure of the criminals using their office to enrich themselves via drug and human trafficking, bribes, money laundering, etc.
  11. It's the Chinese year of the rat-- will the supposed phone calls between Jussie, Kamala, and Booker come out in a plan to get their anti-lynching law passed?
  12. Q- The Great Awakening - is growing and it has become so real that the MSM is starting to attack them with false stories like the NYT claiming they were on the FBI terrorist watch list, since denied by the FBI....that's some fantasy, to get noticed like that
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