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  1. I am in for a small amount of shares, but does a 50 trillion dollar market cap make sense to anyone? and what would be the effect on the market, inflation, and the economy? I don't want to be a millionaire if a loaf of bread is 2 million....
  2. Fish don't have oil glands and 'fish oil' products are made by processing oily fish species....that being said, read THE HIDDEN STORY OF CANCER by Brian Peskin--enlightening explanation of triglycerides and the proper sources and applications along with medical studies....a fantastic source of info
  3. Prayers for you and your family🙏
  4. Some health items should be considered also--food grade hydrogen peroxide, Jim Humble's MSM, Invive MSP 5,000PPM silver solution, some sutures, bandages, splints, blood clotting powder, for starters--all can be found with an internet search ( I DO NOT SELL ANYTHING)..... Plus good gloves of various types (waterproof, cut resistant warming, etc, ), a machete and a ninja sword for dealing with the walking dead that had the vaccine and whose frontal lobe is mush and-- ooops-- got carried away with that last part....
  5. Prepare for the Walking Dead--Brain dead if this is true.... COVID-19 RNA Based Vaccines and the Risk of Prion Disease (
  6. What a coincidence--the 20th will be the day they vote on the budget and they will be 90 days compliant...and then reveal the rate on Sunday....🤪
  7. I've seen pics with razor wire installed on the INSIDE of the fence....Maybe it's a situation where all the politicians are invited to the inauguration, then the Military says, "while you're in here, put your hands behind your back"....
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